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  • Rose L
    Rose L 3 minutes ago

    re: the title, I live where ozark shoots (literally sometimes even ten minutes away from my house) and believe me this is a small town... I know its not the point but the title is fairly misleading and simply not true

  • Sam Ram
    Sam Ram 18 minutes ago

    Step 1: Ask Arthur Morgan

  • Shaffer Kropke
    Shaffer Kropke 20 minutes ago

    The wizard if world equivalent of the Star Wars sequels

  • I M
    I M 21 minute ago

    Also, arent u that guy that interviewed 10-years-younger yourself ?

  • I M
    I M 27 minutes ago

    Ok ok. But what's "eenk"?

  • Chigozie Ilozue
    Chigozie Ilozue 32 minutes ago

    See if I didn’t know about the grey swipe so I might have gotten completely confused by not seeing any verification on anyone

  • Poké Dudes
    Poké Dudes 38 minutes ago


  • 82Ku
    82Ku 39 minutes ago

    So they still don't sell printers with refillable ink tanks in the US? I own one and I'm happy.

  • wolf boi
    wolf boi 42 minutes ago

    Show uss

  • a person
    a person 45 minutes ago

    Well, if I've learned anything in my life, it's that corporate people and people in management, who come up with this shit, have no common sense, they have no idea what it's actually like to use their product or work at their company, and they get paid way too much for doing barely anything.

  • Adam
    Adam 45 minutes ago

    omg got hacked shit

  • Alech Vonck
    Alech Vonck 53 minutes ago

    Nigga tossed his dog

  • mitchell harding
    mitchell harding 54 minutes ago

    your doing somthing to late almost no one uses printers anymore

  • LORD Eyehead
    LORD Eyehead 59 minutes ago

    I think that they new system is the way it should have been originally. Let's say there's a RU-clipr named X. We don't need to "verify" whether the channel called X that has all of X's videos and a million subscriber's is in fact X's channel. It pretty obviously is, and if somebody tries to steal X's video to forge their own channel, YT algorithms should be able to detect and prevent that. If the forgery does slip by the algorithm, X should be able to report it and get it taken down. However, if there is a celebrity called Y (let's say, a movie star or something) who has no videos and only a few thousand subscribers, it would be very easy to forage that channel. If Y makes a comment on a video, then nobody can really be sure that it's them unless they are verified. TL;DR -- Verification for people who only do RU-clip is unnecessary. The system really only needs to exist for celebrities outside of YT. HOWEVER -- The verification tick has become a status symbol and a source of pride. Therefore, taking it away from RU-cliprs makes it feel like the company is disrespecting them and trying to cater to celebrities and corporations. The new system should have been used originally, but it is bad to change to the new system after we've been using the old system. A side note: I can see how a check mark would subconsciously indicate a small amount of approval/endorsement among people unfamiliar with RU-clip and/or social media. RU-clip's research there is probably right.

  • Toogoodfortoogoodforelite

    Why is it a printer ad under the video

  • PJ OJ
    PJ OJ Hour ago

    So this is the true meaning of ignorance is bliss..

  • Anne da Silva
    Anne da Silva Hour ago

    When I was a child I used to play this game where I would try and guess which name matched each person in movie posters. To this day I still find magazines in my parents house with arrows drawn on it linking names to people and the guesses were all wrong hahahaha it took me many years to understand the system.

  • bonespurs
    bonespurs Hour ago


  • Genisay
    Genisay Hour ago

    So RU-clip is also now forcing the popularity contest and looking for new ways to kill small content creators. I'm just getting more and more sick of the shit this platform keeps pulling. Looks like it's okay if I never go back to trying to grow my RU-clip channel, it wouldn't amount to anything anyway. And I.... honestly never even noticed the checkmark until watching this video. How long has that been there? I mean, I get it, there are lots of cases of content hijackers who steal from other people, but what if one of their channels blows up bigger than the real channel, as it often seems to do on art sites. Does that mean that the thief gets verified but the real creator of the content doesn't? They 'think' that because youtube likely isn't talking about the average viewer. They only care what their stockholders think, such as the so-called, fictional 'parent outrage' over things, and their stockholders seem to be pretty paranoid some times.

  • Team Music Legends

    Me: Hey mister printer do you want to print this document? Printer: Yea sure wait a minute ... Low on Red Me oh it's a black and wh- Printer:No Fuck you low on Red

  • Kano
    Kano Hour ago

    someone _please_ call Elon Musk and tell him to start selling printers

  • Uswin Wood
    Uswin Wood Hour ago

    Reason why I buy off the Bay of Evil for my Cannon MX933. 15.00 for a pack of 40 inks. I love it!! :D

  • Ben From Gulf City

    Here's a cure to the problem: get a friend who works at a library and get discounts on printing!

  • Alexander X
    Alexander X Hour ago

    Careful with this wild accusations. This happens with diesel vehicles equipped with DEF systems. After x thousand miles of driving without DEF in the tank you vehicle will not start. DEF does absolutely nothing to effect the drive ability of a vehicle like having no fuel or oil. The vehicle you own, maintain and operate you are not allowed to drive if you don't buy more DEF. Talk about a scam. Another scam is manufactures (Tesla and John Deer) refusing to assist their customer in repairing their vehicles/equipment. Want to buy replacement parts? We don't sell to consumers. Want that diagnostic tool to figure out what is actually wrong with your vehicle? You have to go to a service shop, yes haul you tractor via a flat bed semi-trailer to some shop a hundred miles away, then haul it back and pay thousands for a simple diagnostic then oh yea you have to pay us for labor and parts. Stop supporting corruption/consumerism.

  • Raumarik
    Raumarik Hour ago

    I stopped using inkjet printers in the 90s as I was involved in repairing them for local schools, I realised how much of a scam they were even when cartridges weren’t as expensive as they are these days. I moved to laser printers, larger outlay but will last far, far longer.

  • Kenneth Davies
    Kenneth Davies Hour ago

    At the very least, those who already have check marks should be 'grandfathered' and left alone.

  • You Hit My Car Abc

    Not sure if this was covered in the video, i'm not done but found it interesting and have a short attention span. Apologies if so. Disabled people would break their toes or something to cause adrenaline to surge through their bodies. Unable to feel the injury, they were not impeded.

  • Jn Ramos
    Jn Ramos Hour ago

    Bad news i have no idea wut u talking about but my freaking brain love your opinion voice.

  • Spychopat
    Spychopat Hour ago

    My question is : why is there no company making good quality printers with honest ink price ? I mean, ok they just want to make money, but if your product is better than other, then you're going to make money anyways, right ? Or maybe it's because of the consumers. People are not buying the expensive good quality printers that would cost like 400$, and they think that getting a cheap printer is a smart move. Maybe such printer exists ? Maybe we should look at printers designed for professionnal uses ? Do they sell scammy ink cartridges to companies too ?

  • Caleb Hammond
    Caleb Hammond Hour ago

    This is the angriest I've ever seen in a man in a cracker barrel t-shirt.

  • Sky Devil
    Sky Devil Hour ago

    why though

  • Alvaro Sierro
    Alvaro Sierro Hour ago

    Fuck printers dude

  • lostin tevszzzurp


  • Mr. R
    Mr. R 2 hours ago

    "Find success" Captions: " Find a way to suck pee" I wonder how that happened

  • Anarchy On 2 Wheels
    Anarchy On 2 Wheels 2 hours ago

    ...yah, backwards progress.

  • ZZ Stop
    ZZ Stop 2 hours ago

    And HP is the worst. I bought a new black/magenta print head ($125) for a wide format HP printer. It had a warranty date stamped right on the side of it. The thing would not work from the box. I called HP and they said they wouldn't cover the new print head that I just bought because -- get this -- the PRINTER I wanted to put it in was out of warranty. I asked why they put a warranty date on the print head if it was meaningless, and the guy's answer was vague and rambling. I told the guy I would never buy an HP product again -- and 7 years later I still haven't. My business requires about 3 or 4 new printers a year, plus other electronics -- and it's all Dell and Epson.

  • Josi Atokirina
    Josi Atokirina 2 hours ago

    Just more corporate red tape to stifle independent media creators and limit opportunities for variety and freedom of thought and expression.

  • DnaDan
    DnaDan 2 hours ago

    Can’t believe I didn’t notice I was watching a 13 second ad.

  • Dana Gray
    Dana Gray 2 hours ago

    Ok... I must say that I've never had as much trouble as you're claiming installing a printer and using it. How on earth are you having so much trouble!? I have the same printer as my in-laws, and it works perfectly every time. To install it, I had to hook the USB connector to my computer once. A few minutes later, it installed the proper drivers and even synced up with the my wi-fi so that now, anyone who has a smartphone or laptop on my wi-fi can print to my printer (Something that has come in handy quite a few times as my wife is an accountant who regularly needs to print things but usually likes to work in the living room rather than the office). As for the cartridges, it sure does suck that there's a possibility of glitching in regards to the amounts, but I've never had that problem either. Once, when I ran out of black ink, I started printing in dark blue. The printer was fine for a couple of months because I never really print color, so the cartridge was almost full. Finally, high markups are rather standard. Another example of this would be soda in restaurants. A fountain fills up your average large soda for less than $0.05. Restaurant owners spend more on the cup than the soda, which is why they can sell you unlimited soda refills for $2 and still make a huge profit. In spite of that, you don't pay $2 for soda and think "this is to much for all the soda I can drink." Shoot, you probably barely complain about spending $5 for a large soda with a single refill when you go to the theater. Calm your nerves and just get your poor mother a decent printer instead of trying to cheap out on her. Mine is an HP, and works like a charm!

  • EXcentriX
    EXcentriX 2 hours ago

    Me: RU-clip: You should watch a video about traffic.

  • Zestamore Garcia
    Zestamore Garcia 2 hours ago

    I think you should be able to choose to click on the original or the edited and both should be posted.

  • Topsyturvy10
    Topsyturvy10 2 hours ago

    Haha, I dont need your glasses!!

  • UltimateKyuubiFox
    UltimateKyuubiFox 3 hours ago

    Ha. Perplexity. I get it.

  • Ben Bergeron
    Ben Bergeron 3 hours ago

    I rewatch this video constantly as I write my first feature. It helps keep me humble and keep everything in perspective. Thank you Austin for this wonderful piece of informative art.

  • Blue Boy
    Blue Boy 3 hours ago


  • Jetman640
    Jetman640 3 hours ago

    what if I told you I emotionally connected with both equally? well really I connected with the first one marginally more but close enough so we will call it a tie.

  • PM medina
    PM medina 3 hours ago

    It takes so much courage to look at the past and be able to criticize the work that you grew up caring about so much. I can understand how in the process you end up falling in love with your ideas and thinking about the future with high hopes. It shows how tremendly mature you are to accept how things turned out, and despite the fact that your movie did not become a masterpiece, the fact that you were able to finish it, in a world were dream jobs are nothing more than a fantasy for kids, is the greatest success you could possibly imagine. Thanks for the video, it was really inspirational and I wish you the best

  • james horace
    james horace 3 hours ago

    *Confused foreign country noises* What’s wrong with KFC?

  • Caleb Gonsalves
    Caleb Gonsalves 3 hours ago

    The Invigilator:- So you guys are mentally stunted? *Ten guys from the team whisper* Guy 1- Yeah..... I got a b- on my test the other day..... Guy 2- I have 99 IQ.... Guy 3- I opened my hot chocolate box the opposite side... Guy 4- I PoUreD mIlk bEfoRE mY CEreAl.... *The two guys who were actually mentally stunted* *Surprised Pikachu Face*

  • Medbread 『🍞』
    Medbread 『🍞』 3 hours ago

    Austin: "I spent over 70 dollars to get this card." Also Austin: "I quit the game 2 days after, and have never played it since."

  • 徐崧晉
    徐崧晉 3 hours ago

    Good! even a printer got microtransaction system

  • Martin Nassimi
    Martin Nassimi 3 hours ago

    Well luckily i dont have this problem xD I dont have a printer so whenever i need to print something i go to my local library and print my stuff there... Its wayyyy cheaper this way

  • Klust413
    Klust413 3 hours ago

    We have one of these nearby and the way they constructed it was ultra sucky. For some reason they chose to close down one direction to cross the overpass entirely for months.

  • LenKunZ
    LenKunZ 3 hours ago

    There is a think called “ink tank”.

  • Augusto Luís
    Augusto Luís 3 hours ago


  • Life Decoded
    Life Decoded 3 hours ago

    Whenever my anxiety kicks in I always find it helps to nervously flatten myself against a wall

  • / /
    / / 3 hours ago

    Well, he ain't gonna jump no more.

  • Jetman640
    Jetman640 4 hours ago

    just going to throw this out there maybe a bit dated but the 1995 movie *Tall Tale*, probably the only movie I would openly tell people to go watch if you want a brief overview of GOOD US folklore. emphasis on the brief

  • TheBellerafront
    TheBellerafront 4 hours ago

    can you put the full workshop here for us to watch?

  • Neonic Blade
    Neonic Blade 4 hours ago

    I know the guy at 24:17 said “I hope that ruined your day.” But in all honesty, it made me feel better. If I’m already gone, what’s the use of spending precious time thinking about me. Invest that time in the people who are there with you there and then. They’re the ones who will matter in that moment. 😄

  • Mees Visser
    Mees Visser 4 hours ago

    Best vid ever

  • Tabinda Jabeen
    Tabinda Jabeen 4 hours ago

    26:17 you sound like a freaking goblin

  • Dhruba Saha
    Dhruba Saha 4 hours ago

    Dislike this video

  • Pedro And Julio
    Pedro And Julio 4 hours ago

    *instructions unclear* landed in a toaster am currently being toasted

  • Mauro Medrado
    Mauro Medrado 4 hours ago

    Fact: Bears eat beets

  • pickle Rick
    pickle Rick 4 hours ago

    Don't land on the water Falls from an airplane in the sea

  • FlynnTheRedhead
    FlynnTheRedhead 4 hours ago

    3:21 hey look it’s Morgana

  • vidfreak56
    vidfreak56 4 hours ago

    Just like apples "you dont get to repair", printers are preventing you from fixing your own things. Id rather pay a bit higher price for a printer and be able to pay way less for ink than the other way around.

  • Fired Blaze
    Fired Blaze 5 hours ago

    § the new long s

  • FatherApex Gaming
    FatherApex Gaming 5 hours ago

    Well. Guessing I'm staying on twitch

    CORGIH HABAÑA 5 hours ago

    The retail price and the manufactoring price on apple products must have a gap as wide as the universe

  • Spencer Guentner
    Spencer Guentner 5 hours ago

    I eat McDonald's at 2am in front of my cat!

  • imJQE
    imJQE 5 hours ago

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • AyushT
    AyushT 5 hours ago

    🎅 🔫

  • John K
    John K 5 hours ago

    I like it, but I could never see Harry cheating on Ron. That seems like the kind of thing that’s way out of character for him. If he did cheat, there would have to be some extreme significant reason for it explained at the start.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 5 hours ago

    well the ewokes were cool when i was a kid...

  • AGENT_P6
    AGENT_P6 5 hours ago

    Who will they demonetize or unverify next? Brad's Wife?!

  • Simenvh
    Simenvh 6 hours ago

    Does forward momentum help?

  • Kim Jongwoo
    Kim Jongwoo 6 hours ago

    BTW fuxx the warranty just buy another printer and than make a refillable ink system just saved you a lot of money right now

  • Kim Jongwoo
    Kim Jongwoo 6 hours ago

    Bro there is a away to work away from the chip problem recoding it doesn't solve the problem tho

    • Kim Jongwoo
      Kim Jongwoo 6 hours ago

      Plus there are a bunch of hackers who decided to actually disabel the chip and made a refillable one

  • Novel Wonder
    Novel Wonder 6 hours ago

    A 12-year-old is running this stupid video website. Creators >>> Corporations.

  • Cherila Lester
    Cherila Lester 6 hours ago

    this is so frustrating on so many levels ...

  • MrToxic
    MrToxic 6 hours ago

    In croatia we have 32 letters and u call 26 letters a big deal

  • Kip Learning
    Kip Learning 7 hours ago

    I want to vomit when I go inside. Not just the uncleanliness but also the GREASE!!

  • Wahyu Setiawan
    Wahyu Setiawan 7 hours ago

    35 seconds of pure horror

  • Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen

    Sweet 👏🙂

  • tlw1950
    tlw1950 7 hours ago

    I love my soaps!

    ARLEFD 7 hours ago

    Filipinos: Ñ and Ng

    MARSHALIZA CUERVO 3 7 hours ago


  • KooKie Master
    KooKie Master 7 hours ago

    Dont read more 💩 Told ya! 💪🌑🤳 Now this boio wants to do the 👉👌 with you! 🦵 🍗

  • Jay Extarys
    Jay Extarys 7 hours ago

    PeerTube power.

  • Clembo
    Clembo 7 hours ago

    One company needs to make a good printer then it's over. Game's up.

  • Adam N
    Adam N 7 hours ago

    I've had a good experience (including wireless operation) with fuji-xerox laser printers. Got a brother one recently, hopefully works well too.

  • Zax Plays
    Zax Plays 8 hours ago


  • Miklos Koncsek
    Miklos Koncsek 8 hours ago

    Upstream Colour ROCKED

  • Adam N
    Adam N 8 hours ago

    Inkjet is the biggest printer con at the moment. I've gone to laser mono multifunction. More efficient and only one cartridge/toner. Ultra infuriating to want to print blank and white on a colour inkjet and it won't let you because a colour is low/out.

  • Ender Yılmaz
    Ender Yılmaz 8 hours ago

    or just learn how to develop web site + managing a server to host it like me so you can make money with it.

  • James Sauce
    James Sauce 8 hours ago

    I think Austin is secretly a masochist

  • Vysair
    Vysair 8 hours ago

    Those character suit really well

  • make it happen
    make it happen 8 hours ago