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  • Loly920
    Loly920 43 minutes ago

    Transparency is key.

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 48 minutes ago

    I just use basic head and shoulders

  • Cliff A
    Cliff A 49 minutes ago

    Marijuana does not get you high it's a depressant so is heroin. Meth gets you high.

  • LaraD
    LaraD 54 minutes ago

    All these comments are wrong. The mask I used made the skin come off after using it. It might have been some kind of weirdly strong one but it did work and didn’t hurt.

  • Alex Klatt
    Alex Klatt 55 minutes ago

    Ringlets are so lovely! Seems we all want what we don't have. Why not appreciate what we do have & celebrate that?!

  • Undead Werewolves

    Very interesting listening to this after watching Joker lol

  • 2OO3
    2OO3 Hour ago

    smoking weed has never helped me with anxiety. it actually gave me panic attacks. so im really hasitant on trying cbd. any advice?

  • Dennis Pat
    Dennis Pat Hour ago

    If you was his crisis manager, why is he keep avoiding Dr.oz question pertaining to his daughter being left alone with his daughter, he wants to answer what he wants to answer, why not just say "yeah bc I know he's innocent "he won't never say that!

  • Clément De Dadelsen

    Well... It seems we have finally found our modern Socrates.

    SUGAR XYLER !!! Hour ago

    😄😄😄 I'm Childless by Choice. So glad I NEVER had kids !!!

  • Randall Slaughter

    Lobster tie.. 😂👍

    SUGAR XYLER !!! Hour ago

    😄😄 I have long hair of my own

  • EricSpamL2
    EricSpamL2 2 hours ago

    Today I got back pain is probably cause I was playing with knocker balls today

  • Sato 1724
    Sato 1724 2 hours ago

    ask Kobe instead

  • I'm not a real doctor but I play one on YouTube

    Lol if you cant trust doctor oz who can you just like the wizard of oz movie...DONT LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN 💩💩💩

  • Danny De La Cruz
    Danny De La Cruz 2 hours ago

    The issue is that she aged 20 years in the last 5

  • katerina z
    katerina z 2 hours ago

    i was way too attached to my mum toxic cant say more

  • katerina z
    katerina z 2 hours ago

    i told the man that said he was gonna kill me with his knife cut my neck that i wanted him to rhat i was thrilled with the idea years later he stabbed his neighbour in a diffe rent state in the heart in front of many witnesses and was founfd totally not guilty f...

  • Destry Petrov
    Destry Petrov 3 hours ago

    I can't even do one pushup and I am a fetus

  • Rik L
    Rik L 3 hours ago

    Diagnose meaning Labeled?

  • Lillie Newton
    Lillie Newton 3 hours ago

    Really hope R Kelly gets whut he deserves i really do!!!!!!!!

  • Lindsey Taylor
    Lindsey Taylor 3 hours ago

    Sharing my toenail removal surgery so people can be more comfortable in case they have to get it done themselves: I just got my ingrown toenail (both sides) removed. Honestly the procedure wasn’t bad at all. Not even 2 minutes long and didn’t even feel the pressure like the podiatrist said I would. The only sucky part was the Novocain injections. Those were absolutely horrible. It wasn’t so much the needle, I’m really good with needles, but man that Novocain burned and stung like hell. I clamped my teeth so hard during that that my jaw is still sore. But that part only lasts about a minute, and once that minute is over, it feels like nothing at all. I got it done about 8 hours ago and my toe is wrapped up. Not too much pain, but my dog stepped on it earlier and I damn near passed out lmao. Just a lot of throbbing and a bit of soreness when I walk, but that’s it. There’s really nothing to worry about, except the shots but the pain doesn’t last long at all

  • Effort Brings Change

    There are so many women that deal with this issue, but there are definitely ways to combat it.Thanks for another great video Dr. Oz. ✌️

  • Cokechiq
    Cokechiq 3 hours ago

    I'm very wary on this kind of advice from this show now. They did a ridiculous hatchet job on the nail community the other day with a "specialist" who had no real understanding of nail products & application techniques. Definitely have lost faith. And this one? Wow. No one applies relaxer, color, or Japanese thermal straightener with a comb. They're spreading fear like an infomercial feigns incompetence.

    • Cokechiq
      Cokechiq Hour ago

      @Megan Ziggler Yes it can happen, but it's not applied that way when done by a professional. At least not a good one.

    • Megan Ziggler
      Megan Ziggler Hour ago

      @Cokechiq I'd tell that to the guy who called her a grandma.

    • Megan Ziggler
      Megan Ziggler Hour ago

      My mother actually applied it with a comb it wasnt a wide toothed comb. To be fair this is something to be fearful about, these chemicals are burning and stripping away hair. Also can cause chemical burns which sucks! I've have several relaxers in my life at a young age I have plaque psoriasis and everytime I got a relaxer it would Chemically burn my psoriasis which is the reason why I always refused relaxers.

    • Cokechiq
      Cokechiq Hour ago

      Really? Grow up. I'm in my 30s.

    • SUGAR XYLER !!!
      SUGAR XYLER !!! Hour ago

      Yeah, relax grandma

  • ደማም Taye
    ደማም Taye 3 hours ago


  • icyhot
    icyhot 3 hours ago

    my friend got acyrlic nails and i got here lol

  • Edith Lovinglife
    Edith Lovinglife 3 hours ago

    This man was gonna get fired eventually. R Kelly probably offered him to resign. He was a mess!!! I remembered when R. Kelly got arrested. He was all over the place!

  • Abu Huraira
    Abu Huraira 3 hours ago

    A woman who cuts her hairs Is about to change her life

  • Sumaiya Moti
    Sumaiya Moti 3 hours ago

    get your CBD products today! instagram: sg96__ for any questions!

  • sensualsoul
    sensualsoul 3 hours ago

    I replaced cucumber with zucchini since its richer. I also added pomergranate seeds.

  • Richy Rookstube
    Richy Rookstube 3 hours ago

    Him? That can't be Jordan Peterson, I am prettier than this man!

  • Paz y Bien
    Paz y Bien 3 hours ago

    Dr. Eric. Berg..........the REAL DEAL!!! Go forth and look him up,

  • Hughujkb Kilhhhfbhgyre

    Dr oz is a joke, dr berg exposed him.

  • dmr0718able
    dmr0718able 4 hours ago

    How I go to sleep:😁😀🙂😏😐😕🤨☹😢😢😢🥺🥺😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮😑😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😜😪

  • Locust Swarm
    Locust Swarm 4 hours ago

    Let me guess: Killers are nihilists impressed by the neo-marxist postmodern notion of nothing matters etc....blah blah....Mao, Lenin, Gulag, Hitler, SJW's and what have you.

  • SeriousName
    SeriousName 4 hours ago

    Anyone notice the sound at the end like someone trying to clap too early? Also if anyone is interested in more information on the topic of killers, check out the channel jim can't swim. He commentates on criminal interrogations of murderers. =]

  • Michael Bell Jr
    Michael Bell Jr 5 hours ago

    I respect his loyalty. Sorry about his mom. But I know he wouldn't feel comfortable with his daughter around Mr. Kelly

  • Carolyn Merritt
    Carolyn Merritt 5 hours ago

    Jumping jacks hard on knees, next please

  • lauchzwiebel
    lauchzwiebel 6 hours ago


  • Min Zhen
    Min Zhen 6 hours ago

    For nail biting plebs you like to bite ur nails when the best part is when the white bit on ur nail like you know that white thing on your nail when it’s a tiny bit long Edit-I like it alot Edit again -watches the vid that nail is worst than mine gladly

  • Lisa Fredell
    Lisa Fredell 6 hours ago

    I promise you, if crisis manager's daughter was anywhere near R Kelly, crisis manager would've killed him. And I'm sure he kept her away from him. He didn't answer Dr Oz's question.

  • Le Le
    Le Le 6 hours ago

    Nice interview

  • Nancy Batch
    Nancy Batch 6 hours ago

    The burden put on this poor man must at times be unbearable and yet he never falters.

  • Trigo Alline
    Trigo Alline 6 hours ago

    1:19 i tried this natural diet ”❤️ and it does works great and faster.

  • Trigo Alline
    Trigo Alline 6 hours ago

    1:19 i tried this natural diet ”❤️ & it does works great & faster.

  • jdwald79
    jdwald79 7 hours ago

    I get the feeling Dr. Oz viewers aren't ready for this man's intellect.

  • J M
    J M 7 hours ago

    Get well soon Dr. Peterson!

  • Jungshook _ARMY[} {]

    Wtff Matt stonie ×10??

  • Daniel Edmonds
    Daniel Edmonds 7 hours ago

    that suit is fly af.

  • Jaromír Gasman
    Jaromír Gasman 7 hours ago

    Vaše cvičení mi moc pomáhá. Nemůžu moc chodit. Tak aspoň tak cvičím s Vámi

  • deomartinez77
    deomartinez77 7 hours ago

    Jordan seems like the type of guy that would have tutored Clark Kent in his formative years.

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 8 hours ago

    I’m so glad Dr. Oz isn’t scared by the left who forces everyone to not listen to Peterson (because they can’t stump or confuse him with word games)

  • nitaBist
    nitaBist 8 hours ago

    Oil bad. Oil is not a food group, oil is the most refined dietary item , they call themselves doctors.

  • nitaBist
    nitaBist 8 hours ago

    Whole food plant based, just say it, please, just say it.

  • lizajane1179
    lizajane1179 8 hours ago

    I've been concerned about the healthy long term seems alot of people are developing cancer so is this healthy long term?

  • Mandy Lewis
    Mandy Lewis 8 hours ago

    I love CBD Oil I use it for my anxiety and back pain I got mines from it was not expensive 🙂

    • Jay Troche
      Jay Troche 6 hours ago

      I just started today on CBD hemp for anxiety as well. Been having some high blood pressure readings lately too so God willing it helps with that too. How often do you take it? Daily?

  • Brenda Harris
    Brenda Harris 9 hours ago

    Well cbd has helped me get rid of my back pain I got it from it tastes good I am glad I chose to buy it.

    • Executioness
      Executioness 6 hours ago

      @Sally Gates do your own research this person could be a shill. Make sure it's full spectrum

    • Sally Gates
      Sally Gates 9 hours ago

      Thanks for the information I am going to order it now.

  • Guru Chuckle
    Guru Chuckle 10 hours ago

    This was a very inspirational video, thanks

  • Andrew McGregor
    Andrew McGregor 10 hours ago

    Sanjay is a modern day hero :)

  • Cinematic Theatre
    Cinematic Theatre 10 hours ago

    I think it’s safe to say that Jordan Peterson is in fact a murderer.

  • Yochie Levitch
    Yochie Levitch 10 hours ago


  • Marie Dpenha
    Marie Dpenha 10 hours ago

    Yes she is right the 50 yrs one, I tried the ice water only once otherwise I mean very lazy, and apply oil for your face before u take bath, u feel fresh

  • Majdouline Magdalena
    Majdouline Magdalena 10 hours ago

    I’m 22 years old but my skin is 7 😂

  • Steen N. A. Rasmussen
    Steen N. A. Rasmussen 10 hours ago

    First time use of the word 'brusque' on yt.

  • awhatzable
    awhatzable 10 hours ago

    I know of a technique to wake up straight away. First, point your index, then poke it up your ass. Your welcome :D

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 11 hours ago

    Jordan peterson has all the answers. Yet the world is still all fucked up. New York best times sellers are just $$$$$$ launderers for high intellectual nonsense

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 11 hours ago

    Jordan Peterson wouldve done well in the third Reich.

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 11 hours ago

    Jordan, go take your Friday pill, you're hallucinating and making up stuff again

  • Subha Ganesh
    Subha Ganesh 11 hours ago

    I tried CBD for my anxiety and it has really helped me, which led me to build my own platform to help create awareness and promote the best CBD products to help people on

  • oriana garrido
    oriana garrido 12 hours ago

    1:10 if you look closely.. she looks at him with an “I told you” face 🤣

  • Muzingaye Nkala
    Muzingaye Nkala 12 hours ago

    dr oz is an impostor

  • Afonso de Portugal
    Afonso de Portugal 12 hours ago

    His theory about the European Union is too simplistic though. The real problem is that the EU is corrupt to its core.

  • Normie Rockwell
    Normie Rockwell 12 hours ago

    I love Dr. Peterson

  • FOnewmike
    FOnewmike 13 hours ago

    Did Dr Oz clean his room?

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 13 hours ago

    *_Omg that is so fuckin crazy!! I said Goodfellas in my mind then he said it!! He read my mind lol_*

    GONZALO SAIZ GONZALO 13 hours ago


  • Dr. Rabuffetti
    Dr. Rabuffetti 13 hours ago

    “Pecaaaaaaanz“ 😂😂

  • Sruthi mohan S M
    Sruthi mohan S M 14 hours ago


  • Highway46 Dave
    Highway46 Dave 14 hours ago

    Sad part about it is these parents sell their kids knowing what's going on

    JACOB'S LADDER 14 hours ago

    How does the court see a 26 minute video of R-Kelly having sex with a minor and toss out the case?

  • CMZ 1
    CMZ 1 14 hours ago

    Leave the man alone. I see so much hate. This bitches ain’t loyal

  • 7heRedBaron
    7heRedBaron 15 hours ago

    “They don’t come in soon enough.They let things grow to a big size. I see some really big ones in my office.” Clean up! Aisle 5!

  • Jim Crow
    Jim Crow 15 hours ago

    I'd rather see *What goes on in the mind of an anxiety medication addict* tbh

  • Christy O'Faghan
    Christy O'Faghan 15 hours ago

    fascinating man on a necessary subject, this interview only scratching the surface of his breadth of knowledge

  • Delilah Hart
    Delilah Hart 16 hours ago

    I've never even heard of Alphy Hoffman until now. I almost expected Dr. Oz to say it was Michael Jackson.

  • AllAhabNoMoby
    AllAhabNoMoby 17 hours ago

    Why are they only discussing criminals? Killing isn't evil in itself, it is neutral. Killing in war, killing in self-defense, killing a criminal as a cop are all perfectly acceptable, and particularly killing in close combat requires the mind of a killer. Many soldiers are killers, their motives are just different from those of criminals. The act of killing is the same.

  • David Mays
    David Mays 17 hours ago

    JP suite make me dizzy

  • Bunga Pertiwi
    Bunga Pertiwi 18 hours ago

    hello my name is Bunga from Indonesia. now I really want to diet but what is a good diet like? I tried all kinds of diets but didn't lose my weight. my activities are morning work days at the office until the afternoon and after work I go to college. Please advise what foods are good and the ingredients can be adjusted in Indonesia.

  • Ana Felipe
    Ana Felipe 19 hours ago

    Truly wish Charlie the best of health and happiness for all the laughter he has brought to my life! God bless, Charlie!

  • Belay Gebeyehu
    Belay Gebeyehu 19 hours ago

    How do you find this man?

  • T Sommers
    T Sommers 19 hours ago

    I couldnt even keep my eyes open during that video 🤮!

  • Tim Richards
    Tim Richards 20 hours ago

    I wonder if Peterson has ever been asked about the fact that his analysis of adults living with parents is limited to the west. Many people live with parents to an older age in many parts of the world, its quite common. He must have a different analysis in this case.

  • Tracy
    Tracy 20 hours ago

    Montel you look fantastic I was so chuffed when I saw that you are doing the keto it made me happy...I'm so fed up of the negative responses it's working for me and my partner...all 3 of my brothers are vegans and some of my friends are ...I cant listen to them they are too forcefull....what ever works for you is good so leave me alone

  • Sean Hall
    Sean Hall 20 hours ago

    CBD IS NOT ILLEGAL AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL!!!! It was made legal in 2018 thanks to President Trump signing the Farm Bill. Which also removed Hemp products from the schedule 1 list of narcotics.

  • Mike Garcia
    Mike Garcia 20 hours ago


  • Jennys Vibez
    Jennys Vibez 20 hours ago

    So basically keto and Intermittent fasting

  • toxykzone
    toxykzone 20 hours ago

    Okay, why is this in my recommendations

  • LabwaMiau
    LabwaMiau 22 hours ago

    My very own good friend was identified as having quite high cholesterol and was placed on medical care. He doesn`t like to take in seafoods thus this has been a simple option for him. Having this particular cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the perfect choice for him. Right after a couple of months his cholesterol level have reduced and the medications are easy to take on. They just don`t leave an aftertaste. .

  • ivan
    ivan 22 hours ago

    He has not worriers. Of course you don't you are not the one facing 175 yeas in jail. Idiot

  • Jordon Nicolosi
    Jordon Nicolosi 22 hours ago

    I don't know what Dr. Chochoua should let go first, the idea he can cure AIDS or the rest of that hideous hair around that bald spot🤣🤣