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vandie // jheli w/ moonwolf
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rockwood 2017
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  • misu
    misu 4 hours ago


  • Sophie A
    Sophie A 8 hours ago

    This was so amazing I have no words

  • Bethany Vrieswyk
    Bethany Vrieswyk 10 hours ago


  • Riza Saika
    Riza Saika 12 hours ago

    I remember years ago when you added me lol great to see you still doing music ☺

  • It's 3am
    It's 3am 12 hours ago

    great video and song!!!

  • Lasmamoe
    Lasmamoe 14 hours ago

    You are going places!

  • Christina Arce
    Christina Arce 16 hours ago

    Been on a loop for the past 24 hours! Such a gorgeous song and the lyrics really resonate.

  • BuzzFeed Lifestyle
    BuzzFeed Lifestyle 18 hours ago

    The AESTHETIC is unreal. 😍

  • M B
    M B 19 hours ago

    Amazing! So glad to see you putting out more music!

  • Sala Walter
    Sala Walter 20 hours ago

    beautiful Katoomba, beautiful music!

  • Emma Losito
    Emma Losito 21 hour ago

    beautiful video

  • Lykke Marie
    Lykke Marie Day ago

    love to see actual musicianship! finally someone who gets that a cover isn't supposed to be a literal copy of the original, but an interpretation.

  • Joy Lujan
    Joy Lujan Day ago

    I can see her blowing up after this and truly hope she does, she has such a beautiful voice.

  • pontiki
    pontiki Day ago


  • Random Person
    Random Person Day ago

    Woah ty andie from canada

  • Marcus Napieralla

    so warm and passionate. I find your music very inspirational. You put alot of effort into your work and it comes across. Thank you andie.

  • Chazza534
    Chazza534 Day ago

    this is beautifully sad, raw and badass - love it

  • anabela galetto

    Loved it! Love it! Love you!

  • Mélissa Thabet

    I love it, waiting to see what's coming next

  • The in_visible girl

    thank you for representing the very under represented kazoo players out there. an icon.

  • Jade Parsons
    Jade Parsons Day ago

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I've been watching you for years and this is a MILESTONE.

  • Lily Reeves
    Lily Reeves Day ago

    I love you're sound! Are you on spotify?

    • Lily Reeves
      Lily Reeves Day ago

      @andie THANKYOU beautiful!!!!!

    • andie
      andie Day ago

      yes darling! search for andie xx

  • Bryson McBee
    Bryson McBee Day ago

    hi andie, this is amazing! please put it on spotify!!! thank you!!!

    • andie
      andie Day ago

      it will be on my upcoming tiny album!

  • Janna Maglaqui

    love you andie!!!

  • erin
    erin Day ago

    very amy winehouse frank vibes!

  • Baron Thundercunt

    Found you through your absolutely barmy kazoo cover of Redbone (which is amazing by the way) and now you're actually putting out the type of music I like. The primary reason I liked that cover so much was your voice, keep it up and I think you could get a really significant following. Reminds me of someone like Corrine Bailey Rae or Lianne Le Havas, both of whom I also love by the way. P.s. I wrote this comment before I got to 4:00 minutes. The kazoo makes a comeback haha, just brilliant.

    • andie
      andie Day ago

      THANKYOU - yes I feel the same way - don't really relate to the covers world much anymore, this is the kind of music I love making <3 I think you'll really love the upcoming tiny album, ALSO I ADORE CORRINE BAILEY RAE and LIANNE!! big thanks <3

  • The ghostly fox

    This is such a great mv concept

  • Jennifer Berning

    This is brilliant. You're such a genius!

  • elwyngreen
    elwyngreen Day ago

    absolutely love everything about it 💚 and this kazoo!! so amazing

  • Helene Julius
    Helene Julius Day ago

    The music video we all needed! yessssss!

    MCDIY Day ago

    Love this view of the world

  • jackierose11
    jackierose11 Day ago

    I’m so glad you uploaded this. I used to watch that cover of yours all the time

  • xShortii xx
    xShortii xx Day ago

    When I first saw this, I actually thought it was a cover by 5 seconds of summer easier.....

  • Jelly Studios
    Jelly Studios Day ago

    Hell yeah! Such a good song! SO pumped for ur album

  • Hollie Schaefer

    Is there a more natural Billie eilish vibe going on? ( physically ) I love it 🥰

  • razzytheorca
    razzytheorca 2 days ago

    spilt a whole glass of water into the soundhole of my ukelele yesterday and then found this video. must you taunt me?

  • Greenforsure
    Greenforsure 2 days ago


  • provdenc
    provdenc 2 days ago

    amazing!! such a cool vibe I rate itt

  • David Ballard
    David Ballard 2 days ago

    So beautiful, thank you! What was it Michael Franti said about music? Anyway, that. ✌🏻🕉☮️🐢

  • travelfanyy
    travelfanyy 2 days ago

    Did not expect it to be my new favourite song! It's just amazing. The song your voice and the video. Thank you so much!

  • Alia
    Alia 2 days ago

    Ohhhh that's so cool! Missed ur music!

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson 2 days ago

    what is that fancy kazoo i only recognize shitty plastic ones

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson 2 days ago


  • Maria Retama
    Maria Retama 2 days ago

    Magic music 🍃🌱🎶

  • Dizzula
    Dizzula 2 days ago

    So much soul... Lovely stuff

  • Kristen Prasiloski
    Kristen Prasiloski 2 days ago

    I love this cover and the old one and I love it all thank you for this

  • Lucy Barnes
    Lucy Barnes 2 days ago

    Yes yes yes yes

  • Thyra Misuu
    Thyra Misuu 2 days ago

    Andie is my new queen, TO HELL WITH THAT GUY ANDIE

  • jordan graziani
    jordan graziani 2 days ago

    andie is such a cool chick

  • Tatius Wolff
    Tatius Wolff 2 days ago

    Awesome video! Well done! Love seeing the locals and usual haunts!

  • Slavic Solowski
    Slavic Solowski 2 days ago

    Exelente composicion me encanto el estilo jazz de tu compocision

  • Christian Mortensen

    Great song, great clip. Kudos to Andie and Kalani, you both have promising careers ahead of you.

    • andie
      andie Day ago

      thanks christian!

  • Ari Smith
    Ari Smith 2 days ago

    thank you for existing I love you so much this is brilliant x

  • steve dela cruz
    steve dela cruz 2 days ago

    Ughhhhh nostalgic

  • Santiago Martínez
    Santiago Martínez 2 days ago

    You can tell she loves Nai Palm

  • littleblueberrystrawberryraspberry

    Ohhh, I just rediscovered your channel after a few years! Your voice brings so many memories back! Love yaaa

  • Rainbow Raven
    Rainbow Raven 2 days ago

    Your poor face! 😭

  • no mms
    no mms 2 days ago

    it's so gooooood my ears are melting

  • Ellanda Grace
    Ellanda Grace 2 days ago

    Love some crispy Katoomba drone footage Also, the people trying to smell pumpkins and orange juice through the plastic had me laughing. There must be something in the air up there

    • andie
      andie Day ago


  • Bronte Rowlands
    Bronte Rowlands 2 days ago

    this is genius. been following you since the days of your gotye cover and i was in my early teens. this song and the video is magical. love everything about it

  • Lydia R
    Lydia R 2 days ago

    soo bloody love this!

  • ADeer5555
    ADeer5555 2 days ago


  • Jacob Ferguson
    Jacob Ferguson 2 days ago


  • ev chong
    ev chong 2 days ago


  • isabela blanchfield

    love that guitar

  • Kalin Green
    Kalin Green 2 days ago

    Wow, I love your sound so much.

  • Cleo
    Cleo 2 days ago

    I love the song, I love the video, I love the feeling that your music gives me ! I'm so excited to see what comes next after watching you for so many years. I'm so glad I stuck around to see this :)

  • G rea
    G rea 2 days ago

    i LOVE THIS. love YOU

  • G rea
    G rea 2 days ago

    dude thats the name of my latest song too. we soulmates

  • Gabrielavga
    Gabrielavga 2 days ago

    YOU'RE SO TALENTED, I LOVE YOU. love from Chile MUAAck

  • Peggy Berge
    Peggy Berge 2 days ago

    The song is sweet and relatable but boring. You have a great voice and the music video is cool. You're very good and I look forward to more stuff!

  • honey aves
    honey aves 2 days ago

    love you so much from italy!!! 🧡

  • fox asyaa
    fox asyaa 2 days ago

    So fresh! I like it

  • ghostie7790
    ghostie7790 2 days ago

    Lost it when they threw the fish at your face 😂😂😂 great job Andie! I’ve been a fan for years now ❤️❤️❤️

  • Merci Kennedy
    Merci Kennedy 2 days ago

    obsessed with you

  • Bel Watson
    Bel Watson 2 days ago

    missed your voice and that stunning guitar playing magic u got

    • Bel Watson
      Bel Watson 2 days ago

      definitely my new favorite of yours, after one foot in the grave

  • Lucas Mansutti
    Lucas Mansutti 2 days ago

    Te amo para siempre Andie

  • Tom Sundog
    Tom Sundog 2 days ago

    also kinda love the coupling of lofi recording with hd music vid, cool contrast

  • Tom Sundog
    Tom Sundog 2 days ago


  • brubanana
    brubanana 2 days ago

    ok ive been waiting for this my whole life

  • Alexandra Yushina
    Alexandra Yushina 2 days ago

    In this video I like EVERYTHING💆🏼‍♀️ Andie, I've been following you’re art for 6 years. Thanks to you, I am thinking of trip to Australia. But I live too far now (in Russia)

  • Alexandra Yushina
    Alexandra Yushina 2 days ago

    Aww, so beautiful💛💛💛

  • Giordano Bruno Lazzareschi

    RU-clip recomended me. I guess youtube is knowing me better now. Loved it.

  • jackierose11
    jackierose11 2 days ago

    Wow this is amazing!!!!!! I’ve been a proud fan for years

  • Siobhan Murphy
    Siobhan Murphy 2 days ago

    so cool! that 1st coffee shop shot is beaut <3

  • twifaretet
    twifaretet 2 days ago

    My kink is andie's Australian accent coming through when she sings

  • b
    b 2 days ago

    everything about this is incredible and omg what a beautiful human

  • Marina F. Peres
    Marina F. Peres 2 days ago

    ❤🕉❤ Andie, escreve a letra da música na descrição do vídeo,por favor. Porque eu não entendo inglês. 🎵💛💚💙🎶

  • Lala Laynee
    Lala Laynee 2 days ago

    It is not baby is is lady look the lyrics up no hate I really like this cover but the lyrics are wrong

  • Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller 2 days ago

    Fucken great music video!!

  • Isabella Tavares
    Isabella Tavares 3 days ago

    I see you Brasil is seeing you

  • Freshouttafks freshouttafks


  • Dr. Shaw
    Dr. Shaw 3 days ago

    Please do more of these!😝

  • clarissa sciarrino
    clarissa sciarrino 3 days ago

    So proud. LOVE IT!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maria
    Maria 3 days ago

    I love it I want the whole album

  • A
    A 3 days ago

    This is soo good Andie!!! :)

  • David Willian
    David Willian 3 days ago

    Meu Deus como eu amei isso

  • notmichelle
    notmichelle 3 days ago


  • Emi Newlands
    Emi Newlands 3 days ago

    Will this be going on Spotify??

  • Hana
    Hana 3 days ago

    I absolutely love it.