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    Howome you have too count regularly when initializing int[][] parties = new int[3][]; instead of int[][] parties = new int[2][]; ???

  • BawalYonMaster
    BawalYonMaster 17 hours ago

    is it possible to make an int[ , ][ , ]? or even int[ , ][ , ][ , ]?? Edit: and how did your elements suddenly stop counting in elements??

  • Madeline Yau
    Madeline Yau Day ago

    How can I create a formula to set a certain date I want to focus on a report? SELECT DISTINCT (What do I put here? ) FROM Buyers WHERE >= DATEADD(day,-7, GETDATE()) ORDER BY Buyers

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    seen only five minuts of this tutorials, you realize very fast it is gonna be worth it!!!this guy is so cool!!! I'm already unespeakably glad^^

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    but i wanna draw my house.. can you suggest a book on GLSL in combination with C89??? or somebody else maybe...???

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    what are the texture coordinates for this cube?

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    Thanks so much Jamie, you've cleared the fog for me!

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    These EF videos have low view counts but are the best I have seen, I always keep coming back to them, thanks Jamie.

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  • Giggle Ghost - Top Indie Games

    If I go: "One, two, three...", I've also started counting from zero. Saying "one" means I've counted everything between 0 and 1. And the index (start) of number one is 0. In other words, computers count numbers the same way humans count numbers. It's just that computers don't get confused like we do. xD

  • Nicholas Pipitone
    Nicholas Pipitone 19 days ago

    3:54, Hm, to keep the symmetry, shouldn't it be called the World matrix? I mean, it represents where a model is in the world, not the model itself. The model coordinates are already the standard xyz with no transformation at all. You can see its the only one thats named after the former word and not the latter

  • Scott Adams
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    I've been watching a lot of your videos lately and am just commenting on a random one that I happened to be watching to finally say thanks and let you know you're one of the best out there. It's the little things. The humor. The detail. And what made me actually stop the video to comment was when you said "just hitting the up arrow to go through past commands" (or whatever it is you actually said) I already knew this, bit I didn't years ago when I was just starting. So many tutorials blow through these sort of things, and they go so fast that you have to keep pausing every 3 seconds to keep up because you don't know the shortcuts and they never tell you. Thank you for not being one of those. Yes, you can find videos directly specifically on those sort of topics. But it also takes 2 seconds to give the tip, as you show, and doesn't distract even if you know it. Great job on everything I've seen of yours. Thanks again.

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    "you're taking a bag of sugar, literally a bag of sugar, and dumping it on your code" haha, thanks for the video

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    can you be my professor please

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    this was a good explanation of this and i really mean this cause this operator this could be very hard to explain

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    thx for video, what what you want to remove is of "Unit" type

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    you can use char, its only 1 byte

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    the dot product is the red arrow multiply with the blue arrow with the same direction

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    Simple explanation, great tutorial.

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    Does Farm2 have the same public key token as Farm1? Or is the redirect effectively cancelling the strong name?

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    In Visual Studio 2017, you can say: Tools > Options... > Text Editor > C# > Code Style > General > 'var' preferences: When variable type is apparent: Prefer 'var' Unfortunately, this will also alter "DateTime today = DateTime.FromFileTime(0);" to "var today = DateTime.FromFileTime(0);", which I think is only 99% apparent.

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    This discussion is incomplete. You need to bring in direction. Direction goes positive from X towards Y, about Z -- in both RH and LH systems.

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    I love your demeanor. You sound like you're bored teaching us, but you have literally nothing else today. It's 1pm and you're still in bed...what the hell are you going to do today? Eh, lets crack open a beer and make another programming youtube video...unless something interesting happens. No point in being hopeful though.

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    I really enjoy the way you explain it! Easy to understand since you first tell us where we went wrong.

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    public static class microphone { int vol = 1; if (vol = 1; vol => 11; vol++); { Console.Read("WTAF! Move your mic downstairs, four rooms away then outside through the-yard to your neighbors house 3 doors down, put under a blanket, then come back and turn your shit down!" + "Then you might have an appropriate volume level!" + "Ass Holololololol"); } else { Console.Read("idc.... but this shit pisses me right off! IT AIN'T RIGHT BABY JESUS!"); }

  • Orbital_nomad
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    @ 8:53 when GLM store the 3f vector into the uniform, and you used the [0] operator, does GLM store the "RGB" value based on Endianess? On intel machines (or is this on the graphics card?) would the byte order store the vectore as GBR ?

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    I think set numToSum = 0 is better than -1 because It would good for negative numbers and save the if condition

  • Vick Chen
    Vick Chen 2 months ago

    You can do same thing for initial generating numbers, oh bites, bytes.

  • Vick Chen
    Vick Chen 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing firstly: Here's a little bit code for divide no matter if the dividend can be divided by divisor perfectly ... //Examples: int dividend = 17; int divisor = 5; //Variable Define int groups = dividend / divisor + (dividend % divisor == 0 ? 0 : 1); int groupsize = dividend / divisor; //Loop for(int index = groupindex * groupsize; index < Math.Min((groupindex + 1) * groupsize, dividend); index++)

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    "are" should be used instead of "is" in words "is leaving the restaurant".

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    No its not easier its dumb. And I am not beginer I know what I am talking about, but typing on phone so Ill elaborate maybe next time. As homework try compare slicing of arrays in python and then in julia.

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    1:53 It says "8 Data bits" but there is actually 10 bits in the drawing.

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    Nice explanation. I see now. I don't think I ever came across the need of using delegates...but I could be wrong.

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    I noticed an issue with Count. If you initialize the array with a Length of say 10, and then say foo[5] = 5, the indexer doesn't actually check and increment our count. So if we use the indexer only and not Add() we will accidentally clear values we set in other ways when using TrimExcess(). I started trying to fix it when I realized you cannot do this with a normal List haha, I've never tried that, funny learning moment for me.

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    This guy is so wholesome. I wish he still uploaded

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    I think this is a case of understanding how foreach works moreso than yield. Forgive me if I've misunderstood the whole concept, but yield essentially just makes us a class implementing the interfaces so that we can properly iterate over it in a foreach? I may understand it differently after the next 2 videos. Very good video as usual, I love understanding how the compiler works...it doesn't seem very far off from just storing whatever you're yielding in a proper container and returning that, though that me be a shallow initial impression.

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    Thanks for this. It might be a few years old but is good to get you started.

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    well in my opinion there is no invariant as when the 'target value' is indeed one of the value in the array then it can be nothing invariant as the bool will be false until true appear . and in the case of 'target value' not being one of the value in the array the invariant could be the answer 'False' which appear each time an index of the array is compared

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    Very nice tutorial. I'm finally starting to comprehend what this is all about and what it's used for. Much better then all those boring write ups. In education I only had Java and C as programming languages, so I never really had the chance to properly learn this.

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    Static classes seems like a workaround to me. Why not just allow code outside of a class instead of making a hack. At least that's what it seems like to me. By the way these are the best teaching videos I've ever seen. I love the fact that he makes his examples super short and simple and is always deleting code that's not necessary.

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