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LG C9 OLED TV Review
Views 103K4 months ago
Sony XG95 (X950G) TV Review
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  • SazzOwl _Gaming
    SazzOwl _Gaming 4 hours ago

    Frist time Viewer and i am impressed

  • flamehiro
    flamehiro 5 hours ago

    lmao 100 times over my budget

  • On location Media
    On location Media 10 hours ago

    Mine has burn in

  • GokuKOG
    GokuKOG 11 hours ago

    You dont get burn in if you play normal movies lol. There are no static images there. Switch to PC windows, open my computer and keep it there for hours or at least test it on a fighting game that has health bar at top all the time.

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith 14 hours ago

    I really liked how you did this review I'm really interested in that projector. Id love to see you do a review of the Vava. Some say its better that the Mijia, i'd love to hear your thoughts on that one as its close to it in price. Its kind of a toss up between the two for me right now.

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm 16 hours ago

    Who buys p[hillipps TVs? Of 50 friends I know who has on average, 2 4K tvs each...NONE. Wut is wrong with Phillips? Are they so inepth at marketing or don't give a shite about sales? Most own Samsung, LG , Sony, Vizio, TCL in that order. I has NEVER even seen a philipps 4K TV...

  • steveothehulk
    steveothehulk 16 hours ago

    Can I fit ambilight to an LG oled tv?

  • Dudu Witzman
    Dudu Witzman 17 hours ago

    Witch one better for games?!

  • Peteyz Zed
    Peteyz Zed 19 hours ago

    What I love is that no matter who sponsored the video they always give GREAT PRICE AND SERVICE!

  • Karim Sumar
    Karim Sumar 19 hours ago

    I really wish you would at least devoted a few minutes to display the screen, demo the sound 🔊, features on the 🔙 like USB, HDMI etc. Software Android? etc

  • Too Legit To Quit
    Too Legit To Quit 19 hours ago

    10% off Crampton and Moore atm code FACEBOOK

  • Nelson JR
    Nelson JR 20 hours ago


  • Michelle Lorber
    Michelle Lorber 23 hours ago

    "I haven't been so upset over a missing hole since that time I met this "nice girl" in Thailand 2:20 - I can see you have a lot of male fans here who think this comment is hilarious. I find your comment rude and degrading.Wish I could "unsee" your video but I'll be sure to avoid them in the future.

  • reviewfor thetube

    Been waiting for this I love Phillip's oled tvs

  • TheACE1300
    TheACE1300 Day ago

    Dont even bother with buying an oled of any make...only if you want problems with vertical lines down middle of screen,horizontal bar along bottom of screen and finally blue dead pixel problem.my advice stick with the best of the LCD tvs.

  • Shubhrangshu Bhowmik

    which one is better sony a8f or a8g

  • Bruno Slivar
    Bruno Slivar Day ago

    how to fix blooming on subtitle

  • Rakib Raj
    Rakib Raj Day ago

    Please as a courtesy don't show your middle finger. It's not good for children. Its inappropriate.

    • Rakib Raj
      Rakib Raj 10 hours ago

      @HDTVTest Ok Mr Vincent. Don't take it personally. I didn't mean to insult Your videos are informative.People learn many things from your videos. You are intelligent human.

    • HDTVTest
      HDTVTest 17 hours ago

      Rakib Raj That's why it's blurred out. :-)

    • Francisco Alberto Garcia Leyva
      Francisco Alberto Garcia Leyva 23 hours ago

      Rakib Raj 🖕

  • Helge Gutstein

    Hi Vincent, I'd be interested in the color accuracy that is availabe with out of the box settings. Keep up the good work!

  • bob morane
    bob morane Day ago

    I have big expectations ajout ths tv set. What à pity this futur test didnt come sooner. I could have the 65" version for 2031 euro. Yes the philips oled 804!

  • Peter Keränen

    How fast does the screen saver start when you pause a video or leave it on let's say the RU-clip start menu. And if you have a Nvidia Shield or Apple TV connected, does the screen saver work the same. Just worried about the kids leaving the TV on all day if I buy one.

    • testground
      testground Day ago

      On the Oled803 after 2 minutes, but not for external sources like the Nvidia Shield but that has got it's own screensaver with time settings and apps like Aerial Daydream. I have it now almost a year and no issue's just keep it in standby so if and when it's necessary it will run it's program Clear Residual Image. I have seen only ones a notification during watching.

  • team3arena
    team3arena Day ago

    Lg yi gecicek marka varmi dunyada

  • Amarendra Tembe

    Please do a detailed test. Thanks.

  • Saturn2888
    Saturn2888 Day ago

    DTS and Dolby have this going on with audio. I've never had a situation where I couldn't play surround sound and neither format won out. Sure, these companies will be competing on standards, but it's always good to have more competition in the marketplace. Having cheaper alternatives like HDR10 are important to the widespread adoption of HDR content since Dolby Vision and HDR10+ require a lot more processing which raises costs in TVs and Blu-ray players. The more alternatives, the more the general public can get in on the action. As you explain, an HDR10+ film is still an HDR10 film under-the-hood so it can be supported by any set of equipment.

  • pete detraglia

    Would of loved to see the Philips OLED in action. Most people by now know the features and settings on television or they wouldn't be watching the review.

  • Conrad Zimmermann

    Google : Samsung qled 2019 purple tint in all borders - pour un ÉNORME DÉFAUT catastrophique

  • Alambe727
    Alambe727 Day ago

    samsung is trying but will always come up short compare to Lg OLED and sony LOED

  • IIGS Forever Graphics and Sound

    I can’t understand why you thinking out loud, considering other videos show off your understanding of features. Previously you’ve combined theory and practical experience with a TV. Here you click through settings and guess what they do. Unsure if this type of video is really contributing anything especially as no video sources are shown.

  • Tommy Sawyer
    Tommy Sawyer Day ago

    That looks like a 55”.

  • Too Legit To Quit

    why do they not make 75inch OLEDS?

  • Patrick Carson

    Panasonic NEEDS to sell their TV's in the US again. Love Panasonic.

  • Stefan0 D.
    Stefan0 D. Day ago


  • TheGrizzzle
    TheGrizzzle Day ago

    Vincent is a true legend of the game.

  • kenneth wallace

    I am going to buy this TV! So excited. I bought an e65p in 2018 because the 77" was $14,000.

  • M N
    M N Day ago

    Enjoyed the the presentation as always. Just still regretting that none of these new TVs support 3D. I’ve always thought Phillips could stand out from its larger competitors by adding 3D support but I guess it requires a significant effort. Thankfully I still have my LG E6 but I’d like the option to upgrade

  • krissrock
    krissrock Day ago

    if Phillip's stuff was available in the states, i probably would have bought one of their OLED's last year or so

  • Abel Tyberghein

    Lg c9 + gz950 comparison. Thank you

  • wheezin_mtnbkr

    This game made me take a second look at HDR. On my particular set (an MU7000), there is little to no benefit running HDR. Just headache to ensure it is working right. The DCI-P3 @ 90% on this tv really looks no different than the oversaturated "native" SDR color space. Meh.

  • Alambe727
    Alambe727 Day ago

    its a good tv but not better than Lg OLED and Sony OLED tvs. im staying with Lg OLED

    • SazzOwl _Gaming
      SazzOwl _Gaming 5 hours ago

      OLED is still noticable less bright then most LCDs and you have the risk of burn in

  • ReviewsDiary
    ReviewsDiary Day ago

    Hi Vincent, I was planning to buy the 703 Philips 55tv but now that they released the 704 I would like to know the difference and the improvements on the new release.

  • John a
    John a Day ago

    How's it compared to the pan gz950

  • Innox GTX
    Innox GTX Day ago

    Meanwhile, theo tests the philips.. we can just watch another fight between 8k samsung and a 4k lg oled.. ru-clip.com/video/D9K9oU_VTQ8/video.html

  • Cappa81 I
    Cappa81 I Day ago

    That stand does make no sense to me

  • NOOKEY69 Hard!!

    How does this tv compare to the LG C9???

  • Roger N
    Roger N Day ago

    Not a chance 2019 Disney releasing back catalogue on uhd Starwars 4k boxset first half of 2020 and Lord of the Rings boxset out 2021

  • Adiel Perez
    Adiel Perez Day ago

    Can you review the LG Oled B9 or compare it with the LG Oled C9? Thanks for the good and informative content.

  • Adiel Perez
    Adiel Perez Day ago

    Can you review the LG Oled B9 or compare it with the LG Oled C9? Thanks for the good and informative content.

  • lando hoth
    lando hoth Day ago

    Philips 804, burn in edition.

  • kroks06
    kroks06 Day ago

    8K is so useless (at this size), you need a microscope to see the difference 😂

  • James Skilton
    James Skilton Day ago

    like to hear your thought on the picture quality vs the panasonic gz2000

  • Baf yu
    Baf yu Day ago

    again an good work !!!! XD

  • razor000999000

    I picked up this TV in 55 inches, the picture is fantastic but iam seeing a lot of shudder on movement and what look like slow down or frame drops, I've tryed the smoothing options which seems to speed up the picture in some cases and allway makes the picture unnatural and unpleasant to watch. To be perfectly honest I feel like ive waisted £1700 on a tv that's nowhere near the quality of my old 7 year old 50 inch plasma.

    • John Hooper
      John Hooper Day ago

      @razor000999000 Damn.. I have 2 Plasma tvs and I hold onto them.. yes also because of motion..

    • razor000999000
      razor000999000 Day ago

      @John Hooper pal uk

    • John Hooper
      John Hooper Day ago

      @razor000999000 What country? Pal or NTSC?

    • testground
      testground Day ago

      Motion Handeling still the best with Personal / Perfect Natural Motion Off / Perfect Clear Motion Min/Max, also set HDMI Ultra HD to optimal and use HDMI port 1 and 2 and use a 2.1 hdmi Cable so bandwidth can never be an issue.

    • razor000999000
      razor000999000 Day ago

      @John Hooper noticed it on hd TV broadcasts and blu ray discs. But noticed nothing while gaming in 4k

  • Baf yu
    Baf yu 2 days ago

    Hello. Good job as always Vincent. Two question, I hesitate to take this tv because there is a odr of 200 euros by phillips which ends in September. But I'm waiting for your tests. You could measure the max brightness and the lag input? These are the determining factors for me. Then when you say that we should not abuse the manual cleaning of pixels. Why?

    • Baf yu
      Baf yu Day ago

      @Innox GTX maybe i don't know

    • Innox GTX
      Innox GTX Day ago

      It's like you have an oak, wooden floor.. If it gets uneven worn out (just like pixels on an oled),.. you can shave the floor... But if you do this too often/much... all the wood ends up shaved away.. ! Maybe, it's the same !?

  • Carloos Gongora
    Carloos Gongora 2 days ago

    nice video vincent, 1 sugestion .. can you make 1 video that for you what is the best 2019 4k tv

  • dusemike123
    dusemike123 2 days ago

    The American 4k discs have the Dolby vision label on the back of the case.

  • Adrian Sisson
    Adrian Sisson 2 days ago

    Hi Vincent any chance of a review of PHILIPS Ambilight 65PUS6814/12 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV or the Philips 55PUS8804 as thinking of buying one or the other if they are any good thanks for your reply

  • Mohacsi Karoly
    Mohacsi Karoly 2 days ago

    Can you review Philips 6754 please?

  • Nisarg Trivedi
    Nisarg Trivedi 2 days ago

    If u can please review upcoming OnePlus tv😘

  • Soul
    Soul 2 days ago

    I'm really anxious for this review, wound't be interesting if Philips came back as a main competitor brand between the high end OLED TVs? Maybe we can get Toshiba to make an appearance next?! Also now that your asked one of the things I'm really looking forward in this review is a comparison with other past reviewed TVs, if this OLED can outmatch past reviewed ones in any area, and most importantly mentioning the price/value on the TV and if it's worth compared to other brands on the same category and price line Also might be asking a lot but would not be cool if in the future we can get to see more mid/low tier TVs in the channel? Now that you're are making some shorter videos you might get the time to show them (maybe asking Vinny for help wouldn't hurt).

  • Memphis Reines
    Memphis Reines 2 days ago

    Oh look is exactly what red dead redemption 2 doesn't look like!

  • Carl P
    Carl P 2 days ago

    do sony web browsers handle streams in HTML 5 Format ? can it stream something like epctv com or 720pstream dot me ?

  • Webinatic
    Webinatic 2 days ago

    Please test input lag with motion smoothing enabled. It used to be 54ms. Maybe it has improved with the new chipset. It would be nice to know when you play 30fps games and want that extra bit of frames in between.

  • Eric Snijders
    Eric Snijders 2 days ago

    Dear Vincent, I owned the previous 803 series from Philips, however had to return it due to a massive light bar projected on the ceiling due to misplaced ambilight leds on top of the back plate. Can you please test the current projection of the 804 series? Hopefully TP vision enhanced the back plate securing correct projection angle of the top led strip, preventing this 20 cm bright light bar to illuminate the white ceiling over a distance of at least 3 meters. Looking forward to your testing results and keep up the good work! Cheers!

  • Retro Gamer 64
    Retro Gamer 64 2 days ago

    Lmao I’m here for the professional comedy.

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates 2 days ago

    Another great vid. You seem to perfer the sony for gaming..Please help me..ive only got the room for a 55 inch tele but will the 90R sammy 55 be inferior to the 65 inch model? Also do the stars look muted on this tv then? Thanks

  • Barsa F
    Barsa F 2 days ago

    Total badass installing it by himself.

  • testground
    testground 2 days ago

    Motion Handeling still the best with Personal / PNM Off / PCM Min compared to Sony AG9. Picture Quality Compared to Panasonic GZ2000 Overall Performance Compared to LG C9 For a "I am Not Blind" Shootout.

  • One more thing makes the world better

    Which kind of Dolby Vision impemetation is this?

  • Fran Prodigy
    Fran Prodigy 2 days ago

    Great, i was awaiting the review of this TV. You could include what generation panel it is and if motion is judder free on all sources. Thanks.

  • Wish U-Well
    Wish U-Well 2 days ago

    This is what I was waiting for! Is Dolby vision the tv-led or player-led implementation?

  • Innox GTX
    Innox GTX 2 days ago

    I read that the 55" tv with stand is 72,0 cm height.. Without stand 70,5 cm.. So, if you want/decide to use a soundbar,... the tv has 1.5cm clearance for a soundbar.. Most soundbars are at least 5 cm.. It is even possible that the soundbar is then before the eye of the remote-sensor.. ! So, is there a sloution to keep the complete image with use of a soundbar if you put the tv on a tv-stand (and not on the wall) ? Yes,.. buy the philips 934 with the soundbar !!.. But if you pass on that.. Is it to be adviced to put the feet of the 804 tv on a piece of wood behind the soundbar.. A wooden bar of at least 5 height cm or what the thickness of the soundbar is.. I think that's a reasonable solution. You can also buy a new stand for the tv I think.. Which you can attach with vesa.., like you would do with wall-mounting. Then I could also buy a separate new stand wich you can swivel, etc.. I found this dutch website with examples.. www.stralex.nl/AUDIOVISUEEL/TV-meubels-bestellen/TV-voet-kopen/

  • Alley Kat
    Alley Kat 2 days ago

    how reflective?

  • King Dazzar
    King Dazzar 2 days ago

    Hi Vincent. I've just upgraded my LG C7 to the 804 and love it. So it's great to see you covering this TV! For me, having also just bought a Panasonic UB9000 UHD player. As Philips have a lot of HDR settings, HDR Perfect and the Normal vs Optimised for picture. Together with the HDR Optimiser option on the Panasonic UHD player. Its easy to get lost for several hours testing what are the best options, that will look good across multiple 4k discs. So far whilst you can set things to be be off/neutral and leave it at that, I've found putting some HDR Perfect with HDR Optimiser into the mix can add a bit more punch whilst retaining detail. It would be great for you to explore this in depth. :) Also, totally agree with the Dolby Vision comment. I've got over 50 4k blu-rays and now with a Dolby Vision capable 4k blu ray player. I don't have a scooby doo as to what awaits for me as I go through them all again. So far I'm finding far more discs are in Dolby Vision than I expected...

    • glbernini0
      glbernini0 18 hours ago

      Do ya wanna sell your C7?

    • Marion Knight
      Marion Knight 19 hours ago

      King Dazzar is there a difference in picture compared to the c7.

  • Дмитрий Кузнецов

    I don't trust to Philips. I had bad experience with PUS8102 and other TV from that brand. Lot of glitches and defects. No more Philips

  • dd dd
    dd dd 2 days ago

    I only watch these for the dry humour.

  • John Hooper
    John Hooper 2 days ago

    Now THATS an effective screen filter and that is how it should be done.. Glossy, aka CLEAR PANEL but with a strong black filter.. Sadly many confuse glossy with "mirror", but a good black filter has both.. Glossy and Black.. :D Every lcd should have such a filter.. They put these filters in basic lcd tvs 10 years ago..

  • Grigoryev Mihail
    Grigoryev Mihail 2 days ago

    This is the OLED with, arguably, the best image quality.

  • Silver Li0n
    Silver Li0n 2 days ago

    Nice review Vince !

  • B Wellington
    B Wellington 2 days ago

    Could you please exlore more this "HDR Perfect" Setting? I have 803 (bought it thanks to your review btw) and having a very hard time understanding what it actually does and what setting is "correct". I've noticed on "minumum" it reveals more detail, especially when looking at cloudy skies in HDR games on compatible console and "automatic" just makes everything look brighter. In one of the firmware updates they significantly reduced posterization artifacts you mentioned in reviews on both 803 and 903, do you by any chance know if Philips is planning to update older TV's further? Thank you.

  • Mike Miles
    Mike Miles 2 days ago

    Philips best picture quallity on all sources. I went from lg C8 tot the 65oled804 and the diffrence is night and day. Philips is worth your money. And they suport dolby vision now. Only downside is the high input lag.

    • NexGenTek
      NexGenTek 12 hours ago

      LG C9 absolutely destroys Philips in every sing aspect of picture quality. Even the C8 is competition for this year's Philips Oled. These are just facts backed by numbers which don't lie..

    • Jonathan Roebuck
      Jonathan Roebuck Day ago

      @Mike Miles www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/philips-55oled804 15ms according to one of the few reviews. They did say this years would be under 20ms

    • Mike Miles
      Mike Miles Day ago

      @Jonathan Roebuck its 33ms same as the 803

    • Jonathan Roebuck
      Jonathan Roebuck Day ago

      20ms on 804

    • Mike Miles
      Mike Miles Day ago

      Philips 65oled804 have the best picture and ambilight , LG C9 have hdmi 2.1, sony AF9+AG9 best motion, panasonic the best blacks. Can we make a combi haha ;)

  • Neil mark Taylor
    Neil mark Taylor 2 days ago

    Professional calibrator and part time comedian 😂

  • Essence Reaver
    Essence Reaver 2 days ago

    Why they dont made 49 Oled why only 55 65 75 more and never 49 whats the problem

    • testground
      testground Day ago

      @John Hooper I have 4k Oled. And I find it the best for my usage. I am saying there is no smaller then 55 inch Oled and there will be none in the foreseeable future due to to for mentioned issues. So if you are dead set to but a TV smaller than 55 inch then a LCD is the way to go.

    • John Hooper
      John Hooper Day ago

      @testground Are you serious? Picture quality.. Ok I see, you dont like Oled and now you try to invade a discussion of people who just want a smaller oled.. serioulsy.. why?

    • testground
      testground Day ago

      @John Hooper Then why Oled? If resolution isn't a issue there are plenty LCD displays with Direct Led and FALD with good blacks levels out there. Oled counts for 2% of TV World Sales and you want something that cannot be made at this point due to the pixelsize is already at his commercially smallest? Is that reasonable? Just buy LCD!

    • John Hooper
      John Hooper 2 days ago

      @testground Ok, now I understand.. I know these screen size calculations.. They only tell you at what distance you see a difference between 4k and lower, or at what difference 4k starts to make sense.. But not everyone wants a large tv.. I want a smaller Oled.. no matter what resolution they make.. if 4k is the only choice, I dont have any other choice, right? Does 4k make sense at 48inch.. Nope.. I still want a smaller sized oled.. :D And I would love to get an 1080p Oled.. Lower power draw, less upscaling, but they dont make any..

    • Essence Reaver
      Essence Reaver 2 days ago

      @testground 1 meter and i dont like 55

  • Bob Senior
    Bob Senior 2 days ago

    Hey Vincent, thank you for the review! Which TV would you recommend to buy if i am planning on buying in november? I’m looking at 65 to 75 inch screens 4k (cause 8k is too damn expensive) and hdr 10, used only for movies, kids carttons and an occasional gaming session on playstation. I have seen your reviews on the older lgs and was leaning towards it, but with the presentation of new gen - i’m not sure any more. Would really appreciate your inout!

  • PA -Mail
    PA -Mail 2 days ago

    Yeah, the reviews are ok -- if you're into that sort of thing. Me? I'm here for the double entendres and jokes.

  • Junior Ocicat
    Junior Ocicat 2 days ago

    If it like most of their products it will have firmware bugs or just wont work as it should.

  • ryan
    ryan 2 days ago

    It's trash cheap shit to thin it doesn't look 65inch bullshit sony tvs looks dumb now

  • Srikanth
    Srikanth 2 days ago

    Hello Vincent.

  • Steve Coates
    Steve Coates 2 days ago

    Very good video. Please advise if the performance of the 55 inch is as good as the larger sets? Thankyou, Steve

  • David Shryock
    David Shryock 2 days ago

    After watching all your videos about Hisense H9F I still haven't figured out if you recommend it or not

    • HDTVTest
      HDTVTest 2 days ago

      David Shryock We haven't reviewed the H9F... it's not available in the UK.

  • Rafiq Suhd
    Rafiq Suhd 2 days ago

    Seriously you are the funniest most awesome reviewer ever😁😁😁

  • isamail busoro
    isamail busoro 2 days ago

    How can i get it contact

  • Bobby Brian
    Bobby Brian 2 days ago

    Beware the brightness doesn mean nothing is 100 useless, I only use 10 of 50 on my sony xf90 , so the oled is way better in dark room

  • ricky martinez
    ricky martinez 2 days ago

    Seriously cant stand when 98% of the viveo is jibber jabber

  • Aditya Tripathi
    Aditya Tripathi 2 days ago

    Thanks for the fantastic reviews! Can you please do some of the Philips Ambilight non-OLED TVs too?

  • Luck z
    Luck z 2 days ago

    Excuse me? 0:36: "YOU PEOPLE"???

  • Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace 2 days ago

    Beautiful silky rich picture. I saw one the other day instore. But it had screen burn from a advert logo... why do these morons who sell these - kill such a wonderful TV with ignorance.

  • Steffen Preis
    Steffen Preis 2 days ago

    Refreshing review! like it so much. way to go...

  • GG MM
    GG MM 2 days ago

    We know now from many reviewers that’s it’s a good value tv for the $$$ we pay ,but do we know if it’s reliable ...many people stated having problems with it !

  • GG MM
    GG MM 2 days ago

    Tv’s now ,needs a NASA calibrator engineer

  • PavelSE
    PavelSE 2 days ago

    Great test! But Vincent used the picture preset for a dark room. It’s reasonable. But I don’t think the majority of consumers use that preset. So it would be nice to see if there is burn-in on brighter picture presets. P. S. Although you should remember that any TV provides way better picture in a dark room (especially in terms of contrast ratio). And if you watch a TV in a bright room you usually see a lot of reflections on the screen (especially if the content is dark).