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2018 Tech Faves • Ladylike
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Ladylike LIVE Q&A
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  • Stephanie Rusli
    Stephanie Rusli 9 seconds ago

    Saw healing stickers from modern family episode and I laughed when i watched it because its so ridiculous . Never occured to me someone just do the same thing in real life.. and its gwenneth paltrow.. 🙄

  • Asche Djidoi
    Asche Djidoi 24 seconds ago

    I think I know where this is

  • Timothy Robert
    Timothy Robert 32 seconds ago

    The pink on the frames is a little cooler than the pink on the couch and it's bugging me.

  • Leigh Zunigae
    Leigh Zunigae 42 seconds ago

    Your guest room is sort of like my room!! Hahaha same space and I ordered also sort of same bed!! 😂❤️

  • Puppluvr43000
    Puppluvr43000 3 minutes ago

    Can you follow dress codes from New York Long Island

  • jenn jeffs
    jenn jeffs 4 minutes ago

    I don't like that a nursing lounge is either in the womans restroom or attached. I don't want people coming in and out after they have used the bathroom NASTY, Do you want to take your meal in or very near a shitter!?! IDTS!! Women should be able to feed a baby whenever its hungry no matter where they are! IF a woman prefers more privacy then a simple room with a rocking chair and changing table away from a bathroom would be fine if that's what she CHOOSES!!

  • K A
    K A 5 minutes ago

    Aww I love her. How does she stay so thin? So lucky haha! She’s definitely my favorite, but I love them all.

  • Digby Dooright
    Digby Dooright 6 minutes ago

    I miss my kitty all the time. He was my best friend. He was with me for 14 years. I still think about him every day.

  • Jose Hinojosa
    Jose Hinojosa 7 minutes ago


  • ingrown hair
    ingrown hair 7 minutes ago

    the prints being gifted from society 6 has me wondering if those artists got paid

  • penda
    penda 7 minutes ago

    Alexa... play "New Apartment" by Ari Lennox 💗

  • Kitten Picks
    Kitten Picks 11 minutes ago

    It looked like they were giving birth

  • Samantha Valdivia
    Samantha Valdivia 12 minutes ago

    ‘Krisken can you give me some of that Milf’ lmao 😂

  • FireTally
    FireTally 14 minutes ago

    The painters missed all the inside of the doors, it hurts my soul

  • Sheena Ochoa
    Sheena Ochoa 14 minutes ago

    Awww to cute 😻

  • sasukefroupie
    sasukefroupie 15 minutes ago

    I hate this makeover. There’s too much commotion in every room. The wallpaper in the kitchen? Yuck!

  • Diane Claire Aguirre
    Diane Claire Aguirre 16 minutes ago

    Apartment means, she needs to pay the monthly rate? Hmm..

  • Kennedie Nava
    Kennedie Nava 17 minutes ago

    i don't really care about cost or any of that but it is just not styled well. you would think for all that work it would yield a different result

  • Mel Ody
    Mel Ody 20 minutes ago

    1:48 vsco b4 vsco .

  • Marcus
    Marcus 21 minute ago

    Who the fuck cares? Fuck off

  • nathalhices
    nathalhices 24 minutes ago

    Look I LOVE Ladylike, I actually live for these girls, but I just have to say I'm like that _girl trying kombucha_ about this video because Idk... I'm here just thinking HOW in the heaven this process could still be "uff sooo stressful I won't do that again" if you had an entire team working with you and some forniture items were so expensive, but costed just a portion for you. All of the bigger concerns out of the game. I would be soooo relieved. At the same time, something about Freddie seems not that OK, maybe something else happened and we will never know. I don't know, guys. At least she thanked everyone... I don't even know why I am thinking in how I would act like that... this will never happen to me lmao actually my reality is that I still live with my parents and I don't even know when, where and how I will be moving out lol

  • Natsumi Atsuko
    Natsumi Atsuko 24 minutes ago

    thank you SO MUCH for the mouth noises warning!! As someone with misophonia that was a very surprising and welcome addition

  • Siobhan Martin
    Siobhan Martin 24 minutes ago

    That looks amazing

  • Booッ
    Booッ 32 minutes ago

    In 2020, VSCO girls will be wearing XXXXL Shirts.

  • YeetusToDaFeetus
    YeetusToDaFeetus 34 minutes ago

    Pause at 3:02 Thank me later 😂😂

  • K A
    K A 37 minutes ago

    “If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so you’ve got to beat it to the punch.” 😂

  • Sheena Ochoa
    Sheena Ochoa 38 minutes ago

    This is great .. nice 👍

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown 42 minutes ago

    13:58 Me: don't wanna eat that

  • kate flesher
    kate flesher 44 minutes ago

    does chantel still believe in god?

  • Talisin Davies
    Talisin Davies 46 minutes ago

    Freddie I love you but... Did you just say bananers

  • Baylee Webb
    Baylee Webb 51 minute ago

    I love it so much, it looks so good.

  • YeetusToDaFeetus
    YeetusToDaFeetus 51 minute ago

    In my middle school you can’t wear tight-fitted pants UNLESS your shirt is covering your butt It’s annoying 😑

  • Corey Flowers
    Corey Flowers 52 minutes ago

    Why pay money for that wallpaper & have it hidden by the tall headboard?

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey 52 minutes ago

    wondering if jen & kristen were salty that their entire apartments didn't get furnished as well lol

  • cringe Queen
    cringe Queen 52 minutes ago

    I thought that at the end u guys where gonna crack them open and eat them 🤣🤣

  • Amanda Jorde
    Amanda Jorde 53 minutes ago

    This makes me want to put wallpaper on my accent walls

  • Emma Flores
    Emma Flores 56 minutes ago

    she has a pink ladder that’s cute

  • Lexie Roman
    Lexie Roman 56 minutes ago

    no wonder it was turned into a series with 4 videos 💸💸💸

  • Aliyahna Toledo
    Aliyahna Toledo 57 minutes ago


  • Kyrsten Lam
    Kyrsten Lam Hour ago

    Go San Antonio, Texas

  • Emily Petersen
    Emily Petersen Hour ago

    Girl! The couch and back support thing is pure genius!! Know where my next paycheck is going 🤔😁

  • Mak
    Mak Hour ago

    Where is Mike? Ugh idk these videos were wierd :/

  • Meredith B
    Meredith B Hour ago

    was anyone else bothered at 7:58 when the pillow was sideways with the tag showing because I definitely was

  • Brian Wong
    Brian Wong Hour ago


  • Caroline Davis
    Caroline Davis Hour ago

    The guest room is just not it. The loft bed is overpowering for the size of the room. I don't think it was smart to cut off the vertical space of the room. It would look much better with a twin bed, and a nightstand that doubles as storage and a vanity (if the vanity was that important). The loft bed oner the vanity created a horrible lighting situation. And the twin bed would allow the room to feel open.

  • Tim Leyson
    Tim Leyson Hour ago

    Thanks Freddie for taking us on this journey! I just move into a new and I have been rewatching all of your design episodes and have gotten so many fun ideas! #LoveLadyLike #Freddieismyfav #notwril

  • Coraline Duval
    Coraline Duval Hour ago

    I feel so happy for Freddie that she had the chance to have such an experience after so many years of hard work ! You deserve it !

  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato Hour ago

    I can't really relate cause we wear uniform most days lol

  • Ozzisiya
    Ozzisiya Hour ago

    Chantel’s was not pinup at all, but i absolutely loved the look anyway!

  • Crystal Flannery

    That is the most selfabsobed thing I've ever seen in my life. Must be nice to have everything provided for free or at a severe discount. Oh I don't want to put together my furniture so someone else is going to do it.

  • Katiee Gloria
    Katiee Gloria Hour ago

    How do you get an R sound in Banana's?? Its not bananers......

  • Gracie Hadlich
    Gracie Hadlich Hour ago

    It’s my birthday and I was having a pretty good birthday but coming across this vid just made it 10 times better!!!

  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry Hour ago

    We love Freddie. She deserves this ❤️ me next, whenever I move

  • Ozzisiya
    Ozzisiya Hour ago

    Devin was born in the wrong time oh my goodness

  • Marisa Cohen
    Marisa Cohen Hour ago

    Who else is jealous of Freddie’s apartment 😍💖

  • Alexander Hernandez

    We could wear torn jeans but they got hella strict this year we‼️💀fuck school dress code

  • Tiffanne Micknass

    Omg... What isn't gifted? But you go get your free ish

  • Rahm Adn
    Rahm Adn Hour ago

    1:07 hotline bling walpaper

  • Sukriti Kiran
    Sukriti Kiran 2 hours ago

    Why the team of BuzzFeed Nifty isn't involved in this?

  • Maya Coburn
    Maya Coburn 2 hours ago

    Why’d does it say 3.55m

  • • Slim3slimeyy •


  • Tabitha Griffin
    Tabitha Griffin 2 hours ago

    ..... I'm gonna agree with Devin about engagement photos

  • Phoebe Walker
    Phoebe Walker 2 hours ago

    Omg I love how it looks❤️❤️❤️

  • Niyah White
    Niyah White 2 hours ago

    Here’s the real question, why is the water heater in the kitchen??

  • Delicious Friend
    Delicious Friend 2 hours ago

    Jen thoughtfully looking at the bathtub that they didn't do anything to: a mood

  • heyfinney
    heyfinney 2 hours ago

    I feel like renovations always start off fun and motivating then you're in it & *start looking around at who to go off on first*.

  • Bailey Behm
    Bailey Behm 2 hours ago

    I have watched this video so many times, and just now realized that Freddie is wearing a shirt that says, "Hello, I'm Menstruating."

  • Nicole Cook
    Nicole Cook 2 hours ago

    How to move stress free: Hire people to do literally every thing for you, its that simple!

  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Vanessa Ramirez 2 hours ago

    I loooooove it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 2 hours ago

    Watch how Freddie leaves Buzzfeed after getting them to pay for all of this 😂

  • Hyena Culture
    Hyena Culture 2 hours ago

    So did she just toss all of her old stuff except her clothes??

  • Agustina Enrique
    Agustina Enrique 2 hours ago

    Faux carpet “FULL LEATHER” chairs. I’m not a PETA militant but I’m just saying, don’t be a hypocrite

  • Crystal Harter
    Crystal Harter 2 hours ago

    They all seemed jealous. Or they wanted to say something but didnt...

  • Jordan Sedgwick
    Jordan Sedgwick 2 hours ago

    While I love the neon strips for Freddie, if she moves, someone’s going to come in and really wonder what psycho lived there before them

  • Lydia B.
    Lydia B. 2 hours ago

    I love making friendship bracelets, but sometimes I get called a VSCO girl because I wear a lot of them

  • Meghan Ushman
    Meghan Ushman 2 hours ago

    I wouldn't have chosen all those pieces of furniture, but overall I really like how the apartment turned out!

  • L.A C
    L.A C 2 hours ago

    HOUSE TOUR 😩😃🥰

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White 2 hours ago

    Why is there a couch in the "dining room?"

  • Laura Kave
    Laura Kave 2 hours ago

    Why are the 5 girls never all in a video together anymore? Is something going on?

  • Julia B.
    Julia B. 2 hours ago

    Looks Amazing!! ✨⭐⚡ Hope you enjoy your new apartment

  • Jasmine Heistand
    Jasmine Heistand 2 hours ago

    You guys should do Florida

  • Color Me Influenced
    Color Me Influenced 2 hours ago

    Is it an apartment or a house or an apartment in a house? I never lived in any apartment that let me make that many changes.

  • Z K
    Z K 2 hours ago

    I remember one time in class a boy said to me you look tired and I was like gee thanks he's expression was priceless

  • Kierra Ramsey
    Kierra Ramsey 2 hours ago

    Omg it is so cute!! I love it!!everyone did amazing!!! Thr kitchen furniture is so cool!

  • Angie Baby
    Angie Baby 2 hours ago

    I really feel the appreciation coming through from Freddie! She did get so many sponsors for her furniture and decorations and I dont think the privilege of being able to have all that extra help was lost on her at all. The place looks absolutely beautiful

  • Amari
    Amari 2 hours ago

    Wait is Jen technically Jenifer?

  • Jaiciana Cathey
    Jaiciana Cathey 2 hours ago

    The organizer lady’s s’s definitely kilt the headphone users

  • Olivia Hoskins
    Olivia Hoskins 2 hours ago

    where did you get all of your platform shoes

  • Z K
    Z K 2 hours ago

    Girls not shaving their legs and underarms are called out boys wearing makeup are called out why can't people just mind their own business and let us live

  • Denilson Fallas
    Denilson Fallas 2 hours ago

    Good message, TERRIBLE excecution...

  • HeavenlyMakeUp
    HeavenlyMakeUp 3 hours ago

    Everyone is mad that things are “gifted”. Um what do you think happens on HGTV? People don’t pay for that. It’s standard but for some reason the rules for online content are super strict about mentioning free things.

  • Selyna Corley
    Selyna Corley 3 hours ago

    As someone who is from South Carolina, this is completely accurate

  • thania flores
    thania flores 3 hours ago

    Love it.. how much money did you spend?

  • Bun's Revamp
    Bun's Revamp 3 hours ago

    Why are people so negative? How hard is it just to be happy for her and move along ?

  • Cece Tallo
    Cece Tallo 3 hours ago

    Kris, babe, go get ur shade matched, pls

  • Eli mtz
    Eli mtz 3 hours ago

    Meh. I feel like this was a stretch by the team just to get free stuff. Like when influencers gush about a product cause it was free pr. It felt forced and lacked originality.

  • Tina Rehs
    Tina Rehs 3 hours ago

    I love you all. It’s awesome that yes you work together but your truly friends. Love it

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino 3 hours ago

    Damn these are some psycho hose beasts

  • Lilly Jo
    Lilly Jo 3 hours ago


  • Angel Skullz
    Angel Skullz 3 hours ago

    Freddie’s home is so pretty! ❤️