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A Bored Electrician
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#MeToo Proof Yourself
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Mastering Women
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Postponing Pharmacy School
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Bored with Life at 22
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Never Buy a New Car
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Military of Union
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Body of an Alpha
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Is It Time to Sell Gold?
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You're Wife is Right
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Go to New Zealand
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Getting Good Sleep
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Cappys Rambling
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Helping My Kid Sister
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Getting Over Oneitis
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  • Taylor Yeates
    Taylor Yeates 7 minutes ago

    Everyone on their phones

  • Edge HODL
    Edge HODL 2 hours ago

    Student debt grew even higher since this video, chit gonna hit fan soon...

  • Running Bear
    Running Bear 2 hours ago

    I'm in the pipefitters union. Listen to me kid because I was going through the same shit. Finish your apprenticeship! Once you top out you have a good paying job for the rest of your life! Once you have your journeyman's card you can do what ever you want. So you need to top out first then go after your dreams! As long as you pay your union dues they have to keep you! Listen to me on this one. I got in the trades at 25 so by the time I got in I already worked shit jobs so I was grateful for $42 a hour. Once you finish your apprenticeship thing's get a lot better! If you quit before you top out you're honestly a idiot..

  • Giovanni Bivona
    Giovanni Bivona 2 hours ago

    Shooting for the Carlson School of Management is more like shooting for a Bangladeshi Water Pump because it might be contaminated with cholera.

  • Giovanni Bivona
    Giovanni Bivona 3 hours ago

    www.middlebury.edu/academics It's 80% worthless. Not one engineering major.

  • Conrad S
    Conrad S 5 hours ago

    Learn Sales

  • redraven117
    redraven117 5 hours ago

    I’m a millennial with a decent size garden and it’s unfortunate that puts me ahead of the curve.

  • Daniel Meeks
    Daniel Meeks 5 hours ago

    Bernie going to save boomers college debt?

  • Far East Nomad
    Far East Nomad 5 hours ago

    I hope reincarnation is the case so all these boomers that say "well I'll be dead who cares lol" will be reborn into a fucked up world they helped create in the future.

  • Skitty McGillicutties

    The USA is a slave state to Israel. Just last week we discovered all those Jew cells spying on the white house and Blormpf is too much of a pussy to stand up to his Jew masters. Trump even gave his daughter to a Jew. Only way to freedom is throw off the Jew yoke. We know that won't happen though. The USA will just turn into Brazil.

  • Kent Moxley
    Kent Moxley 7 hours ago

    Phoenix - live in apache junction, or gilbert, the problem there is getting sick of the heat. I plan to move in 2 years

  • Kent Moxley
    Kent Moxley 7 hours ago

    Live in Albuquerque, great for hiking, filled with absolute trash, horrid job market except for the labs. boring filled with fat hispanic and native single mothers. Filled with homeless trash and drug users. Stupid population, annoying liberal hippie white women.

  • Esteban Bowers
    Esteban Bowers 7 hours ago

    Do natural intelligence boost program like Rotogenflux Methods really work and if so, how effective are they? We've noticed several amazing things about this iq course.

  • Skullo4
    Skullo4 7 hours ago

    I am a union electrician also. You should definitely finish your apprenticeship and try to get into supervision (sub foreman, foreman, general foreman or super). It's very stimulating and requires a lot of planning and thinking. I became a journeyman 5 years ago and became a sub foreman 3 years ago. It's financially rewarding and never bored at work.

  • Blind Squid
    Blind Squid 7 hours ago

    Sounds like whining "why don't you do something for me". You're older than 18 you're spose to be able to help yourself. Quit whining. You didn't listen you didn't learn that's your fault.

  • Monster Magnet
    Monster Magnet 7 hours ago

    What’s wrong is he still has all of his stuff, not just half of it.

  • Take the red pill
    Take the red pill 7 hours ago

    Vaccines cause autism though

  • Julene Rivers
    Julene Rivers 8 hours ago

    What is Rotogenflux Methods? I've heard many awesome things about this intelligence boost system.

  • Pure Male
    Pure Male 8 hours ago

    Probably dont get much respect talking about your past life...

  • wilson
    wilson 9 hours ago

    How do you take advise from a guy that looks like Ernest T Bass! Do you ever get an urge to throw rocks at windows?

  • Stephanie Lisa Franklin

    Don't forget to image a quart container of Soy.

    • Stephanie Lisa Franklin
      Stephanie Lisa Franklin Hour ago

      Thanks 4 the upvote. I have a passion for this site even being "the female". I truly feel and relate on the human condition.

  • Jon G
    Jon G 10 hours ago

    I went from working the rig floor to managment and engineering in an office. It took me a year to get back in the field. Cat ladys & baby boomer fucks made the office intolerable.

  • Bojo David
    Bojo David 10 hours ago

    In my past life I was Jimi Hendrix

  • Tom Baldwin
    Tom Baldwin 10 hours ago

    my advise at6 56 years old is: TAKE.

  • Agt.BADASS
    Agt.BADASS 10 hours ago

    To the guy with the "past life" could you please tell me what it's like to be reincarnated??? Did you speak with GOD himself???❣😎

  • Damien The GT
    Damien The GT 11 hours ago

    Being a millennial is best because I get both sides and know both sides very well. Before internet and after internet I grew up with the internet growing up

  • Doctor Detroit
    Doctor Detroit 12 hours ago

    Laziness is why we have liberals and democraps. Hence the endless false promises of freebies. Now only if millennials and whammen would understand this eternal truth.

  • C. M
    C. M 12 hours ago

    Good decision not to join the military, its for parasites and bottom-feeders. Frankly the people in the military are no better than the paper pusher bums down at the DWB (department of welfare bums). Kid, if I were you, I'd aspire to acquire all the benefits of the joining the military without the bullshit that comes along with it when you are in the military. What that means, is exercise, eat well, develop your self discipline and work towards something you want to achieve. Balance your job with your hobbies and make an effort to look into things that you have no interest in, because thats how you develop an interest in things. Over time, something will strike you and a career may arise from that. But in the mean time, stack as much cash as you can and keep busy. Above all else, do not commit excessive time to anything that is unproductive.

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones 13 hours ago

    I want pre-order

  • Diamond Tiara
    Diamond Tiara 13 hours ago

    So just wondering and if you do reply just want a civil discussion is all people problems according to you due to laziness?

  • zoidberg444
    zoidberg444 15 hours ago

    Listen to Aaron kid. I work in engineering although i'm on the maintenance side and i have no real route towards chartered status. The actual engineers who went to school? They are all sitting behind desks all day in an awful office dealing with poor management, office politics and impossible deadlines. Some of them really have a miserable time of it. Even the best engineering jobs in the aeronautic sector are just sitting at a computer all day. Maybe you should fill your day with audio books and podcasts if possible to keep your mind sharp or start your own business. You might find industrial maintenance or automotive electrics more mentally challenging.

  • Stefan Wons
    Stefan Wons 15 hours ago

    Does Rotogenflux Methods really work? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Rotogenflux Methods. But I'm uncertain if it is good enough to increase your IQ score over 17 points.

  • PATRICK McShane
    PATRICK McShane 15 hours ago

    He can also look at getting an engineering license.

  • PATRICK McShane
    PATRICK McShane 15 hours ago

    Getting an electrical engineering degree in many jurisdictions will count towards electrician's license.

  • BurninVinyl
    BurninVinyl 16 hours ago

    Get a hobby or just marry up and start making kids, so you will not ever be bored.

  • Douglas Strother
    Douglas Strother 16 hours ago

    Take courses related to Power Electronics. You're only a Journeyman, work towards the next level in Mastering your Trade!

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 16 hours ago

    I'm a 3rd year Electrical engineering student. Don't expect to be able to work full time. The workload is full on and you're going to be studying non-stop. You'll have multiple assessed labs, quizzes, assignments etc. all due in the same week. You'll have to learn how to use new simulation software on the fly - oh, and you're going to have to learn how to program in MATLAB and C, as well, and maybe even python, so you might as well get started with the programming now. Not trying to put you off it. it's definitely intellectually stimulating while you're studying it. Khan academy has some intro electrical engineering videos (Khan is an EE himself I think). Anyway, you're smart enough to figure out what you're gonna do

  • artnmusic909
    artnmusic909 17 hours ago

    I love your videos Cappy, you're awesome.

  • Guy Tech
    Guy Tech 17 hours ago

    One suggestion is to look into factory automation skills, Programming PLCs, Motor controls. Thus you can be mentally challenge figuring out how to implement a process, but keep a hands on type job. This would build upon your electrician skills since you need those skills when connecting equipment that need power to operate. I don't think you need to get an EE degree for this type of employment. These jobs will be in demand and likely pay better than a electrician. Also IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) skills are in demand and pay well. "The average Plc Programmer salary in USA is $75,000 per year or $38.46 per hour. Entry level positions start at $40,268 per year while most experienced workers make up to $127,500 per year." Electrical engineering is really a generalization of many career paths, There is digital electronics (designing PCBs used in computing systems), Power supplies\power conversion, Radio (RF) electronics, etc. most of EE classes are math classes & a lot of theory. Hands on classes is usually limited to your senior year. FWIW: You can also learn EE on your own, if you want to see if you be interested in it. Pick a EE path your interested in and learn about it. Digital electronics is the easiest & cheapest since there is a lot of cheap development hardware (Ardunio, PIC32, ARM, FPGA's). Power electronics (Switch Mode Power, Inverters) & RF is a lot more complex & can get expensive. Usually when designing a new SMPS, you end up killing a lot of components. I never worked with RF, but it probably the most math intensive of the other two paths. Careers in Power electronics & RF will likely require a Masters or PHD. You should be able to pursue a Digital electronics career with just a Bachelor Science degree since embedded digital electronics are in everything (printers, appliances, phones, IOT, etc).

  • William Cronshaw
    William Cronshaw 17 hours ago

    Is this a joke? Assuming that past lives are even a real thing, how the fuck does this person know anything about who they were in their past life? Does he also know about the life before that one?

  • Jim Richardson
    Jim Richardson 18 hours ago

    Do you expect to be taken seriously with that garbage on your head? Do what Peña “metaphorically” speaks about ru-clip.com/video/8Vn_gNlsk8s/video.html

  • Jim Richardson
    Jim Richardson 18 hours ago

    He should do what Peña is “metaphorically” speaking about early in the video below ru-clip.com/video/8Vn_gNlsk8s/video.html

  • chauncey phillips
    chauncey phillips 19 hours ago

    Great video Cappy

  • Velts
    Velts 19 hours ago

    Whilst Cappys advice to adhere to the Pence principles is quite wise, I'm pretty sure that most men do not have the looks, charisma, money or status to be fending off womens sexual advances in the work place.

  • tactileslut
    tactileslut 19 hours ago

    The woo is way too strong with this one. It's okay to turn down the requests where just reading them makes you sound dumb.

  • Giovanni Bivona
    Giovanni Bivona 20 hours ago

    There is a difference between individual and generation.

  • johngalt857
    johngalt857 20 hours ago

    You’re not seriously buying this shit, are you Aaron? Isn’t reincarnation a breakfast drink? 😂 Sorry, couldn’t resist. I know a lot of boomers who At Least SOUND More sane than this recycled vet.

  • Ray Bands
    Ray Bands 20 hours ago

    Only when those in danger understands there is safety in numbers will they gather . As soon as the threat subsides will they disband! This is the secret power to the Caucasian conundrum !

  • Revere Tha MC
    Revere Tha MC 20 hours ago

    11:58 hahahaha😂

  • Finance & Economics
    Finance & Economics 20 hours ago

    It's a great idea to put some of your subscribers on the cover

  • The Whiz Kid
    The Whiz Kid 21 hour ago

    Didn't they grow up in like the hippy movement and all that.

  • steven padilla
    steven padilla 21 hour ago

    Start your own contracting business. Youll be up to your eyeballs in stimuli

  • serioushamster
    serioushamster 21 hour ago

    Wait...dude said he was a Green Beret in a past life and Clarey gave him a discount?

  • Ray Bands
    Ray Bands 21 hour ago

    I always tell Millennials how great they are and how smart they are, of course I'm successful I have what they want and they'll never be able to earn it ! WINNING !

  • Herb Bees
    Herb Bees 21 hour ago

    Lol too late

  • VTMMalkavian
    VTMMalkavian 21 hour ago

    Wow, Cap is becoming a boomer. Weird.

  • Michel Hanson
    Michel Hanson 22 hours ago

    Sending pictures of Avocado on toast

  • Alex Cawdron
    Alex Cawdron 22 hours ago

    'Past life' delusional idiot!

  • C E
    C E 22 hours ago

    I am curious about Aaron's opinion of global warming. Any ideas?

  • Minnie Rodriguez
    Minnie Rodriguez 22 hours ago

    Why the over reaction from the guy? All he had to do was be kind and say he was flattered and that she was a “nice gal” but was not interested in dating on the job, reject her gently and immediately go to HR and report it so you can have a written report in case she gets stupid. First world problems. Do you know how many guys would love to have this problem? It’s not that serious, just go to HR.

  • Ray Bands
    Ray Bands 22 hours ago


  • shawn kramer
    shawn kramer 22 hours ago

    For the 1st time in my life I might go to Starbucks so I can get on the cover lol

  • Doctor Detroit
    Doctor Detroit 22 hours ago

    Women in nursing are empowered....until a 300 pound fat fuck needs to be lifted out of bed.

  • Reinhard Goldenweiser
    Reinhard Goldenweiser 22 hours ago

    1:58 High School was harder back in the '60's?

    • somechinese dude
      somechinese dude 20 hours ago

      Back when you actually have to graduate by testing?

  • Minnie Rodriguez
    Minnie Rodriguez 22 hours ago

    Getting a degree in EE is an expensive way to satisfy an intellectual curiosity.

  • Dynamitekid 100
    Dynamitekid 100 23 hours ago

    Crystal meth is one fucked up drug. This gen Z is a nut.

  • Criminalize Obesity
    Criminalize Obesity 23 hours ago

    We need a Clarey Test on Goku.

  • Minnie Rodriguez
    Minnie Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    What? Do you think this is socialism? Pay me.

  • Ray Zhang
    Ray Zhang 23 hours ago

    Amazing, you need to do uecix.net consults!

  • Adrian Franco
    Adrian Franco Day ago

    I'm an electrician. I do very well. This is great advise.

  • Fredao94
    Fredao94 Day ago


  • John Casey
    John Casey Day ago

    Aaron, I am GenX too, but over 50 now, (gasp)... and I occasionally give unsolicited advice too, and sometimes feel like it, but do not. You'll get there, in fact you are well on your way. :)

  • richardscathouse

    Have you actually seen the mess we've made of Somalia????? Fuck I'd hate America too!

  • richardscathouse

    I understand the writers issues with traitoir politicians being the norm! Here in America pretty much every stripe of America hating destructive ass-hat in a suit seem to be in office these days! I quit voting over a decade ago! No matter which of the pretend parties get in it's always a shit-show!

  • Ki Swore
    Ki Swore Day ago

    First dude go get off the drugs....

    • FireStorm81318
      FireStorm81318 22 hours ago

      ​@Ki Swore This might be obvious, so if it's not new to you, assume that my previous message can be read in ways I didn't intend it to; Stolen valor: It's considered criminal to falsely claim a status of a veteran, at least in some U.S. states. Coincidental motivation: If this person truly believes in the morals that guide actual voluntary soldiers, it might not be a bad trait for him overall (though I believe that he developed it as a complex at his late teens as he strived for freedom while being told how to live his life by older people). Behavior is usually self-perpetuating, so if he "remembers" being this way, it should encourage him to "keep" being this way. Potential horrors: If he really has recorded memories of his past life (which he shouldn't; he has a "new" brain, and probably didn't know how to read at age 0), there's no telling how far this condition may push him. His mind could fabricate things at any day; past-life or not. If he doesn't question unlikely scenarios such as remembering someone else's friends and pain, he might one day convince himself that he's in debt to some stranger, or that he's married to someone else's wife, or that his non-existant cat was abducted by the aliens which he suddenly believes always openly existed as part of human society. And you wouldn't want him to mix memories of hot-knife-challenge videos and an article about treatment of the cold. This could be a hazard for himself and everyone near him at worse, or a daily general detriment against him at best.

    • Ki Swore
      Ki Swore 22 hours ago

      FireStorm81318 please explain? I’m just curious and want clarification if you don’t mind taking the time.

    • FireStorm81318
      FireStorm81318 23 hours ago

      This is actually stolen valor. I hope it at-least motivates him to be a better person, but it's really horribly bad if he's claiming to remember things within such great resolution.

  • cee mlsls
    cee mlsls Day ago

    Is someone born in 1999 a millennial or Gen Z? I notice not as many people my age seem like SJWs as someone like 5-10 years older

    • Jerry Smith
      Jerry Smith 20 hours ago

      Gen z. Millennials ended in 1996.

  • Adam A
    Adam A Day ago

    You need at least one hipster with a man-bun and waxed mustache.

  • Pimp Baby
    Pimp Baby Day ago

    Get a hobby...

  • DUERST 2
    DUERST 2 Day ago

    Boomers are worse.

  • Jay Ritchie
    Jay Ritchie Day ago

    Stick to the job and learn whatever programming language may be the most help on an EE course. Oh, and make sure your maths level is good - then consider the degree in a couple of years. Unlike most of your classmates you'll have loads of experience in the field.

  • Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf

    This happened to me at work just a few months ago but it’s been an ongoing awkwardness ever since. She hasn’t gone to HR or anything (no reason to though women can say anything these days if she feels slighted) which I’m surprised about. I didn’t reciprocate when she was obvious about wanting me to ask her out (she had a boyfriend), then her boyfriend dumped her and she had a new boyfriend the next week. I asked her out and she said she already has a new boyfriend. Now it’s awkward because she thinks I like her but I just want shit to be normal again. It’s a mess. I actually listened to one of Captain’s advice videos on this situation before asking her out but I thought I could be one of those guys who gets his cake and eats it too. Wrong. Women work in hives. Now her female coworkers aren’t fond of me either. It’s kind of stressful. Learned my lesson. Edit: It’s funny the Captain says that women love to gossip at work. I can’t believe the amount of gossip that occurs at work. Personal life details, everything. Weird.

  • CerauniusFornicatio

    >reincarnated Lost me there

    • FireStorm81318
      FireStorm81318 23 hours ago

      "I fought in the Vietnam War, and..." Cappy doesn't put 1 and 1 together yet. "I deployed with..." Cappy talks about a vet discount "I don't remember much, and then I died" Cappy finally gets it and face-palms internally

  • Highly Relevant Commenter

    Start an electrical contracting business and get several crews working for you and get rich and retire at 50.

  • Crypto Tharg
    Crypto Tharg Day ago

    You are SUCH AN ASSHOLE! This is totally true, and don't give your money to this Hunter S. Thompson wannabe.

  • Grant Goldberg

    It should be titled, "Why do they give BAD advice?"

  • Fun2 Drive
    Fun2 Drive Day ago

    If I read this right this guy is saying he is sane? The story about being a Green Beret and fighting in Laos or where ever totally sketchy. I know guys that were in those areas and they don't talk like that. As far as baby boomers giving advice he is spewing I have one statement to make pure BULLSHIT.. That is what the previous "greatest generation" told us. I can tell you for a fact that unless asked I don't know of any of my friends, granted most are retired military or even when active duty that spoke that way unless they were a drill sgt. Coming from the boomer generation I can't fathom giving advice let alone criticism as they guy states. When I went to school it was super hard guess why? Because they were drafting those of us and colleges made you work for your grades. Today there is significant grade inflation because colleges what students to graduate and colleges want to get paid. PS my dad was a drill sgt and was in both wars and his advice to me was if drafted go if not finish your education. Pretty simple.....This guy seems to be a classic case of millennial butt hurt.

  • Blade Zero
    Blade Zero Day ago

    At my old job, some guy was telling me how his friend went out with some girl and they broke up. She was mad and started drama at the job. I had a girl at my job who was really into me. She’d stroke my jaw, give me a full hug from behind(while touching me down there), invite me to go with her to bars, etc. I didn’t do it just to be safe. When people get upset or vindictive, it never ends well in the workplace.

  • CC 1119
    CC 1119 Day ago

    "Reincarnation" in this case is stolen valor. Come on man (to the client). You didn't fight in any wars. Get off your damn high horse. That said, American boomers rigged the world economy to work in their favor, both geographically and temporally. They screwed over the third world and their own children so they could live decadent lives with a safety net paid for by other people's money. Millenials are trying to do the same, but without the demographic boom that the Boomers created, it won't well for most of them.

  • Pauly Bassman
    Pauly Bassman Day ago

    Hey Cappy! Wrote you a while back, working as an Electrican for years, im now 44. Ive had experience in office in all aspects of Electrical Regs, planning, designing.... and its fu#king boring.... you do stare at a computer most of the day, trying to communicating with total dicks the rest of it. My IQ is 133 so i feel the guys pain in the monotony but to be honest , The end of the day, he may be feeling bored from time to time on the sites but if you are earning well, keeping active at work, having a laugh at work... just stick at it .... but... occupy yourself with some 'evil genius projects' i make 100's per unit making custom electrical distro's for stage and theatres, speaker cabinets, trebuchets...? Yes .. people pay good money for a quality products that starts at the back of your brain pan. Bespoke, one offs, unique. I also play Bass Guitar on call with bands , so learning 24 songs at short notice tests your brain beleive me! Test your talents and creativity , you already have the practical skills ... now apply it to a broader field. You got to work on site, do your electrical shit the come home and have a lair with tools n shit that you can fuck about with and build shit. I guarantee your brain will like it. However ... you go to engineer level ... you will be bored, frustrated, put weight on, and be grouchy. Dont get a weekend office job as to will be waisting your time... sorry Cap Peace X

  • raju naidu
    raju naidu Day ago

    the new college degree/galvinising experience is having grey hair on you're face or head lool

  • Krash845
    Krash845 Day ago

    I predict this will sell just slightly more than silver dollar bikini

  • GhostingWhileBlack

    Maybe Baby Boomers stink, but this guy definitely didn't do Gen Z and Millennials any favors with that ridiculous "in another life" introduction

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith Day ago

    Would the amazing atheist let you use his picture?

  • moonasha
    moonasha Day ago

    my advice: get a better job in automation or something. You'll constantly be paid to take classes and learn new things / get certificates. Instrumentation and automation is where it's at. Get into it.

    • steven padilla
      steven padilla 20 hours ago

      @moonasha i didnt go into instrumentations 20 yrs ago because the only work for that where i lived was in refineries. I sure as shit didnt want to work there. Im sure there where a lot other places to work but all i heard was the horror stories. But to answer you question. No.

    • moonasha
      moonasha 20 hours ago

      are you sure you know what you're talking about

    • steven padilla
      steven padilla 20 hours ago

      @moonasha you gotta think where these jobs are and if hed b happy working in refineries a lot of times. They are sending a lot of manufacturing overseas but then they need help in those countries too.

    • moonasha
      moonasha 23 hours ago

      so the main job title is instrumentation tech/engineer or something like that. Mean salary is like $80k. I've talked to people who make $120+. That's with experience though. As the title suggests they work on the instrumentation in a factory or some such area. Automation is similar, but I think that's more of a hands on fixing job than using a laptop or oscilloscope to check shit / wire up new instruments and whatnot. I guess it also includes PLCs which can involve computer coding. In a factory. Both require constant training in this day and age as technology is rapidly shifting. There are 2 year degrees out there for both. I recommend you do research because I am a crappy source

    • Drunk Spock
      Drunk Spock 23 hours ago

      Could you give a concrete example of automation/instrumentation? What technologies are used and what would be some examples of job titles etc.?

    OCTOOZZY Day ago

    Too much Battlefield Vietnam. And my answer to High School curriculum being tougher today.....HA Calculators and Internet.....argument won. Ozzy takes a bow and exits stage right. And I'm Gen X so both the adjacent generations suck.

  • kristinheatherstar

    Crazy how time goes...I’m 43, I was walking (albeit with sun glasses on) thru the University section today, people legit thought I was a COLLEGE student. 😆. It’s mindset. Remember, all humans are animals, but not all animals are human. Men of all ages find me irresistible.

    • kristinheatherstar
      kristinheatherstar Day ago

      Wait till you can’t get it up anymore, lol. Hope you have $$$$$$$$.

  • Chintz
    Chintz Day ago

    Bar far the best millennial costume I have seen was an avocado. The guy's gut was hanging out, and it was the seed.

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones Day ago

    Could be a shit load worse. Go drive a truck. You’ll beg for this life back. Haven’t had it hard yet so it’s hard to appreciate where you are.

  • FlamingTP
    FlamingTP Day ago

    This is gospel right here. years ago I started dating a woman at work. Less than a week later I get a joint sexual harassment complaint from every single woman in that department at once and my girlfriend was fired the day before her probationary period ended.

  • Ian Wagoner
    Ian Wagoner Day ago

    The dude that submitted this question is more retarded than the Boomers he's complaining about.