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  • Silvers Adrien Choi
    Silvers Adrien Choi 5 months ago


  • Valeria Diaz Rodriguez

    Que guapo es Alejandro

  • yeeyee juice XD
    yeeyee juice XD 5 months ago

    i stg if we have to wait until 2020....i'm not ready

  • Ari ♡
    Ari ♡ 5 months ago

    They are so cute I love them 🥺😭😍 I already know their season is gonna fuck me up

  • CJPDeQueen
    CJPDeQueen 5 months ago

    I really should stop re-watching clips of these two because I so NEED for the next Skam Espana series/season to be Nora's. I do like Viri and would glad watch her character lead season given the bits we saw in the last series but I am jonesing for the Nora and Alejandro love story and also finding out more about both their backgrounds. I hope that Viri can move on from her fixation on Alejandro. She's realise for a while that he is interested in Nora and unlike the original and remakes, Nora hasn't done anything behind her back. So let go girl and I hope that Hugo is the guy for her.

  • babisaurus
    babisaurus 5 months ago

    Odio que tenga los subs en inglés porque aunque entiendo perfecto lo que están hablando no puedo evitar leer abajo😂

  • angelicacernal
    angelicacernal 5 months ago

    can they just kiss already?!! I totally can't wait for their season!! 🙈😜

  • ms. chix
    ms. chix 5 months ago

    Irene's outfit and her looks im dying so much gay😍❤

  • Ok OK
    Ok OK 5 months ago

    What’s the name of this movie please

  • maissa sisi2004
    maissa sisi2004 5 months ago

    Wchat is the name of this

    • Morgan
      Morgan 5 months ago

      maissa sisi2004 go to this link friend :) sites.google.com/view/skamsubs/skam-espana

    • maissa sisi2004
      maissa sisi2004 5 months ago

      Were I can faind oll episodes

    • Morgan
      Morgan 5 months ago

      SKAM ESPANA its in the title luv

  • Petru Girigan
    Petru Girigan 5 months ago

    Necesito la temporada 3!! Tamien que se besen nora y alejandro

  • Belinay Asya Arslan
    Belinay Asya Arslan 5 months ago

    İ can’t find it anywhere where can i watch this

  • Belinay Asya Arslan
    Belinay Asya Arslan 5 months ago

    Where can i watch this

  • Luz Pérez
    Luz Pérez 5 months ago

    A los hombres les gustan las difíciles 😂😂😂 comprobado

  • S S
    S S 5 months ago

    uh i just love how they didnt go fast like the other tv shows. i love the slow burn

  • carola aguilera ayala
    carola aguilera ayala 5 months ago

    Como se llama el tema que canta nora

  • Wilmer Ausin
    Wilmer Ausin 5 months ago

    Anyone knows the 2:20 song?

  • Aya luna
    Aya luna 5 months ago

    Holly shit he's damn handsome

  • baby shaay
    baby shaay 6 months ago

    I’m sorry but I’m not strong like Nora 😭 if somebody looked at me the way alejandro looks at her it would’ve been game over 😂

    • Rose Flower
      Rose Flower 5 months ago

      Same. I feel like i want to run away if alejandro looks at me like that hahahaha

    • Ari ♡
      Ari ♡ 5 months ago

      baby shaay BITCH ME TOO💀💀💀💀💀

  • AtomicUndeadz
    AtomicUndeadz 6 months ago

    I love how they've taking the noora and William story in a completely different way, im hella exited for Nora's season

    • Silvers Adrien Choi
      Silvers Adrien Choi 5 months ago

      I hope there's no taking advantage of Nora though, that's the only plotline I hated...

    • AtomicUndeadz
      AtomicUndeadz 5 months ago

      @Karoline Sembach its no problem whatsoever I quite impressed with your english better than a few people I know who are native.

    • Karoline Sembach
      Karoline Sembach 5 months ago

      @AtomicUndeadz i'm sorry that my message wasn't so easy to read but i come from a- non- english speaking country so it isn't my national/best language. But yes, you did answer my questions.❤

    • AtomicUndeadz
      AtomicUndeadz 5 months ago

      @Karoline SembachI found and watch skam on youtube,as I can't watch on the tv as I am British, for skam españa I watch it clip by clip but fot others I will go on the internet for them. If you mean what remakes I have watched then: I have watched skam Italia, skam españa, druck,skam austin and im just starting skam france. But in all of these versions they seem to stick to the same Noora/william story line but it seems to me as spain is doing something diffrent. Sorry if thaf didn't awnser your question it was worded slightly difficult to read.

    • Shane Song
      Shane Song 5 months ago

      @Karoline Sembach They already did the Isak storyline last season with Cris and Joana. Season 3 and 4 is already confirmed but no news about the mains.

  • Alia Salway
    Alia Salway 6 months ago

    I want them to get together already 😭 it’s killing me that I haven’t seen a first kiss yet

  • Leticia Guzga
    Leticia Guzga 6 months ago

    Yo esperando la tercera temporada 😀

    • Arkaitz Etxeandia
      Arkaitz Etxeandia 5 months ago

      @Petru Girigan, han renovado por dos temporadas mas (la 3 y 4), pero serán ambas en el primer semestre de 2020. Eso han dicho.

    • Petru Girigan
      Petru Girigan 5 months ago

      Leticia Guzga te entiendo yo tambien

  • baby shaay
    baby shaay 6 months ago

    Where can you watch this

  • Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez 6 months ago

    Is this on netflix😂

    • Morgan
      Morgan 5 months ago

      Here luv :) sites.google.com/view/skamsubs/skam-espana

    • Paulina
      Paulina 5 months ago

      Unfortunately no:(

  • josipa hirsinger
    josipa hirsinger 6 months ago

    Dudeeee I just need them to kiss

  • mariave teez
    mariave teez 6 months ago

    im obsess with foreign teen tv show after skam. They are soo good. Im not even teen anymore lol. Too bad its hard to find english subtitles, cause there looks like a bunch of good show around.

  • alexandra doko
    alexandra doko 6 months ago

    What is the name of the serie

    • rhay
      rhay 6 months ago

      skam espana

  • jana saab
    jana saab 6 months ago

    I feel so bad for Alejandro when Nora WONT STOP REJECTING it's honestly a reflex

  • Alex Alcantara
    Alex Alcantara 6 months ago

    Anyone know where you can find full eps?

  • Alex Alcantara
    Alex Alcantara 6 months ago


  • Exploding Paint
    Exploding Paint 6 months ago

    Does anyone know when season 3 is coming out???

  • Loubna akm
    Loubna akm 6 months ago

    What's the name of this serie?

  • Gastronomica Los cabos

    norandro .......awwww

  • Flor Carmona
    Flor Carmona 6 months ago

    Este es un capítulo completo existente? O sólo es un trailer adelantado de la terce temporada? Alguien dígame please 😭😭

    • bruh egui
      bruh egui 6 months ago

      Ya existe, es de la temporada 1

  • A GDragon stan VIP88
    A GDragon stan VIP88 6 months ago

    The way he looks at him😍

  • Maria. com
    Maria. com 6 months ago

    Is this all season 1?Where are the episodes..Someone help

  • Andrea Castillo
    Andrea Castillo 6 months ago

    se me mojo la canoish

  • hiya k
    hiya k 6 months ago

    these guys and the wtfock ones are one the best remakes of the og imo.

  • Coño Ahre
    Coño Ahre 6 months ago

    I need an alejandro aaahhh lpm

  • Nuria Bable
    Nuria Bable 6 months ago

    Jodeeer como amo esta pareja💕

  • shakira asakura
    shakira asakura 7 months ago

    he didn't act on that scene his laugh is real...lol 😂

  • Diyanah azman
    Diyanah azman 7 months ago

    I feel like this version of william, Alejandro, is giving me the same kind of vibe as the italian version of william which is edoardo incanti because of the way they project the flirting and how they really think ‘noora’ is hot

  • meli enriquez
    meli enriquez 7 months ago

    Where is the full episodes !!??? Or idk

    • Gummy Bear
      Gummy Bear 7 months ago

      Thelifeofmels on dailymotion

  • Nina Porras
    Nina Porras 7 months ago

    I’m having trouble trying to find where to watch full episodes if someone wants to help

  • meraklı melahat
    meraklı melahat 7 months ago

    What's the name of the song at 2:21?

  • Kyra Lace
    Kyra Lace 7 months ago

    This Noora is sooo polite and kind

    • Kyra Lace
      Kyra Lace 7 months ago

      Mary D I find other Noora(not all) tend to focus more on hating William especially their expression but this Nora is not as bitchy but still has that class kind of girl haha idk how to describe her. Didn't finish druck yet but feel kinda off towards the girl squad tho

    • Mary D
      Mary D 7 months ago

      @Kyra Lace agreed 100%, but I have to admit I like Mia in the Skam Germany/Druke installation a lot as well

    • Kyra Lace
      Kyra Lace 7 months ago

      Mary D she's my fav Noora among all skam remakes

    • Mary D
      Mary D 7 months ago

      Ya my girl got class

  • ظلام الليل
    ظلام الليل 7 months ago

    What name is this

  • ظلام الليل
    ظلام الليل 7 months ago

    شنو اسمه

  • Vanessa Abarquez
    Vanessa Abarquez 7 months ago

    What is this series called?

  • liliana gomez
    liliana gomez 7 months ago

    where could I find the full episodes adonde puedo encontrar el completo capitulos

    • Morganne
      Morganne 7 months ago

      liliana gomez dailymotion

  • Lilly Cruise
    Lilly Cruise 7 months ago

    Ohhhhh myyyyy woooord

  • GGG G
    GGG G 7 months ago

    what’s the name of this drama

    • Rebecca AE
      Rebecca AE 7 months ago

      This is a remake of skam which is a Norwegian show, this is the Spanish version of it You must watch the original one it's really good

    • Madalena Branco
      Madalena Branco 7 months ago

      Skam spain

  • DarkMaiden
    DarkMaiden 7 months ago

    OMG, can't wait for their season! I like that Spanish Nora is in a way flirting with Alejandro, she behaves not that bitchy as the original one and other remakes. The attraction between them is felt in the air already now.

    • Ashanti Barnes
      Ashanti Barnes 6 months ago

      DarkMaiden hey where can I watch this with eng subs of season 1

    • Zara Arshad
      Zara Arshad 6 months ago

      @DarkMaiden So these short clips are part of S3 and they haven't aired it yet?

    • Kookiejar
      Kookiejar 7 months ago

      DarkMaiden oh no so long?!?!?!? What a long time to wait😭😭😱

    • DarkMaiden
      DarkMaiden 7 months ago

      @Kookiejar No idea. 2020 I guess

    • DarkMaiden
      DarkMaiden 7 months ago

      @Zara Arshad Unfortunately, nope :( But S2 is cool, it is about Chris and Joana (lesbian couple)

  • Dann pz
    Dann pz 7 months ago

    Donde puedo verla+

  • Mahum Khan
    Mahum Khan 7 months ago

    do they end up together??

  • Jana J
    Jana J 7 months ago

    I didn’t watch it is it nice? And where can I find it

  • Jana J
    Jana J 7 months ago

    Will they end up together??

    • Emilee Luvvv
      Emilee Luvvv 7 months ago

      Alejandro is a remake of William

    • Jana J
      Jana J 7 months ago

      Rlly I thought she’ll end up with william not Alejandro

    • Sofie T.
      Sofie T. 7 months ago

      Jana J Yes

  • Kyla Nichole
    Kyla Nichole 7 months ago

    Okay manu, take me home. Alejandro is seducing me gAsH

  • Ithauany Karla
    Ithauany Karla 7 months ago

    Los amo san tan lindos

  • carrie laurenson
    carrie laurenson 7 months ago

    Whats this serious call, just found it and it looks interesting

  • Soso sweet
    Soso sweet 7 months ago

    Guyyyyssss please I need the link where I can watch the series plzzzzzzzzzz

  • empty m
    empty m 7 months ago

    Does anyone know the title of the song at 1:55?

  • mia lohan
    mia lohan 7 months ago

    This looks so good!!!! Looks like a "version" of skam, and i love that show way too much, so i'm pretty sure i will love this too. Where can i watch it??

  • Lili Ston
    Lili Ston 7 months ago

    Es muy paresida a grace moretz 😍😍

  • delliebby
    delliebby 7 months ago

    They need a season. Do not fuck this up for us, España

  • Ciel Étwicelé
    Ciel Étwicelé 7 months ago

    I thought Nora was Chloe Moretz for a second

  • Emilia Nyberg
    Emilia Nyberg 8 months ago

    Someone know the music?

  • Verónica Benítez
    Verónica Benítez 8 months ago

    Ojala en mi colegio hubiera alguien haci de presioso 😍💔

  • 王一帆
    王一帆 8 months ago

    I can’t express how excited when I watch they two

  • Ams
    Ams 8 months ago

    The chemistry 😭😭😭😭💕💘💞💝💕

  • Ralu MM
    Ralu MM 8 months ago

    This is not their season right?

    • Kookiejar
      Kookiejar 7 months ago

      amelie vandecruys omg I swear if norando won’t get a season there will be heads rolling😭😭😭 but thanks

    • Ams
      Ams 7 months ago

      @Kookiejar i think they're going to do next season about viri (vilde) so its gonna include nora and alejandro but its gonna focus less on nora and alejandro and more on viri's homesituation (total bummer if u ask me) i think norando will be 2nd principal and i'm pretty sure nora's not gonna have a season at all. I'm not sure tho

    • Kookiejar
      Kookiejar 7 months ago

      amelie vandecruys I most certanly hope the 3rd season will be them cuz they are seriously just BOMB! And Alejandro is so hot and I love his voice and dem eyes, I could drown in them

    • Ams
      Ams 8 months ago

      I think season 3 will be theirs tho

    • Ams
      Ams 8 months ago

      No its first the season about the lesbian

  • Salma Omar
    Salma Omar 8 months ago

    He is hooooooot😱😱😱😱😍😍😍

  • manisha k.c
    manisha k.c 8 months ago

    Where can i watch this full series with English subtitle plzz

  • Dp Dp
    Dp Dp 8 months ago

    Ale, Alejandro

  • Fanatic_ _Anime
    Fanatic_ _Anime 8 months ago

    Someone help me! What is the name of this series!!

  • Naomi tini_love
    Naomi tini_love 8 months ago

    Where can i watch the episodes with english subtitle

  • ’lucky ali
    ’lucky ali 8 months ago

    Where can you Watch full episodes with eng sub?

    YAT PUI LAM 8 months ago

    my keyboard is wet

  • Giorgio
    Giorgio 8 months ago

    Alejandro is a heart throb. So damn sexy and cute. When this guy will be in his 20's he'll break loads of hearts

  • Kayosama Monaiko Mercedez Benz

    :3 ajdajdasjdasdasjdasj yo aqui haciendome spoiler xD

  • zoekika
    zoekika 8 months ago

    guys can you give me a link to watch season 1 w eng subs pleasee?

  • Oriana Aldana Badolato

    Ay santa papaiaaaa , donde suben los caps completos?

    • Dafne Valdez
      Dafne Valdez 7 months ago

      Oriana Aldana Badolato Dailymotion creo que se llama la pagina

  • Cheers Darlin'
    Cheers Darlin' 8 months ago

    I like him with longer hair but he is so hot either way

    • Kookiejar
      Kookiejar 7 months ago

      merve oh hell no he looked like a mop with the long hair. It didn’t suit his face at all. But now, this shorter style complements his flawless face and his facial features. Thank God he got this shorter style.

  • Jana Andersson
    Jana Andersson 8 months ago

    What is the song name from the start

  • Iris Samantha
    Iris Samantha 8 months ago

    Chamo veri es una estúpida se tapa la verga ESA de la boca Cuando vê Alejandro y fue el quien se lo pego y aparte ni lá pela

  • Once 18
    Once 18 8 months ago

    cual es la cancion??

    • tequilacult
      tequilacult 8 months ago

      Once 18 Nothing’s forever - d Valentina

  • Alquiraa
    Alquiraa 8 months ago

    Son tan lindos 😍😍

  • petra nagy
    petra nagy 8 months ago

    ¿Cuál es el título de la música? 2:20??

  • itsanolive
    itsanolive 8 months ago

    1:29 correct me if i'm wrong but did they include that shot specifically to show Alejandro looking at Nora, or was it something else? Because I haven't seen anyone talk about this moment, but it looks like Alejandro is watching her and like tapping his friend to point her out to him.

  • Shemusa Uwingeneye
    Shemusa Uwingeneye 8 months ago

    He's like the only in the whole party who knew her costume🥰🥰 I SHIP YOU GUYS

  • Nikkie J.
    Nikkie J. 8 months ago

    I love these two so much. They are the cutest. When they get together, they're going to be adorable. I think Norandro's season now.

  • BriarBeanTanzanite
    BriarBeanTanzanite 8 months ago

    he looks like majority of the teen boys you see everyday. I honestly dont see whats so special

  • Jakie Z
    Jakie Z 8 months ago

    He looks like Hwang Hyunjin...something about his face...

  • mmm mdx
    mmm mdx 8 months ago

    Хаххахаа алеханрооо

  • Dolce Solis
    Dolce Solis 8 months ago

    Where can I watch this? With english subs?

    • tequilacult
      tequilacult 8 months ago

      sites.google.com/view/skam-series/skam-espa%C3%B1a and once you're caught up you can watch them officially on movistar yt channel/official site because eng subs are being added to clips

  • a 14
    a 14 8 months ago

    0:37 sorry but i can't this dude's way more funnier than handsome xddd

  • Anais editS
    Anais editS 9 months ago

    I think I just melted 0:33 that look.

  • Anca Toneanu
    Anca Toneanu 9 months ago

    What is name movie??

  • Alvie
    Alvie 9 months ago

    There's a mistake in the description, the show doesn't use the SKAM format

  • Smol Asian
    Smol Asian 9 months ago

    sorry but his backpack looks stupid