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  • Toshia Jones
    Toshia Jones 3 hours ago

    I got Detroit running through ma Blood prdt

  • Maria Brenton
    Maria Brenton 3 hours ago

    Ynw caught 2 bodys

  • Mila. xoxx
    Mila. xoxx 3 hours ago

    This go mad hard

  • Blanco Gangsta
    Blanco Gangsta 3 hours ago

    Roddy Ricch too Fire bruh 🔥🔥🔥

  • laysia squad
    laysia squad 3 hours ago

    go to the clean versions and there be no words

  • Tortuga Frita
    Tortuga Frita 4 hours ago

    Garbage ? I think so

  • That Mans East
    That Mans East 4 hours ago

    Baby Mexico Choppa Top Shotta Mexico Mexico Choppa Shotta Choppa Shotta

  • Tionna Fountain
    Tionna Fountain 4 hours ago

    RIP X

  • Benjamin C.
    Benjamin C. 4 hours ago

    This was good

  • Dai Le
    Dai Le 4 hours ago

    Vietnam vodich good boy

  • Tarnisha Williams
    Tarnisha Williams 4 hours ago

    She need to be a city girl😜 PERIOD!

  • Janae Buckner
    Janae Buckner 4 hours ago

    O:00 0:00 0:00 You are welcome

  • دعم قنوات
    دعم قنوات 4 hours ago

    i was cold and then i peed my paaaaaaaaaaaants while sleeping i got punished

  • Kay Len Hall
    Kay Len Hall 4 hours ago

    Murder on my mind

  • ENT Torei.
    ENT Torei. 4 hours ago

    Who else here from that android meme?

  • tiara summer
    tiara summer 4 hours ago

    X is in a better place and is not going through the hard times he is having peace now

  • SilenceFNM
    SilenceFNM 4 hours ago

    Im first so I deserve a like

  • Zaijian Naboa
    Zaijian Naboa 4 hours ago

    Not bad

    • Flash rex
      Flash rex 4 hours ago


  • K K
    K K 4 hours ago

    I like this song

  • Lesvinx
    Lesvinx 5 hours ago

    He would rather be judged by 12 ( the government / cops ) then carrier by six in a casket

  • Ebonie BadBitchShit
    Ebonie BadBitchShit 5 hours ago

    NO lie 9 sound kodak

  • Skirmish 2001
    Skirmish 2001 5 hours ago

    :( i miss x

  • Isidro Castillo
    Isidro Castillo 5 hours ago

    Wsp peeps

  • Grand Mother
    Grand Mother 5 hours ago

    Wat its is that song when he like but i still wife u

  • Skirmish 2001
    Skirmish 2001 5 hours ago

    the 3k dislikes are from girls named molly and yes i do know what molly is shush

  • Skirmish 2001
    Skirmish 2001 5 hours ago

    fake fans WILL find us here xD

  • McKenzie Conyers
    McKenzie Conyers 5 hours ago

    This he’s first song

  • Queen Monica
    Queen Monica 5 hours ago

    Your wrist isn’t paper so don’t cut it, your neck isn’t clothes so don’t hang it, Your life isn’t a film so don’t end it ~ XXXTentacion

  • Julia Sebron
    Julia Sebron 5 hours ago


  • Dominique Perkins
    Dominique Perkins 5 hours ago

    Rip juvi and sack Icried those my mans😢😔

  • Gay Eye Jilly
    Gay Eye Jilly 5 hours ago

    I get called Gorilla Boy and when that man said I’m a Gorilla ayy said yep this is my favourite

  • Shadowz
    Shadowz 5 hours ago

    0:18 when you try clicking the x on the ad and it send you to the App Store 0:18 when you’re new to the school and you walk in the girls restroom 0:18 when the principal calls you to the offic

  • Stephanie Lopez
    Stephanie Lopez 5 hours ago

    WaKe uP iN tHe MoRnInG i GoT mInEcRaFt On My MiNd

  • Kidd Maine
    Kidd Maine 5 hours ago

    The first words of the song got me slapping my dog

  • deadkennedy
    deadkennedy 5 hours ago

    yall are gay lol. good song though

  • Mrsnake Playz
    Mrsnake Playz 5 hours ago

    Aye man I love this guy I remember meeting him and he was just to positive and cool I miss u peep😭😭😭😭💖💕🥺☹️

  • Og Adan
    Og Adan 6 hours ago

    No one talks about this in my school

  • Santiago Torres
    Santiago Torres 6 hours ago


  • Santiago Torres
    Santiago Torres 6 hours ago


  • juny tali
    juny tali 6 hours ago

    this my shit miss my nigga R I P TILL I SEE YOU AGAIN

  • Prod. shx
    Prod. shx 6 hours ago

    Do lyrics for dababy “intro”

  • Marina Mansfield
    Marina Mansfield 6 hours ago

    its disappointing going into a comment section from a legendary song only to find the most shallow comments

  • Ally star
    Ally star 6 hours ago

    Tiktok: " i think im boutta steal"

  • KayKay So SlaySlay
    KayKay So SlaySlay 6 hours ago

    Best song ever 💕

  • Kelshea Golding
    Kelshea Golding 6 hours ago

    Yooooooo loooooove 2019 my medicine

  • Neleny Marrero
    Neleny Marrero 6 hours ago

    I laughed to hard at this😂

  • d11zy
    d11zy 7 hours ago

    Damn he sampled SZA-Teen spirit...

  • jc1990wm
    jc1990wm 7 hours ago

    Lame...lost me after 55 second mark...the dumb bitch vocabulary consist of ni??a & bi*ch...YOU A CLOWN...I CANT TAKE PPL SERIOUS THAT TALK LIKE THIS...another hood dummy putting other black females down...worse than the boys

  • Mckayla upchurch
    Mckayla upchurch 7 hours ago

    Hi big cousin miss you big cousin love you big cousin. Coming to my school tomorrow beekman high school tomorrow 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟🤟 🤟

  • M laddy
    M laddy 7 hours ago

    wow never heard this one

  • LaRita Alexander
    LaRita Alexander 7 hours ago


  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 7 hours ago


  • Edison_Goated
    Edison_Goated 7 hours ago

    Wazz up

    ROGER BEAST 7 hours ago

    Xxxtenacion is the👑 💀

  • hraklhspro
    hraklhspro 7 hours ago

    he become a super sayian

  • Girly gamer
    Girly gamer 7 hours ago


  • Lyssa A
    Lyssa A 8 hours ago

    Yo I thought she was saying "8 inch bagle"

  • Юнус Скрди
    Юнус Скрди 8 hours ago

    Listening at 2:33 am . What a fuck do i make with my life

  • Юнус Скрди
    Юнус Скрди 8 hours ago

    0:18 when you wrote a comment, but he didn’t get a fucking cloud of likes

  • Mel Casas3
    Mel Casas3 8 hours ago

    That nigga said salt and sugar look da same damm 💯💯💯💯😈💪

    SS4L_S4VAGE 8 hours ago

    1:08-09 because you shooting skinny people if they were fat the bullet would be in his stomach. Skinny people need to get some dunkin donuts.

  • devilsrager
    devilsrager 8 hours ago


  • XXX Ten Asians
    XXX Ten Asians 8 hours ago

    “Rush without a soul many will feelin my bones I say again” my favorite part

  • Mohamed Diona
    Mohamed Diona 8 hours ago

    That boy thugga got the sauce🔥🔥🔥. A wired nigga with hot catchy verses🤷🏿‍♂️

  • 5ch1z0 Diaz- music
    5ch1z0 Diaz- music 8 hours ago

    That drop at 2:00 will never not be headbangable

  • Michaela Xxxx
    Michaela Xxxx 8 hours ago

    This song never gets old 🤞🏽🖤🙌🏽😍🥺💍


    Im chasing dreams

  • X Forever
    X Forever 8 hours ago


  • Alani Ramirez
    Alani Ramirez 9 hours ago

    No one: Still no one: Tik tok sees this: I THINK I GONNA STEAL 😂

  • A. Guwop
    A. Guwop 9 hours ago

    😍😩Yess babiiehh.💯

  • #FruityIceCream
    #FruityIceCream 9 hours ago

    I showed this song to my chair now it's a throne

  • Amilia Smith
    Amilia Smith 9 hours ago

    This my song

  • kahari polk
    kahari polk 10 hours ago

    Gang gang gang

  • xxx_ginjja 696_xxx
    xxx_ginjja 696_xxx 10 hours ago

    Could be better

  • Yung Jake
    Yung Jake 10 hours ago


  • Master Shifu
    Master Shifu 10 hours ago

    I don’t think this song has lyrics.... It’s to hard(no homo)

  • Я Сдох
    Я Сдох 10 hours ago


  • Hysterical
    Hysterical 10 hours ago


  • Sandra Ramirez
    Sandra Ramirez 10 hours ago

    I ain't tryna die young tho 🙏😩

  • Xzifer
    Xzifer 10 hours ago

    holy this is fire

  • Sandra Ramirez
    Sandra Ramirez 10 hours ago

    Life story 😤 But I made it 🙌🙏🙏

  • shrekdatman
    shrekdatman 10 hours ago

    Tee best song yet

  • Sankalp Sonti
    Sankalp Sonti 10 hours ago


  • Butteryboy
    Butteryboy 10 hours ago

    Thank you for doing this song🖤

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh 10 hours ago

    $not is fucking amazing 😍🔥

  • DavidHereLOL !
    DavidHereLOL ! 10 hours ago

    First one add me instagram @snodien

  • Alex Endshaw
    Alex Endshaw 11 hours ago

    This hard roddy rich hard

  • Valeria Razon
    Valeria Razon 11 hours ago

    Hella copied half the lryics from beyonce the song was called cater 2 you

  • Niya Link
    Niya Link 11 hours ago

    First song I’ve ever heard by him and I actually like it I love when rappers give me R&B vibes 💯💕

  • Boş Yapan
    Boş Yapan 11 hours ago

    KIAO KEN!!!

  • Maor Ben Abu
    Maor Ben Abu 11 hours ago

    0:32 just putting this here for myself feel free to use it

  • Linda Hemingway
    Linda Hemingway 11 hours ago

    Who still go be listening in 2020??

  • Perla Rodriguez
    Perla Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    I just came back from the hospital for cutting and trying to take my life and now my family is always asking if I'm ok when before they didn't give a shit

  • Oof Irma
    Oof Irma 11 hours ago

    And I-oop and I-oop skskskksksk

  • Nick Montejo
    Nick Montejo 11 hours ago

    He died on my birthday like shit man😩

  • eli rabbitskin
    eli rabbitskin 12 hours ago

    Hes alive😈💀

  • Lil Fal
    Lil Fal 12 hours ago

    put it on 1.25x speed

  • Kareem Howsia
    Kareem Howsia 12 hours ago

    This song go hella hard💪💪💪 🔥 🔥

  • Tori Hytrip
    Tori Hytrip 13 hours ago

    I love 1:58 is the cool port

  • clincksly
    clincksly 13 hours ago

    Imagine a deaf person watching this