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Megan Sandico - Bones
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Mr. Briggs dancing
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  • Render Unto Wotan
    Render Unto Wotan 6 days ago

    They're like 12... Fuck off.

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz 2 months ago

    Awesome! Lol

  • JacksonGeetarguy 97
    JacksonGeetarguy 97 4 months ago

    The lead guitar player needs to work just a little more on his solos then he’ll be set. Not bad dudes.

  • Su Joshua
    Su Joshua 4 months ago

    This is very creative!

  • Reaxx
    Reaxx 9 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Obama8myKFC
    Obama8myKFC 9 months ago

    Sounds like a toys r us guitar lmao

  • Mr Matio
    Mr Matio 10 months ago

    Damn... that fucking sucked but I bet you have gotten better through these years.

  • Kate McDevitt
    Kate McDevitt 11 months ago

    Oh my this made me cry such a valuable lesson don’t use your phone while you’re driving it’s not worth the risk either yours or someone’s life or death will b at risk I would never forgive myself if I was in that situation nor would I get over the fact I killed someone by stupidity. Unfortunately due to my disability and health issues I’m not allowed to drive but it goes to show how easy it is to get distracted so put your phone down while you’re in the car and if someone else is with you ask them to send the message to the recipient or leave it till you’re in a safe place Xx

  • Bb7alt
    Bb7alt Year ago

    Why am I just now seeing this ?????? Holy damn HADIZZLE!!!

  • Isaac Elliott-Arkell

    This IS good

  • FinnyFinnster
    FinnyFinnster Year ago

    I have the same problem!!! And I can’t find how to fix it

    • FinnyFinnster
      FinnyFinnster Year ago

      ZRP Studios cool, since I watched your video I checked my floyde over and over hoping to find the problem, I custom made my guitar and when I made the cavity for the floyde I didn’t make enough space for the little shaft the bar screws into, so the floyde got stuck on the wood, I’ve spent like the last 30 minutes sanding it down and it works!!!

    • ZRP Studios
      ZRP Studios Year ago

      FinnyFinnster It ended up being the “block” that I had my guitar tech install so I could go back and forth between drop D and standard. It had came lose and just needed to be secured. Best of luck!

  • Ray
    Ray Year ago


  • Apple Anime
    Apple Anime Year ago

    1:48. Just a little more excitement in your talking. It’s good and I couldn’t do any better.

  • Happy Life
    Happy Life Year ago

    I love this cover, very high quality! Do you still have the instrumental of this song? Can u pls email it to me? I'm very glad if you could help me, I really need it.

  • sticky Mcshnickens

    you got my last name

  • Ogochukwu Nwachukwu


  • Ogochukwu Nwachukwu


  • real trends_
    real trends_ Year ago

    Here is a tip I have learnt, if you make an action film to do with guns spray paint the guns cause this film looks so fake because of the orange tips and a couple of other stuff to.

  • NinaShreds
    NinaShreds Year ago

    Great tone!

  • SergeantZaf03
    SergeantZaf03 Year ago

    Ever heard of EQ...

  • cole carlisle
    cole carlisle Year ago

    i like the guitarist, the drummer is talented but he’s doing way too much for this particular song

  • jdrunner60
    jdrunner60 2 years ago

    Great video

  • bhttn
    bhttn 2 years ago

    This drummer -_-

  • LoLevi
    LoLevi 2 years ago

    Any chance you have the patch for the tone? Got a hd500 myself and would love that. Cheers

  • maria mejia
    maria mejia 2 years ago

    this is so catchy! i love you, kevin 💕

  • Angus M TV
    Angus M TV 2 years ago

    Great video by the way

  • Angus M TV
    Angus M TV 2 years ago

    what drone is it?

  • Angus M TV
    Angus M TV 2 years ago

    what do you edit on

  • Pussyeater Tyler Hill

    Unfair battle tbh XD got all the flipy guys on one team....

  • GshockProductions
    GshockProductions 2 years ago

    If aids was a movie…

  • Mateusz Wieczorek
    Mateusz Wieczorek 2 years ago

    Little FlawlessKevin <3

  • Brandon Kelley
    Brandon Kelley 2 years ago

    How does this guitar hold its tuning? Other than the pickups, other guitars in looking at have way more features

    • Brandon Kelley
      Brandon Kelley 2 years ago

      Ghost_RiderA7X the fretboard looks a little wider on the prs, which I like.

    • Ghost_RiderA7X
      Ghost_RiderA7X 2 years ago

      Brandon Kelley I was gonna get the Solar as well. I had one in the store I work at and loved it. When I met Mark Holcomb he let me play his SE and it was so incredible it changed my mind. Either way, you'll get a kickass guitar, but I personally think the Holcomb is the way to go!

    • Brandon Kelley
      Brandon Kelley 2 years ago

      ZRP Studios yah, only reason I'm considering it ^ haha. I'm also looking at the new Washburn solar16tblm and that ibanez rgd with the blue poplar top and maple fretboard. This prs has sounded then best in the videos, the Washburn has the most features, and the ibanez looks the best. Tough decision.

    • ZRP Studios
      ZRP Studios 2 years ago

      Brandon Kelley I personally haven't had any issues with tuning stability. My only real complaint about this guitar is the headstock with the big "SE" letters. Which has now been updated to a less cheesy logo.

  • Electrikz
    Electrikz 2 years ago

    . . _

  • FroztiProductions
    FroztiProductions 2 years ago

    The rest of the talent show was pretty boring after this lol

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 2 years ago

    Looking into buying one of these guitars but with the SE models along with the other models prs has produced I've always had a tuning stability problem - I know changing the nut to graph tech would help but what kind of experience are you having with this? Pros? Cons? Thank you.

    • MulletR1de
      MulletR1de Year ago

      Did you buy it, and if you did how do you like it?

  • Peter Sparre
    Peter Sparre 2 years ago

    number 140

  • MR. LU*
    MR. LU* 2 years ago

    5:38 well that was easy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Scias
    Scias 2 years ago

    Fking great song love it good taste sire, and the thwang of that guitar is perfect for it

  • Jay Reyes
    Jay Reyes 2 years ago

    Could you please tell me the preset you have on the POD? I have a HD500X

  • Anthony Grillo
    Anthony Grillo 2 years ago


  • BlueStorm017
    BlueStorm017 2 years ago

    Beast of a tone you got there

  • Kerry Dime
    Kerry Dime 2 years ago

    I just bought this guitar, fabulous pickup

  • Crummock iPhail
    Crummock iPhail 2 years ago

    Ooh, you got a nice one. I've been seeing a bunch of them with unfortunate splotches and mismatches in the quilted veneer.

  • LucKie
    LucKie 2 years ago

    Well done Zach! Commendable job for a 15 y.o

  • Emm Rouse
    Emm Rouse 2 years ago

    Hey man, do you have much trouble with tuning stability, Ive played on these and it was an issue. and alot of the playthrpugh vids that have been uploaded something is out of tune...

    • Emm Rouse
      Emm Rouse 2 years ago

      Cool thanks for the feedback. I havent managed to find anything else in my price range I like overall that isnt a floating bridge or a flat neck. So this guitar in theory should be ideal.

      FADE_FROM_VIEW 2 years ago

      it's worth doing. everything about the guitar is generally excellent though - amazing that they included the SD pickups for an SE model though.... worth the price alone.

    • Emm Rouse
      Emm Rouse 2 years ago

      AH sweet, I'm planning on upgrading the lockin tuners when I pick mine up. Maybe I'm super picky having played with locking nuts in the last 5 years...

      FADE_FROM_VIEW 2 years ago

      I've got one. Tuning stability is decent on mine, only had to tune it once at the last gig I played on 12 songs. Long term I will probably upgrade tuners. I did put a TUSQ nut on mine, which i think helped.

  • tony narvaez
    tony narvaez 2 years ago

    Why does that blonde guy look so mad

  • GoofyKo24
    GoofyKo24 2 years ago

    this is so cute, I love the choreo and the scenary is beautiful omg :)

  • Josef Michal
    Josef Michal 2 years ago

    Great playing, dude.

  • Reid Buckley
    Reid Buckley 3 years ago

    Hey man great cover, been wanting to buy this guitar forever but it's out of stock. Where did you get it from?

    • ZRP Studios
      ZRP Studios 3 years ago

      Wired Guitarist!

    • ZRP Studios
      ZRP Studios 3 years ago

      Reid Buckley I got it from Wired Guitarist! They even let me pick the top I wanted before shipping. And did a great setup and polishing.

  • Radovan Uhler
    Radovan Uhler 3 years ago

    camera Fz1000 and microphone ? and DA converter ?

    • ZRP Studios
      ZRP Studios 3 years ago

      Check the description. Mic is a Shure SM57 and the interface/mic preamp is a M-Audio Profire 2626.

  • Emmaria P.
    Emmaria P. 3 years ago

    Yes babygirl <3 sounds amazing Hadiya

  • Definitive1
    Definitive1 3 years ago

    You guys did real good, especially for some young kids. When dude in all black got loose from the chair and started walking towards the fence he was like Jason Bourne 2.0 Lol I know this was like 3 years ago. I hope you guys are still at it.

  • Connor Konen
    Connor Konen 3 years ago

    wow! just wow. I cant believe that you're in a music video! its so good. keep up the good work.

  • gorillawrestler 82
    gorillawrestler 82 3 years ago

    idk I think so

  • itsfrankierossi Tv
    itsfrankierossi Tv 3 years ago

    SHE FREAKIN KILLED IT!!! gotta love the osmo too.. its my favorite toy ever hahahaha

  • Taylor Bryant
    Taylor Bryant 3 years ago

    AHHHHH!!! Girl you killed it!!! So proud! <3

  • Colbi Richardson
    Colbi Richardson 3 years ago

    much love hadiya, so very proud of you. 💖

  • jdrunner60
    jdrunner60 3 years ago

    Excellent really enjoyed

  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe 3 years ago

    it's awesome

  • TipsyPandaz
    TipsyPandaz 3 years ago

    6:47 the kids drinking juice in the background, a couple seconds later he gets teleported into the backyard with a gun. wtf

  • The Origins TCG
    The Origins TCG 3 years ago

    Good Work

  • YouTube Trash
    YouTube Trash 3 years ago

    I found it!!

  • Nathan Skenderian
    Nathan Skenderian 3 years ago

    rally nice. I enjoyed watching that. But next time be careful for the camera man being visible in a mirror

  • Terran
    Terran 3 years ago


  • gorillawrestler 82
    gorillawrestler 82 3 years ago

    my school

    OPINS4NITY 3 years ago

    that's not black dog that's you give love a bad name

  • Victor Ezell
    Victor Ezell 3 years ago

    Great job guys !

  • YouTube Trash
    YouTube Trash 3 years ago

    Omg Flawlesskevin is one of my fav youtubers! #tb of Kevin

  • T Li
    T Li 3 years ago

    Why are there so many dislikes?! This is such an amazing video!! The acting and editing skills are great. Sure this may not be the coolest video, but keep it up, this looks amazing. Btw 3:47 the camera man in the mirror :P

  • Oliver JR Cameron
    Oliver JR Cameron 3 years ago

    I can see the camera man in one scene but apart from that.. awesome film

  • Michael Txndr
    Michael Txndr 3 years ago

    27 inch scale I would drop E that shit out of the hell

  • matthew simpson
    matthew simpson 3 years ago

    backing music is good but the singer should leave the might ZEPPLIN alone beacause she anit got no soul............

  • Michelle Telfo
    Michelle Telfo 3 years ago

    Cool for a kids project. Why so violent?

  • We Are The Weapon Experience

    why does kids make that shit?

  • YouTube Trash
    YouTube Trash 3 years ago

    Watching this in 2015

  • YouTube Trash
    YouTube Trash 3 years ago


  • Wallpaper3D3421
    Wallpaper3D3421 3 years ago

    Not bad but next time do something special not like every action film

  • Vidhart Sharma
    Vidhart Sharma 3 years ago

    blondy screwed up at first bit and concentrated more on the other dude....which screwed it up more still a good performance though

  • bearmassaro
    bearmassaro 3 years ago

    The rest of the band had "Black Dog" down. The drummer had no idea where he was...

    • fotm07
      fotm07 2 years ago

      fucking kyle smh

  • Malaysha Johnson
    Malaysha Johnson 3 years ago

    that was really good ,and soothing

  • King SHAKRA
    King SHAKRA 3 years ago

    Everyone is a critic

  • onebigchicken
    onebigchicken 3 years ago

    Played too fast but still good

  • Joshi Rebay
    Joshi Rebay 4 years ago

    piece of shit film

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 4 years ago

    3:46 Camera guy in mirror reflection

  • Rys REIGNٌ
    Rys REIGNٌ 4 years ago

    They know how to act like the italian porno actors..😂😂

  • Horton Studios
    Horton Studios 4 years ago

    What is the song at 5:58 ?

  • reinforcedtack
    reinforcedtack 4 years ago


  • Mcgillligan
    Mcgillligan 4 years ago


  • Pio cochic
    Pio cochic 4 years ago

    This is funny 😂

  • Drew Vagen
    Drew Vagen 4 years ago


  • serjin
    serjin 4 years ago

    i some how stumbled across this looking for tutorials on final cut. its so late and im so tired i just zoned out and watched the entire thing. nice job guys!

  • brodythemoviemaking guy

    Like a boss

  • Dale Persinger
    Dale Persinger 4 years ago

    That's a Powerful 55 seconds. Intense.

  • Mcgillligan
    Mcgillligan 4 years ago

    Holy shit. That's deep.

  • Rithvik RS
    Rithvik RS 4 years ago

    I highly recommend you to to use a tripod or a handheld gimbal. The video at some points looks too shaky. But the movie was great

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 4 years ago

    It was amazing!!

  • CunnininnuC
    CunnininnuC 4 years ago

    Nice work Zachy

  • Rachel Carter
    Rachel Carter 4 years ago


  • HICKS INC. Studios
    HICKS INC. Studios 4 years ago

    im batman! lol