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  • Jacqueline Herrera
    Jacqueline Herrera 2 hours ago

    Es fantástico!!! Duermo todas las noche con esta música. La adoro, gracias!!!

  • رامي السلطاني

    📲*Whatapps* *00212.645.760.441*📲 وجـدت كـثـيـر مــن الــكــومــنــتــات عــن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وضـعـف الانــتــصــاب وسـرعـة الـقـذف وأبــغــى أبــشــركــم🥳 أنــي حـصـلـت عـلـى مــعــلــومــات كــثــيــر مـفـيـدة🤩 هـتـنـفـعـكـم كـثـيـر ومـجـربـهـا شــخــصــيــا ونــفــعــتــنــي✅ تـواصـل مـعـي🙋‍♂️ وأنـا بــشــرح لــك ســر الـوصـفـة😉 الـواتـسـاب *00212.645.760.441*

  • fabienne270169
    fabienne270169 6 hours ago

    📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲 سـمـعـت🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مــن الــشــبــاب يــبــحــثــون عـن طــريــقــة فـعـالـة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وأنـا أبـشـركـم😉 أنــي حــصــلــت عــلــى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح👍 والـمـنـاسـبـة👍 وهـتـشـكـرنـي بـعـديـهـا تــواصــل مـعـي وأنـا بـشـرح لــك ســر الـوصـفـة📲*00212.679.620.248* *Whatapps*📲

  • najla jabr
    najla jabr 7 hours ago


  • Mori f 77 R.Z
    Mori f 77 R.Z 7 hours ago


  • Reinhard Hesse
    Reinhard Hesse 8 hours ago


  • Lina Lương Việt
    Lina Lương Việt 9 hours ago

    Xin chào 🌞🇻🇳

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez 11 hours ago

    I use this song for school and it helps me to work better

  • potato chepzy7
    potato chepzy7 15 hours ago

    This song is so nice

  • potato chepzy7
    potato chepzy7 15 hours ago

    Plus im in grade 4

  • potato chepzy7
    potato chepzy7 15 hours ago

    I used this song in my class

  • Joseph Eugene Leo
    Joseph Eugene Leo 16 hours ago


  • Abaan Khan
    Abaan Khan 19 hours ago

    Really good I do this n school in 4lw

  • Эля Мевланова

    Thank you 🌷🌺🌿

  • Shoshشروق الغرام Sy

    موسيقا بتجنن بتجننن بتجنن كل الموسيقا حلوه وعالمي وراحتي وسعادتي وكمال روحي ومنفسي ودقات قلبي 🌷

  • Valentyna Skulinets

    This was the first video I watched on your Chanel and I fell asleep while listening to it.These vids are so realaxing 😴🙃☺️

  • سلطان العصيمي

    📲*00212.645.760.441* *whatapps*📲 شـبـاب صـار لـي بــشــوف🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الـكـومـنـتـات عــن صـغـر الــقــضــيــب وسـرعـة الـقـذف وأحـب أقـولـكـم بــمــعــلــومــة مــفــيــدة🤩 أنــي حـصـلـت عـلـى وصـفـة رهــيــبــة مــن الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي بـيـيـتـواصـلـو مــعــاه كـثـيـر مـن الـنـاس وبـصـدق اسـتـعـمـلـتـو كـم أســبــوع وصــار لـي قــضــيــب رهــيــب تــتــمــنــاه أي زوجـة😍 هـذا رقــم الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ عـلـى الــواتــس *00212645760441*

  • Ethan Myatt
    Ethan Myatt Day ago

    This has helped me concentrate my mind so I can get done with my spelling at home and I am 7 in class 3

  • Miriam Rivera
    Miriam Rivera Day ago

    Tae ka

  • Miriam Rivera
    Miriam Rivera Day ago


  • Miriam Rivera
    Miriam Rivera Day ago

    .gdnzfhdtidlr6¥=£÷8368zr6i4du5ze4uxruezyr u5irit ixr6ixr6orx6ixtixtuotxor,or,68,rogjmvhlv,hk,chkf,ofy,if,yiry,i6ekf,hIR6ify,ory$_*$_,£$*_##,rof uotktu uxe47fdvfaae42xnoci kt,ukru,it,uor,yiye÷r/7 ¥t7xor7z6orzo6r/'x6iiyxryurxyoxtu9zt7979tx7oxt7otcuoycu9txuo tuuou tuou tuovyipiy

  • Psyche Eros
    Psyche Eros Day ago

    Your music is so relaxing. Can you please create a Fall theme video. I play your 10 hour music videos at work on a huge screen and would love to see one played to a fall theme. 🍂🍁🍁🍂🍂

  • Majik Man
    Majik Man Day ago

    I drank no coffee listening to this.

  • BobbleHead
    BobbleHead Day ago

    I wish I would have grown up back then now a days is fucked

  • Música cerebro

    So beautiful relaxing music and lovely footages, Thank you so much! 🙏😇

  • Lala Jemi
    Lala Jemi Day ago


  • marjana mijuskovic

    Relax nature song

  • ngan nguyen
    ngan nguyen Day ago

    good music.. I heard it many times every day

  • Ðevøn Mãrie

    Why am I listening to this and creating a lifetime movie in my head of my own life 🤦‍♀️

  • MaxChannel
    MaxChannel Day ago

    nice calm piano i like it too. I made some relaxation track for friends - do you hear?

  • Petar Samardzhiev

    Very good music

  • Yedi Cardenas
    Yedi Cardenas Day ago

    Instantly relieves tension!

  • Amal Sabba
    Amal Sabba Day ago

    I love it

  • Tania Edelweiss


  • Essence
    Essence Day ago


  • Suraj Misir
    Suraj Misir Day ago

    🕉️ जय माँ प्रकृति🌿

  • Jai Karera
    Jai Karera Day ago


  • Corinna Life
    Corinna Life Day ago

    Very peaceful, thank you

  • Annie’s Minecraft

    😺🤮🤷‍♀️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I hope my 🐈 feels better soon

  • Annie’s Minecraft

    I subscribe a lot to your videos but brother doesn’t I have no clue why 🤷‍♀️🤨😕😶😐

  • Annie’s Minecraft

    My best friend thinks it’s good but I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ because I haven’t listen to it yet but I am now and I’m impressed

  • Fabiana Gonzalez

    Hola esta musica es bella y elegamte gracias por compartir saludos desde Guti

  • رضى البيلوزي

    📲whatapps* *00212645760441*📲 شـبـاب🙋‍♂️ لاحــظــت👀 كــثــيــر كـومـنـتـات عـن تــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وضــعــف الانــتــصــاب وسـرعـة الـقـذف ولا يــهــمــك👍 تـواصـلـو مــع الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي نــصــحــنــي بــوصــفــة اسـتـعـمـلـتـهـا كــم أســبــوع وحــصــلــت عــلــى نــتــايــج مـذهـلـة🤩 الــلــي عـايـز الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مـعـه الـواتـس اب *00212645760441*📲

  • Relaxing Melody
    Relaxing Melody 2 days ago

    I played this song for a friend who was so badly crying, which calmed them, thank you ❤️

  • سليمان قحطاني

    📲whatapps* *00212645760441*📲 شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ لاحــظــت👀 كـثـيـر كـومـنـتـات عــن تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانـتـصـاب وســرعــة الـقـذف ولا يــهــمــك👍 تـواصـلـو مـع الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي نـصـحـنـي بـوصـفـة اســتــعــمــلــتــهــا كـم أسـبـوع وحــصــلــت عـلـى نــتــايــج مــذهــلــة🤩 الــلــي عـايـز الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ يــتــواصــل مــعــه الـواتـس اب *00212645760441*📲

  • diane gentle
    diane gentle 2 days ago

    😊❤Thank you!

  • سليمان قحطاني

    📲*Whatapps* *00212645760441*📲 شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ لاحــظــت👀 كـثـيـر كـومـنـتـات عــن تــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وضـعـف الانــتــصــاب وسـرعـة الــقــذف ولا يــهــمــك👍 تــواصــلــو مــع الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي نــصــحــنــي بـوصـفـة اسـتـعـمـلـتـهـا كـم أسـبـوع وحـصـلـت عــلــى نــتــايــج مــذهــلــة🤩 الـلـي عـايـز الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ يــتــواصــل مـعـه الـواتـسـاب *00212645760441*📲

  • Silva Rezende
    Silva Rezende 2 days ago


  • Zen Mitchell
    Zen Mitchell 2 days ago

    This music helps me stay calm and focused when doing my maths homework

  • Bhanwar Singh
    Bhanwar Singh 2 days ago

    It's such a music that I am near the God.

  • lauren s
    lauren s 2 days ago


  • Manjari Shukla
    Manjari Shukla 2 days ago

    Beautiful 💟

  • Elizabeth Simpson
    Elizabeth Simpson 2 days ago

    This helped me read!

  • Benjamin Bermudez
    Benjamin Bermudez 2 days ago

    This music helps me read

  • Mithun B
    Mithun B 2 days ago

    Love your music every morning 🍃 🍵 it helps me to do meditation and yoga. But why this is not available on Spotify!

  • Sofia Montalvan
    Sofia Montalvan 2 days ago

    I am using this music to do my homework 📚🎵🎶

  • Sprawiedliwa .S.
    Sprawiedliwa .S. 2 days ago

    Kiedyś ktoś wyjątkowy stanie na waszej drodze i złapie was za dłonie i powie... chodź ze mną pokaże ci takie miejsca o jakich nie śniłeś /aś w najpiękniejszych snach. Po to jesteśmy w tej krainie aby czerpać z życia ile się da ,żyć jak pszółki pracowicie i zawsze razem ❣️❣️❣️

  • Rara February
    Rara February 2 days ago


  • Annie’s Minecraft

    I 💗 it its very nice 👍🏻 if you like it💜❤️🌈🦄

  • Annie’s Minecraft

    It emidiatly made me go sleep

  • Sprawiedliwa .S.
    Sprawiedliwa .S. 2 days ago

    Każda melodia ukrywa jaką tajemnicę ludzką ...❤️ melodia która nutkami piszę jaką historię życia miłości tęsknoty lub rozstania❤️pozwala uciekać myślami w szechświat ❤️ melodio piękna... trwaj ,niech nutki płyną do nieba i spadają wtedy gdy komuś jest ciężko lub trudno ❤️niech leczą pokaleczone duszę i serduszka ❤️

  • Luis Fanor Maturana Arias.


  • Лола Садирдинова


  • Susanne Samuelsson
    Susanne Samuelsson 2 days ago

    Butterflies are so lovely I think and I miss them a lot during Autumn och Winter. We have beautiful colors on the trees in Autumn and beautiful snowflakes falling during Winter. Every season has something good and with your music it gets even better so thank you dear OCB for all the beauty you share with us in the form of music videos who are both soothing and relaxing! Hugs, Susanne.👋😊😀🥰❤🤗

  • Bliss Is Golden
    Bliss Is Golden 2 days ago

    When are you releasing this song ? You have a few songs on the websites, can you release more ? It's so satisfying.

  • muriel mottet
    muriel mottet 3 days ago

    Thank you OCB RELAX MUSIC 😊

  • Rebecca Collins
    Rebecca Collins 3 days ago

    Thank you! This beautiful music and images seem to help my ASD art students.

  • LOVE song
    LOVE song 3 days ago

    Very butteful flower very good ❤❤❤

  • louie fernandez
    louie fernandez 3 days ago

    Soothing sounds while sleeping!!💄😃🍻🍺🎈🎉

  • سليمان قحطاني

    📲*Whatapps* *00212.645.760.441*📲 شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ لاحــظــت👀 كـثـيـر كــومــنــتــات عـن تــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وضــعــف الانــتــصــاب وسـرعـة الـقـذف ولا يـهـمـك👍 تـواصـلـو مــع الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي نـصـحـنـي بــوصــفــة اســتــعــمــلــتــهــا كـم أســبــوع وحــصــلــت عـلـى نـتـايـج مــذهــلــة🤩 الــلــي عـايـز الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مــعــه الـواتـسـاب *00212645760441*📲

  • Maribel Suriel
    Maribel Suriel 3 days ago


  • Bikram Malik
    Bikram Malik 3 days ago

    Super place with peace

  • khaled keshk
    khaled keshk 3 days ago

    u r the best

  • Bruno Osasco São Paulo


  • Adriana Silva Dos Santos

    Que paz.!momento mágico! Gratidão!

    • Música cerebro
      Música cerebro Day ago

      Es hermoso!... Saludos!

    • Alexa World
      Alexa World 3 days ago

      Adriana Silva Dos Santos so wonderful and nice sound we are relaxing always and lovely friends thanks you

  • Just Jeanne
    Just Jeanne 3 days ago

    Good morning from Connecticut, USA ... sending love and blessings to everyone, everywhere ♥♥♥

  • Pleasing Relaxation

    So Beautiful flowers and Butterfly and Music is so calming and soothing.Thanks for sharing:) GOD BLESS YOU

  • Aisha a33
    Aisha a33 3 days ago



    This is the first my comment 😊

  • Benoito Cazallo
    Benoito Cazallo 3 days ago

    Really enjoyed watching this. Guitar's awesome. :)

  • Keila Botelho
    Keila Botelho 3 days ago

    Absolutely amazing🎶🎵🎼

  • LAVEyou
    LAVEyou 3 days ago

    Good morning from Amorgos island, GREECE...all we need is love!

  • Akankssha Nayak
    Akankssha Nayak 3 days ago

    Really Amazing and Smoothing Music , My Mood Goes 1000% Positive. Thank you

  • Apeksha samanmalee perera

    Hello from sri lanka 🇱🇰 thank's dear 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤

  • BarbïePeggiê
    BarbïePeggiê 3 days ago

    What is the flower ? So nice

  • youngtate 08
    youngtate 08 3 days ago

    Truth or dare

  • Beautiful Relaxing Music

    Very beautiful😊 💖

  • Natalia Borsci
    Natalia Borsci 3 days ago


  • Adrian Hugo
    Adrian Hugo 3 days ago

    More bird sounds other sade good music

  • Instrumentals King
    Instrumentals King 3 days ago

    New subscriber here. This is wonderful

  • Jenny Park
    Jenny Park 3 days ago

    So beautiful 💕💕💕 So softly 💕💕💕

  • Relaxing Melody
    Relaxing Melody 4 days ago

    I played this song for a friend who was so badly crying, which calmed them, thank you ❤️

  • Mercy Alilio
    Mercy Alilio 4 days ago

    this relaxing misic is AWSOME it helps me relax 😊

  • María del Carmen Morales Paniagua

    Q bello😍

  • B Bear
    B Bear 4 days ago

    Wonderful music. Thank you.

  • Beautiful Relaxing Music

    So Beautiful 👏

  • 輕鬆的音樂 - Soothing Relaxation [BMG]

    We're doing silent study in my class so I decide to put some music on my headphones, forgot to plug in and this starts playing in class, I quickly move to shut it off but the teacher stops me and tells me to let it play. It was a good day

  • Amel Chelli
    Amel Chelli 4 days ago

    it is a beautiful music

  • Bethy Bethy
    Bethy Bethy 4 days ago

    Bom demais

  • Bethy Bethy
    Bethy Bethy 4 days ago

    Minhas noite ficarão mais relaxantes depois que falo com Deus e durmo ouvindo essas músicas. Ja virou âmbito meu e do meu marido .obgd