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    ARTYOM-PROPS 6 days ago

    I am artyom9630 from ebay, well, I am not on ebay anymore, I have my own website, you can easily find it if you google artyom props

    ARTYOM-PROPS 6 days ago

    hey man!

  • `
    ` 3 months ago

    This is beast mode

    • `
      ` 3 months ago

      Lelz warning kek

  • MellamoTaj
    MellamoTaj 4 months ago

    siimply epic

  • Darien Fuentes
    Darien Fuentes 4 months ago

    I like your spunk kid, keep it up!!!

  • SilvrLightning
    SilvrLightning 6 months ago

    This was really helpful, thanks!

  • Critality
    Critality 7 months ago

    I really want to buy SO BAD but it costs 200$ And i also live in the Philippines, which makes it more expensive for me to buy cuz it so cheap here so cheap the u can buy a burger only 25 cents.

  • GreenFrenchFries
    GreenFrenchFries 8 months ago

    Can it light up

  • amv for life
    amv for life 10 months ago

    *One more time we go around the world we are human after all We are not Technologic*

  • krizzy090
    krizzy090 Year ago

    The dude who selled the helmets dosnt sell them anymore i saved the link and now the link says 0 helmets available 0/4 should have bought it when it was still there now i need to 3d print a helmet the problem would be would the scale fit me ...

  • Zakekski
    Zakekski Year ago

    I’ve known daftpunk since 2006 and went to Alive 2007 (no regrets)

    XHANSX Year ago I think the Daft Punk Helmet would be awesome for my application. I'm always looking for new helmets with large reflective visors! (I think jumping with a Deadmau5 head would be awesome too!) Thanks!

  • Ana Costa
    Ana Costa Year ago

    r t sheirt is deadmoa5

  • Herbeh
    Herbeh Year ago

    This man is one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet in life! He deserves all the love and support in the world!

  • Catsindawall _
    Catsindawall _ Year ago

    Mass effect took the idea of that helmet

  • C-A-T
    C-A-T Year ago

    the guy sells the original molded healmet for 999,99 dollars... like bruh

  • SladerTater
    SladerTater Year ago

    4:08 tinted helmet????

  • Minty
    Minty Year ago

    Your cute :3

  • Matt Linenfelser

    What happened with you doing RU-clip haven't seen any videos for a while

  • SladerTater
    SladerTater Year ago

    Dramatic at 2:32

  • SladerTater
    SladerTater Year ago

    Talks about a daft punk helmet wears a Deadmau5 t-shirt....🤔 pick one!!!

  • Exodus Toca
    Exodus Toca Year ago

    Hi i would just like to ask hows your sony xb950bt right now ? is it still okay ? how about the performace of the battery ? and also the swivel part or the one that connect the headcup to the headband ? because most of the buyer of this product have a same problem on that part and they say its easily got broke ? and if its okay to charge the mdr xb 950bt using mobile phone charger ? and how do you charge ur headphone ? because sony didnt put any adapter just a cable on the box .. and lastly is it okay to buy on the amazon of this product ? sorry for so many questions , i just want to verify things before getting this hoping for your response and thankyou in advance nice vids by the way .

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay Year ago

      Absolutely! It's great! The battery lasts me a couple hours of heavy use with the bass on and off. I've never had any issues with it breaking but it's been taken care of. And you can only charge it with the chord or other chords with the same connector. It does come with the cable in the box. Yes, I bought mine from Amazon a couple years ago.

  • bad omen
    bad omen Year ago


  • Crazy Running Cruasder

    That helmet should be a good futuristic militay helmet for victory parade

  • Sin Isters
    Sin Isters Year ago

    I am a true fan and honestly I kind of don't like the new music.

  • Derfymen
    Derfymen Year ago

    Fun fact, I am actually a guy! Guy manuel? CoInCiOdEnCe?

  • Yang lee
    Yang lee Year ago

    Amazing video

  • Negative Positive

    Griffin Cannon You said it's not sanded in some spots and a little dirty. Have you ever had to trim a raw cast on your own? Well apparently not. Seems to me the guy that made this cast did a lot of the work for you. If you want to complain about sanding and being dirty. Get a raw cast where you have to dremel out the visor area and the over cast areas just so you can get your head in the helmet. Then you get to sand the ever living shit out of it... Do that then complain about dirt and sanding.

  • Thomas and Manuel DaftPunk

    thanks dude we now know where to buy our helmet molds :D

  • Daft Punk Unofficial Fan Page

    You said "gay Manuel " 😂😂😂....I'll leave now

  • Neos
    Neos Year ago

    Does he do these with Thomas, if so can I just get the Visor Chromed in gold to make it look like the grammy costumes?

  • woah vicky
    woah vicky Year ago

    I love daft punk and when they had the argument Burger nuggets nuggets burger

    • Neos
      Neos Year ago

      No it is fake, Guy Manuel Is shorter than THomas not the other way

    • woah vicky
      woah vicky Year ago

      Yes at a concert in France

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay Year ago

      That wasn't Daft Punk bro

  • Swank Banzai
    Swank Banzai Year ago

    I subed:)

  • Crash Titan
    Crash Titan Year ago

    The visor is too thin

  • Tony Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez 2 years ago

    Who else really wants one but doesn't have money for it😂😂😂😭😭

  • General Poonslayer 69

    Important question where did you get that necklace I would like to purchase one

  • Ur Mum gey
    Ur Mum gey 2 years ago

    I will put it there uhh not there

  • Mr troller
    Mr troller 2 years ago

    Discovery is the best album by daft punk

  • Ivan Escobar
    Ivan Escobar 2 years ago

    What would you use to cover up your neck?

  • Baba Tunde
    Baba Tunde 2 years ago

    This dude looks like Grant!!!!

  • Lolaris
    Lolaris 2 years ago

    When I don't noticed: wow he is a daft punk fan When I noticed:Wait *looks his shirt* HE IS A DEADMAU5 FAN

  • -WHyTHo- -
    -WHyTHo- - 2 years ago

    you got played. that's way to much for a plastic helmet. it's cheaper just to make it.

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      this is a high quality resin! It's durable if made thick which this is. It is made for this kind of use. Yes you could make your own but i can't gaurentee it will come out looking as accurate as made by an artist. In essence you're paying for quality and accuracy

  • JJM Arts
    JJM Arts 2 years ago

    Patrick: but I am stupid

  • Cristian Rodriguez
    Cristian Rodriguez 2 years ago


    RAZORWING 2 years ago

    I'm the eyehole man. Nobody touches my.... eyeholes

  • Roxas !!!
    Roxas !!! 2 years ago

    helmet is so dead on!! seriously nice

  • Lasted Siamang
    Lasted Siamang 2 years ago

    100000 dollars I like daft punk but fuck that shit

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      The helmet? it's 200 USD for the kit...

  • Hai Nguyen
    Hai Nguyen 2 years ago

    can you let me know the contact info for the person you got to chrome the helmet for $175?

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      The gentleman's name is Ed from ChromefactoryLV

  • Zack Jones
    Zack Jones 2 years ago

    Who else noticed that it was a little bit out of shape at the front

  • Fachada Fachada
    Fachada Fachada 2 years ago

    I herd them sense 2008

  • Juli Daftkitty
    Juli Daftkitty 2 years ago

    Baha Thomas the silver guy of daft punk 😂😂😂 you must explain the humans who are daft punk 😂😂😂!

  • eli d
    eli d 2 years ago

    cringiest channel on youtube XD go to highschool to understand socialities boyo

  • Appadoo Kervin
    Appadoo Kervin 2 years ago

    song name(no darude sandstorm please)

  • Petrus
    Petrus 2 years ago

    Hello! I have a doubt, do you know if you can print It and remove the visor? Thank you very much

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      Pedro Pérez sorry dude I don't understand what you're saying

  • FJX2000 Productions
    FJX2000 Productions 2 years ago

    Question good sir! Been trying to get a hold of you. It you're very hard to track down! Sent messages to at least on of your Instagram and Facebook accounts but no reply. So let's give this a try since you replied to one of my RU-clip comments in the past and told me you used Chrome Factory LV for your chroming purposes. So, the big question I have for you is what kind of glove did you use for you Daft Punk costumes? If you had a specific link that would be great! Read on the Daft Club forum that some suggest black opera gloves but what did you use? Also, what did you do for the chrome plates? I'm sure for your Guy helmet you just used the glove kit that came with the helmet but how did you prep them before chroming? Thanks!

    • wawustv
      wawustv 2 years ago

      The glove kits that come with the helmet do not require any prepping before chroming, I also do Daft Punk cosplay, just went last week, I can show you a photo if you want! I just used black riding gloves which where like 5 bucks from a auto store.

  • Awsam37 #
    Awsam37 # 2 years ago

    Ur skinny but dont take that the wrong way

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 2 years ago

    Looks perfect

  • Businessman Ginger
    Businessman Ginger 2 years ago

    "Get Lucky put them on the map". Boy you need to do your homework cause they were nominated for Grammys since before you were born

    • Mr. Spiff
      Mr. Spiff Year ago

      While doing my Homework I made a Discovery that I was Human After All

    • Businessman Ginger
      Businessman Ginger 2 years ago

      Ik fam, I was just messin with ya XD. I love all of their shit but yeah I was just trying to be a meme, don't know if that makes me a dick or not x3

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      Businessman Ginger Hey man no disrespect but I said "for a lot of people" which is a true statement. I know they've been around WAY before that. I know one of their first was "wave" and they originated in 1993. Trust me, I've done my homework my friend but I was trying to connect to those that may not know their older stuff. You feel? :)

  • FJX2000 Productions
    FJX2000 Productions 2 years ago

    Was the Thomas helmet made by the same eBay seller as the Guy helmet? And did you send it to the same chroming place? And who was it you sent the helmets to for chroming? Did they do a good sanding job? And can you tell me more baout how you did the gloves??

    • FJX2000 Productions
      FJX2000 Productions 2 years ago

      Griffin Cannon and how did you do the gloves from the glove kit?

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      The Thomas was made by Moguaiprops. I sent both to ChromeFactoryLV. The sanding was good but the raw cast of Thomas (moguai) had several air bubbles in the back that weren't filled in before being chromed. So that's that lol. The gloves, I bought from their helmet's seller. I do not recommend Moguai for many reasons. You'll save money and a headache going with Artem. Great guy. Hope this helped!

  • FJX2000 Productions
    FJX2000 Productions 2 years ago

    Who did you send it to to get chromed again??

  • SvChamp
    SvChamp 2 years ago

    If you go solo with this cosplay people will ask you where thomas is.

      DCPT_SWNDWVE 8 months ago

      But that's the fun part

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay Year ago

      I got a Thomas helmet and cosplayed him and had my little bro be Guy-Man. Worked out perfectly.

  • Adrian Dorfsmith
    Adrian Dorfsmith 2 years ago

    you should buy the mask on amazon for 15 bucks by kingmas. great quality for very cheap. they have the flash, zoom and even kod flash. :)

  • The Red X
    The Red X 2 years ago

    Wish i had a daft punk helmet for free they are all so expencive

    • Sickening
      Sickening 2 years ago

      The Red X I do t know if they are 3,000dollars or 3milliom dollars

  • Galykath
    Galykath 2 years ago

    daft pank.. punk not pank bro, and get lucky sucks!!! back in the day when alive 1997 and 2007 were out, they were so famous!!

  • thech33ky13
    thech33ky13 2 years ago

    can u use these with my xbox one?

  • nieveves video game shitposting and more

    Get Lucky didn't do shit

  • Sandstorm V80
    Sandstorm V80 2 years ago

    daft punk da best

  • Boombastico
    Boombastico 2 years ago

    I bought this exact kit myself after watching your review of it, helmet and glove kit and it is awesome to see these finished result, sorta getting a taste of what the end result of my own should look like. Really awesome job nonetheless, looks great!

  • Wire One
    Wire One 2 years ago

    Dude what is your twitter. We need to talk lol.

  • minigamer J Eonsofbattle

    The bubbles are not a product of him working fast or not sanding, it's a product of casting a large share where degassing is impossible, if it is advertised as a raw cast than it will come with the imperfections associated with urethane materials

  • Sounds
    Sounds 3 years ago

    Hey! Care to share how you got the visor to stick? Thanks!

    • John Hernandez
      John Hernandez 2 years ago

      Griffin Cannon is there kid sizes or will it fit kids

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Unless you want chrome ON the visor, I suggest putting it on after. I had it taped on for the purpose of this video

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Hot glue will be your friend!

    • Sounds
      Sounds 3 years ago

      Also is it better to do chrome before or after the visor is on?

  • GalacTush
    GalacTush 3 years ago

    +_+ are you gustin?

  • AdamMasterArt
    AdamMasterArt 3 years ago

    How thick is artyom's Guy visor? I originally had Moguai's kit and the visor is quite crappy

    • Moguai Props
      Moguai Props 2 years ago

      AdamMasterArt Visor included on my kits are .020 thickness. If you want something thicker .040 and .060 are available on my store.

  • Roger guerra
    Roger guerra 3 years ago

    Can yall commenters please hut the F*** up. if you think he looks like GG then just upvote someone's mention. damn

  • AdamMasterArt
    AdamMasterArt 3 years ago

    Did you add the Air-Conditioning stuff inside the helmet too? And what padding did you use for the helmet?

    • Prussian Platypus
      Prussian Platypus 2 years ago

      I used the same to attach my visor, good old hot glue haha :D

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      @AdamMasterArt Hot glue

    • AdamMasterArt
      AdamMasterArt 3 years ago

      +Griffin Cannon one more thing, how did you attach the visor onto the helmet?

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      ChromeFactoryLV and the price varies

    • AdamMasterArt
      AdamMasterArt 3 years ago

      +Griffin Cannon also, where did you chromed the helmet at (with price please)?

  • GotWub
    GotWub 3 years ago


  • Mario Salinas
    Mario Salinas 3 years ago

    Where did you get your necklace at?

  • Angerfist
    Angerfist 3 years ago

    I like daft punk oh I just saw your t-shirt deadmau5

    • мσσи
      мσσи Month ago

      @Replicosplay show me where can i buy Deadmau5 Helmet too Please i want it so bad

    • woah vicky
      woah vicky Year ago


    • LAZER the Robot
      LAZER the Robot 2 years ago

      NowDoTheHarlemShake I've been to your level on ROBLOX

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 2 years ago

      NowDoTheHarlemShake yes sir! :) I'm going to his tour Lotsofshowsinarow in Seattle!

  • Alex Hart
    Alex Hart 3 years ago

    Hey, i saw some complaints about the visibility of the visor, care to add your opinion to that.

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Sure. You CAN see. But it is blurry in some spots.

  • Alex Hart
    Alex Hart 3 years ago

    How is the sturdiness of the artyom props helmets.

    • cap&spidey 1831
      cap&spidey 1831 3 years ago

      +Griffin Cannon hey will you please subscribe to my channel even if my videos suck I'm trying to get better at it

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Pretty good. It's a good resin

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Thanks. It wasn't cheap but call ChromeFactoryLV for a quote.

    • Alex Hart
      Alex Hart 3 years ago

      also how much did you pay for the chrome on it, its gorgeous

  • Fuel-For-Life
    Fuel-For-Life 3 years ago

    Not only do you look like Grant but you freaking sound like him too. Which can only mean one thing... You probably have a good singing voice unless you're tone deaf.

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Unless you like the sound of nails running down a chalkboard, I'm awful at singing.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 years ago

    You haven't even finished the flash tho

  • Adam Gregory Official

    he made daredevil so can have a good fit on a daredevil costume

  • Adam Gregory Official


  • Adam Gregory Official

    Jhon hay sorry

  • Adam Gregory Official

    if you want to make a cool suit watch Jon Hay and he will tell you how to make flash spiderman etc... suits easy

  • rodrigo vega
    rodrigo vega 3 years ago


  • Adrian Irsan
    Adrian Irsan 3 years ago

    there is no pouch ya?

  • E
    E 3 years ago

    what kind of dog is this?

  • cap&spidey 1831
    cap&spidey 1831 3 years ago

    what do you expect to see in season 3 of the flash

  • Ian Quinn
    Ian Quinn 3 years ago

    soon on my facebook page I will be offer handmade flash suits but I won't be offering pants so i will leave a link


    haha! sweet reaction

  • Diana J
    Diana J 3 years ago

    Any ideas for me to fix my xcoser mask as I am a kid

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Take a hairdryer or a heater that can reach anywhere around 60-80 degrees and warm up the mask. This will make it moldable to your face. Learned it soon after I made this video ;)

  • Heather Quintanilla
    Heather Quintanilla 3 years ago

    #don't give it to your brother paint it blue and paint an a on it after you melt it

  • Mau5ing
    Mau5ing 3 years ago

    I'm getting these in all gray

  • Cunfuze _
    Cunfuze _ 3 years ago

    u look Exactly like Grant Gustin

  • Savage Entertainment

    Just use a heat gun to make it even more moldable. I use it on pvc pipes. Works better than a hair dryer or heater

  • Prussian Platypus
    Prussian Platypus 3 years ago

    I cant wait to see you cosplaying with that helmet :D


    I love the what are those part

  • fixedgerald
    fixedgerald 3 years ago

    Thats an amazing helmet! Where did you get the cast? Or did you sculpt it yourself?

    • Replicosplay
      Replicosplay 3 years ago

      Thank you! It's a cast from the ebay seller: Artyom9630