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  • Michael Dempster
    Michael Dempster 17 hours ago

    So can you use an ozone generator as the oxidiser?

  • Timothy Berlinski

    If you use pebble aggregate or just plaster do you have to chisel away all the old plaster?

  • dukeplc
    dukeplc 2 days ago

    Love the channel Steve. Do you have a link to that flow gauge? Thanks

    • dukeplc
      dukeplc Day ago

      @Swimming Pool Steve thanks! My company is going to be sourcing some product offshore that will compete with the Pentair pump in your video. Once we are setup, I'd like to talk with you about reviewing the product (if you are interested).

    • Swimming Pool Steve
      Swimming Pool Steve Day ago

      Yes I wrote an article about them with links to where to buy which you can find here: www.swimmingpoolsteve.com/pages/flow-meters.html

  • Patrick McLaughlin
    Patrick McLaughlin 2 days ago

    I've been using this pump for the last 7 years. So far so good. www.lesliespool.com/US-Motors-AVSJ3-56J-C-Face-EcoTech-EZ-Variable-Speed-3HP-FullUp-Rated-Pool-and-Spa-Motor/EVSJ3.htm The programming for it seems to be a little more flexible. But I think the newer pumps are being designed more for those controller systems.

  • Jody King
    Jody King 2 days ago

    This is similar to how I have my pool setup. The difference is that mine is setup to have a 20gpm flow, which with my pool, pump, and filter setup runs just under 1000 rpm at 85ish watts. The 20gpm flow is enough for my chlorinator. This combined with an intelliPh has made my pool extremely easy to live with. I just monitor and track the RPM and wattage to run at that flow rate to trigger me when to clean the filter.

  • Patrick McLaughlin
    Patrick McLaughlin 3 days ago

    Thanks for this series, so really good information. I usually run my pump 12 hours at 30% power, the minimum, and 3 hours at 80% power, just enough to push the sweep. Seems to circulating the water enough. Heater is only used for the spa and no chlorinator. These variable speed pumps do seem to reduce the power costs. I'm guessing here but, they also have a soft start so it avoids that spike charge when the pump starts up.

  • Jason Norrid
    Jason Norrid 3 days ago

    I need to drill a hole through concrete to put a new 2” line in, do I epoxy it in?

    • Jason Norrid
      Jason Norrid 2 days ago

      Sorry I didn’t add this before but my pool is empty now, so no water to deal with. I will core drill and cone out the inside, replastering pool after all new pipes and skimmer is in. Do I epoxy the pipe into the concrete?

    • Swimming Pool Steve
      Swimming Pool Steve 3 days ago

      You need a water stop on the pipe to prevent water from tracking through the wall. Failing that you attempt to make your own by using a urethane around the pipe and inside the wall which helps to stop water from tracking on the pipe. You then should pack in a non-shrink grout or hydraulic water stop cement on all sides of the pipe paying close attention to the bottom dead center of the pipe which is the most leak prone area. I also like to terminate with another layer of urethane around the pipe penetration on the inside edge of the pool wall, but this really depends on your finishing detail...for example if you are plastering after all this then do the second urethane bead, but you probably can't do this if you are hoping to get away without redoing the interior surface of the pool. Honestly kind of a hard question to answer in this format, but this should give you a better idea as to a technical process that should produce reliable results.

  • Chris Currell
    Chris Currell 3 days ago

    Steve, I think your missing some key information here. Your numbers all sound good but there is nothing to compare it to. How much does a 1HP single speed pump cost to run? How does the flow rate compare? What should we be looking at for water turn over in a given 24 hours? There better be some serous savings to justify spending $1,200 on a new pump. When would the cost saving cover the cost of the pump? Currently, I run my single speed pump for about 12 hour a day - at night. I do run the pump during the day sometimes when I want the water feature fall to run. My pool is 16x32 and is about 21,100 gallons

  • Dong King
    Dong King 3 days ago

    Dont add calcium phosphate to your new concretes water mix allow it to cure slow and dry with the slurry coat bonding glue between the existing and the new concrete surfaces they need to dry as one to keep mechanical bond and no separation from occurring

  • Christopher Music
    Christopher Music 4 days ago

    I have an in.clear bromine concentrate system and was told not to use oxidizer by the company I bought it from... any idea why?

  • bs322
    bs322 5 days ago

    Interesting...but you did not mention if the finishing bond was cement, rock and sand nor if quick crete could be used. I seen other videos where the premix concrete was used to resurface. You also did not mention anything about cracks--must you do something with them or just ignore them and do the project?

  • John Burrows
    John Burrows 6 days ago

    I wish you were in my area. I’d pay you to set up my pool Pump. Looking into getting a heater, but it seems like no one knows what they’re doing anymore. Had all new wiring done and had to call another company just to fix what first one did. 😩

  • antoni rodrigues
    antoni rodrigues 8 days ago

    Absolutely. This is the correct method

  • Germany {countryhumans}

    Yeah- but what if someone was allergic to chlorine? Becuase I am so this is a scam screw this I'm leaving this video

    • Swimming Pool Steve
      Swimming Pool Steve 7 days ago

      In the pool industry pretty much every person you speak to is "allergic to chlorine" which of course is not true. Can you take a bath or shower in your house? You would not be able to if you were allergic to chlorine? What about drinking or cooking with tap water - again if you are allergic to chlorine then you can't do these things. When someone tells you they are allergic to chlorine, in 99% of cases they are not - they are sensitive to variations in the pH of the water. Sure 0,001% of people might have an actual chlorine allergy, but in the VAST majority of cases people are not allergic to chlorine. Learn to manage you pH better and you will no longer react to your water.

  • Wulf Claw
    Wulf Claw 9 days ago

    Thanks man ! Wulfy

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli 10 days ago

    Great video. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • Ivan Broce
    Ivan Broce 12 days ago

    Great tips and thank you for them. I am trying to cover w/ tile a couple of concrete walls that have uneven surface. If I use the slurry to even out the surface, and then apply the thin set on top, would the mechanical bond be strong enough to hold the tiles? If so, what proportions would you recommend for the thin set?

  • 3 ravines
    3 ravines 13 days ago

    I've been in some pretty questionable tubs..... Still breathing

  • Ibrahim Koyuncu
    Ibrahim Koyuncu 20 days ago

    Only cheap way is heat pump with SOLAR ENERJY ON GRID. SOLAR ISI BURSA/TURKEY www.solarisisistemleri.com

  • Gabby The ToyMaker
    Gabby The ToyMaker 22 days ago

    What exits below 40 degrees outside what is the current I'm done I'm doing a roof and we want a cap the entire wall plaster it or whatever the name is I'm not a concrete guy

  • Wade Mitchell
    Wade Mitchell 24 days ago

    should i open the main drain at the last minute when there is a few inches left in the pool when using a submersible pump to release pressure?

  • jomsart
    jomsart 24 days ago

    hi im doing my floors right now. i want to use pva glue but afraid of the waterproofing. it's hard to find acrylic polymer so these are my questions. 1.can I use pva glue, then finish the cement with slate seal (clear resin coating) and make it waterproof? 2. or can I use clear acrylic emulsion? is this the same as acrylic polymer?

  • Wade Carreker
    Wade Carreker 24 days ago

    Swimming pool Steve, My gunnite pool emptied seemingly overnight (over two weeks), should I suspect the hydrostatic relief valve?

  • --cLAsic--
    --cLAsic-- 25 days ago

    Why not use Gel Coat to seal a pool ? I know nothing about pools and this might sound like an idiotic question.

  • oldkid6
    oldkid6 25 days ago

    Do you still stand by this pool pump 4 years later, or is there a better one in this price point now? I'm running an old Pentair single speed and ready to make the jump to a VSP.

  • Beer400C
    Beer400C 26 days ago

    What is better, a zinc anode in the skimmer basket or an inline system in the equipment plumbing?

  • majorkonfuzion
    majorkonfuzion 27 days ago

    theres a lot of concrete evidence that this will work

  • sislau
    sislau 27 days ago

    This is literally the issue I'm facing, and you've answered the query beautifully. Thank you tons! I feel confident enough to tackle the problem. Well done. Great video :)

  • Kosine
    Kosine 28 days ago

    Any alternatives to sand? Wondering because there is actually a global sand crisis right now, as crazy as it sounds. Maybe micro plastics?

  • Haydn Allbutt
    Haydn Allbutt 28 days ago

    That's brilliant. Thanks for including actual details in your video. That was great. I have just become a first time pool owner and am a bit bewildered. There was no instructions left behind for anything so have no idea what the various levers are for or what they need to be set to or when or for how long etc. So this was a big help. Thanks.

  • Seed_drill
    Seed_drill Month ago

    I need to fix concrete railing supports. Can't really use acid, as it will eat into the metal railings. So, if I pressure wash, insert a new tube piece, cut to size, slurry then add cement, would this work? I think three inches is as far down as the old concrete has failed.

  • clare diane young

    Hi Steve I had a 21000-litre hydro pool for dogs. I am changing from bromine to chlorine. I am planning on dumping the pool but should I flush through the plant/system/filer and pipework a sodium thiosulphate solution to remove any residual bromine? appreciate your help?

  • Coronel C.c.c
    Coronel C.c.c Month ago

    How much time would i wait for the first coat to dry so i can put the patch on? Also what is the mix for the patch? Thanks!😊

  • Paul Unger
    Paul Unger Month ago

    thanks for the tip Steve I will try the concrete urethane.. thanks..

  • Dino Quiring
    Dino Quiring Month ago

    The surface can then be prepared using one of a variety of methods, including acid etching, sand blasting, shot blasting, scarifying, or bush hammering. In most cases, the rougher the prepared substrate, the better the bond. Two kinds of polyvinyl acetate (PVA) bonding agents I know of are re-emulsifiable and non-re-emulsifiable. White and Yellow Carpenter's glue respectively. White is not recommended for outdoors or damp situations but even Carpenter's glue is not exactly impervious to water either and is only "resistant". That said, I use acrylics, SBR, latex-modified, or epoxy depending on the situation and would never advise otherwise. It is more important to me to have a product designed for that use and with a proven track record.

  • xs10tl1
    xs10tl1 Month ago

    It's correct that insulation is the starting point with any method. After that it depends on location to figure out the cheapest method to get the job done. ( If you're building a pool, it should always be insulated. ) Then add Solar, Gas, Electric to supply the energy as needed.

  • Jack Mungovan
    Jack Mungovan Month ago

    Thank You Steve that was a huge save for the ignorant pool owners like myself. Much appreciated, what a great service you just provided us.

  • Solexx X
    Solexx X Month ago

    If it only starts when you hit it with a hammer, you have a short. When it hums it is usually the start cap or the start relay for the start windings. Beating it with a hammer won't fix these problems.

  • Travis Mullins
    Travis Mullins Month ago

    What if its ringing

  • Cucu Pool
    Cucu Pool Month ago

    Thank you for your video

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Some PVC cement have both in one bottle...

  • DIRGES in the DARK

    I have a fiberglass pool and the screws are rusting. Is there rust proof screws?


    Pressure testing is much to complicated for the homeowner but you don't mention you can statically dye test the plumbing for a broken pipe which is just as effective with less error. We sell a good set of dye testing cones that I use everyday instead of pressure testing ru-clip.com/video/Yc41Nmtz508/video.html

  • Fred Concept
    Fred Concept Month ago

    Hello again, to make sure there was no misunderstanding, i was talking about the pipe that leads from my main drain to the skimmer. would the pipe be okay over the coarse of the winter with water still left in it?

  • Fred Concept
    Fred Concept Month ago

    Hello Steve, you just answered the question that other pool companies could not answer for me about the main drain of my in ground pool in regards to it leading to my skimmer. For that i thank you. One other question i do have about it is, when i drain my pool below the skimmer to close for the winter, will the pipe be okay with the remaining water left in it? There's no way to drain that pipe because there's always water going in.

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    I just purchased a home in AZ with a pool - how can I tell if it's Plaster or Concrete ?

    • Timothy d Baker
      Timothy d Baker 25 days ago

      Concrete is what the shell of the pool is built out of or shotcrete geniune gunite. Plaster is the surface material of the pool that covers the shell

  • pgk1940
    pgk1940 Month ago

    This is an excellent example of a proper "how to" presentation - very informative, easy to understand, no unnecessary chit chat or attempts at humour. Thanks ever so much!!

  • Francis G
    Francis G Month ago

    I followed your instructions but found out I’m going to need another coat of Crete because the hole was to deep for one. Do I need to apply your slurry onto the second coat? Thx!!

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan Month ago

    I love in the desert and don't have any ground water since we get 3" of rain a year do I need one in my main drain ?

    TRICK-OR TREAT Month ago


  • Davidcolemanfl
    Davidcolemanfl Month ago

    My pool came with 120v two speed motor but you have to manually switch the speed but I always run it on high. I live in Lakeland Florida and I only run it about 6 to 8 hours a day in the middle of the summer. I have 240 at the pool so I’m just going to replace the motor probably this winter to a 240 V motor which would cut down my current consumption by at least a third (don’t quote me on that but it is considerable I don’t have the chart in front of me).So if you have 120 V motor upgrade to a 240 V you’ll save quite a bit without having to spend $1000. Of course if you have 240 V at your pool pump.

  • Jason Branson
    Jason Branson Month ago

    I'm about to do this tomorrow thanks for the heads up on the slurry

  • James Arceneaux
    James Arceneaux Month ago

    Just purchased the same pump , wish I would have replaced with this pump the last pump swop.

  • Sharon Dreger
    Sharon Dreger Month ago

    Damn it Steve, now I have to go out and get me a new pump. I need to stop watching your excellent videos!

  • Robert Morrison
    Robert Morrison Month ago

    I am curious about the difference of flow rates at those speeds.

    • Swimming Pool Steve
      Swimming Pool Steve Month ago

      I couldn't be happier that you asked that question. I ALSO am interested in this. Stay tuned to see videos where I go into the flow rates further.

  • Jake Romero
    Jake Romero Month ago

    Awesome video. Thanks a lot!

  • christine c
    christine c Month ago

    I'm in the process of changing out our liner. I'm waiting for the liner to be made and arrive. I was thinking of painting the coping. Which products are best?

  • christine c
    christine c Month ago

    I now have my liner out. It's been out for about a week, and we are waiting for our liner to be made and shipped to us.The pool floor actually looks really good!! However, there is some ground water weaping at a few of the seams of the polymer walls where the floor meet... , and some sand from behind the wall too. Not a lot , of water, but some. My questions are 1) should we repair these weaping areas? , or not be concerned? 2) if I am going to repair this, with what product? I see a product called Hydracrete that works on wet/weaping areas, but I don't know if it is too rough for the underside of the liner.? Or should I use pool crete? If yes to the pool crete will it bond well? I saw the video on making old concrete bond with new concrete-- It said to Clean the area well, acid wash, then make a slurry of portland cement, water and elmers glue-- then paint it on, then apply the new concrete( Or pool crete is my question?) I don't want to mess up what looks like a really decent pool floor, but I don't want to regret repairing the leaky areas either. And just FYI, we do have a sump pump in an underground barrel with holes in it to pump out ground water, and this worked well to keep out ground water from collecting under our liner. I'm open to any and all suggestions!! Thank you!!

  • dukeplc
    dukeplc Month ago

    Excellent setup. If you are a DIYer, look into buying a VFD (variable frequency drive) and feeding it with single phase power (generally 230vac). This will drive a 230vac 3 phase motor (square flange of course), and give you variable speed. The trick is to oversize the VFD's output amps (2x works) to the motor's FLA. I've got this arrangement on my pool and it works great. I can essentially run my pump year round if I want. At 40Hz, I'm at less than half the amp draw of a comparable ATL (across the line) pump motor. Those Pentair pumps essentially work the same way. They use a Danfoss drive and integrate it into one complete unit. If you do what I described above, it is less than half the cost of a Pentair unit. Example: A 3 phase, 1.5 HP square flange motor from Grainger is $330.00. Couple that with a cheap 3HP VFD from Amazon at $90.00 and you've got a total investment of $420. Compare that to over a grand for the Pentair unit. Just a thought. Love your channel, Steve. Keep up the good work.

  • Michael Sommers
    Michael Sommers Month ago

    Question Pool Steve. Since you do cement pools, maybe you might have an answer. I have very old basement floor that was done very poorly not trowled flat, very uneven. So water comes up through small holes in certain areas. !4 years ago I applied dry lock paint, it did not work. The areas the paint popped I have chipped and sanded to a feather out. I wanted to apply a hydraulic cement, however, it is not recommended to apply cement over paint. Is there a method or prep I could do in order to fix and seal this floor using hydraulic cement or something else, as I am tired of the water problem? Thank you

  • cardo
    cardo Month ago

    Congrats you got yourself a Consumer Reports grade test lab started there, best of luck with it, taking your channel to the next level. I look forward to the upcoming vids.

  • wavsunlimited
    wavsunlimited Month ago

    thanks for the info.

  • M. A.
    M. A. Month ago

    Can't wait for all the future videos your going to do with that set up. Should be great to see if the manufacturer's number are equal to what you'll get. I know in the real world there will be filters, check valves, elbows unions and other various friction causing things, but this test eliminates all those variables and aims the focus on the pump and pipe diameter. Thank you for doing this. 👍

  • Ed Janssen
    Ed Janssen Month ago

    Very helpful advice on winterizing. Good explanations! Thank you.

  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall Month ago

    calcium oxide is what causes it from what i read. it has a ph level of 5.5 and that can be bad.


    you dont need to pressure test, you need to verify a broken pipe with dye testing cones ru-clip.com/video/rRwf7obxyOk/video.html

  • MrBrianDuga
    MrBrianDuga Month ago

    Or use a product called Silpro C-21. Spray or brush it onto the joint. Mix it into the concrete itself substituting some of the water.

  • Joe Wedge
    Joe Wedge 2 months ago

    Love your videos but you need some professional help on how to hold a pike for a photo ,lol.

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 months ago

    watching this well draining my pool using my main drain XD

  • mike reed
    mike reed 2 months ago

    hi steve, can i use thinset as a slurry? i am extending an entrance pad 4".

  • Miguel and Ian
    Miguel and Ian 2 months ago

    You touch on tiles and that’s a very appealing prospect - despite the cost - but is this really an option in a Canadian climate ( Ontario )? Is it not likely that cracking or lifting of tiles is then a real issue or is there a way to avoid this? Love your videos by the way, so helpful and informative.

  • Ron West
    Ron West 2 months ago

    Good video and I'm sure it's correct because your hat matches your coveralls.

  • AJ
    AJ 2 months ago

    I agree with the chemistry part but not with the northern Plaster’s lasting longer. We close our pools for the winter months, no chemical maintenance for the most part nor any circulation at all. Winters are brutal to the entire vessel not to mention the frozen water level directly on the plaster. The freeze thaw effect is as brutal as you can get in my opinion. Besides that kudos on your video.

    • Steven Goodale
      Steven Goodale 2 months ago

      Thank you for commenting. I referenced Seattle specifically because the Pacific Northwest does not get freeze thaw conditions. Typically pools in the PNW are operated year round and the winter just means that you keep the pool circulating and keep the water from freezing. However in cold climates, like Ontario Canada for example, where there is ample freeze thaw conditions, pool plaster is basically destroyed after the first winter. I mean sure it is still there, but it takes so much damage from the ice that you could simply not compare a plaster from freezing areas to anywhere else that does not experience this.

  • Divine Nexus
    Divine Nexus 2 months ago

    what about the returns on steps. I have a gap in mine that I think is letting water fill up the steps on the inside. pool guy told me to caulk it but its a really big gap. Could something have fallen loose? I am having trouble finding information on step returns/jets and installation

  • Anthony Moszee
    Anthony Moszee 2 months ago

    That was explained well. Thank you

  • ateamofone
    ateamofone 2 months ago

    Or a bad capacitor.

  • Bugsea
    Bugsea 2 months ago

    What is Portland? I need to resurface 2 steps and also fix a corner which cracked off. Is resurfacing concrete what I will be using I keep hearing that term is that the slurry that you suggest making?

  • Bugsea
    Bugsea 2 months ago

    Thank you I need to fix my steps!

  • Aquanutpoolcare
    Aquanutpoolcare 2 months ago

    Great video. Thanks for posting.

  • Valentino Montifio
    Valentino Montifio 2 months ago

    Can I paint my concrete swimming pool with a waterproof cement base paint

  • cardo
    cardo 2 months ago

    That's a serious pump. A good overview, my Hayward Super Pump has served me well so far, an inefficient dinosaur compared to this one. From what I understand you would likely have to redo plumbing if you change brands. Unfortunately our season here in the Northeast U.S. has come to an end, it doesn't last too long here Memorial Day to Labor Day then borrowed time. Would be hard to justify the cost of a pump like this one.

    • cardo
      cardo 2 months ago

      Thanks for the response, will consider one.

    • Aquanutpoolcare
      Aquanutpoolcare 2 months ago

      If you have a Super Pump then the plumbing is the same. Very easy to change over. The savings on your power bill and possible rebates from the power company makes it worth it.

  • oldkid6
    oldkid6 2 months ago

    My pump trips at startup, I had a pool guy come out and tell me the circuit breaker amp was too low at 20 amps, and I needed to upgrade to 25 amps since it takes more "juice" to get the pump started then it powers down to about 18 amps to run continueously. My question is, how could this be true after owning this house/pool pump for over two years and now it's just beginning to happen?

    • vegas1a
      vegas1a Month ago

      @SaltySnook FWIW, I was at my local Oktoberfest this weekend and talked to a pool guy at his booth about these issues. At that time I had not read your comments on this topic. He said to replace the breaker, but did not ask or mention anything about the breaker size. His thoughts were that the breaker is old, in my case 35 or 36 years old, and the age/wear and tear is the issue for why my pump is very often shutting down and listing the OVERCHARGE Alarm. He also mentioned removing the original pump timer (which I only use as an ON/OFF switch) because of its age and is redundant, and wiring direct from the wall outlet to the pump, but my pigtail is too short. One other odd thing with my pump is that when it won't start properly, and gives me the OVERCHARGE Alarm, I shut it off at the wall timer, give it a few minutes OFF time then restart. whether it runs or not, the clock timer resets to 12:00AM, BUT the Start time, Stop time and pump speed do not lose their settings, strange. This AM it took me 45 or so minutes before this junker would finally run. It tried and failed 5 or 6 times, but finally started running when it did not try to Prime and dropped into the 1500 RPM speed set.

    • SaltySnook
      SaltySnook Month ago

      the breaker controlling a circuit should be 125 percent of the continuous load (maximum current expected to last for three hours or more). 17.5 FLA × 1.25 = 21.875 amps. (25 amp breaker) simply increasing the size of a circuit breaker without also increasing the wire size can lead to a potentially dangerous situation that can result in fire and death.

    • oldkid6
      oldkid6 Month ago

      The amperage rating is 17.5 for the motor and it's at 1.5hp hooked up to a 20amp circuit. And yes, it's a two switch breaker box, next to it is a 15amp circuit that powers a GFCI outlet that runs my lawn irrigation system. I made sure they don't run at the same time but that didn't help.

    • oldkid6
      oldkid6 Month ago

      Not yet because it's still "working", but I plan to, also, because pool season is over I won't be using .the pump as much.

    • SaltySnook
      SaltySnook Month ago

      What is the amperage rating of your motor? How many amps is it pulling? Is there anything else on the pump electrical circuit?

  • Andrew Grenoble
    Andrew Grenoble 2 months ago

    hi, ¿I can use nitric acid instead of muriatic acid?

  • Rip Tide
    Rip Tide 2 months ago

    I only found out about this after trying so many times on a small patch and it keeps failing. This confirms my mistake. ty

  • CaptZattack
    CaptZattack 2 months ago

    Hey bud Deciding weather to install vinyl vs fiberglass. Many are pushing me towards fiber. Cost is about 15-20k more. I need an honest opinion If I should go with fiber or save cost and do vinyl

  • Jordan 236
    Jordan 236 2 months ago

    What is the best type of paint to paint a FIBERGLASS pool or slide that is being used in chlorinated water?

  • 777
    777 2 months ago

    thumbs up for the white glue pearl. Blessings!

  • Nichole Dicarlo
    Nichole Dicarlo 2 months ago

    I was told u can use drylock paint is this true?

  • Lazy Mitchell
    Lazy Mitchell 2 months ago

    So this bonding slurry is to be applied instead of the bonding agent alone? Then you apply the concrete on top afterward?

  • Aquanutpoolcare
    Aquanutpoolcare 2 months ago

    Glad you are running again. Lets do a good push and get you there!

  • Michael Crosby
    Michael Crosby 2 months ago

    Hard to find info about this. Well explained, thank you.

  • christine c
    christine c 2 months ago

    should I consider placing a foam pad under my inground vinyl pool liner?

  • christine c
    christine c 2 months ago

    We are in the research phase of replacing our pool liner. There are zero installers to be found in our area. Therefore we will have to DIY it. My question today is regarding the prep work needed to repair the floor prior to installing the liner. I recall our builder saying he used pool krete . Is this the same as vermiculite? Will this product need to be shielded from rain. It is likely we will be doing the repairs to the floor, replacing gaskets, etc.. then on a different weekend, be dropping the liner in place. Your videos have been very helpful in the research .

  • Jacob BAMBAM
    Jacob BAMBAM 2 months ago

    Cake batter.

  • rica caballero
    rica caballero 2 months ago

    newly subscribed. but cried when you said you must put glue to make it effective. i have finished it already huhuhuuhu

  • Valentino Montifio
    Valentino Montifio 2 months ago

    Hi wish is the best paint to paint a concrete swimming pool waterproof cement base paint or waterproof oil base paint or chlorinated rubber paint

  • C I
    C I 2 months ago

    I will be mixing and pouring 42bags (80lbs)..in a wheelbarrow tomorrow in the morning, before I go to work. My previous slabs held up perfect and the finish also looked great. So thanks for trying to demotivate people. I'd rather save the $2,000 in 4hours..if you are motivated, have sufficient rebar installed and gallon bottles of water lined up, your consistency will be right on.

  • Snow G
    Snow G 2 months ago

    Will putting construction adhesive on top of old concrete help with bonding?

  • Tony Formosa
    Tony Formosa 2 months ago

    Would a 6HP shop vac be sufficient to blow out the suction line?

    • M. A.
      M. A. 2 months ago

      I tried it last year and didn't see a proper thrust of water. I plugged the skimmer line (to make sure no water got in it), I then ordered a pool pipe blower from amazon, its called "Air Supply 41281002" its orange in color and costed about $320, it was 3hp but great reviews. I received it 2 days later, I then removed the plug and attached the blower and saw a massive amount of water being thrusted/ejected from the skimmer line. I returned my shop vac to home depot the next day. It was a Rigid shop vac 6hp and I figured it's 2x the strength of the blower that 3hp and a 1/3 of the cost, but it just didnt generate enough force to blow the lines out. I'd rather spend $200 more and save thousands. Hope that helps.

  • B M***s
    B M***s 2 months ago