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  • Ruby Lady06
    Ruby Lady06 6 hours ago

    Looks AMAZING! I'm gonna try this but without the noodles since I'm on keto...thank you for sharing!

  • Linda Stitt
    Linda Stitt 10 hours ago

    I "liked" your FB page but there's no 'search' area for me to search for specific recipes like this one for the chocolate chip muffins.

  • Sarah Joseph
    Sarah Joseph 10 hours ago

    Best brine and best Turkey recipe πŸ‘

  • rachel baseman
    rachel baseman 11 hours ago

    Love this it's simple ty 😘😘

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 12 hours ago

    First time trying tofu (used it instead of the beef but followed your recipe exactly with everything else) and goddamn it was actually good! Thanks for the amazing recipe

  • Gustave Nishimirwe
    Gustave Nishimirwe 13 hours ago

    My favorite part was lil boy eating with his hands

  • Monique Mosley
    Monique Mosley 15 hours ago

    I made your Alfredo chicken pasta video and eating it right now. So good! Chicken pot pie looks delicious but Please bring back your mukbang after u finish cooking!

  • Krishni Bandara
    Krishni Bandara 18 hours ago

    i tried this and it is amazing!!!!!

  • Ronney Rendon
    Ronney Rendon 19 hours ago


  • Capt K
    Capt K 19 hours ago

    I❀️😍ya Claudia, I use your recipes as a guide to some great meals for the family, thank you

  • Marita Guede
    Marita Guede 21 hour ago

    Yummy πŸ˜‹

  • P Short
    P Short 21 hour ago

    Honey, garlic and chicken, you can't loose.

  • Leon D.
    Leon D. 22 hours ago

    Thank you for the recipe it looks delicious!!! Making it tonight!πŸ‘

  • Lu Lima
    Lu Lima Day ago

    i already did this chicken recipe 2. i think i will do for Christmas or Thanksgiving. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️


    What kind of soy sauce?

  • Kevin Evans
    Kevin Evans Day ago

    Scrumptious looking. Will try it. Thank you for the recipe.

  • alex canlas
    alex canlas Day ago

    Thanks, Claudia. Looks delicious. What oven settings do you recommend for this fab dish?

  • cami mani
    cami mani Day ago

    Omgosh, that looks so delicious! I will make this for sure! Just started watching your channel and subscribed!! Now I'll need to backtrack and watch all your vids lol! TFS!

  • Penchord
    Penchord Day ago

    good job

  • S S
    S S Day ago

    Please do a chicken crust pizza:) I tried making it the other day and thought that you'd be able to make it your own and it would come out super flavorful. It was healthy too!

  • C P
    C P Day ago

    Not a fan of poking holes in Chix But all good

  • Mike10001977
    Mike10001977 2 days ago

    Can this be frozen into portions once cooked ?

  • Sarahlaine Calva
    Sarahlaine Calva 2 days ago

    The baby hand at the end😒

  • GamingWithMus
    GamingWithMus 2 days ago

    How could I make this without using bacon as a band to hold it together? Would it fall apart?

  • Richard Gobin
    Richard Gobin 2 days ago

    Add cilantro & mushrooms

  • Bie E.
    Bie E. 2 days ago

    Besides the milk products, this is damn near Keto friendly! Thanks!

  • Mr Shah
    Mr Shah 2 days ago

    Making this tonight, love the editing, straight to the point and a delicious recipe, thanks for uploading this : )

  • Gustavo Ramos
    Gustavo Ramos 2 days ago

    Made this last night. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  • Zionicia G
    Zionicia G 2 days ago

    Alhamdulilah, this was great. Made it last night. I used chicken breast instead. Also, I put the sauce on the top of the chicken as well. Can't wait to make again.

    • Crista Magsee
      Crista Magsee Day ago

      I wondering about that... glad to hear that pouring some sauce over chicken would work too....

  • T. Michelle Davis
    T. Michelle Davis 2 days ago

    What type of white wine did you use? How much did you use?

    • Lucia Diaz
      Lucia Diaz 2 days ago

      @T. Michelle Davis I used cooking white wine but in the video she did say to use regular white wine.

    • T. Michelle Davis
      T. Michelle Davis 2 days ago

      Hi was it cooking wine or regular wine? TIA

    • Lucia Diaz
      Lucia Diaz 2 days ago

      @Cooking With Claudia thank you Claudia and this soup turned out delicious I will definitely make it again

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia 2 days ago

      yes i used half cup. I'll add that to the ingredients

    • Lucia Diaz
      Lucia Diaz 2 days ago

      I just used cooking wine and I used a half of cup that was my guess since she never replied back to me.

  • Trickster
    Trickster 3 days ago

    i just tried making the sauce and it’s watery... why is yours thick? lmfao

    • Klumzee TTV
      Klumzee TTV Day ago

      Trickster must’ve done something wrong , I made this tonight and it came out perfect

  • Joey Ade
    Joey Ade 3 days ago

    I love this recipe only with chicken breasts instead.

  • maa4747
    maa4747 3 days ago

    What is the temperature of the pan?

  • Ericka Woodard
    Ericka Woodard 3 days ago

    What temperature do you put your stove on for the broil?

  • AA K
    AA K 3 days ago

    Could I use chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs?


    Hi, i tried your recipe and it was delicious, a total success with my husband, he really liked it.... I live the creamy sauce and all the flavours go very well together. Tha k You

  • Travel The World
    Travel The World 3 days ago

    Hey guys, what does this taste like? Is it like similar to creamy Alfredo? Just wondering because my husband doesn't like that flavor.

  • MB Embroidery
    MB Embroidery 3 days ago

    Switch brown sugar with 1/2 cup honey!...healthier option and tastes better IMO.

  • Charnese M
    Charnese M 3 days ago

    Omg your really expanding my palate πŸ₯°

  • Charnese M
    Charnese M 3 days ago

    Omg Lady- your good creations are everything!!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯° thank you

  • Ramona
    Ramona 3 days ago

    Towards the end of the video when you were taking a scoop out of each bowl my 2 y/o came in my room and said "mmmm, yum yum" πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚

  • Mitzi Vanorsdale
    Mitzi Vanorsdale 4 days ago

    Simple and delicious. Thanks

  • Kayla Cooper
    Kayla Cooper 4 days ago

    Would like to know the exact measurement

  • Nibiru8383
    Nibiru8383 4 days ago

    Just made this last night're a genius. This was waaaaay too good! This is my new "go-to"

  • Mitzi Vanorsdale
    Mitzi Vanorsdale 4 days ago

    Made this and it came out so delicious. Thanks

  • uprite88
    uprite88 4 days ago

    Not to be critical, but too many carrots which sweetens the soup too much.

    • Ramona
      Ramona 3 days ago

      That's the best part!

  • Linda Banks Ford
    Linda Banks Ford 4 days ago

    Cooking this now, I’m hoping it turns out right because my family is PICKY eaters...πŸ™πŸΎ

  • Lili Mazzu
    Lili Mazzu 4 days ago

    I just made this, omggggg it is super delicious πŸ˜‹ thank u for the recipe! ❀️

  • Sammy Sammy
    Sammy Sammy 4 days ago

    Honestly you ruined my diet nowπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

  • Yasmin Sarkar
    Yasmin Sarkar 4 days ago

    I made this for dinner tonight - I am learning to cook . It was delicious and easy to make . Thank you so much

  • Stacey Thompson
    Stacey Thompson 4 days ago

    Do you have to preheat

  • Hessa Mates
    Hessa Mates 4 days ago

    OMG I tried it today. I love you! Everyone is so proud of me and Im proud of myself. Thank you so much you're so clear.

  • Michael Mendillo
    Michael Mendillo 4 days ago

    I have everything in my fridge but the Chicken !!!! Lol !!! Just joking ,,,looks absolutely amazing Claudia !!! TY Honeypie,, πŸ˜πŸ–’βœŒπŸ•‡πŸ’•πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—

  • Denise Brown
    Denise Brown 4 days ago

    Girl I'm headed out right now for my missing ingredients, I'll let you know if I got a good outcome, thanx!

  • cami mani
    cami mani 5 days ago

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was excellent! I'm looking forward to trying more of your recipes. So yummy and easy to prepare! TFS!

  • Bie E.
    Bie E. 5 days ago


  • 4kentheroad
    4kentheroad 5 days ago

    Making this for dinner tomorrow night!

  • Fadi A2LA
    Fadi A2LA 5 days ago

    Thank you A+ ❀️

  • Adrienne Gould
    Adrienne Gould 5 days ago


  • Princess Clinton
    Princess Clinton 5 days ago

    I’m glad I knew to oil the foil

  • brwnish eyes
    brwnish eyes 5 days ago

    I might have left a comment last year but this is delicious, smooth and creamy. I use a whole bag or small container of spinach and chop it down some. We eat it with my house award collard greens! Everybody raves over this. Thanks again, Claudia!

  • John Davis
    John Davis 5 days ago

    Undercooked onions would kill me. You need a new skillet. I would use something other than bread

  • Prophetess Wendy Williams

    Love your recipes, but still waiting patiently on biscuits recipe.

    MOISES DIAZ 6 days ago

    Who else love how she talk and explain everything? I do

  • Fasika Olusegun
    Fasika Olusegun 6 days ago

    Who are the sad sods that disliked the video????? 🀬🀬🀬

  • LuchoPortugayo
    LuchoPortugayo 6 days ago

    That rub underneath the skin look FABULOUS!!!

  • K Edwards
    K Edwards 6 days ago

    This was good I always follow new recipes exactly how it goes. Now I can make this without measurements. For me I would increase all ingredients for more flavor with the exception of thyme

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Very funny..

  • Liselle Frauenfelder

    I made this for dinner last week and now everyone is wondering when I'll be making it's been a week and they're still talking about it!!

  • M James
    M James 6 days ago

    Oh my gosh! Yum! That looks so delicious! That is perfect for this time of year.

  • Julie Stacy R
    Julie Stacy R 6 days ago

    Hey... A couple years ago I came to love this dish from TGIF and I wanted to try it at home but there wasnt any local videos or recipes online, then I stumbled upon this and tried it and it came out great. Today I remembered this video and searched for a while to find it so I can make it again... Thanks for the video using ingredients I can actually find at the grocery here in Trinidad... Except the heavy cream, I made that from scratch and I remember that part.

  • Ese Umujane
    Ese Umujane 6 days ago

    I miss you curly hair claudia. Your cooking during this season reminds me is Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia 6 days ago

      Ese Umujane me too! Changing it up, I’ll go back to curly soon 😊😊

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 6 days ago

    Muy sabroso, gracias ⚘

    JANAE & JAIDA 6 days ago

    Great recipe, just make sure you clean your food

  • Christina Yang
    Christina Yang 6 days ago

    Will the ingredients be good for a turkey?

  • Nichelle Johnson
    Nichelle Johnson 6 days ago

    I tried this recipe and it came out perfect. As well as the icing!Thanks for uploading this video !πŸ’›πŸ‹

  • drsinghtastic
    drsinghtastic 6 days ago

    Thanks Claudia! Appreciate your effort.

  • Valita Demarice Delacouvrier

    I won’t be adding the chicken drippings and will remove the skin prior to adding the other ingredients.

  • D. Marie J.
    D. Marie J. 7 days ago

    Very Impressive. πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • rissamarie99
    rissamarie99 7 days ago

    This looks so delicious! I wish I can make it!

  • Neiola Bryant
    Neiola Bryant 7 days ago

    My heart is overwhelmed with joy

  • Holly Sheida
    Holly Sheida 7 days ago

    What temperature are you setting your broiler to?

  • Cecilia Domingos
    Cecilia Domingos 7 days ago

    I followed this recipe and it was a major hit - totally loved it! I did add a few extra bits just so I can put my own twist on it but it was so delicious. Thank you so much x

  • Dora Trevino
    Dora Trevino 7 days ago

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS....just like you. I'm certainly going to be making one for my boys. Thank you so much for another great recipe.

  • Tan Billingsley
    Tan Billingsley 7 days ago

    Love you Claudia... You help make meals simple and give me self esteem .... Looks delicious !!!!

  • Neera Singh
    Neera Singh 7 days ago

    hey claudia i tried your one other chicken lemon recipe n it was delish. now will try this one too. thanks

  • Ldeleon
    Ldeleon 7 days ago

    looks so good!!

  • Brittanie Gonzalez
    Brittanie Gonzalez 7 days ago

    I love the way you say together lol! Looks so good Can’t wait to try this

  • Naomi flowers
    Naomi flowers 7 days ago


  • Rowena Loleng
    Rowena Loleng 7 days ago

    can this also be grilled? πŸ˜‹

  • T Rex
    T Rex 7 days ago

    Pretty food

  • Lucia Diaz
    Lucia Diaz 7 days ago

    How much white wine is being used I'm literally making this now

  • VPfyi
    VPfyi 7 days ago


  • prince Prince
    prince Prince 7 days ago

    πŸ‘€ looks πŸ˜‹

  • Jeffrey Holmes
    Jeffrey Holmes 7 days ago

    Looks amazing Claudia, 1of my favorite dishes in the world will try soon.

  • Pam4Christ
    Pam4Christ 8 days ago

    OmgπŸ˜› Soooooo yummy. LookπŸ‘€ how bout I send u pre-labeled boxes so each time u make a dish mail me a bowl of foodπŸ˜‚ One day express cuz I do next day leftovers🀣u know the seasoning hit 4real day2πŸ˜… lololololololol Let me stop

  • Ashvin Rajan
    Ashvin Rajan 8 days ago

    Thnx this was GREAT

    NOLA BEAUTY 8 days ago

    Claudiaaaa that looks so flavorful. Was it salty enough once it was done or did you need to add a little salt?

  • Brittne Kelly
    Brittne Kelly 8 days ago

    I absolutely love shrimp ❀️❀️ and butter makes everything delicious πŸ˜‹ thanks Claudia!!

  • Jas James
    Jas James 8 days ago

    I was gonna make your chicken soup next week....but now i think i'll make this pot pie first β™₯️✨ we love all of your recipes, we make your salmon 2-3 a month πŸ₯°

    • Cooking With Claudia
      Cooking With Claudia 6 days ago

      Jas James so glad you love the salmon 😊 you’ll love this one too