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  • BC Evans
    BC Evans 6 minutes ago

    Thanks for the review. One thing is although as you mention it doesn't have official certified IP protection in reality it is protected a great deal for this as shown in this video from JerryRigEverything which just came out today where he opens up the phone. As he mentions maybe they just didn't want to pay for the certification. I did see another video where he submerged it in a bucket of water for 30 minutes and it still worked just fine. Also these don't have an SD card slot as you mention at the end here but, as your website points out, just a Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by). Just bought a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Global Version with more frequency bands) 6GB/128GB (8GB/256GB not available here yet) about a week ago for $396 USD, down from $442 after a 10% off coupon was applied. Seems great so far. Doesn't have OIS in phone image stabilization but just EIS. And it's missing a few other things. But it has a lot of higher end flagship features which until now we couldn't get for this price. Thanks again for the review. :)

  • Eric Parlatore
    Eric Parlatore 18 minutes ago

    Love my s10 plus

  • Mustafa D
    Mustafa D 35 minutes ago

    You are soo beautiful. :*

  • Samuel Esayas
    Samuel Esayas 47 minutes ago

    The only big disappointment is that it doesn't have android 9 pie

  • אלון שליטנר

    Xiaomi Mi A3 is very good. Anyone who wants to buy cheap will click here

  • Shahid The gamer

    Watching on Note 6 pro ✔️✔️✔️😋

  • Upcoming Smartphone 87

    Realme XT review???

  • Dennis Galigao
    Dennis Galigao Hour ago

    Whats the price???

  • Alsaid Alkoot
    Alsaid Alkoot Hour ago

    Waiting for note8pro

  • Vinay Gharat
    Vinay Gharat 2 hours ago

    worst reviewer 🤣

  • ninja 00
    ninja 00 2 hours ago

    So wich is good oppo f11pro or a50

  • Haitham Mohamed
    Haitham Mohamed 2 hours ago

    Good review 👍

  • minus minoas
    minus minoas 3 hours ago

    bought this one for my GF. honestly, anyone complaining about the resolution its a "tech spoiled" to me.

  • Hah Aha
    Hah Aha 3 hours ago

    It's over a cm thick with a case.

  • I hate wasted food
    I hate wasted food 3 hours ago

    i wish my brith day November 1 got new phone because my phone (LG PRO) use 10 years every day work work work work work to pay family use can you give me ? sorry my request may be too much

  • Richard Alberio
    Richard Alberio 3 hours ago

    Does Mi 9T Pro have 1080p 60fps video recording?

  • Alokesh Bora
    Alokesh Bora 3 hours ago

    You forgot to mention the 27W fast charging option on the k20 pro that the k20 doesn't have. The k20 pro also has a hi-fi dac. You need to enable it in options to get better quality output through good quality headphones

    • Alokesh Bora
      Alokesh Bora Hour ago

      @Ernesto Gonzalez go into the settings and search for hi-fi audio. You'll get the option

    • Ernesto Gonzalez
      Ernesto Gonzalez Hour ago

      How do hoy set up the Hi-fi DAC in the phone ? Is there a Dolby Digital option?

    NOORUL ARIFIN 4 hours ago


  • calvin yip
    calvin yip 4 hours ago

    Angie your beautiful

  • Mikael Meyerhöffer
    Mikael Meyerhöffer 4 hours ago

    Can anybody who got the a40 confirm that it support ldac (bluetooth codec)? Thanks in advance.

  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion 4 hours ago

    I love Hide front Camera feature,I would like to watch a Movie without seeing a dot on the screen

  • Sladjan Ristic
    Sladjan Ristic 4 hours ago

    Are you all so fucking ugly in gsm arena?

  • Carmen Gomez
    Carmen Gomez 5 hours ago

    I think it's cool that Samsung came out with 2 versions of the note 10. What I don't like is that on the Note 10, it doesn't have the same screen resolution as the note 10 plus, and it doesn't let you put in an sd card. In the s10 and s10 plus they both have the same screen resolution and micro sd slot. The note 10 although $100 cheaper than the note 10 plus, it's still a pretty expensive phone, for Samsung to have taken out the 2 features I mentioned for the Note 10.

  • Nawal Ansari
    Nawal Ansari 5 hours ago

    People whining about SD 660 - How do you expect Premium Build quality + Top of the line Zeiss optics and still want a top of the line processor in a Mid Ranger phone? Go spend 700 on a OnePlus or something.

    • Nawal Ansari
      Nawal Ansari 5 hours ago

      And don't forget how your Chinese unrealme's perform apart from the processing

  • Rajesh Goparaju
    Rajesh Goparaju 5 hours ago

    Do some videos on redmi k20 please....

  • AuraBless
    AuraBless 5 hours ago

    what a cute reviewer, nice job GSMArena 😜 I kinda want this phone tbh, way more bang for the buck than iphone 11..

  • amit yoel
    amit yoel 5 hours ago

    Does the face unlock works in US?

  • سلطان السلطان

    I like u!

  • potatoes gonna potate

    Your vocabulary isn't filled with 'plenty' of words.

  • Rick Bhattacharya
    Rick Bhattacharya 5 hours ago

    The biggest issue with xaomi is the UI . The MIUI is bloated, don't get updates every month , comes with Ads and a ton of things the you don't need and slowdown the handset

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl 5 hours ago

    i wish the chin were symmetrical

  • İbrahim Halil AĞIR

    Keşke turkiyede olsa

  • Deep Modi
    Deep Modi 5 hours ago

    Watching on my K20 pro😁

    • Deep Modi
      Deep Modi 5 hours ago

      Btw if u use the HiFi sound option, the headphones sound really really good. Do try it

  • Lorraine Gooden
    Lorraine Gooden 5 hours ago

    Mine arrives tomorrow

  • Kushwant Singh
    Kushwant Singh 6 hours ago

    Angie is {love }

  • Nacht und Nebel
    Nacht und Nebel 6 hours ago


  • Predrag Šantić
    Predrag Šantić 6 hours ago

    I have question is red magic 3 12gb 256gb on chinese and can it be on english

  • Bombdasher
    Bombdasher 6 hours ago

    for those who don't have a mi9t pro yet... these are stuff that I was worried about that no many mentioned. However those problems were non existent. These are my statements. MiUI on the mi9t pro has NO ADS on notification bar at all. ALso non existent on xiaomi apps. Speakers are good coming from an audiophile... Not mind blowing speakers but nothing bad at all. Was worried could only hear sounds on right ear but its pretty balanced on both ears. If youre wondering if u should go for this or OnePlus 7, this has a bigger battery and it did saved me 2 times as it last longer than the oneplus 7 by 1 hour so i would pick this over that any day.

    • Agustín Guglielmone
      Agustín Guglielmone 3 hours ago

      I am a Galaxy S8 user, and would love to get an S10, but I'm seriously thinking about this one now, saw comparisons and this one is better in some ways and still much cheaper. But, there are some stuff I'm doubting about. The S8 and S10 have 2K screens and this one is 1080p, do you know if that makes much of a difference? Also, I love Samsung's customization layer on Android and I'm not that convinced about Xiaomi's.

  • justin sullivan
    justin sullivan 6 hours ago

    You seemed to have skipped the importance of using this phone as a hotspot, which really should be its highlight. (speeds are excellent) The summary should have been something like this: The Nokia 8110 is a basic phone that will allow you to have meaningful conversations with other human beings, while also providing the ability to have a 4G hotspot. This allows you to be connected to the matrix at 4g speeds, and be way cooler than everyone else around you. ;) Great review!

  • BalabaK Gg
    BalabaK Gg 7 hours ago

    It is safe to buy from AliExpress?

  • kKu LapPu
    kKu LapPu 7 hours ago

    I want that package

  • AstoundingJB
    AstoundingJB 7 hours ago

    Easily one of the best review for completeness and details on this smartphone. Congrats, I didn't know your channel but I'm likely going to follow it from now

  • Zaavik Arzaan
    Zaavik Arzaan 7 hours ago

    I Love U!💓 You are so Cute!🥰😍😉

  • MSC TheGamer
    MSC TheGamer 7 hours ago

    I'm getting it for performance, don't really take photos

  • Absolute GamerT
    Absolute GamerT 7 hours ago

    1:50,It has an AMOLED display,not Super AMOLED.

    • Emanuel Rizon
      Emanuel Rizon 7 hours ago

      Mi9T/K20 has amoled, the Pro one has Super AMOLED.

  • MSC TheGamer
    MSC TheGamer 7 hours ago

    JerryRigEverything already did a teardown. Awesome phone x

  • Tazboy
    Tazboy 7 hours ago

    SULTAN Mustapha Jallaludin Pasha Han zindabad 👍🌹💪

  • Sarmad Senk
    Sarmad Senk 7 hours ago

    You saxy

  • Mitch
    Mitch 8 hours ago

    not looking for a new phone. Watching for Angie.

  • Varun Ashrit
    Varun Ashrit 8 hours ago

    Im in love with you

  • s27z
    s27z 9 hours ago

    Great review!

  • yanko kolev
    yanko kolev 9 hours ago

    My current device is Nokia 7 plus, it's a very good phone #verypleased. I would love to see the review of 7.2 PS. Angie, be careful with dark color nail polish 😉

  • King Meed Spin
    King Meed Spin 9 hours ago

    xiaomi is reaally going for the performance and not even reducing any feature

  • Sree Vathsa
    Sree Vathsa 9 hours ago

    I don't want the review. I've come to hear your voice

  • maz 89v20
    maz 89v20 9 hours ago

    Best phone ever

  • Timothy Koh tkrh
    Timothy Koh tkrh 9 hours ago

    1:15 there is no micro SD card slot

  • BassLineJunkies
    BassLineJunkies 9 hours ago

    I see that people in BlackBerry are retarded

    Im TOTATONNY 10 hours ago

    So cute and great review

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 10 hours ago

    K20 Pro or OnePlus 7?

  • Philippe Poe
    Philippe Poe 10 hours ago

    You d better not waste time with ream ennemies stuffs and not buy chinese phones they are all bugged and spied by the corp making them...all tied to ccp.

  • Mystic Star
    Mystic Star 10 hours ago

    I can't find any information on whether or not the in display fingerprint sensor will work with a case on the phone or not does anyone know?

  • combathotdog
    combathotdog 10 hours ago

    Mi9t is just 60USD less where I’m from. Snapdragon 855 is a lot to give up for for that price difference. If you’re that broke you’re better of with the redmi note 8 pro.

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh 10 hours ago

    She pretty ♥️

  • ONE
    ONE 10 hours ago

    Should have ufs 3.0 90hz 1440p HDR 10plus

    • ONE
      ONE 7 hours ago

      @KEN BEE why would you do that jake

    • KEN BEE
      KEN BEE 10 hours ago


  • Yuchen Liu
    Yuchen Liu 10 hours ago

    Redmi K20=Mi 9T Redmi k20 pro= mi 9T pro It’s just different names when you buy it in different countries

  • contemplating justice
    contemplating justice 10 hours ago

    tell me please, where can i buy version note 10 plus with FM RADIO. thanks in advance))

  • contemplating justice
    contemplating justice 10 hours ago

    tell me please, where can i buy version note 10 plus with FM RADIO. thanks in advance))

  • lebron's hairlinerider

    when ill make you pregnant?

  • stana916
    stana916 10 hours ago

    OMG you drive me crazy :D with the phone notification sounds I looked at my phone twice 01:40 and 02:28 and 03:37 & 03:57...:D

  • TheMrFishnDucks
    TheMrFishnDucks 11 hours ago

    Does anyone know if there is a single flagship killer phone that has pure android/android 1?

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty 11 hours ago

    Shit she is cute

  • Samuel Licious
    Samuel Licious 11 hours ago

    Just get yourself the k20 pro and install an Aosp based custom rom.. and boom! You're the goat 🐐

  • TheLiasas
    TheLiasas 11 hours ago

    Cool presentation by the girl, although one would expect from someone makign a vid like this to not screw up releasing it with errors such as saying that it has an sd card slot (which it doesn't), and also: you started the video making the question about whether the price hike over the regular 9t(non-pro) was worth it, but failed to objectively (and also important for me/many) n personally answer to that question. Did the pro feel any faster than the regular? What about performance degradation due to thermal throttling while on long game sessions? Considering the final quality difference that can be appreciated from the 4k vid recording, you think its worth it over the extra storage consumption in this case? (with many phones the quality diff between 1080 n 4k is so negligible that 1080 is just better all around)

  • Odin Son
    Odin Son 11 hours ago

    OnePlus 7 is better if you can increase your budget by little in India.

  • M 97
    M 97 11 hours ago

    I love you.

  • marek kora
    marek kora 11 hours ago

    Very sympathy girl 🙋🏽‍♂️

  • Divyansh Singh
    Divyansh Singh 11 hours ago

    1.45 indian songs... Singer was badshah

  • show5stoper
    show5stoper 11 hours ago

    angie I Love You

  • Miguel Apawan
    Miguel Apawan 11 hours ago

    Can i ask question?What is the brand or the name of your headphone?

  • Physiology Shark
    Physiology Shark 11 hours ago

    (Still) Waiting this beast to be sold in my country 😪🇮🇩

    • Physiology Shark
      Physiology Shark 10 hours ago

      @Mobile Legends Video Phones without official warranty will be blocked due to unregistered IMEI

    • Mobile Legends Video
      Mobile Legends Video 10 hours ago

      order from aliexpress

  • Grimm Reaper
    Grimm Reaper 11 hours ago

    U are so beautiful so the picture looks good at every phone

  • ami noyon
    ami noyon 11 hours ago

    #gsmarena finally u did a video on takes too much time.

  • Mano RK
    Mano RK 11 hours ago

    why are you in the kitchen?

  • Aseef Hussain Mollik
    Aseef Hussain Mollik 11 hours ago

    Eagerly waiting for the full review. Please make it quick.

  • Amrit Kumar Sahoo
    Amrit Kumar Sahoo 11 hours ago

    This phone is awesome just like you ♥️

  • Shadow Ambush
    Shadow Ambush 11 hours ago

    Just bought it yesterday. All i can say is, this is the most amazing phone i have ever used

  • Probir Ghosh
    Probir Ghosh 11 hours ago

    Samsung and Apple both cheats customer with price tag..

  • Amrit Kumar Sahoo
    Amrit Kumar Sahoo 11 hours ago

    Redmi K20 pro = MI 9T PRO

  • Amrit Kumar Sahoo
    Amrit Kumar Sahoo 11 hours ago

    Redmi K20= MI 9T

  • Carlo
    Carlo 11 hours ago

    Wow a headphone jack

  • Jimmy Alghazaly
    Jimmy Alghazaly 11 hours ago

    This is the phone camera's review.. not the whole phone's one

  • Saitama
    Saitama 11 hours ago

    Selfie flash???that just blinds you nothing more

  • Ty L.A
    Ty L.A 12 hours ago

    She's cool.

  • Md.shaon Prince Shuvo
    Md.shaon Prince Shuvo 12 hours ago

    I'm happy with my pocophone F1... don't need to buye anything soon

    RR GAMING 12 hours ago

    please make a video using Indonesian

  • Francis_ Sy
    Francis_ Sy 12 hours ago

    Should i get this or samsung a50s?

  • Saeed Nori
    Saeed Nori 12 hours ago

    Mi 8 lite or p30 lite??

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar 12 hours ago

    Who is she? 😍😍

  • merkkis
    merkkis 12 hours ago

    Just ordered this on friday. Need to wait till 27.9. when the place I bought it from gets that on their stock.

  • Dan Whitaker
    Dan Whitaker 13 hours ago

    Just ordered this phone to replace my Moto G7 plus, mainly because I'm sick of massive smartphones and the SE is about as small as you can go and still get great performance.