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  • Fancy Love
    Fancy Love 2 hours ago

    Wayne big baby gone ALWAYS be by his side! ❤️😍🤗 Love how she's smiling at her Daddy🤗 I'm a Daddy's Baby!

  • Anthony Richerson
    Anthony Richerson 2 hours ago

    I knew Los was gone snap, but Travis did too

  • Fancy Love
    Fancy Love 2 hours ago

    Proud of being from the South!!!! ❤️

  • 48mavemiss2
    48mavemiss2 2 hours ago

    This is so true. I went to Sephora with my mom, she ended up with two lipsticks bc no shade worked like she wanted on it’s own. (She was looking for more vegan brands also which limited her choices even more.) I ended up with two foundations. It’s ridiculous bc this makeup is expensive. I would love to just go to my local drugstore or supermarket and be able to pick up my color. Instead I’m going to the Korean owned beauty supply buying so so products because they sell my shades.

    DOPEGAME J 2 hours ago

    Dude had one of the weakest versus featured and still gave himself a 4 😂

  • 2010pcl
    2010pcl 2 hours ago


  • Jay One
    Jay One 2 hours ago

    He’s lucky, Benny the butcher redeemed his rating skills

  • Roguish Miggz
    Roguish Miggz 2 hours ago

    That seattle dude Travis Thompson has a song forgot which one but he go hard he a mexican dude who wouldn't think raps like he looks.

  • Gloria Olanrewaju
    Gloria Olanrewaju 2 hours ago

    is it a series?

  • Heather Metz
    Heather Metz 2 hours ago

    Awesome that everyone showed love to Lil’ Kim by dancing/singing along!

  • christopher reyes
    christopher reyes 2 hours ago

    Davi crockets wow you da best cuz. Chico & Los best duo sence pancakes and sryup.

  • krlm2280
    krlm2280 2 hours ago

    The og queen foxy brown #2 and then the others mc choice is the original but she only did one album

  • Entamoty Live
    Entamoty Live 2 hours ago

    Best in Africa !!!

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson 2 hours ago

    Drain the swamp of pedos

  • cass Hall
    cass Hall 2 hours ago

    ι ℓσνє нєя fαѕнισи ѕтуℓє. σνєя кιℓℓ ω тнє вσ∂у єинαи¢ємєитѕ вυт ¢υтє. gℓα∂ уσυ αяє вєιиg яє¢σgиιzє∂.

  • Patricia Shantel
    Patricia Shantel 2 hours ago

    Kim is forever 💕

  • Monstah Mikey
    Monstah Mikey 2 hours ago

    Such a great video! Keep bringing the great content! (Subscribing to everyone who subscribed to me)

  • Arii Price
    Arii Price 2 hours ago

    Dave ain't that nice to be serious with critique but that's the fun of this show lmao.

  • Ghetto Rose/Dosha
    Ghetto Rose/Dosha 2 hours ago

    Everyone ages so if she's out of breath is because she is getting older some put on weight and more please be mindful peace and love

  • naturallybronzed xo
    naturallybronzed xo 3 hours ago

    This performance has made me so happy beyond belief! So many tunes!

  • Shezus H. Nice
    Shezus H. Nice 3 hours ago


  • Gil Maldonado
    Gil Maldonado 3 hours ago

    I love Khaled but dudeeeeeee, fall back a little lol

  • Valerie Harper
    Valerie Harper 3 hours ago

    Love ❤️ her she goes in!!!!

  • maxwell okere
    maxwell okere 3 hours ago

    "freedom is expensive" fire fire sark nation to the world

    JOBEEHUSTLER 3 hours ago

    RICK ROSS... "THE FATHER....."

    JOBEEHUSTLER 3 hours ago


  • Richie Dutchin
    Richie Dutchin 3 hours ago

    A Dragman on the masses

  • Marcus Travics
    Marcus Travics 3 hours ago

    Affion snapped

  • cincysbest
    cincysbest 3 hours ago

    Wizkid should've won!

    TARRION 3 hours ago

    Bruh Nelly had to run to the back 😂 Kevin had man dying behind that scarf 😭😭

  • Lord Bison
    Lord Bison 3 hours ago

    Damn! When The Asteroid hits The 🌎 Earth, all will be Revealed!

  • don brassco
    don brassco 3 hours ago

    The New G.F😤

  • Marcellus Whitehead
    Marcellus Whitehead 3 hours ago


  • Maha N Fly TV
    Maha N Fly TV 3 hours ago


  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming 3 hours ago

    Funny lol

  • beachchair27
    beachchair27 3 hours ago


  • Pontsho Cordy
    Pontsho Cordy 3 hours ago

    lighters up beats is going down in the history

  • William Obamaa
    William Obamaa 3 hours ago


  • Canna Dance
    Canna Dance 3 hours ago

    365$ You better give me a meal with that drink

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King 3 hours ago

    Junior Mafia ✊🏽 - Big up to the Pioneer lil Kim!

  • Felicia Dacosta
    Felicia Dacosta 3 hours ago

    Whats up with the dance moves? Hahaha cringe

  • Rocko2london Rocko2london

    Shout out to samuel that was real n wtf is is up with Michelle Williams she looking like a crack head 😂 or it's the white boy abusing her!!

  • knikaveli tv
    knikaveli tv 3 hours ago

    Love to see lil cease & lil Kim back on stage together!, so beautifully done. I'm a bronx boy, screaming go BROOKLYN!!! Never been a hater, but rather one who congratulates!

  • Faith Kaisiepo
    Faith Kaisiepo 3 hours ago

    That niggat tits is bigger than her😂😂 wtf

  • viceversa
    viceversa 3 hours ago


  • Art Artwell
    Art Artwell 3 hours ago

    Big 4 the culture....

  • Latoya Wiley
    Latoya Wiley 4 hours ago

    Love Love Love me some TEYANA !!!!!

  • technique by the way

    Sark back up is fire.. Lol

  • JoJo Js
    JoJo Js 4 hours ago

    The the only thing im frustrated about is that they didn't made a cypher with other giants of the rap game just to see how much better king los really is than the rest of them rappers

  • Paul Hardrick
    Paul Hardrick 4 hours ago

    Sounds Like JT Money In Those Beats- Sounds And Lyrics!!

  • Pradigy Musicman
    Pradigy Musicman 4 hours ago

    When did rap battles become about pretend guns and no beat?

  • Lucifina Donatella
    Lucifina Donatella 4 hours ago

    <3<3 LIL KIM

  • Peeta Black
    Peeta Black 4 hours ago

    00:02 your eyes boy!!!

  • ayoub zoufri
    ayoub zoufri 4 hours ago

    03:09 lmao is this a map of Europe in 1910-12??

  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Wow living legends.

  • Blessings 777 777
    Blessings 777 777 4 hours ago

    Rick Ross rap raw like Jay Z in concert legendary I guess Rick Ross learn that from the legend Jay Z. Not playing it from the song and repeating it like some rappers do that's for kids rappers.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Love you kim 305 miami love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🖤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Briona
    Briona 4 hours ago

    That girl springs twists are fye! Looking forward to watching this show 😊

  • LJ54
    LJ54 4 hours ago

    70% diet, 30% training

  • technique by the way

    Kashdoll tho ..what more do u want from a woman She is hot and actually spit spit Rap i mean real rap

  • Denise Mitchell
    Denise Mitchell 4 hours ago

    As a Elder I am shocked.. I use a natural hair grease Nexxus shampoo Nexxus leave in Nexxus deep conditioner Rice water Acv rinse LOC.. I braid my own hair.. Wigs budget per year 150 I don't understand Halloween hair or blonde I have never weaved never will 330 for braids huh..

  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 4 hours ago


  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 4 hours ago


    SDBROOKS08 4 hours ago

    Tyler perry needs to buy better wigs for them females 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Sawamei
    Sawamei 4 hours ago

    this ain't it..sorry sweetie. But after lizzo's performance...i ain't taking no excuses 🤷‍♂️

  • Jemeni Chinonso
    Jemeni Chinonso 4 hours ago

    YBN cordae singing🔥🔥

  • Timon Fischer
    Timon Fischer 4 hours ago

    I understand why some people would think hes a clone

  • Ancient Consciousness.Of.The.Brightstar

    Mainstream rapper and mainstream crowd gtfoh y'all goofy ain't know nthg about battle rap

  • Jemal Abdurehman
    Jemal Abdurehman 4 hours ago

    Congratulations Wonderful Tyler Perry .you showed the world who You are.I really like to say you Congratulation.

  • Monica Smallwood
    Monica Smallwood 4 hours ago

    So lovely😘

  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Ground beef is too oily..oil and water don’t mix 😬👏🏼

  • Art Forlife
    Art Forlife 4 hours ago

    Omg what the hell happened to Lil Kim she looks horrible.

  • Sofaking Raw
    Sofaking Raw 4 hours ago


  • Sergio T
    Sergio T 4 hours ago


  • R-lege Music
    R-lege Music 4 hours ago

    Her albums is great tho she should get nominated for a Grammy

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis 4 hours ago

    Enough is enough it's time to resign 😣

  • Travon Jones
    Travon Jones 4 hours ago

    I gotta give it up to lil kim she rocked this performance

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams 4 hours ago

    Mans deadass almost went to Dubai over a mf VINE

  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Im happy w this cypher

  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Wow 👌🏼

  • Mr. Tee
    Mr. Tee 4 hours ago

    People need to understand. I was a Tupac fan also. When you do dirt you get dirt. Yes Pac was a star but he also was out of control. Sorry

  • bigjayking24
    bigjayking24 4 hours ago

    Lol. They tryna be funny giving him Lil Nas X bars to rate, cause he been critical of him in the past. Lol 😄

  • Jasmine Payne1
    Jasmine Payne1 5 hours ago

    Karlos and Chico😂😂

  • Jasmine Payne1
    Jasmine Payne1 5 hours ago

    Karlos and Chico😂😂

  • Luis Liciaga
    Luis Liciaga 5 hours ago

    Nicki could NEVER

  • Linah
    Linah 5 hours ago

    Hell yeah!! 💯

  • Salma Rodriguez
    Salma Rodriguez 5 hours ago


  • Rev Vok
    Rev Vok 5 hours ago

    To think in 30+ years these hip hop stars will be old old and one by one they will pass away, we won't get performances like this again. We got to appreciate these gems and love love hip hop before they go. Appreciate them, yall.

  • Syck Musyck
    Syck Musyck 5 hours ago

    Who opened the dumpster lid... Straight trash. Zero talent .

  • Jovan
    Jovan 5 hours ago

    Like.....I don't know Like...Like......Like OMG Like.......Like you know what I'm saying Like.....Like you know mom is Like....thick.....Like....Like........I mean Like.....

  • JackieJacks
    JackieJacks 5 hours ago

    I went ham on that crush on you verse🤷🏽‍♀️ but sis shoulda hit some cardio to prepare her for this. But she still my fav

  • Black Cherokee
    Black Cherokee 5 hours ago

    Why does most rappers refer to shooting or killing their opponents with guns? Their are so many words in the dictionary they can use as ammo to win a battle, rather then promoting the assassination of the opponent they're facing.

  • jorge santellan
    jorge santellan 5 hours ago

    Can somebody name all the songs he performed

  • jay charleston
    jay charleston 5 hours ago

    I thought this was gonna be similar to Scandal but this actually looks really interesting

  • first last
    first last 5 hours ago

    haha this dude cool af 😂

  • Brandon McGowan
    Brandon McGowan 5 hours ago

    Dear black people: you only believe in Jesus because of slavery and colonialism

  • Antoine Jones
    Antoine Jones 5 hours ago

    Well said bro

  • Antoine Jones
    Antoine Jones 5 hours ago


    JADE NOLADARLING 5 hours ago

    Cece is everything....

  • reefuno1
    reefuno1 5 hours ago

    I got 1 part in my hair in 2019 Ralph like 12 back in the day and Bobby was high and that dance at the end was hilarious Bobby wasn’t the only high 1