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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
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The History Of Chokers
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  • Daniel Bogue
    Daniel Bogue 4 hours ago

    Franken orly

  • Debra Hunt
    Debra Hunt 4 hours ago

    "Mauve over darling" a tribute to the late great Doris Day... Is she dead? 💜

  • unicorn ok!
    unicorn ok! 4 hours ago

    U should name the nail polish "Franken mauve"

  • Ashlynn Zibby
    Ashlynn Zibby 4 hours ago


  • Hollie Grace
    Hollie Grace 4 hours ago

    do you remember getting your guts torn opn in s3 escape the night

  • Kinda Gabriel
    Kinda Gabriel 4 hours ago

    i have an essay due to tomorrow but im bingeing safiyas videos 😍🙈✨

  • Ole.Jacob Nails
    Ole.Jacob Nails 4 hours ago

    Muv it'

  • Kaley johnson
    Kaley johnson 4 hours ago

    you look so cute in the sweet treats lolita outfit!!

  • Florentina Rosalyn
    Florentina Rosalyn 4 hours ago

    Speaking of GOT, Danny got crazy at the end. Like wtf

  • Teki_Psycho
    Teki_Psycho 4 hours ago

    Why can't i ever get my eye liner right ;-; and he did it so well

  • Jeanine Wingfield
    Jeanine Wingfield 4 hours ago

    I love your personality! New subbie

  • Subscribe to this cookie For no reason

    Halloween is over my dude

  • Pixel Net
    Pixel Net 4 hours ago

    “Almost looks like hot Cheeto dust, which normally you wouldn’t want to put on your eyes, but I now I kinda do” *Coincidence?* *I think not*

  • Stephanie Nason
    Stephanie Nason 4 hours ago

    I’ll be Mauving along now!

  • Claudia Schulman
    Claudia Schulman 4 hours ago

    Frainken mauve

  • poopy fart
    poopy fart 4 hours ago

    Name it "Muave I Want The Tea"

  • DerpyGacha
    DerpyGacha 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like a tide pod being swirled

  • Puppy Slimess Backup

    I love how you do 7 days a week and not 5 haha lol

  • dani girii
    dani girii 4 hours ago

    Safiya trying to prove everyone that she's a Ravenclaw for almost 9 minutes xD

  • really regular
    really regular 5 hours ago

    I think it should be called "Mauvember" ❤️

  • NIGHT_Mare_117
    NIGHT_Mare_117 5 hours ago

    “Miss Mauve please” Idk

  • Queen Of Nubbers ;D
    Queen Of Nubbers ;D 5 hours ago

    Omg this was made 1 day before my birthday! Like if you want

  • khalida masood
    khalida masood 5 hours ago

    I❤❤❤❤❤❤ cristines hair

  • Jimbus Neutron
    Jimbus Neutron 5 hours ago

    Okay Cristine, I see you with the rip n dip shirt👀👀👀👀👀

  • Adna Špuren
    Adna Špuren 5 hours ago

    You dont need to watch slime videos,just think about how does these girls houses look like

  • Hadley.1_Blue.2_ Angler.1

    I would name it; Brains n’ Guts

  • Shopping Trolley
    Shopping Trolley 5 hours ago


  • Simple Sabrina
    Simple Sabrina 5 hours ago

    1 year later and shane released his pallet 😂

  • Jules Borghardt
    Jules Borghardt 5 hours ago


  • Dark Jay
    Dark Jay 5 hours ago

    Rainbow color

  • Gigi Anagno
    Gigi Anagno 5 hours ago

    Mauve is love

  • Rene S
    Rene S 5 hours ago

    The franken-polish is unexpectedly awesome and I love how well the three colors go together. "Mauve Over" maybe? Like move over? Idk I'm so bad at names lol

  • Lily Flodell
    Lily Flodell 5 hours ago

    christine is an older verson of greta thunberg

  • Christine Gray
    Christine Gray 5 hours ago

    Name the nail polish the Franken foray mouve

  • Lene CM
    Lene CM 5 hours ago

    Tyler's little drawer could fit all of my clothes worth of 5 years

    VIBE CHECK 5 hours ago

    Call it franken polish

  • Liné Van Antwerpen
    Liné Van Antwerpen 5 hours ago


  • Prithyaa Murali
    Prithyaa Murali 5 hours ago

    You know when your in school and you know something but your getting forced to relearn it and you are like I already know this. Idk why I commented this.... lol would you like

  • Emily Wright
    Emily Wright 5 hours ago

    I like to mauve-it mauve-it

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon 5 hours ago

    Ugly fucking fake skanks that are masters at face painting and faking for the purpose of being attractive to men, and failing miserably.

  • Emily Lynn
    Emily Lynn 5 hours ago

    Nobody maauuuvveesss

  • Husena Khambat
    Husena Khambat 5 hours ago

    I want app also to come at my house dress me up because this bitch is lazy af 😂😂😂😂

  • Evichii Mochii
    Evichii Mochii 5 hours ago

    Meouve or Meouw like Meow🤣

  • Jennifer Batz
    Jennifer Batz 5 hours ago

    In the mauve I think that should be the name

  • Ivy Hnin
    Ivy Hnin 5 hours ago

    I’ve taken the quiz 4 times over the course of 4 years, and I’ve always gotten Slytherin. I guess it was meant to be

  • mister lol
    mister lol 5 hours ago

    Safiya: everything is kinda orange Coco montresse: I'M NOT JOKING BITCH

  • Tamssi TV
    Tamssi TV 5 hours ago

    Call it franken-mauve or franken-phora

  • Bright Diamond
    Bright Diamond 6 hours ago

    Mauve along now! The star is here!

  • Hizashi Yamada
    Hizashi Yamada 6 hours ago

    Moving Mauve-

  • Lexie Lund
    Lexie Lund 6 hours ago

    Franken Girly 😱

  • The Book Report
    The Book Report 6 hours ago

    Wow these all turned out *so* pretty! I would've ended up with a similar one to the scaffolding with maybe a bit more green, and gold shimmer instead of blue

  • MrsGorrie
    MrsGorrie 6 hours ago

    If Cristine went for the teal that Safia did she could call it “Tealie Bag”

  • Pedro Animations
    Pedro Animations 6 hours ago

    You are probably one fo the only RU-cliprs that has more views in every video than subs, that's a signal of good content right there

  • SuperfanGirl86
    SuperfanGirl86 6 hours ago

    Simply Franken would be awesome lol

  • Kansas Gilleo
    Kansas Gilleo 6 hours ago

    Oh my God I actually cried watching this the love you guys have for each other and he was still nervous to ask you congrats you guys who really deserve each other

  • krisgaming
    krisgaming 6 hours ago

    You should just strate up name it mouve.Sorry if I spelled anything wrong.

  • {Aesthetic Āmbŕıøsä}

    Its Name Should be Franken - Orly

  • Kansas Gilleo
    Kansas Gilleo 6 hours ago

    You and your attitude are absolutely gorgeous love the both of you

  • nôñô ñgéñô
    nôñô ñgéñô 6 hours ago


  • That One Non-Human
    That One Non-Human 6 hours ago

    Frankenstein's Mauvester

  • Diane Artemis
    Diane Artemis 6 hours ago

    Franken-shimmer Not the most original but hey classics always good x)

  • rika
    rika 6 hours ago

    i love how the 3 shades are basically the primary colours lol

  • JoEd Gonzalez
    JoEd Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    Scafiya Tealgaard was a missed opportunity

  • Maciej Ś
    Maciej Ś 6 hours ago

    *h o w d o i w e d d i n g*

  • Jazzy Cakes
    Jazzy Cakes 6 hours ago

    Mauve your body

  • 我最爱忘羡
    我最爱忘羡 6 hours ago

    When safiya wore the first outfit,I knew it was Christine's outfit right away😂😂

  • Simply Valerie
    Simply Valerie 6 hours ago

    Simply name it Franken Polish 💅

  • Maja Cicha
    Maja Cicha 7 hours ago

    Franken Orly

  • Lya _Playz
    Lya _Playz 7 hours ago

    Better hack:dont swim at all

    AISHAH IDRIS 7 hours ago

    mauve it

  • Amy the neko Chan
    Amy the neko Chan 7 hours ago

    americans: smash that like button germans(or Safiya): *SCHMASH DAS MAG KNOPF* 14:18

  • Dark Little Doll
    Dark Little Doll 7 hours ago

    I have a nail polish the same colour as the teal polish

  • nôñô ñgéñô
    nôñô ñgéñô 7 hours ago

    Who were diapers and unitards in 2007

  • Directioner315
    Directioner315 7 hours ago

    I think he said have a good day really fast so it sounded like happy birthday

  • Faraz Ahmad
    Faraz Ahmad 7 hours ago

    You know you are very beautiful but I am tired of seeing you in black the themes which requires some copies you even put black there like when you said u tried Japanese makeover we must try different colours otherwise we look same all the time

  • Bari Shibi
    Bari Shibi 7 hours ago

    nerdecrafter is turned you to a bat

  • nôñô ñgéñô
    nôñô ñgéñô 7 hours ago

    I was born in 2007 so it also brought us the Gloria

  • Farhana Sarmin
    Farhana Sarmin 7 hours ago

    Wow safiya had Hena on her hand . That design is traditional and pretty.

  • Tatum Donovan
    Tatum Donovan 7 hours ago

    Frankin move

  • Nalini Ostenrik
    Nalini Ostenrik 7 hours ago

    Samply Mauve? MMauve? Bleh, too much Mauve. Oh wait Bleh Mauve.

  • NinjaEevee
    NinjaEevee 7 hours ago

    What about "I like to mauve it mauve it"

  • Bobbie Mason
    Bobbie Mason 7 hours ago

    Name it “frankenpolish”

  • Roselin Garcia
    Roselin Garcia 7 hours ago

    My fav is the Ben-nana color 😂

  • Watermelon _Mermaid11

    Mauve me to tears

  • Linh Huynh
    Linh Huynh 7 hours ago

    Oil cleanser Water cleanser Exfoliator (2-3 times a week, increase or decrease depending on skin’s sensitivities) Toner Essence (between toner and lotion/moisturizer) Serum Moisturizer/lotion Eye cream And for me in the winter: Sleeping pack on top of the final moisturizer When I break out, I add an acne cream before my final moisturizer.

  • ems g
    ems g 7 hours ago

    Just Frakenpolstien

  • LAURa
    LAURa 7 hours ago

    The cancer style looks really good on you

  • Lillian Folsom
    Lillian Folsom 7 hours ago

    Mauvie night

  • Secret Stories
    Secret Stories 7 hours ago

    Name it “Simply Saf”

  • BTS Meme Dealer
    BTS Meme Dealer 7 hours ago

    mauve over.

  • Holla At The KI D
    Holla At The KI D 8 hours ago

    That teal and mauve was so nice I am going to look for those colors in real life . They mauved me.

  • Jeanne Thurbon
    Jeanne Thurbon 8 hours ago

    HI! I am a cup user and love it. the air bubbles you felt I had them too and found that they came when the cup was full but also if it wasn't in properly. took me 2 months to get used to it (2 rounds of periods) but I won't go back to anything else. the price of it compared to buying tampons every month and less landfill. the stories of girls going into shock from a tampon they forgot because of the chemicals used to make them, the cup is safer.

  • Riya Bhattacharya
    Riya Bhattacharya 8 hours ago

    Mauve time?

  • Lila Frag
    Lila Frag 8 hours ago

    Mauve your ass. Meauve 😻

  • Kawaii Drawer
    Kawaii Drawer 8 hours ago

    A good name for the polish could be ‘ Franken orly’

  • Potterhead Nerd
    Potterhead Nerd 8 hours ago


  • Royroy Clerigo
    Royroy Clerigo 8 hours ago


  • Qurra DIY
    Qurra DIY 8 hours ago

    love ur videos safiya

  • Maria Ayres
    Maria Ayres 8 hours ago

    You should name the last one frankin mouve

  • Charlotte Taylor
    Charlotte Taylor 8 hours ago

    I get more educational facts from watching Safiya's videos then actually going to school