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Good riddance
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  • Kathryn Molesa
    Kathryn Molesa 6 hours ago

    So, who is paying for this luxurious location?

  • Janette Chimbani
    Janette Chimbani 15 hours ago

    So sad . . . . But why you put that crazy music on with this tragic story? . . . . . Had to switch off!!

  • Brian IWW
    Brian IWW 23 hours ago

    Thank God my grandma didn't have to see this. She really wasn't one for sweets but she always had to have a roll of NECCO wafers handy. She would have been gutted to see them go out of business.

  • John Brady
    John Brady Day ago

    trying to be nice but are there two l,s in bollix... ive got loads of these coins

  • Jade Lilly Ann Heafield

    Congratulations to Abby and peter on your baby boy

  • Saai Anchal
    Saai Anchal 2 days ago

    I am having 3 1971 and 4 coins between 1971 and 1981

  • hugo quaresma
    hugo quaresma 2 days ago

    Come on this music? x/

  • Jennifer Wainwright

    Oh my God, you can't tell that's a bloke?

  • Aesthetic Angel
    Aesthetic Angel 3 days ago

    That's my cousin

  • Mrs. Mohrman
    Mrs. Mohrman 3 days ago

    The “artist” did a terrible job.

  • AJ W
    AJ W 3 days ago

    I hope someone gets to him

  • Geezle Puss
    Geezle Puss 4 days ago

    they are climbing on top of a gate. Lets see it where it is 30 feet up & a 10 foot plate of steel at the top.

  • CJJC
    CJJC 4 days ago

    For people who don’t know about coins, ignore videos like these. Don’t take ebay listings seriously unless they sell

  • Gopal Magar
    Gopal Magar 4 days ago

    2000/ call 01169702967

    BRIAN 5 days ago

    I think Fadi should get the resoect the press never managed to give George..whatever their life together they chose each other for many years. As George says it's not my priblem if you dont understand my life style.

  • Steve Ridge
    Steve Ridge 5 days ago

    I have a 1971 2 new pence coin, offers

  • Luna Lea
    Luna Lea 5 days ago

    Justice late, but not denied! That dirty cop, Derek Ridgewell did the same to the Oval Four and lots of other young black men had their lives ruined by this evil thing, imagine how man people he framed as a cop in Rhodesia and brought his dirty tricks to England?! He was caught stealing mailbags and died in prison, some of those men he framed died without clearing their names or knowing what he did, and people are surprised that the police is hated!☯️😡

  • Rock Hard
    Rock Hard 5 days ago

    where is the dad and what color is he

  • UniGateStudio7
    UniGateStudio7 5 days ago


  • Andy hodgson
    Andy hodgson 6 days ago

    Judging by a couple of the comments there are some people who think that the side by side picture of Heap and Venebles are both Venebles. The wrong man could end up being attacked because of stuff like this.

  • Dolly Dagger
    Dolly Dagger 6 days ago

    'k not going to attempt to read the sentences, I'm recovering from a migraine.

  • Augustine Irudayasamy

    yes I have 1971. Let me know if any one is intrested

  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don 7 days ago

    Was only an investment

  • Babs 66
    Babs 66 7 days ago

    I couldn't even watch that because of the music.

  • Farhan Jamal
    Farhan Jamal 8 days ago

    I have one 1978 new pence any one want to buy contect me.

  • Craig Sanderson
    Craig Sanderson 9 days ago

    Immediately downvoted because you used the computer generated voice over.

  • Criss Gogoseanu
    Criss Gogoseanu 9 days ago

    Ce muzică veselă pentru o asemenea tragedie

  • Dale Benton
    Dale Benton 9 days ago

    21 years of Benefit fraud,I dont know how they even get away with it for so long


    What’s the song name

  • Bilal khan Records
    Bilal khan Records 10 days ago

    mery pass 1 coin hy

  • Linda Puertes Deals
    Linda Puertes Deals 10 days ago

    Shes just epidemy of trash gone bad

  • Glenn McKnight
    Glenn McKnight 13 days ago

    45 rooms and they show the same pictures again and again. Either they did a snow job or this reporter is pure laziness

  • Bince zacharia
    Bince zacharia 13 days ago

    Which movies plz tell me??

  • Sinead King
    Sinead King 13 days ago

    Everyone in the comments saying what a bad dad he is but at least he put the effort in to finally meet them. We have no right o judge his situation because we aren’t him and will never understand why he didn’t meet them.

  • Jim Goodwin
    Jim Goodwin 15 days ago

    Criminal damage... He should have been reported to the police but as is typical with gutless cyclists, he rode away....

  • LadyAnne
    LadyAnne 16 days ago

    Jackie outshone Lee.

  • Danièle lezay
    Danièle lezay 16 days ago

    I am so surprise???? why should this actor be any different that any other person???? we do not own him, he's allowed to have severals girlfriends if he so wish, I find it disgusting that Journalists can go & ask is agent for what does not concern us. Let him be, I like the actor we can dream about the role , but not the man in the real world???? he's playing beautifully in Poldark. he's private life should be his own . Give him a break bunch of sticky noses

  • Jet Vaughn
    Jet Vaughn 17 days ago

    Some investigative reporter needs to follow her and Megan and get DNA off of something they touch like the police what a story with proof this would make.

    MBAHTISRAEL 18 days ago


  • Gemma Abayon
    Gemma Abayon 19 days ago

    cnt read the letters!

  • Paul Lindley
    Paul Lindley 19 days ago

    What's with the music

  • [marbardan] JAM
    [marbardan] JAM 20 days ago

    It's an animal regardless and should be treated like one, despite it's appearance and feats.

  • slick willy
    slick willy 20 days ago

    I have a ring just like this one.

  • Timothe Lambert
    Timothe Lambert 20 days ago

    I love dump people.

  • Janet Serrano
    Janet Serrano 21 day ago

    Soooooo fake

  • itzyoboyboss
    itzyoboyboss 23 days ago

    I seen one but they told me to put it back in the water

  • Jimmy Arkthida
    Jimmy Arkthida 24 days ago

    Back wax express

  • Trikisha Sarden
    Trikisha Sarden 25 days ago

    If those doctors really loved it what they do being a doctor and helping people and saving their life they didn't put no cost for charging I would do it for free because I had no medical coverage or nothing my doctor said I needed help in one of the worst way cuz I would have bled to death and he did it for free because that's what he likes to do with us to save other people's life

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull 26 days ago

    Does Madonna have to live in Portugal forever now??

  • Lorena Adkins
    Lorena Adkins 26 days ago

    Mind uour own business people. That his life it's his money👍👍👍👍

  • Evanta Evanta
    Evanta Evanta 26 days ago

    Wrong picture of Ike Turner at the begging of the video

  • HPL2007
    HPL2007 26 days ago

    She's Scottish.

  • Reverend Al
    Reverend Al 28 days ago

    I can't believe you put together 22 minutes of this idiotic style.

  • Khan liqat
    Khan liqat 29 days ago

    They are all was my friends 😭

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 29 days ago

    I Work As A CNA And I See Mike Turner Every Day He's A Good Guy. He Makes My Day Talking To Him. I Call Him Mr T

  • Elaine Cochrane
    Elaine Cochrane Month ago

    Ok so technically the child is mix race in sure a lot of people will assume she's either adopted or another rachael dolezal..Either way they are beautiful.

  • Steve Gad
    Steve Gad Month ago

    Got to 4 minute mark and thought "At least the music will stop!" I can't believe you repeated it. Why not upload it again with more appropriate (considerate) backing - or none at all. This happy, bouncy dance 'tune' is totally at odds with what we're reading. Other than that it's a good video.

  • William Douglas
    William Douglas Month ago

    That's called a public right away not a shared driveway cannot be denied access to your property Ingress and regress

  • Philip Banks
    Philip Banks Month ago

    I have one but there's no date on it so I don't know the year but it is the same design as shown in the video

  • Christy Linck
    Christy Linck Month ago

    What's up with the goofy rave music?

  • Jill Aberdeen
    Jill Aberdeen Month ago

    Man with a guilty conscience!!!

  • I love my Pony
    I love my Pony Month ago

    Everyone saying women can’t be in the marines I passed the 32 week long course and was the only female

  • Rae Engebretson
    Rae Engebretson Month ago

    The decor. is horrendous. Maybe he had so many affairs as excuses no to go back into this awful house.

  • Catherine S. Todd

    Can't play the video (why???) but still giving a thumbs up. So glad you did this series, and looking forward to more!

  • Ralph Tomkinson
    Ralph Tomkinson Month ago

    It was 2012 man give him a break

  • Louise Mae Brouder


  • Sara A.
    Sara A. Month ago

    By the way, you‘re mixing up Paris and Cara in the video at some points, I think 🤔

  • Sara A.
    Sara A. Month ago

    I like Cara more with Ashley 🥰

  • ivarr beinlausi
    ivarr beinlausi Month ago

    How big is this skeleton?

  • levi sixx
    levi sixx Month ago

    Believe gary

  • Sabina Merrett
    Sabina Merrett Month ago

    Four rooms. Yeah great.

  • 🕆ŞØΜ€ØŇ€ 🕆

    It’s a madness, they always find away and never give up that’s why there legends

  • ladydi loftin
    ladydi loftin Month ago


  • Andrea Wood
    Andrea Wood Month ago

    He should give all that money away to cover his infidelity 🙄☹️

  • Jazmine Lashe
    Jazmine Lashe Month ago

    So because he wants to spend time with his mother and talk to her that’s a crime? Smh people so backwards

  • pskton
    pskton Month ago

    Went by so fast, I cvo God get all if it read.

  • Don Diego Vega
    Don Diego Vega Month ago

    Her doctor is ruining her face.

  • gotrane
    gotrane Month ago

    Thanks for the info! Just discovered George, recently, and wanted to learn the "ins & outs", of the series.

  • Lhene Balbin
    Lhene Balbin Month ago

    I have 1 dollar year 2000

  • Dorothy Koekemoer

    Two new pence one 1973 and one 1979 for sale

  • Dorothy Koekemoer

    I have a 1975 queen Elizabeth new pence for sale

  • Lolita Dimapilis
    Lolita Dimapilis Month ago

    I have that kind of coin

  • Joeys Publicist
    Joeys Publicist Month ago

    Rawhaha! This feggy Brit looks like a male lion in drag.

  • Silvia Tristan
    Silvia Tristan Month ago


  • Elizabeth Latorre

    Was she BRCA Positive

  • Gerald Dsouza
    Gerald Dsouza Month ago

    I have 3 of them

  • Gina Mascetti
    Gina Mascetti Month ago

    Instead of selling the ring, why not give it to the family members of the Barrow or Parker family. Amazing how dirty cops existed back then too!

  • juliadennehy
    juliadennehy Month ago

    My friends do this to guys all the time... the free meals with guys they don't like, dating a guy for free stuff, dating multiple men for free meals... women are slime too.

  • Flummoxed Marmoset

    Actually, I thought she looked fantastic [for 83]. At this age, some people look like a Shar Pei.

  • Pamela. Nam
    Pamela. Nam Month ago

    I know an African black couple whose children are both Snow White, and there are many more couples like them.

  • Alien From Jupiter

    Islam and christain Both are Paedos

  • Alvaro Alcanatara

    I miss avicii ☹️🥺😞❤️

  • andrew fox
    andrew fox Month ago

    At least she had the confidence to do it...good on her for trying


    Paul Simon was a better musician, but Art was a much better person.

  • Isabella Mutti
    Isabella Mutti Month ago

    Yes I have one

  • One Creator
    One Creator Month ago

    God will not bless you for doing that to yourself. It's now Mental illness level. He's addicted and a bad example.

  • Gypsyscotty9
    Gypsyscotty9 Month ago

    Most of the Hollywood millionaires call themselves comedians are Jews are not funny and this proves they have no sense of humour.

  • Gypsyscotty9
    Gypsyscotty9 Month ago

    Well, you can question anything under the sun, as it should be, but you cannot question this story with 6 million holes in it.Amazing.

    • TurboDuckHeadHD In HD
      TurboDuckHeadHD In HD 11 days ago

      @Paul Brown He just knows something you don't.. Or you are a shiling for shekels..

    • Paul Brown
      Paul Brown 25 days ago

      What holes, you a reality denier too?, ffs lol.

  • Cassie Henderson
    Cassie Henderson Month ago

    I've half penny's and original five pence so, too!

  • ajit singh bithu
    ajit singh bithu Month ago

    I have the same coin, and now looking forward to a buyer. If anybody wants the original coin and many more antique items, reply here