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  • WafflenSS
    WafflenSS 6 years ago


    ALEKSWIP 6 years ago

    Когда она выйдет?

  • Askarkg
    Askarkg 6 years ago

    Дарий....омг.......плюс =)

  • NightWind
    NightWind 7 years ago

    Тут субтитры норм

    NaIVIeOFF 7 years ago


  • Nikita Khrebtov
    Nikita Khrebtov 7 years ago

    Для тех кто не понял, надо субтитры включить.

  • Хуан Педро
    Хуан Педро 7 years ago


  • Rem Jericho
    Rem Jericho 7 years ago

    Эх, еще бы по-русски хотя бы( понравился этот персонаж дико. Хотелось бы научиться им грамотно играть.

  • Дмитрий Волков

    кто что у кого скопировал??

  • Роман Павлов

    1 коммент?

  • RazorJaga
    RazorJaga 7 years ago

    Jungler - Лесник втф *?!

  • muzy Beats
    muzy Beats 7 years ago


  • Zeratul
    Zeratul 7 years ago

    In right time

  • Zeratul
    Zeratul 7 years ago

    I play lulu as a jungler.

  • Pertti Penttilä
    Pertti Penttilä 7 years ago

    I seriously hate Nordic East is full of russians and polish people... Why there can't be warning sign wich would tell that Nordic East is full of retarded russian and polish players... Russian and polish people can just say something like "noob" or "motherfucker" in English, but thats it...

  • Kirill Gyznyakov
    Kirill Gyznyakov 8 years ago

    Cпс за перевод

  • Wh3tst0nE
    Wh3tst0nE 8 years ago

    @ultragigiman haha me too, thats why i watched this in the first place

  • Broe
    Broe 8 years ago

    @WarethIG NOBODY won "the cold war" it wasn't even a war. Do Americans learn history not saying they won something? I doubt it

  • Felix Tar
    Felix Tar 8 years ago

    I wish I could forget English, with the way it's being used here. I guess it's nice that so many Americans have such pride in the English language. Make sure to send the queen your regards. You speak a bastardized version of English because you were settled by British outcasts and criminals. But carry on your English pride, you lovable bastards. Union Jack thanks you!

  • ff25
    ff25 8 years ago

    @nertos466 nope, but I learn english in school and it appears that u russians dont have to, because u can have everything is russian, just like ur trolling games u do every fucking day in LoL

  • Qwern
    Qwern 8 years ago

    I'm not from any English speaking country, but I did learn the language because the world need a language everybody understand. And english is already a huge language and is also the most easiest to learn. I don't understand why some people rather want to sit at home and never learn other things beside there own country... 2 proud, huh?

  • taloXD
    taloXD 8 years ago

    @shucklesmyhero EVERYBODY should learn english, its the key to communicate world wide. Im not english neither, so i cant understand how ban the education can be in some countrys where you cant even understand english. Nothing is more annoying that get into a team where nobody can communicate?

  • Spiketheflame
    Spiketheflame 8 years ago

    wow that song..

  • Гравелл Айронфист

    Криворуким за него не поиграть. Да и персонаж не является мгновенным нагибатором (если не откормлен, естественно).

  • Martin Westlund
    Martin Westlund 8 years ago

    Why the fuck am I watching this?

  • WixxTeR
    WixxTeR 8 years ago

    Заебись четко. как не прискорбно но ЛОЛ одно из лучших что было в моей жизни )

  • Drow377
    Drow377 8 years ago

    @gajiodea uh oh someone is upset! why is that? face the truth maybe, i know its hard but eventually we all do it sooner or later

  • ff25
    ff25 8 years ago

    @LeagueOfSpotlightsRU ahahah :D

  • Klas
    Klas 8 years ago

    @Drow377 You have no fucking idea of what you are talking about, and if you have no idea about what you're talking about, you should keep your fucking mouth shut.

  • Drow377
    Drow377 8 years ago

    one message for russians: stop playing LoL, EU west is getting flooded by people who are running from nordic&east where are biggest noobs ever, yeah russians im talking about you. no offense. peace. :P

  • JohQx3
    JohQx3 8 years ago

    Nationality affects your gaming skills? Too many retards in LoL community

  • Ashyness
    Ashyness 8 years ago

    @CROBlackDEvil can you go and fuck yourself please?

  • SirAbblot
    SirAbblot 8 years ago

    all russians - uninstall

  • SwaggaDub
    SwaggaDub 8 years ago

    Bas Ash ;D lol

  • Rain Eater
    Rain Eater 8 years ago


  • gian angelo Agustin
    gian angelo Agustin 8 years ago

    flagged for infringement

  • WW
    WW 8 years ago

    ale nie mowa o wszystkich podkreślam

  • WW
    WW 8 years ago

    @Cookiebullet stereotypy dalej się trzymają nie najgorzej krajów wschodnich kto był ten widział :) pzdr.

  • CookieBullet
    CookieBullet 8 years ago

    @Streeck321 Well,SORRY but Im not responsible for other people from my country now,am I ? I know it's all about stereotypes,but then again i could just say that every Russian man is a drunkard with no school,and that every Russian woman is a hoe. Which i dont.

  • CookieBullet
    CookieBullet 8 years ago

    @t3hzb0t Grammar nazis gonna hate. Well,read your comment again since you seem to be writing some random bullshit (its just a stereotype~ blah blah part) STILL,Rus players suck some major balls in LoL.

  • Cordell
    Cordell 8 years ago

    @CookieBullet there is a space after ",". I(me) is always written in caps, and the first letter in a langauge (English, Polish) is a capital letter. And the line "better than you could ever hope to." is a lie. Also, it's just a stereotype. I know there are Polish people who can talk in English, but I still think noone can.

  • paweł makowskwe
    paweł makowskwe 8 years ago

    LOL + Russian Player = Lost

  • CookieBullet
    CookieBullet 8 years ago

    @t3hzb0t I beg to differ,im from Poland and i can speak or write in english better than you could ever hope to.

  • Алексей Ващьпетович

    @NoSenseDude Racist nationalist burn in hell

  • Cpt STEEZ
    Cpt STEEZ 8 years ago

    Russians T_T

  • Cpt STEEZ
    Cpt STEEZ 8 years ago

    ????? why copy a video?

  • MsSnoy
    MsSnoy 8 years ago


  • Dirik619
    Dirik619 8 years ago


  • Zelenayasmert
    Zelenayasmert 8 years ago

    а ссылочка то... айайай на кол тебя надо

  • buiksnor
    buiksnor 8 years ago


  • Data
    Data 8 years ago

    "Лесник" LMAO

  • Cordell
    Cordell 8 years ago

    @CROBlackDEvil Nooo, it's the Polish people who can't understand English.

  • Reak55
    Reak55 8 years ago

    @LeagueOfSpotlightsRU Its not hate its pure fact, fuck you russians.

  • russianamerican1
    russianamerican1 8 years ago

    so wheres the russo

  • Domo
    Domo 8 years ago

    I luv her shirt :)

  • Joktun El Supro
    Joktun El Supro 8 years ago

    @ultragigiman If you polska i will laugh because its more funny

  • PerfectPyramid
    PerfectPyramid 8 years ago

    Wicked wrist tattoo 2:43

  • Leon Sanborn
    Leon Sanborn 8 years ago

    omg Nikasaur is hot and just love the art that people send in, wish i was that great of drawing be makin some Teemo art, oouh yeah

  • Сайб
    Сайб 8 years ago

    Спасибо за рперевод, так же подписался.

  • LeagueOfSpotlightsRU

    @Stew1Eee Поправил.

  • Nazz Real
    Nazz Real 8 years ago

    Ребята, вы че тормозите. Субтитры включать нужно. Внизу такая кнопочка "cc" - нажмите...

  • Илья Коломасов

    Парень круто играет

  • SilverCase
    SilverCase 8 years ago

    Бляяяя...лол гейм ваще ебнулись. Никакого перевода,да к тому же и ссылка на регу реферальная,ужас!(

  • Quartzzzz1
    Quartzzzz1 8 years ago

    lol 2000 view fuck ru

  • Veky500
    Veky500 8 years ago

    In Russia bans kills you

  • Elactro Kc
    Elactro Kc 8 years ago

    if u want a like show us u tits dam

  • VhakulaKhaulepi
    VhakulaKhaulepi 8 years ago

    @ultragigiman That would be most excellent.

  • ultragigiman
    ultragigiman 8 years ago

    i thought she was gonna talk russian with a male voice

  • LeagueOfSpotlightsRU

    @CROBlackDEvil haters gonna hate

  • ff25
    ff25 8 years ago

    wtf cant u russians understand english FFS ????

  • DirtyRRyoken
    DirtyRRyoken 8 years ago

    Все, раздуплился, сабы есть

  • DirtyRRyoken
    DirtyRRyoken 8 years ago

    Реферальная ссылка, такая реферальная... Кстати, чет я сабов не вижу о_О Где они?