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  • Trey Williams
    Trey Williams Day ago

    The guy is epic

  • Michael Ruelas

    I remember learning most of this stuff in my electronic music class in college.

  • THERareElement Music.

    This inspired me to sample now.

  • ZettaiBaka
    ZettaiBaka 3 days ago

    Poor Pete, gets told off for putting on jazz then for putting on rock n' roll...

  • jeff wolfe
    jeff wolfe 3 days ago

    He forgot to mention Car Button Cloth. One of best albums of the decade.

  • Andrea Juillerat-Olvera

    Great interview, her music comes straight from the heart - It's full of humanity! Big Love to Tanya Donelly. She certainly brings a lot of beauty to the world.

  • Artem Trubnikov
    Artem Trubnikov 5 days ago


  • Papa Düm Tek
    Papa Düm Tek 5 days ago

    Thanks, learned a lot, and i been using Kontakt for a few years. Just what i was looking for. Rooster on dude.

  • QritiqalMusic Kenya

    Roanoke I have really appreciated the insight the energy... I am a musician from Africa who would love to connect more and learn from you guys more feel free to connect on Instagram @qritiqals

  • Mikel Chandler
    Mikel Chandler 8 days ago

    Thx great stuff.

  • Austin Carlos
    Austin Carlos 8 days ago

    This is so helpful

  • Itz Omen
    Itz Omen 8 days ago

    Amazing Tutorial.. Thanks... But can't find the song anywhere 'amplified'

  • Lukas Pastras
    Lukas Pastras 11 days ago

    oh the possibilitiess!

  • Alex P.D
    Alex P.D 11 days ago

    What happens if I'm on a major/minor scale and I want to go to a hole tone scale?How can I go from one to the other?

  • Bobby Kane
    Bobby Kane 11 days ago

    How can someone making music is a closet studio, who's too broke to hire the right people, and is putting said music out on these streaming services find out if all things are in order with the appropriate documentation with those streaming services while we're waiting for the MMA to come to fruition?

  • patrick risch
    patrick risch 11 days ago

    sound like blues

  • goodcyrus
    goodcyrus 11 days ago

    A few examples of songs that do that would have been nice.

  • Show LíricoPopular
    Show LíricoPopular 12 days ago

    YES...!! Simple and clear...

  • Otodafe
    Otodafe 12 days ago

    Simple to follow and clear, great tutorial.

  • Tiffany Yu
    Tiffany Yu 13 days ago

    I really like this because he doesn't try to show off like the other videos, it's truly meant for beginners

  • Oskar Lindgren
    Oskar Lindgren 13 days ago

    The difference between people who get to that level and normal people is not just the devotion of getting there its also the artist characteristics youre born with, your ability to hear in perfect pitch and the ability to visualize things. Not all people can paint like Leonardo Da Vinci just by practicing enought..

  • Latettaja
    Latettaja 14 days ago

    This is a very important skill for first of all finding new things to fix in your music, but also for learning how not be a perfectionist when it comes to your music. I have finally after 7 years of making my own music started to learn how to listen to it objectively, as someone else's product, and it has been the most benefitting thing for my music ever.

  • 11Moi11
    11Moi11 14 days ago

    Thank you for the upload, very insightful. 🙏🏽

  • Mac Joseph
    Mac Joseph 14 days ago


  • Aris Aris
    Aris Aris 16 days ago

    Great tips on approaches for studying orchestration., asking an instrumentalist about their instrument can be a very informative way of learning from an expert. A creative way to gain practical experience is to orchestrate the same musical passage 3 different ways, - - with a small ensemble arrange, a full orchestral version and an arrangement for a mid sized band. This is an excellent way to compare instrumentation techniques and sounds.

  • Vegan Steven
    Vegan Steven 16 days ago

    very helpful

  • busywl69
    busywl69 16 days ago


  • Amber_pops133 Xoxo
    Amber_pops133 Xoxo 18 days ago

    The Meanings and facts of Sampling and Replayed Sample in Music Sampling is reusing a specific portion of another’s sound recording. The amount used varies; from as little as merely integrating another’s unique drum combinations or guitar rift into a song, to utilizing the entire chorus or a complete verse from a song. This action, in simplest terms, can be viewed as merely “copying” and “pasting” a portion of another’s existing sound recording into your new work. Samples may comprise rhythm, melody, speech, or other sounds. They are usually integrated using hardware (samplers) or software such as digital audio workstations. sampling can be summed up as the exploiting of recorded audio in a new composition and recording, often with differences from the original recording. The original sample may or may not be recognisable, depending on the artists’ intention to either pay homage to the sample or to entirely recontextualize it. Replayed Sample refers to using a melody-or portions of a melody (often with modified lyrics)-from a previously recorded song but re-recording the melody instead of sampling it. Interpolation is often used when the artist or label who owns the piece of music declines to license the sample, or if licensing the piece of music is considered too costly also called interpolation So that’s the meanings and facts of Sampling and Replayed Sample in Music

  • Kurdonoid
    Kurdonoid 19 days ago

    Thanks! this is very useful

  • Josh Considine
    Josh Considine 19 days ago

    what a marvellous person she is. so beautiful inside.

  • -SMP- scientific method perspective

    I like how the end clarifies the beginning

  • James Ross
    James Ross 19 days ago

    Good presentation... Thanks!!!

  • Dust Bunnys
    Dust Bunnys 21 day ago

    I’d love some even more in depth talks with this guy! In my opinion, marketing is the most time consuming aspect of being an independent musician.

  • Shantaya Radiant Soul

    Oh Man i wish he would be my teacher he seems so nice...

  • Omanji sinkala
    Omanji sinkala 21 day ago

    Yeah a strategy is essential

  • Mac Joseph
    Mac Joseph 21 day ago

    Do what you love and it will show!

  • Mary ann E
    Mary ann E 23 days ago

    seems like a really helpful process/system to write song lyrics.

  • fourtwenty fourseven

    This is the most important concept when writing & recording music. It's not music theory, it's timbre.

  • VectorShred
    VectorShred 24 days ago

    Is the compulsory mechanical license still under effect during the interim period, so long as the copyright owner is correctly identified and paid the statutory rate?

  • Mesh Music
    Mesh Music 24 days ago

    So is it fair to say that one is the "Intellectual Property Copyright" (The initial idea) and the "Recording Copyright", the copyrights of use of the musical composition as a whole?

    NOTACHANEL 24 days ago

    Eric Beall is such a well-spoken intellectual. I'm honoured to learn from him every time.

  • Nicole R
    Nicole R 25 days ago

    Sylvia sounds amazing!

  • haisooni
    haisooni 26 days ago

    I am a Berklee online Advanced Studies Student, I am thinking to take a Music Business Course. Is it related to Music Modernization or they are two different things?

    • Berklee Online
      Berklee Online 25 days ago

      Thanks for your question! If you're interested in the Music Modernization Act, some related music business courses are Music Publishing 101, Copyright Law, and Music Licensing. You can learn more here:

  • FLT1979
    FLT1979 26 days ago

    $290? That would be nice. Everything I've seen is it costs anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for an attorney.

  • And i Oop MonstaxBts

    Question: *Can you be artist, engineer and producer all at the same time?*

  • Track Junkee
    Track Junkee 26 days ago

    This is probably the most valuable context I have watched in a while. IVI is a great anchor for us as independent musicians building a brand

  • Krannaken TV
    Krannaken TV 27 days ago

    Mobile is more widely used than any other device so it makes sense to listen on a mobile.

  • Sir BigHead
    Sir BigHead 29 days ago

    Prince Charles Alexander is a cool guy

  • Hopkins Von Rabbittarius

    I'm someone who has played cover songs most of the time I've been playing, and I've been struggling with that barrier of creating my own material with intent. Today, after watching this 5+ minute video, I believe you shattered that barrier for me, and I was able to come up with two verses I felt comfortable about. Thank you so much.

  • Joe Rivera
    Joe Rivera Month ago

    I still don't understand can anyone simplify this a little more

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa Month ago

    Questions: Do you need to consider whether the thoughts are based on hypotheticals or real life? When do you let a thought go, stop developing the imagery around it, and move onto to the next one?

  • Sorena Karimi
    Sorena Karimi Month ago


  • Collins O
    Collins O Month ago

    great quality instruction, most lessons in youtube are geared towards soloing, but this is really the foundation. Songwriting, rhythm and harmony

  • P1NGÜ
    P1NGÜ Month ago

    Sounds like blues or country

  • Mike P
    Mike P Month ago

    Excellent video, thank you Berklee Online for this!

  • apenasmarcosfelipe

    thank you so much Jonathan!! You are a great teacher, we appreciate it

  • Alex Font
    Alex Font Month ago

    Can’t believe this amazing valuable information it’s just free.. Thanks Berklee for uploading this great content. Greetings from Valencia.

  • Kurdonoid
    Kurdonoid Month ago

    This is one of the best videos about songwriting on RU-clip

  • Aman Sharma
    Aman Sharma Month ago

    Cool Vid

  • Mimidhof
    Mimidhof Month ago

    Great content Jonathan... As usual while some people are giving peanuts on youtube you give the audience what matter most, clearly and without economy of information. Thank you...

  • MGP L
    MGP L Month ago

    Seems a bit strange to be able to own a single note/tone, it's almost a building block of nature and likely recreated thousands of times unintentionally. There must be a grey line here. For instance, if I take a sliver of a second (0.02 seconds) to create a sound of my own, doesn't anyone really own that or did I misunderstand?

  • alphabeets
    alphabeets Month ago


  • Bettina Puskás
    Bettina Puskás Month ago

    I envy those who can do breathy sound too, because i can not and sometimes it sounds so beautiful. I mean when you feel like the sound comes out so damn easy almost without effort. I love that.

  • Vasu Dev
    Vasu Dev Month ago

    Sometimes changing career prospects like going from session musician to standalone artist, band,, the whole favors thing when turned down comes off offensive. Havent been able to figure out the way from that one.

  • FUNky MONkEY UPbeats

    Honest i feel oh so lucky to come across your content! Yes i really appreciate this video content tehehe !!

  • J A Z Z P E R
    J A Z Z P E R Month ago

    Produced by Jason Isbell. Now I like his picking but didnt touch my heart with his voice yet. Respect however.

  • Jerica Bello
    Jerica Bello Month ago

    I want her to be my coach so bad

  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch Month ago

    He was my professor at WPU when I went. Dr. E Michael Harrington!!

  • dracumelenios
    dracumelenios Month ago

    So true, you can never play better than you can listen.

  • nico
    nico Month ago

    Something to say about the scale to use on it for melody?

  • spoddie
    spoddie Month ago

    All great advice but I guarantee he can't hear 20kHz, high frequency hearing loss reduces most people to 4kHz by mid 40s

  • nico
    nico Month ago


  • vaggelis galanis
    vaggelis galanis Month ago

    I want to play the electric guitar but it's expensive

  • Cel Lyn
    Cel Lyn Month ago

    Is humming a song copyright?

  • Alex Paclin
    Alex Paclin Month ago

    Also to ask yourself what chord tones does the melody do? Off chord tone notes create more color.

  • Alfredo Velasquez

    Thanks for your knowledge !!

  • Mark Moriarty
    Mark Moriarty Month ago

    Loudon: "You don't need a teacher. You really don't need me at all." *Proceeds to blow my head off with superbly well explained, eye-opening knowledge bombs*

  • jinjxmusic
    jinjxmusic Month ago

    Thank you so much. I've been playing guitar for so many years and have gotten in the habit of using mainly the "middle four" strings. I will play the straight chords and invert them though I believed playing in this way was more beautiful because it utilizes one of the bass notes. I recently went to a jazz camp and was quickly and politely challenged on that. A great teacher said: "So, I know you play solo so using your low A and low E work great with that. But for ensemble work, I'd like to challenge you to use your top four strings with a focus on the 3rd and 7th chords." It's sent me back to the drawing board in a way and watching this chord puzzle has me smiling ear to ear. Thanks or giving us the tools.

  • Wayne Morgan
    Wayne Morgan Month ago

    Great video thanks...

  • Jerica Bello
    Jerica Bello Month ago

    This as a run is FIRE

  • Jerica Bello
    Jerica Bello Month ago

    This is SO GOOD

  • Süleyman Inaltekin

    This guy has a uniquely white voice. Cool

  • Jerome Izspirit Beats

    Thanks for your time and energy.

  • Son Gee
    Son Gee Month ago

    She seems like a sincere nice person

  • ProducerKayo
    ProducerKayo Month ago

    This was the best video yet on music lyrics. I love that she put it in a conversation aspect then, to listen as the listener to see what the message is. This really helped me get an idea on how to start. Thank you!

  • James Ross
    James Ross Month ago

    Amazing... Intelligence, beauty... and Class!!!!

  • Tony O Face Pro
    Tony O Face Pro Month ago

    Going to grab this book. I’m one of the “older students” mentioned!

  • Jon Aiken
    Jon Aiken Month ago

    I needed to watch this. You are really good at breaking this process down into bite sized pieces.

  • omkar marchande
    omkar marchande Month ago

    Amazing tip 😀

  • Roohollah Mahjoob Khorasani

    I didn't really get it. I understand the definition but I'm not sure that it would work. can someone show me an example of this destination and sensory writing.

  • Billionita
    Billionita Month ago

    Thank you so much for this ! On this day Susan Rogers changed my entire vision of life ! 💫💛

    XWAZMX Month ago

    I'm currently a student at SAE in Cape town and this was very enlightening for someone looking into the fogg. I don't exactly know where I want to be but I know it's somewhere in this business and I'm sure I'll figure it out by looking in and making it work. Will deffs read Derek sivers book and dark horse

  • Sean Fullerton
    Sean Fullerton Month ago

    Excellent tutorial. Thanks Jeff...

  • biwas shrestha
    biwas shrestha Month ago

    How much It cost? I am from Nepal!

  • Ujjwal Dimri
    Ujjwal Dimri Month ago

    Ur voice is amazing..