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  • Bill Emerson
    Bill Emerson 2 days ago

    Shout out to Keyworth Stadium providing a suitable epic locale for this!

  • Cheree Alfred
    Cheree Alfred 3 days ago

    Don’t do it

  • Cheree Alfred
    Cheree Alfred 3 days ago

    He is not a.nice .he was more concerned 😟 if I had a job. .. why I don’t know

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 2 days ago

      Hi Cheree, we are sorry to hear that you did not have a pleasant experience. If you're willing, we woud like to talk with you about your experience. Please provide your contact information and somebody from our Care Experience Team will be in touch as quickly as possible: www.henryford.com/SMContact

  • Ariana Block
    Ariana Block 3 days ago

    My family could never show this man enough gratitude! He saved Mark's life! When another surgeon said it could never be done. Mark was sent home on hospice with 6 weeks to live! Our lives were crumbled into pieces. Mark worried about finances, getting his affairs in order, and OUR futures without him. WE were devastated and could not function. Mark was not a patient to Dr. Lee. He was a Dad, son, husband, brother, a friend.. We will always believe Dr. Lee was a Godsend and such an amazing human. He had 2 centimeters! TWO!! Forever grateful <3 Mark BlockTiffany Rae CostopoulosAriana BlockTristan BlockGeorge Costopoulos

  • Sheila Molligan
    Sheila Molligan 4 days ago

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  • Kathy McQuillen
    Kathy McQuillen 5 days ago

    I personally would like to thank the entire staff of Henry Ford Hospital, especially Dr. T. Gahaghan (posthumously) , Dr. Conrad Lam (posthumously) , Dr. Green, Dr, Zeigler and all of the nurses and staff! You gave me a life when my V.S.D. (ventricular septal defect) was repaired August 31, 1956 my re-birthday!!!

  • Elizabeth Ragsdale
    Elizabeth Ragsdale 6 days ago

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  • Hula VUX
    Hula VUX 8 days ago

    im deeply impressed with the current technology

  • Waleedjan Balochjan

    Sir i also have to do this operation where are you from

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 8 days ago

      Hello Waleedjan, thank you for your interest. To view Dr. Abdulhak's provider profile, please click here: bit.ly/2kzgp2P

  • Art Lopez
    Art Lopez 8 days ago

    Anybody have binocular double vision that comes and goes. U can have weeks of no double vision then weeks of double or one day double another day no double ?

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 8 days ago

      Hi Art, if you’re experiencing binocular double vision we encourage you to reach out to an eye care doctor. For a full listing of our Ophthalmologists, please click here: ow.ly/vMms50vZERc

  • Ninja 2nd
    Ninja 2nd 10 days ago

    When i have that my hallucinations will be many cartoon characters ml characters and more

  • Nadia N
    Nadia N 13 days ago

    Can I eat scrambled eggs 9 days after the surgery?

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 11 days ago

      Hi Nadia, we recommend you consult with a bariatrics team regarding what can be eaten after surgery.

  • Mousumi Khotel
    Mousumi Khotel 13 days ago

    Blood cancer main bone marrow transplant krbane main kitna kharch aata hai? Plzz rply

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 14 days ago

    What brand tape is that?

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 11 days ago

      Hi Brian, Kari is using a 1.5" porous, white cloth tape. We hope this helps!

  • Kenneth Gambone
    Kenneth Gambone 15 days ago

    I have a difibulater and a passer,im I able to do more then one tire,it says every 12 hrs,i quit smoking for six years ago,i put down the vap,tomuch at risk

  • SyberP
    SyberP 15 days ago

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  • ermonta
    ermonta 15 days ago

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  • Valerian Kingsman
    Valerian Kingsman 16 days ago

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  • Torger Harrison
    Torger Harrison 16 days ago

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  • Christian Campbell
    Christian Campbell 16 days ago

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  • Coacervate Droplet
    Coacervate Droplet 17 days ago

    totally worthless noise. glad i'm deaf

  • TheFather246
    TheFather246 18 days ago

    And 36g of carbohydrates 👌 i’ll be a diabetic in no time

  • Deborah James
    Deborah James 19 days ago

    This will mean so much more to me if this red carpet was presented to employees that worked for years in the kitchen, housekeeping facilities, whom worked diligent everyday for years for HFH. Something so grand as to close the Emagine Theater for this would be something worth talking about. Nancy has Aretha Franklin to preform a Christmas show in the auditorium years ago but it was a positive impact for the employees who don't have Bachelor, Master, Doctrine degrees. My why is that I have to work to support my family and to be accountable.

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 11 days ago

      Hi Deborah, thanks so much for sharing your feedback. We've worked hard to ensure that employees from all over the System are highlighted and encourage you to nominate others: onehenry.hfhs.org/EForms/Pages/eform.aspx?FormId=932

  • 39 Worlds
    39 Worlds 20 days ago

    This excercise really helped me...thank you!!!!!

  • morri4597
    morri4597 25 days ago

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  • Syd Adnan
    Syd Adnan 28 days ago

    My favorite cousin

  • mygigi43
    mygigi43 Month ago

    Transporters should receive more money 💰 than 10 dollars an hour for all the hard work that they do.

  • Mosin1929
    Mosin1929 Month ago

    Awesome! HFH is the best! BTM&BMT Thanks HFH and Mr. Miller.

  • iGlesias Beats
    iGlesias Beats Month ago

    Newest study states vaping is 94% less harmful than cigarettes........smoke that in your pipe

  • Frankie Jacob
    Frankie Jacob Month ago

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  • Elizabeth Ragsdale

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  • Michelangelo1986
    Michelangelo1986 Month ago

    Heart palpitations needs to be added to that list

  • oyunadawa lokiyisangkim

    kind of worried. being a RRT is extremely serious. what types of personality traits should i have? of course cool calm under constant stress high level; life and breath situation. that RRT has the coolest calmest confident-est personality. i got to be like him.

  • Analiza Bragais
    Analiza Bragais Month ago

    doc what kind liquid to use to remove the ear wax for may son 13 yrs old

  • Rum Bum Beachy
    Rum Bum Beachy Month ago

    I once lost 70+ pounds ( 185-113lbs) in less than 6 months eating nothing but cereal and skim milk the WHOLE time...ANY kind of cereal ( my favorite was cocoa crispies ,fruity pebbles or Frosted Flakes) and I filled the bowls to the top!!!.... at best, I may have squeezed in a brisk 30 min walk three times a week.....black coffee, water, diet soda and the milk in my cereal was my only fluid intake- the weight fell off!!! With no wacky side effects....I PURPOSELY gained back 25 lbs over the next 1.5 years because everyone constantly remarked that I was too thin at 5’7 113lb...I’m now and have been a cool 138 for the past 5 years- that weight has been maintained by eating a diet up to but no more than 2000 calories a day ( of whatever food I want) and walking 3 times a week, time permitting....and yes, I still LOVE cereal after eating it for 5 months straight!!!!🤷‍♀️

  • Y2K Savior
    Y2K Savior Month ago

    Man... this is such out dated advice lol

  • Abundant Gifts
    Abundant Gifts Month ago

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  • Gence Bektaş
    Gence Bektaş Month ago

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  • yourUncleGrinch
    yourUncleGrinch Month ago

    Henry took himself to the ER! He's a smart cat and knew where to go for the best care❣ When I had to go to an ER, I needed to look online first, then went to Henry Ford! Thanks for all you do!

  • suraz azad
    suraz azad Month ago

    It works for retina detachment patient Is there any surgery for retina transplant

  • Winter Came
    Winter Came Month ago

    He is an expert clinician, awesome and compassionate as well.

  • ruben A
    ruben A Month ago

    Have a large liver mass

  • Bajoobie Cuzican
    Bajoobie Cuzican Month ago

    Quick and to the point without a lot of idle chatter about your kids baseball games. Big thumbs up!!! Please make more videos.

  • Pixel Bytes
    Pixel Bytes Month ago

    You guys realize how dumb this sounds to people who know literally anything related to what you just mentioned? You clearly just took the barest parts of what your researchers said and just copied and pasted them. You're just using buzz words of things people know

  • MegaMusical10
    MegaMusical10 Month ago

    Fantastic, thank you!

  • MegaMusical10
    MegaMusical10 Month ago

    Fantastic, thank you!

  • kiran rehman
    kiran rehman Month ago

    Is vitix tablet is effective?

  • Terry Jerry
    Terry Jerry Month ago

    I do believe epilepsy can be treated . I also found this information may be an education decision ru-clip.com/video/KGJ8bNtlVlo/video.html

  • Lotusrk123
    Lotusrk123 Month ago

    Finally! Someone suggests 3% hydrogen peroxide; but they forgot to mention the mixture ratio!? 2 parts water to 1 part H2O2? 3:1?? 4:1??

  • Bae Baird
    Bae Baird Month ago

    He just lied that fast .!!!! Vaccines do not guarantee you won’t catch the illness.

  • Samiullah Khan
    Samiullah Khan Month ago

    hay I fascinated that how can I get an observership over there

  • Sweetie Pie
    Sweetie Pie Month ago

    How can we bend the foot with screws in it

  • Sylvia Kock
    Sylvia Kock Month ago

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  • Kawaii dvasan
    Kawaii dvasan Month ago

    im going to undergo prostate surgery soon and im scared now

  • Elizabeth Rogers
    Elizabeth Rogers 2 months ago

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  • Uday Singh
    Uday Singh 2 months ago


  • Dawt Kom
    Dawt Kom 2 months ago

    i literally can’t hear out of my left ear help

    • Dawt Kom
      Dawt Kom Month ago

      Ok so I went to the doctors and they flushed my ear with peroxide. I can hear again!! It was disgusting btw I recommend you guys get yours checked bc I got an infection from the build up.

    • Yeah293939 -
      Yeah293939 - Month ago

      Floof 😂

  • Jan Andy
    Jan Andy 2 months ago

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  • weelewisdgfc
    weelewisdgfc 2 months ago

    Shes dumb af there’s more tobacco in a cig then there’s nicotine in a vape

  • munira doctor
    munira doctor 2 months ago

    Hi sir my husband has cancer

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones 2 months ago

    Oven is 350 degrees...400...I'm not seeing the temperature anywhere

  • will parkes
    will parkes 2 months ago

    Did mine so good I need surgery lol

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson 2 months ago

    There is no old bay how dare you call that md style!

  • Gretta Haberman
    Gretta Haberman 2 months ago

    Make sure you check out your surgeon very very well. I'm worse now than I was ever before after spinal fusion operation. Now he wants payment and I can't even work.

  • Angel wick city
    Angel wick city 2 months ago

    Literally on the back of a Q Tip box it's says something like "Don't put in Ear."

  • search ing
    search ing 2 months ago

    Did tobacco pay you for this video? Eakaka

  • Gracie Mosko
    Gracie Mosko 2 months ago

    eITs a tv show. Its not going to eb accurate

  • illusive_nezzy88
    illusive_nezzy88 2 months ago

    In my heart of hearts im truly done with ciggs! I have overcome a pill addiction cold fucking turkey, yet ciggs have always had my by the balls i needed them no better then a crack addict! Cigarette addict and crack addict go hand and hand because i have sold possessions in the past litrally to get a pack of Newport's. Im so done with something having control over me! Please wish me luck people!

  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh 2 months ago

    Good Dr..

  • Michael Gogick
    Michael Gogick 2 months ago

    In short, E-cigarettes are just as deadly as traditional cigarettes.

  • Lindsey Shaffer
    Lindsey Shaffer 2 months ago

    Drs needs to get off there lazy assa and detect the daisies and illness that’s causeing the Suiside in the first place,.., you can’t scan someone’s body for Suiside that’s not possible it is disies and illness that’s causeing the thoughts of no hope and poor health urging on for Suiside for crying out loud,....

  • Nani Sh
    Nani Sh 2 months ago

    I like fitness the most

  • Maya Morgan
    Maya Morgan 2 months ago

    I have vitiligo. It started about 10 years ago. At first I didn't realize how fast I could spread. I ignored it. Long story short, I totally believe that too much sweet can cause vitiligo. Makeup and lipliner can make it spread as well. I used to love too much white sugar and coco cola. I noticed every time I drank coco cola it would spread. So i stop drinking coco cola and stay away from excessive sugar. To my surprise, it stop spreading. If you have vitiligo and noticed it spreading, cut down on coco cola, sugar or any kind of sweet for about a month or two. Drink lots of water, carrot juice and green just...and you will notice it will stop spreading. As for the makeup and lipliner, i have a little spot under my nose So i started using makeup it to cover it. To my surprise, it spread. I used to use lipliner around my lips and it spread too.

    • robert rob
      robert rob Month ago

      Are you white or black? Cause if you are white, you can avoid the Sun and use 50+ sun lotion. If you have dark skin, I don think it helps you.

  • Yousuf Sheikh
    Yousuf Sheikh 2 months ago

    Dear Sir I have a Problem since 5 Years L4 L5 S1 as per MRI our Indian Dr, say go for Operation,I would like to know from dear brothers and sisters who did operation 00966 501843448.

  • Brian Dennis
    Brian Dennis 2 months ago

    my sister has autism and im proud of my sister I LOVE YOU

  • David Pfeifer
    David Pfeifer 2 months ago

    Peroxide causes cancer DONT PUT IT IN YOUR EARS

  • George Pelletier
    George Pelletier 2 months ago

    We hate q tips

  • Nameless Noyb
    Nameless Noyb 2 months ago

    "Priming" the inhaler is beyond stupid lol, I can just imagine it being almost empty and someone wasting the last of their salbutamol because of your idiotic recommendation. Also, don't breathe in slowly when inhaling the puff, inhale a little faster than normal and hold for closer to 5 seconds than 10. This inhaler is supposed to be for emergency situations or if you have been wheezing/short of breath for an extended period of time. Some boxes will tell you to take 1-2 puffs 4 times a day and stuff like that - no. Take it when you need it, otherwise save it for when you do.

  • #keepa smile
    #keepa smile 2 months ago

    This video was literally stupid.

  • Charli C.
    Charli C. 2 months ago

    Is Refractive surgery more successful than regular cataract surgery? Does fear impact outcome at all? Please, can you advise one on how to select most competent cataract surgeon. Thank you.

  • Charli C.
    Charli C. 2 months ago

    Are both procedures EQUALLY safe and effective? Which has least side effects? Thank you.

  • Mahesh Sharma
    Mahesh Sharma 2 months ago

    something is wrong with my dad's body, on lungs. i thinK, i just found WHAT

    • big D
      big D 2 months ago

      Call 911 for your dad don't wait.

  • Gannon Phillips
    Gannon Phillips 2 months ago

    So I weight lifted today for basketball and then played basketball and it popped out twice and both of the pops went back into place but it’s hurting should I go to the one on Wednesday

    • SebasTheOG
      SebasTheOG Month ago

      Gannon Phillips hey don’t overdo it, warm up your shoulders before doing excersice and anctivities that require putting a lot of stress on that shoulder.

  • belle mcellis
    belle mcellis 2 months ago

    Now it's Lice infested filthy hospital

  • Autumn & Company
    Autumn & Company 2 months ago

    Love this man. He did my husbands neck surgery 15 years ago allowing him to still work and relieved a lot of his pain. Now we are back for more and I have great faith in this doctor again and his wonderful staff. I can't say enough about these people and the level of care is outstanding.

  • Edward Black
    Edward Black 2 months ago

    Catch me At the VERY END!!!🤟🏽📺😆 I'm rising up in BL💎UE !!! THANK YOU 🙏🏽#GOD😆🤯

  • Edward Black
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  • Melody gray
    Melody gray 2 months ago

    What if both of my eyes are bad?

    • Dr.asif Teepu
      Dr.asif Teepu 2 months ago

      @HenryFordTV i want ur whats up madam Dr.M.Asif (OD) Pediatric optometrist and Low vission specialist

    • HenryFordTV
      HenryFordTV 2 months ago

      Talk to one of our ophthalmologists about the issues you're experiencing. They can help determine what kind of treatment would be best for you: www.henryford.com/services/eye

  • Ronda Dunno
    Ronda Dunno 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for EVERYTHING that you all do! I wouldn't be able to be living my best life everyday without being cared for at the MDA clinic in Ok city and my blessed team of Drs working on a plan to slow down the progression of this disease. I am also blessed to also been greatly assisted by the ALS/OKLAHOMA CHAPTER Association! We all with living with ALS pray for a CURE ! Thank you again from EVERYONE Living with ALS !

  • Abby Halon
    Abby Halon 3 months ago

    So are you saying when I lose my weight my chest will get smaller too 😂😂

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller 3 months ago

    Fruit in American grocery stores aren't even sweet anymore. They're sour and bitter.

  • Hala Mouhydeen
    Hala Mouhydeen 3 months ago

    Henry Ford is lucky to have Dr. Adam Robin. The most compassionate and down to earth Dr. I have ever met!

  • Naomi Agbonze
    Naomi Agbonze 3 months ago

    Hello Doc can I ask you a question pleas

  • just
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    The best

  • Mi Merwin
    Mi Merwin 3 months ago

    My friend suggested this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) for my weight and diabetic issues. This informative guide has shared me the optimal workout and also diet program to follow. Right after one day on the diet plan my blood glucose levels was down about Thirty-five points, and by day 4 it was down about 60 points. It`s been efficient for me personally. I`m happy that my blood glucose is a lot better already...

  • Tial and Rosy
    Tial and Rosy 3 months ago

    I had vitiligo when I was 4 and it started to “ “grow” so I had depression and Anxiety and now I’m 11 and still have it and ima try it