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  • Chong Pooka
    Chong Pooka 3 minutes ago

    How fast does this go?

  • Shaleena Faust
    Shaleena Faust 22 minutes ago

    You're all acting like this is some new and impressive technology. This is no better than Indiana Jones. Bunch of lights and projections. Big woop. Not saying its bad but looks very boring and slow for someone who doesnt care about star wars plots.

  • Nicholas Rendon
    Nicholas Rendon 28 minutes ago

    That bare footed wind chill must feel superb 👌

  • richies quest
    richies quest 2 hours ago

    you missed the best bit .

  • Bird Girl
    Bird Girl 2 hours ago


  • Cj Odinnson
    Cj Odinnson 2 hours ago

    Would've been so much better if they just hired actors in stormtrooper outfits instead of the video screen, also they went the same route back after they crashed on endor, it should of just been an X wing 3d theater on the way back

  • Rosalia Martinez
    Rosalia Martinez 2 hours ago

    Que miedo 🤢🤢☠☠☠☠

  • Rice n Beans
    Rice n Beans 2 hours ago

    You always get the best footage. Everyone else sucks

  • Emily Keen
    Emily Keen 2 hours ago

    I love this video

  • DjRenect
    DjRenect 3 hours ago

    Insane! What a massive set!

  • Todd Simmons
    Todd Simmons 3 hours ago

    Just as lame as all the other raft rides out there.

  • sage
    sage 4 hours ago

    this is by far the most advance disney ride ever

  • Curtis Kachur
    Curtis Kachur 4 hours ago

    (kids) I wanna be the pilot! I wanna be the pilot!!!!!!!!! (Parent) listen u little ankle biters , I payed for this trip!! You sit in the back and mash buttons while I get the big seat [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]

  • Mari Sanchez
    Mari Sanchez 4 hours ago


  • Snehal Oak
    Snehal Oak 5 hours ago

    This ride was not scary

  • Pesadilla_gamer Yt
    Pesadilla_gamer Yt 5 hours ago

    Pull On The Yellow *strap*

  • Mist&Misty
    Mist&Misty 5 hours ago

    This sucks this is literally a remake of the Disney land Paris Indiana Jones ride just more tame...

  • Kross
    Kross 6 hours ago

    This experience loses all its mojo when you actually try and touch the zombies, cause they can’t actually touch you so they just go back to their spot

  • R H
    R H 6 hours ago

    ランドのカートゥーンスピーン、くまのプーさん、ホーンテッドマンション、バスライトイヤー、シーのトイストーリーマニアetc……スライト式のアトラクション気持ち悪く🤢なるけど……何故かツボで好き❤と言う人〜🖐🏻“ しかもアリスのティーパーティー、カトゥーンスピーンを途中からムキ😤になって思いっきり回し出す人〜🖐🏻‘’ シーの海底2万マイル本当に水の中に入ってると思った人〜🖐🏻‘’ ぁぁ〜こんな事書いてたら行きたくなったと言う人〜🖐🏻‘’ 海外のアトラクション乗りた〜い😆と思った人〜🖐🏻‘’

  • ikon大好き芸人
    ikon大好き芸人 6 hours ago


    DANDY 6 hours ago

    It’s been so long since I’ve rode Indiana Jones (2006) that I forgot what the ride is like so I came here to remember haha

    YILMAZIN DÜNYASI 6 hours ago

    Jurassic world go yes

  • Nikki Villemaire
    Nikki Villemaire 7 hours ago

    I only have one word for this: WOW!

  • Luisa di Stella
    Luisa di Stella 7 hours ago

    Non Salirò mai su una di quelle navi purtroppo😖

  • Nuggi Nuss Lover
    Nuggi Nuss Lover 7 hours ago

    how can this be the scariest hike? Sure you have to look where you are going but this doesn't make it the scariest hike

  • 過酸化水素
    過酸化水素 7 hours ago


  • Yorgan Yog
    Yorgan Yog 7 hours ago

    This was so much fun. And I just watched on my smartphone.

  • kai minh09
    kai minh09 8 hours ago


  • Sammy Leo
    Sammy Leo 8 hours ago

    We were at hollywood studios just the other day and it was such a fun ride but I wanted it to end soooo bad my didn't scream though she was focused on not passing out😂

  • Wes
    Wes 9 hours ago

    Imagine doing that on a mild amount of mushrooms...

  • aiko radam
    aiko radam 9 hours ago

    So scary😱😱😱

  • Ramsha Saif
    Ramsha Saif 10 hours ago

    Whattsss the music in the background please tell the name !?❤️😭

  • jorgevega238
    jorgevega238 10 hours ago

    They need to go look at universal studios and copy there 3D effects rides. I think that would improve alot.

  • 東京しか愛せない


  • Yorgan Yog
    Yorgan Yog 11 hours ago

    I don't what to say about this fantastic work. This is too incredible to be real. All the technology in here. As an engineer, I'm without words.

  • 堀瞭介
    堀瞭介 11 hours ago


  • Matt Brewster
    Matt Brewster 11 hours ago

    Well, after seeing videos of the two GE attns I much prefer this one!

  • J_GT500
    J_GT500 11 hours ago

    RIP dashie

  • ・ pikaikun
    ・ pikaikun 11 hours ago

    blue ocean!

  • Cactus Alexx
    Cactus Alexx 12 hours ago

    I went here the last day they opened for the year in 2019 and it was my first time. That day was so fun bruh I’ll never forget.

  • Тимур Ххх
    Тимур Ххх 12 hours ago


  • Brt Moii
    Brt Moii 12 hours ago

    Lajk ko je dosai zbog Miroljuba Petrovica

  • pApiko Satoukibi
    pApiko Satoukibi 13 hours ago


  • BloodMoney!!!!!!
    BloodMoney!!!!!! 14 hours ago

    dont they give you a free Star Wars barf bag

  • Benjamin Jackson
    Benjamin Jackson 14 hours ago

    It was so loud it gave me a headache and so boring I almost fell asleep

  • Bray Peasey
    Bray Peasey 14 hours ago

    Surprisingly. I like this version of space mountain better. This is such a good ride.

  • Tech Reviewer Sai
    Tech Reviewer Sai 15 hours ago

    Wow I want to ride on it

  • Coaster Labs
    Coaster Labs 15 hours ago

    I've been on the the copy on the Harmony of the seas, very fun. A long reel back up to do it again, but fun.

  • kingof gamerals
    kingof gamerals 16 hours ago

    1:31 woow sonic dead sound

  • Jose Pao
    Jose Pao 16 hours ago

    I rode it today and i still regret it man Hahahha i thought i was goint to see jesus or devil HHAHHAHA

  • massive611
    massive611 16 hours ago

    Boycott Cruise Ships. Save the Environment.

  • Disney Matt
    Disney Matt 16 hours ago


  • Julia Velazquez Hernandez

    My favorite ride

  • James Bond
    James Bond 17 hours ago

    OH BOY THIS RIDE AS CHANGED! When I did it the ambiance was some kind of warehouse desert/road 66 theme. Now it's like future/cyberpunk. Looks FUCKIN' GREAT!!!!

  • b n
    b n 17 hours ago

    Ohhhhh wow that's such a cool slide that I thought it was a water slide until the end lol

  • Carson Smith
    Carson Smith 17 hours ago

    Does anyone know if this counts as a credit since it does have a rollercoaster like drop and uses track? I’d think it would count the same way a water coaster would count right?

  • Shaury Nuste
    Shaury Nuste 17 hours ago

    So beautiful 🥰😘

  • capitanagaby10
    capitanagaby10 18 hours ago

    I went on this a while ago probably like 11 or 12 ish years old and it’s really fun!!! I really recommend it, it’s really secured and feels safe and it’s a fun experience. And it’s not as scary.

  • Taryll Baker
    Taryll Baker 18 hours ago

    It’s literally crazy what they build on cruise ships now. They’ll have mini-theme parks on them soon lol

    • lmaree200886
      lmaree200886 14 hours ago

      Some already have water parks and skating rinks (Symphony of the seas, Harmony’s new big sister)

    • Lashawn For-All
      Lashawn For-All 17 hours ago

      Taryll Baker they already do!!

  • MobileChaos
    MobileChaos 19 hours ago

    Great video good use of the GoPro and nice use of the strap to keep the handheld device safe from getting lost. I’m planning to do similar for my kid’s vlog to Disney. What settings did you use and did you apply any post processing? Thanks.

  • F M
    F M 19 hours ago

    Definitely the weakest out of all the Universal Studios theme parks. It looks like even Universal Studios Beijing is set to be better than Singapore.

  • jessica middleton
    jessica middleton 19 hours ago

    I have been on this ride before

  • Zanos
    Zanos 19 hours ago

    Chinese Pirates 😂

  • Lauren Farrenkopf
    Lauren Farrenkopf 19 hours ago

    What a time to be alive!

  • Savannah Sabio
    Savannah Sabio 19 hours ago

    The drop isn't big at all but If you have a full raft of people you get soaked.

  • Marcus Cheng
    Marcus Cheng 19 hours ago

    My favorite is Kali River

  • めま
    めま 20 hours ago


  • Silver play button with 0 Videozz??

    Everyone has different opinions on this ride, but I LOVE this ride. You just have to find the right way to stand on the ride

  • Safin 326
    Safin 326 20 hours ago

    We are getting one here at Orlando!!!!!!!!

  • Marie
    Marie 20 hours ago


  • MrDisneyfan101
    MrDisneyfan101 20 hours ago


  • purpleshamrock17
    purpleshamrock17 20 hours ago

    I wish this was a permanent ride (or something like it to not take the place of Space Mountain)! So cool!

    CRISTINA LOPEZ 21 hour ago

    like si hablas en español y no entiendes lo que dicen las personas de los comentarios

  • artanisknarf
    artanisknarf 21 hour ago

    Do people talk this much on all the rides now? Like a conversation is still happening when the first door opens.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 21 hour ago

    It’s unfortunate to say, but this ride experience has outweighed capacity. People have to get in line at 5am, and boarding passes are gone in 30 seconds. Done, no other riders for the day. I wish there was a better way, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

  • Petra Wolff
    Petra Wolff 21 hour ago


  • Roman Carter
    Roman Carter 21 hour ago

    That ship to damn big to be in the water, the new titanic. We all know how that turned out.

    • lmaree200886
      lmaree200886 14 hours ago

      The Titanic had nothing on any of the new cruise ships that exist. They all have the Titanic best!

  • Zayn Mohamed
    Zayn Mohamed 21 hour ago


  • Neko Tengu
    Neko Tengu 21 hour ago

    Wasn't there a case where one of these tubes was closed down because people could get stuck in it? It looks narrow, like if you were to move the wrong direction and went sideways it would be bad.

  • Captain Imagination
    Captain Imagination 21 hour ago

    Social Attractions 360 can you do a video of doing The Haunted Castle at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

  • Black Animate
    Black Animate 21 hour ago

    COOL! I wanna be on the cruise!

  • Maria Socorro Perez
    Maria Socorro Perez 22 hours ago

    I have been there on the ride!

  • Raoh
    Raoh 22 hours ago

    Budget for the buttons : 2 millions dollars

  • David Edmunds
    David Edmunds 22 hours ago

    Blimey, that's what you call a ride, amazing!

  • Ariana Freede
    Ariana Freede 23 hours ago

    I ❤️ This right so much🇺🇸

  • Ariana Freede
    Ariana Freede 23 hours ago

    I has been on there before the first day I moved from Boston

  • Scott G
    Scott G 23 hours ago

    How many nights was this cruise for? I've heard it makes a difference in terms of food offerings.

  • Space-c0w Playz
    Space-c0w Playz 23 hours ago

    I never went i this ride but it looks the tiniest bit more fun be it’s crazy

  • Space-c0w Playz
    Space-c0w Playz 23 hours ago

    Who else will go on it one trip the won’t the next Just me ok

  • Im Shrek
    Im Shrek 23 hours ago

    Hello there

  • John Cusick
    John Cusick Day ago

    scooby doo is still a thing enough for a ride....

    • John Cusick
      John Cusick Day ago

      and a really bad one at that i guess these ride cars and projections can be interchanged easily for different themes

  • John Cusick
    John Cusick Day ago

    embarrassingly cringe the actors are, especially as its sooo bright in there lol

  • John Cusick
    John Cusick Day ago

    it seems that all the newest attractions are cheapened out with mainly the use of 3D projection

  • Makeupby OHB
    Makeupby OHB Day ago

    Cool animatronics

  • Aiger Akabane
    Aiger Akabane Day ago

    They Should make this in 2021 in america

  • Nico Cervantes

    What’s the plot behind this ride? And where do they put their bags/belongings? Btw this is so cool 🤩 like pony express and space mountain had a baby

  • WW3 Memes
    WW3 Memes Day ago


  • Salma Sbeih
    Salma Sbeih Day ago

    Pause at 2:10 did u realized he is not wearing shoes or socks-