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  • Karol Santiago
    Karol Santiago 4 hours ago

    but why isn't she making hot cheetos?! xD

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 4 hours ago

    She needs more episodes!! I fell in love with her

  • jay jay
    jay jay 4 hours ago

    I watch why eating talkis

  • CarolinaYng
    CarolinaYng 4 hours ago

    Gourmet After Eight!

  • b0bkatt5
    b0bkatt5 4 hours ago

    Goes to kitchen to make a pineapple and green pepper pizza.

  • lizy
    lizy 4 hours ago

    fuego is the only good one lmao

  • Aira Amosin
    Aira Amosin 4 hours ago

    "I'm obviously pretty confident because I've already put the final ones on the plate and compare them to the original even though I havent tested them yet." -Claire me when i jsut want things to get it over with and ALWAYS suprisingly taste good if youre pretty confident i must say. i always put the food in the plate even though i havent tasted it and it tastes better than i thought. SO MY ADVICE: Just put it on the plate!! HAhahahha

  • Jaycubes
    Jaycubes 4 hours ago

    Every Way to Cook a(n) _____ videos: first 3 methods: *don't*

  • Sigrafix
    Sigrafix 4 hours ago

    Tostito's Lime > every other tortilla chip

  • Shea McMahon
    Shea McMahon 4 hours ago

    gaby looks like an oompa loompa

  • Adriaaanamarie
    Adriaaanamarie 4 hours ago’re officially invited to Posole & Tamale night. Thank you for your service.

  • Clau BlueMoonDRM
    Clau BlueMoonDRM 4 hours ago

    Brad cures my anxiety... ♥️

  • sarah
    sarah 4 hours ago

    25:50 😂😂

  • Dandy Prinsloo
    Dandy Prinsloo 4 hours ago

    That intro: painful 🙃

  • Iyana Valentine
    Iyana Valentine 4 hours ago

    My mom and I love the all dressed, but where ever we go they DON’T have it!☹️

  • Mas Abd
    Mas Abd 4 hours ago

    "7 inches not to big not to small" Yeah I still wish it was 7 inches.

  • Michael Kessler
    Michael Kessler 4 hours ago

    This was one of your weakest and most boring videos

  • Danny Przedpelski
    Danny Przedpelski 4 hours ago

    Naming your kid cosmo is kinda stupid not gonna lie

  • bryanna steinhoff
    bryanna steinhoff 4 hours ago

    At least Gordon didn’t spit it out in the end

  • Fadi Achkar
    Fadi Achkar 4 hours ago

    Claire I just want you to know I didn't understand why you were going though so much emotional fluctuations untill I tried to cook something by myself. It's a nightmare even with a recipe all ready to go. Now I just have so much respect and admiration for what you do. Chapeau

  • Nina-jayde Garrett
    Nina-jayde Garrett 4 hours ago

    Watching as I’m eating them

  • Wesley Cameron
    Wesley Cameron 4 hours ago

    You should add like 3 raisins to the 1st fermentation

  • T K
    T K 4 hours ago

    Cooking steak for a crowd - sous vide

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo 4 hours ago

    Try layering different cranberry sauces.

  • intown girl
    intown girl 4 hours ago

    You were good with him Carla..He was cute, tell him to go wash his hair now!

  • Zella •_•
    Zella •_• 4 hours ago

    “okay crust lady”

  • Veronic Godbout
    Veronic Godbout 4 hours ago

    C: ''you have to cover the sides. we cannot have bald sides'' A: ''you're so right, sides are so important'' ... antoni's sides are completely bald

  • Mr Burtenshaw
    Mr Burtenshaw 4 hours ago

    Classic Diresta

  • marcus marcus
    marcus marcus 4 hours ago

    So much waste going on here...

  • DontTellPike
    DontTellPike 4 hours ago

    4th episode, 5th on the title screen.

  • Prof. J Stovall
    Prof. J Stovall 4 hours ago

    0:55 Yea, you should probably lay off the cheetos..

  • WindowStudios45
    WindowStudios45 4 hours ago

    *Lots of cows were wasted while making this video*

  • Prof. J Stovall
    Prof. J Stovall 4 hours ago

    7:09 What is that in the middle of the screen?

  • Kat L
    Kat L 4 hours ago

    SOHHHLAAAA<3 of course she's a just keep flipping, she's from seriouseats!!!

  • Prof. J Stovall
    Prof. J Stovall 4 hours ago

    3:30 I about died in laughter, looks like something different than frosting. And why is she playing with it like that? Lolz

  • this is a troll account

    This guy is gonna be sick

  • Prof. J Stovall
    Prof. J Stovall 5 hours ago

    Wow, she is a big girl. You should probably lay off the twinkies.

  • Dusty animations
    Dusty animations 5 hours ago

    I'm watching this in the morning cause I was hungry and now I'm hungrier even though I a slight dislike towards eggs

  • Jonas Martens
    Jonas Martens 5 hours ago

    What happened to Carla at 21:19?

  • Mathieu Malette
    Mathieu Malette 5 hours ago

    don't use olive oil lower smoke point is bad!!! Grape seed, avocado oil are the best one for the job

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 hours ago

    someone ever tried placing takis into their mouth and then pouring wAter, and after you then chew it. Soo yummy, im cravingggg

  • Mathieu Malette
    Mathieu Malette 5 hours ago

    directly in lump wood is the best way to crust a steak and develop smoke flavor by far

  • Hannah minna
    Hannah minna 5 hours ago

    Crrrrrrhalva is how I would pronounce it, but the way I spelled it is pretty overboard😂

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 5 hours ago

    Holy sheet. Watching 6 minutes of brad going insane was intense .. just to find out he was waiting 45 minutes HAHAAHA imagine editing through that

  • z g
    z g 5 hours ago

    Those are one of my favourite chocolates and I surely will use your recipe to make my homemade ones. Thanks Claire! You did a great job. Love you!! ♡♡♡

  • J M
    J M 5 hours ago

    Um, where's Molly..................

  • Matt Dehnel
    Matt Dehnel 5 hours ago

    So here I am in public trying to watch this with no volume and only the subtitles. My god, the RU-clip algorithm really has no idea what to do about their " Tri State Guys" lingo

  • Cotes du Rhone
    Cotes du Rhone 5 hours ago

    Is this a dessert or meal?

  • Kasandra Mckenna
    Kasandra Mckenna 5 hours ago

    Umm I was served soupy potatoes and I returned my food for the first time in years. So happy we can all agree these are not mashed potatoes.

  • Eric Serrano
    Eric Serrano 5 hours ago

    Clair 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Thisainy J
    Thisainy J 5 hours ago

    We make it for birthdays, Christmas and new year. So, not in the summer.😂

  • Mitch Davis
    Mitch Davis 5 hours ago

    9646.71 grams

  • Trexi Star
    Trexi Star 5 hours ago

    How to get Oreo in less than 15 min and costs only 99c. -Drive to nearest store. -Buy Oreo packs. They taste exactly like the original. Trust me, I am an Oreo expert.

    SONIKA R 5 hours ago

    Eugene looks Sooo good

  • MJ Hansen
    MJ Hansen 5 hours ago

    I know the curse isn't a thing but it genuinely tried to get her this time by making her forget what she doing on day 3 and then she really just dunked on it by finishing

  • MNG
    MNG 5 hours ago


  • Constantin von Lingen

    So why is Alex called Delaney here and Delany in every other video? New editor? ;)

  • Alba Gonzalez
    Alba Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Yes you spicy Adonis yes stay full flavour

  • JiMbOw CrACkLe hEaD
    JiMbOw CrACkLe hEaD 5 hours ago

    She is the queen

  • Salil Barua
    Salil Barua 5 hours ago

    Does she know how much we all care for her?

  • Itz Cupid
    Itz Cupid 5 hours ago


  • Gili Mundel
    Gili Mundel 6 hours ago

    Made this and it was gone in two days seriously so so so good

  • Salil Barua
    Salil Barua 6 hours ago


  • Mung Bean
    Mung Bean 6 hours ago

    Chris: "tastes like my boyfriend".

  • Salil Barua
    Salil Barua 6 hours ago

    Claire the most beautiful pastry chef...😍😍😍😍

  • brianna martinez
    brianna martinez 6 hours ago

    I’m so sad she didn’t try the zombie ones!!!!

  • Mikayla Kamanjian
    Mikayla Kamanjian 6 hours ago


  • originalsuki
    originalsuki 6 hours ago

    Brad did a wardrobe change... Chris did not. At this moment I realize I watch this channel too much.

  • KakashiFan9000
    KakashiFan9000 6 hours ago

    Next episode: how to make gourmet oxygen

  • Robert Grieco
    Robert Grieco 6 hours ago

    8845 grams is my guess

  • esva835
    esva835 6 hours ago

    This is my first time seeing the mastermind behind "It's Alive" jokes...Matt Hunziker.

  • A Frica
    A Frica 6 hours ago

    I was having a miserable week and this Shangela lady made me laugh out loud several times just being herself here! Halleluj!

  • spice tea
    spice tea 6 hours ago

    When I was little we use to grind everything for cranberry salad. We stopped when they stopped selling the whole cranberry in our area.

  • jane park
    jane park 6 hours ago

    when she swore that was hilarious

  • Explicit
    Explicit 6 hours ago

    You should have one episode where you make gourmet stuff drunk...

  • Jenna McNellage
    Jenna McNellage 6 hours ago

    So this wasn't my favorite video. I felt it wasn't really collaborative. It felt like Claire was the only one with input and Christina just went with it. This made many of us dislike Claire

  • Bcat BB
    Bcat BB 6 hours ago

    I like to put my steak in the microwave to reheat. I don't know why theirs turn out completely cooked through because mine always turn out way better than the oven version they shown there. It's just slightly warm with a few drop of juice coming out afterwards for me.

  • really regular
    really regular 6 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion : I am obsessed with Claire. I love her. She is my everything. But she kinda overshadowed Christina alot I feel. Maybe its in my head. But it felt like Claire did a great deal of the talking and decision making. And I know they also agreed with each other alot, but it still felt like there wasn't a point where Christina made executive decisions the way cliare did

  • Sri Daran
    Sri Daran 6 hours ago

    If i can get a like for everytime he said that a cooking method was one of his favrioutes i'd have alot of likes

  • jebusgod
    jebusgod 6 hours ago

    Empanadas, the most blatant rip off of an English pasty

  • theHickalock
    theHickalock 6 hours ago

    We need a DOG! An It's Alive DOG! OOOH :D :D :D would you take care of it? ...ooh... :/

  • DismemberTheAlamo
    DismemberTheAlamo 6 hours ago

    Man I love living in South Texas. (SA). You can find all these ingredients legit in any HEB And when it comes to anything fancy and non-hispanic... theres always Central Market :P

  • luwu
    luwu 6 hours ago

    she has the eyes of ash nikko

  • Leonard C.
    Leonard C. 6 hours ago


  • Humyra Heya
    Humyra Heya 6 hours ago

    Cooking is science.

  • Dean Anthony
    Dean Anthony 6 hours ago


  • Sunshine Baking-Momma

    Freaking brad! 😂

  • Multicolored Margay
    Multicolored Margay 7 hours ago

    People are complaining about him seasoning with only salt. This is about cooking method not the full recipe. Somethings will mess with water retention or affect browning differently. He even said when doing the kebabs that adding a glaze will allow this to brown more. It’s every way to cook not every way to season......

  • Thijs Waalders
    Thijs Waalders 7 hours ago

    Brad AND Matty, this is even better then gold

  • T Electronix
    T Electronix 7 hours ago

    1:15 "I'm okay with squash...." 😕 ('Do we have to?') "I'm okaay with squash...." 😢 ('Yeah. Guess we're having squash.) Andy is not okay with squash.

  • M4RK & JH7
    M4RK & JH7 7 hours ago

    Hahahaha che buffo imitare noi italiani

  • Selma
    Selma 7 hours ago

    Need some fat in there

  • Amanda Hicks
    Amanda Hicks 7 hours ago

    I just love her energy!

  • בני ישר
    בני ישר 7 hours ago

    18:29 when you take your job seriously😂😂👍

  • lets play it
    lets play it 7 hours ago

    At 4:25 he forgot to and the cheese makes it much better

  • Luann Rouff
    Luann Rouff 7 hours ago

    "Caviar or whatever..." LMAO

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 7 hours ago

    Can you swap cornmeal for coconut flour? I just don't have cornmeal in hand

  • Gabriela Ruiz
    Gabriela Ruiz 7 hours ago

    Have you made whole wheat sourdough english muffins?

  • Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor 7 hours ago

    Omg Carla, you’re the best!!

  • Dieuw
    Dieuw 7 hours ago

    Grolsch! :)