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Why we Make
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The #MRRF2019 Experience
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Making PCBs the RepRap way!
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The E3D Factory Tour!
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  • Edivan Jr
    Edivan Jr 4 minutes ago

    That doggy zoom

  • KiR-3d
    KiR-3d 10 minutes ago

    woooah, this "Pulsar" looks like a future weapon from 70s sci-fi movies! :D

  • Bruce
    Bruce 13 minutes ago

    if the idea becomes real. then i guess the real future of manufacturing is there. and i am thinking just ride a bike to power the printer. your product is done . lol

  • Bruce
    Bruce 14 minutes ago

    the soul or making

  • Steve Nottingham
    Steve Nottingham 17 minutes ago

    Pooodle FTW

  • MicroScaleGarage
    MicroScaleGarage 19 minutes ago

    what if you could use lasers to hit the gel or water to make the part

  • muchtall
    muchtall 44 minutes ago

    Very parts big

  • Stephen Frank
    Stephen Frank 47 minutes ago

    I'm looking at the Typhoon or the Pulsar as my next Ender-3 upgrade 🤡

  • Josue Villasante

    the most important part ion your video dont have descripcion

  • mapembert
    mapembert Hour ago

    Any link for the tool changer machine? I would like to follow their progress. Thank you.

  • B. M
    B. M Hour ago

    Great people we make parts in our group (local),, and send these to where needed. Sucj a great feeling. Great way toise that dusty old 3dprinter or your leftoverer filament. Awesome that you used uour voice and channel to high light this great work.

  • Laz Arus
    Laz Arus Hour ago

    10:19 Oh look. Someone printed a miniature dog. The animatronics seems a little erratic though!

  • aytunch
    aytunch Hour ago

    Hi Thomas, how can you make a finish like the statue in 00:33 is it a Cura property? Or is it the work of the PLA brand? it looks stunning.

  • AneMotion-HD
    AneMotion-HD Hour ago

    Thank you for the info. After listening to various other 3d gurus who's advice does not work on the creality cr10 s5, This is the answer.

  • TotallyGlitch
    TotallyGlitch Hour ago

    Was that sanjay checking out the toolchanging system?

  • The Late Gen Xer

    Have there been any updates to the firmware since you made this video?

  • Dad's Friendly Robot Company

    Ivan Miranda needs that typhoon for his tank build

  • Asger Vestbjerg
    Asger Vestbjerg Hour ago

    Fantastisk review Interesting as always 👍😀

  • Luke Flego
    Luke Flego Hour ago

    Nice work. However, AC current? DC current? I'm over here ROFL laughing! I thought Adrian was gonna pull you up on that Tom but then he did it too haha!

  • 86 abaile
    86 abaile 2 hours ago

    Lol at Sanjay checking out the tool changer.

  • My Name
    My Name 2 hours ago

    "Sample size: Two." ROFLMAO! That little quip was hilarious.

  • Joe Bruno
    Joe Bruno 2 hours ago

    Tom please do some research on Klipper and give us a how to

  • Fred Genius
    Fred Genius 2 hours ago

    Some greight ideas for us hobby constructors, thanks!

  • Johnny Sokko
    Johnny Sokko 2 hours ago



    The first guy looked like he is in love with Thomas

  • thingswelike
    thingswelike 2 hours ago

    Those drums!

  • The_under_taker
    The_under_taker 2 hours ago

    For that massive heated bed just run a wire from those overhead power cables to power it I mean its too much power for 210v

  • CJICantLie
    CJICantLie 2 hours ago

    @1:29 I like seeing the E3D guy admiring it.

    • Sanjay Mortimer
      Sanjay Mortimer Hour ago

      I loved that thing! So huge, so ambitious, and implemented on a shoestring budget. So cool!

  • Dalek Supreme
    Dalek Supreme 2 hours ago

    0:14: Wrong channel, Joel!

  • Nik's Sofa
    Nik's Sofa 3 hours ago

    "At that size you are not using a heated bed I take it?" "No, we are using a heated bed!" "*hookay*"

  • RidelikeLightning
    RidelikeLightning 3 hours ago

    About 6500$.... *depressed swallowing* OK I feel you

    • Josh P
      Josh P Hour ago

      We have a multiple $200,000 printers at work. They also require high end air compressors and Support Cleaning systems. The air compressors were around $6500 a piece. I think these are targeting a more commercial market :)

    • ajosepi1976
      ajosepi1976 2 hours ago

      Any new product needs to recover R & D costs as soon as possible, then over time the price comes down, but Yeah, I had a similar reaction, then on second thought, what that thing is, not really that bad of a price.

  • Versatile 3D
    Versatile 3D 3 hours ago

    Sonjay is really checking that toolchanger out isnt he?

  • Denasdc
    Denasdc 3 hours ago

    1:29 Sanjay peeking :)

    • Secret Nenteus
      Secret Nenteus 3 hours ago

      Reminds me of Michael Reeves

    • Laser Man
      Laser Man 3 hours ago

      He always reminds me of Paul McCartney

  • Lee Buxbaum
    Lee Buxbaum 3 hours ago

    can believe I missed this one.....I went to the 1st last year

  • Somar Alnawaqil
    Somar Alnawaqil 3 hours ago

    Isn't that the E3d guy wearing a pink sweater?

  • erfan saeed
    erfan saeed 3 hours ago


  • Maciej Gorski
    Maciej Gorski 4 hours ago

    Hi, Thomas, do you still sell PLA filament. the green transparent one? Great vid BTW was thinking of getting one of these but the mess put me off!

  • James Garrard
    James Garrard 5 hours ago

    My Mars came with plenty of extra set screws, so I'm thinking they got some of their manufacturing kinks worked out after the initial sellout.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore 6 hours ago

    Where did you get the tshirt from?

  • MrsGynny
    MrsGynny 6 hours ago

    Super nice! I can see a lot of potential for this in the Biofabrication area since it would be based on water based gels! For non Biofabrication related 3D printing I do not quite understand the benefit of using electricity instead of light?

  • Midnight Pancakes
    Midnight Pancakes 7 hours ago

    Enjoyed listening to this. ++Good. More fun than the junk on TV

  • TheBitterBeard
    TheBitterBeard 7 hours ago

    Being new to the 3d printing hobby, I came across a video of yours from 2014, somebody linked in a tutorial about setting up a modern corexy printer, your video explained how to calibrate your extruder. You've come along way baby! Your videos and presentation are top notch now, some of the best produced stuff I've ever seen with your format of information and instruction videos. When I want to watch something that grabs my attention, like TheCrafsMan videos, I now also watch a Thomas Sanladerer video like this. Thank you for keeping with it.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore 10 hours ago

    What jumper is that you're wearing? Because its pretty snazzy!

  • Christopher Grove
    Christopher Grove 12 hours ago

    Wow! That's really cool! Thanks, Tom, for enlightening me about this!! :-)

  • demibag
    demibag 13 hours ago

    more like a gama knife in burning out cells in the brain thay can go in where ever thay want and with out cutting burn a piece out the size of a pin head or golf ball

  • Ian Lovrich
    Ian Lovrich 13 hours ago

    thanks for asking tough questions!

  • Luke Ruppersburg
    Luke Ruppersburg 15 hours ago

    CC-BY-NC is a mistake of a license that shouldn't exist and shouldn't be used.

  • Carl Peach
    Carl Peach 15 hours ago

    Tech aside for a moment. Where did you get your sweater?

  • MG_Anon
    MG_Anon 17 hours ago

    Just an english tip. When talking about elegoo, you're referring to a singular company, so it's not elegoo do, it's elegoo does

  • Chris Valin
    Chris Valin 19 hours ago

    If they offer customer support once they have a complete product and start charging then it makes sense to me

  • Alwin Altena
    Alwin Altena 19 hours ago

    hi all, where can i buy that vat-pack ? toms link leads to nowhere :-(

  • Dirk Stubbs
    Dirk Stubbs 19 hours ago

    did you use the 1gb, 2gb or 4gb pi?

  • Russ Woodward
    Russ Woodward 20 hours ago

    This helped. With my nozzle completely removed however the filament is still righteously suck somewhere in the hot end and will not retract. Grrr.

  • Ultimo
    Ultimo 20 hours ago

    I have an idea for a time machine, it doesn't exist at the moment but I have an idea. Seriously, anyone can think of any outrageous project and start writing papers on it and crowd sourcing for it. I never went this route because I always thought it was ridiculous to say these things until you have an actual working prototype.

  • 21 hour ago

    Magic Materials enable an infinite number of inventions, but inventions don't enable magic materials to exist. So, don't put the cart in front of the horse before you have even found a horse .... first go look for a horse.

  • Caleb Swabel
    Caleb Swabel 21 hour ago

    I joined enable because of this and may soon become first chapter in central london

  • Jonathan Skeels
    Jonathan Skeels 22 hours ago

    Did he say mike mangini was a patreon?!?

  • Tristan Frodelius
    Tristan Frodelius 22 hours ago

    I've thought the same could be done with an array of low power UV lasers and UV-cured resin, so that, when all the lasers add up, they only fully cure the resin that is intended to cure, leaving the surrounding resin cured only so slightly that it remains liquid.

  • Smokey
    Smokey 23 hours ago

    Has as much to do with the reality of 3D printing, as "The Time Machine" does with time travel.

  • guus knobbout
    guus knobbout 23 hours ago

    when is the Prusa XL to be released ? Before spring 2020 ?

  • chad danylak
    chad danylak Day ago

    I feel sorry for the person who have to make the silcer for printer concept

  • NewQLar
    NewQLar Day ago

    STRANGER DANGER!!!! Unknown gcode from ANY source, whether it’s from Prusa, Thingiverse, etc should NEVER be trusted the same way people should not randomly download executable files on a computer.

  • Orest Dubay
    Orest Dubay Day ago

    OK, now a bit skepticism: 1) Static electric field will for sure not be powerful enough because of the nature of the Poisson's equation. It would be like trying to make a sculpture with a spray from a distance. 2) It could make sense to create a standing EM wave with high intensity where we want the resin to cure. Imagine it as a hydrodynamic problem: how to make an arbitrary-shaped vortex. Guesstimated precise control over 1THz oscillations are likely to be needed to achieve 1mm resolution. This seems too much for current technology - but perhaps we could come up with some tricks... :-)

  • Mike Boehm
    Mike Boehm Day ago

    Do you have any concerns about Screen Burn since many of the elements won't ever move such as the lines dividing the calendar cells and the labels for the time? I don't know if screen burn is as big of a deal these days in general but just thought I'd ask.

  • Edivan Jr
    Edivan Jr Day ago

    What a great mind! Since i created my small 3d printing business in 2016 i thank everyday for the open source philosophy and the project reprap.

  • Mike Boehm
    Mike Boehm Day ago

    ROFL. That thing is huge. I actually busted out laughing when I saw how big it was.

  • Nikolas Efthimiadis

    Where can I support this brilliant idea? I love the way he described and explained his vision. I wish you the best sir. Edit: It' OPEN SOURCE. Someone give that man a medal!!!

  • MrRedstone
    MrRedstone Day ago

    This is why you should always slice downloaded prints with your slicer beforehand. You never know what kind of malicious Gcode the author has embedded.

  • Scott Mallett
    Scott Mallett Day ago

    You should have far more subscribers than you do. Your channel is one of my go to's on 3d printing. I bought a Prusa MK3S after watching your videos on it and it was possibly the best choice. I even sat through hours (and hours) of your homemade Prusa. Thanks Tom. Much appreciated.

  • SyFyJoe
    SyFyJoe Day ago


  • John Krill
    John Krill Day ago

    great idea

  • popnsmoke100
    popnsmoke100 Day ago

    thanks for this video I bought a bunch of ABS because i got a great deal on the spools but have not had good results and dont really need additional strength.

  • Andrew Howat
    Andrew Howat Day ago

    If you have trouble with a hollowed model and not getting all the uncured resin from inside it, I’ve found a syringe with a coarse needle (1mm) filled with IPA is great for that.

  • nu
    nu Day ago

    i would just use some cheap android for this is it gonna work? i don't know. lol

  • angrydragonslayer

    every time i see prusa, i wish i bought a MK3S..... still happy with my predator but damn, i wish anycubic was that helpful

  • Mahmoud ElHawal

    Man i love Adrian Bowyer! He presented a lot to the open source community.

  • michael sloane

    What is the largest XYZ resin printer in the hobby class ?

  • Jon S
    Jon S Day ago

    is there any magic in the software that does slight movements to keep the tv from getting major burn in?

  • Raimon Elctrncs

    Good review, my thoughts about resin printing worked out in a video so to say 👍🏻

  • koudcid
    koudcid Day ago

    Hi Tom, a question about your 3M mask : Are you sure it is efficient for resine fumes or cleaning products that could be used (acetone, isopropanol ...) as the constructor seems to indicate this mask for dust ant paint fumes only. If you have some tips about your choince ! Thanks in advance

    • koudcid
      koudcid Day ago

      @@Thomas Sanladerer : Thanks a lot for your answer ! Your choice make sense and I will search for the same stuff. Great video BTW and keep in this way !

    • Thomas Sanladerer
      Thomas Sanladerer Day ago

      The filter cartridge is a separate part from the mask body. I use 3M 6055 cartridges which are effective against a wide range of vapors, they are classified (according to German/EU nomenclature) as A1, A1 + Formaldehyd, A2, ABE1, ABEK1 and K1. If it's any indication, I don't smell the resin or any of the solvent while I'm wearing the mask.

  • Gazza S
    Gazza S Day ago

    Thomas Thank you for this eye opening video. What a fantastic use for our 3D printers. Changing a life is so much more rewarding that just making something to sit on a shelf.

  • Taylor Sharp
    Taylor Sharp Day ago

    7:12 All I heard was Daft Punk

  • John Colvin
    John Colvin Day ago

    This is a case of "Horses for courses". FDM 3D printers have been a game-changer for me. I had fallen in love with CAD software, of all types. Having spent countless hours (I wasn't very good!), I could only admire my masterpieces (and bore my friends with them) on the screen. Now I can print my work out and take it with me to bore them at the pub, or over dinner! That's progress. I can live without the better quality of SLA, and avoid the hassle. Serious people will have a different view! "Horses for courses!" Thanks again for a top-class video.

  • Naveen Nagesh
    Naveen Nagesh Day ago

    Totally over-engineered! Why not use an extended display with a chrome window in fullscreen mode?

    • Thomas Sanladerer
      Thomas Sanladerer Day ago

      - I don't want to constantly lose my mouse cursor on the dashboard screen - The screen would only be on when my workstation is on (which is a ~250W idle setup) - I don't want to run a cable across the walkway to the screen - Some applications (eg DaVinci Resolve or VR) don't play well with too many screens connected

  • A.J.
    A.J. Day ago

    A little more time studying Cymatics I believe will finally uncover the answer to not only the multi-layer 3D printing question, but also lead to the field of medical resonance based healing, for which the movie Elysium showed a great example of that. Simply scan the object to determine the frequency pattern of the whole, then replay the pattern to print items, or in the case of medical, replaying the "healthy" or "whole" frequency image of the body, will then be able to "regrow" or "restructure" the body into its healthiest pattern. This moves us along to what I envision is 5D technology, and both life enhancing, and life sustaining....not genetically modified bodies, but frequency modified/repaired bodies!

  • Ben Jeck
    Ben Jeck Day ago

    The fact that someone comes up with an idea and just throws it out there for everyone to have a go at it is amazing. Simply focused on progress and improvement and not hiding everything behind patents and NDAs.

  • jesondag
    jesondag Day ago

    just sit your tub of IPA out in the sun or under a UV lamp, and the excess resin cures, and falls out of solution.

  • jesondag
    jesondag Day ago

    The best tip I've ever used is to do the final cure with the part submerged in water. It prevents oxygen from reaching the part, which prevents the outer surface from curing fully.

  • Arron Bates
    Arron Bates Day ago

    Duet boards are wonderful, just say'n.

  • Chris S
    Chris S Day ago

    Tom, Kudos to your engineering skills for keeping up with holy one.

  • Chris S
    Chris S Day ago

    Sanjay Mortimer in the future

  • Alexander Borsi

    I am fairly certain that electricity is influenced by magnetic fields So, maybe a combo of magnetic fields and electrical pathways?

    • hasso0n
      hasso0n Day ago

      A CRT resin printer lol

  • rob scanlon
    rob scanlon Day ago

    sounds like he wants to invent a 3Dforce field and then a resin to harden in the 3D space created by that force field. SWEET!

  • Phillip Toone
    Phillip Toone Day ago

    Step 1: Develop a resin that cures in response to electrical current and/or magnetic field. Until this is accomplish we are just talking out of our asses.

  • QandL3news
    QandL3news Day ago

    I’d be interested to see something like this for metals. Could be a huge game changer. True 3D printing no more layering 2D printing!

  • E. Ross
    E. Ross Day ago

    How big is the new Prusa Mini? 18 x 18 x 18 ≠ 18cm^3 18 x 18 x 18 = 18^3cm = 5,832‬cm^3 Sorry I had to get that out of my system :P Just teasing... Love your channel, thanks for all your work.

    • Thomas Sanladerer
      Thomas Sanladerer Day ago

      I'm saying 18cm cubed (18cm)³, not 18 cubic centimeters (18cm³) 😉

  • Leslie Franklin

    Looks like that printer should come with a respirator as well.

  • Braden Eliason

    This is interesting and creative. I hope that it gets people thinking about how one-shot 3DP might work. He touches on the main issue which is that electricity doesn't travel in a straight line. Essentially electricity is inherently "blurry." The forward physics can be modeled with the boundary element method. Assuming the resin chemistry works, I wouldn't be surprised if one could make large smooth parts. If the drive electrodes are indeed constrained to the outer surface of the print volume, you are trying to figure out the necessary driving voltages (or currents) on the boundary of volume to create a desired field pattern in the print volume. This can be solved with the inverse boundary element method. Here's the issue I see, if you have a small feature near the center of the print volume, you need to produce a dramatic voltage gradient far away from your source electrodes. To produce such a high gradient that far away from the electrodes, the driving voltage of the source electrodes "explode." Another way of saying this is that the inverse boundary element method is ill-posed. Creating standing waves is an interesting thought. Solving for the necessary driving pattern sounds like a bear of a problem. If a bit of cured resin changes the electrical environment (which it seems like it must likely would), then this becomes very computationally tough. Now, you're dealing with a inhomogeneous medium. It might be possible to use this to some advantage though. Perhaps you place a "seed" of cured resin in the vat and manipulate where resin cures around the surface of the seed. If I were to venture a guess, such an electro-polymer may need to be combined with another physics modality to produce high resolution parts (electricity + light, electricity + ultrasound). I truly hope that people try to tackle this problem and I hope that this idea inspires everyone's thinking about one-shot 3DP. The challenge in my eyes is designing a system not (as) subject to the ill-posed state of the inverse boundary element method.

  • Shyam Devadas
    Shyam Devadas Day ago

    What a visionary guy! It takes some courage to pursue something that has no precursor or technological precedent. Best of luck to him. Great video.

  • jesus bastardo

    🤯 that's Soo awesome. This is a bit related to my tesis I developed a VES system that by "injecting" voltages at a certain frequency to the soil and measuring in different commutations you could tell what type and even layers of soil you have under. So if you had only one type of soil and you wanted to see in detail the how compact the soil was you needed to change frequencys, so if you reverse that idea is Soo close to what he just said. Aweeeeesomeee