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I Got A Soft Girl Makeover
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I Transform Into An E-Girl
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$28 Vs. $3000 Evening Gown
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I Had A Teenage Pregnancy
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$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit
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  • •Chelsea •
    •Chelsea • 7 hours ago


  • Nikita Miller
    Nikita Miller 7 hours ago

    WE ALL LOVE YOU AND JAZZ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Diamond Cherry
    Diamond Cherry 7 hours ago

    clicked so fast

  • Red Chilliz
    Red Chilliz 7 hours ago

    First. Yay me !!

  • Wednesday Domingo
    Wednesday Domingo 7 hours ago

    Instantly clicked when I saw it was a video with Lindsay cooking

  • Unicorn 17
    Unicorn 17 7 hours ago

    First one!!!!!!

  • 5ive8ight
    5ive8ight 7 hours ago

    Who’s been a HUGE Fan for As/Is before 2019? 👇 👇 I’m gifting my next 69 loyal Subscribers🎁 With Notis on

  • All Might
    All Might 7 hours ago

    Who tf mixes wasabi and soy sauce

  • Emelie Skuce
    Emelie Skuce 7 hours ago

    This title is SO specific

  • Lakshmi Jojj
    Lakshmi Jojj 7 hours ago

    The one for India is so inaccurate

  • Guilherme Barbosa
    Guilherme Barbosa 7 hours ago

    We don't eat this in Brazil

  • Sehar Khan
    Sehar Khan 7 hours ago

    I can see that cooky notebook😂😂😂

  • Swarali Deshpande
    Swarali Deshpande 8 hours ago

    Her skin is beautiful and nowhere near as dark as my future

  • Daniella Gomez
    Daniella Gomez 8 hours ago

    I’m the only one that didn’t liked Just me....

  • huhu lala
    huhu lala 8 hours ago

    Mabye the problem isn't the clothing. Mabye the problem is obesity.

  • blue waters
    blue waters 8 hours ago


  • blue waters
    blue waters 8 hours ago

    Your a shame to woman

  • Johanna C
    Johanna C 8 hours ago

    I'm so confused. Are they lying on purpose or is the guy trying to find out for them if they got cheated? Was he right about them being fakes? What's going on???

  • Hugh Hemsworth
    Hugh Hemsworth 8 hours ago

    Long distance is not a thing to worry about in a relationship and it shouldn't be a problem between the two true lovers..if they are to break up because of this issue then it was never a true love. Damn bulshit love

  • No Name
    No Name 8 hours ago

    I wanted them all to be fake 😂😂

  • kazhe kurdo
    kazhe kurdo 8 hours ago

    My name is kazhe it is rare so ya

  • John Pitsillides
    John Pitsillides 8 hours ago

    I once masturbated with a loud speaker in my house and mom almost caught me but I said I was playing halo.

  • bighairynuts4u
    bighairynuts4u 8 hours ago

    Never hide the pups. Always embrace them and use them to your advantage. Hey if a nice rack got me a better job and treated better id have em too

  • Miranda Lynn
    Miranda Lynn 8 hours ago

    Okay, literally nobody gets like this when they're drunk. So either this is fake and they're all acting, or they did drugs instead of drinking.

  • töffee lörd
    töffee lörd 8 hours ago

    She is flawless and gorgeous

  • Rebecca LaRiviere
    Rebecca LaRiviere 8 hours ago

    I was home when she started having a seizure. She was meowing in pain and I couldn’t do anything about it. She was behind the couch and I couldn’t move the couch. I felt so helpless. I was only 14 so I couldn’t do anything. I had to sit there for an hour before anyone came home. I always blame myself for it. She is my everything. We had her since before I was born and she got me through everything. I wish I could’ve been there for her.

  • JGJ Gaming
    JGJ Gaming 8 hours ago

    This Fake im10

  • Caro Decute
    Caro Decute 8 hours ago

    Never give up

  • Abnormal Set
    Abnormal Set 8 hours ago

    I am skinny

  • Kevin Hermawan
    Kevin Hermawan 8 hours ago

    Wakanda foreva!

  • _shamitha_ .g
    _shamitha_ .g 8 hours ago

    2:01 ok ...where do I get a man like this 😭

  • Zee
    Zee 8 hours ago

    what about when the tips of your U's go inwards too much so they look like O's but every other aspect of your writing changes each time

  • kesar official
    kesar official 8 hours ago

    Nina in every single video "I have large boobs".....Like srsly they are nt large they are saggy....😒😒

  • Kimberly Castano, RN

    I love Cinderella when I was 2-3 yrs old I would where the cheap little plastic dress up heals all day every day

  • Kavisha Dissanayake
    Kavisha Dissanayake 8 hours ago

    Why does Alison reminds me of Dakota Johnson. She is like her little sister .

  • shawn L
    shawn L 8 hours ago

    Is that bomber jacket he wore on trend ?

  • Sinh Thinh
    Sinh Thinh 8 hours ago

    Imagine doing the same thing without any underwear (so, no bum)...

  • Sreelu Sweet
    Sreelu Sweet 8 hours ago

    Oh my gosh she is so beautiful

  • Nihaal Sandim
    Nihaal Sandim 8 hours ago

    My current gf is a sunday ....but im afraid that shes gonna be Saturday soon 😐

  • dark jedi
    dark jedi 8 hours ago

    Should've pick Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and more Africa countries. The rest in this video's just typical western breakfast (which is nothing special)

  • First Name Last Name


  • Cocco Tarocco
    Cocco Tarocco 8 hours ago

    My record is 7

  • Malev olency
    Malev olency 8 hours ago

    im just loving merle more. :((((

  • Cocco Tarocco
    Cocco Tarocco 8 hours ago

    Literally 20 minutes ago i see a 13 years old do 10 pull ups in 5 Months of training

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 8 hours ago

    This is the stanley parable narrator!

  • Meet Ranga
    Meet Ranga 8 hours ago

    tbh nobdy expect a few south indians eat dosa everyday There are many more varities and combinations !

  • Joslyn Hafner
    Joslyn Hafner 8 hours ago

    I have a middle school horror story so i was in this friend group with 5 people not including me and we found out that one of them was talking to behind our backs to someone else in the friend group luckily the person that the girl was talking about us to got in a argument since she didn't tell her a secret she told me and one other girl in the group but the secret wasn't even important since she had changed her mind and so she told us about the talking behind our back and so we confronted her and she had the nerve to say she didn't talk behind our backs even though the person that she was talking about us to was THE ONE CONFRONTING HER. she said the only time that she talked behind our backs was about the "BIG" secret and then she proceeded to go talk to her friends about it and then one of her friends said she was crying (which i doubt) and so when i got on the bus i learned that the girl talking behind our back had asked one of my friends to find out what the secret was before we confronted her and tell her so now the friend group concists of 4 people not including me

  • tid krunks
    tid krunks 8 hours ago

    all the comments defending the guy = men who have no clue how it feels to be abused.

  • Brooke Washington
    Brooke Washington 8 hours ago

    When I heard a lot of them couldn’t cook or do laundry or stuff like that I was concerned 😟 I mean I can still change a tire and do all that too. What has the world come too? I shouldn’t be surprised there’s a lot of girls my age who can’t do that stuff. It’s weird to me lol my mom made sure we knew what to do inside the house and outside.

  • OUTLAW2020
    OUTLAW2020 8 hours ago

    Women have to put up with they endure childbirth...mad respect for all you ladies out there.. on the guy side I carry a 9 inch schlong, kinda gets embarrassing when u accidentally get hard while wearing suit slacks in public cause you see a hot girl..can never find a place to sit down fast enough lol but women definitely have more to endure..

  • JustThatWeirdGirlEllaThatLikesCats

    My parents have a dead stuffed raccoon down the hall and I think it’s calling my name..

  • olivia uwu
    olivia uwu 8 hours ago

    a queen

  • Lyle
    Lyle 9 hours ago

    this is why I'm glad i'm a guy, no periods haha

  • emo rod
    emo rod 9 hours ago

    I think the love you're looking for is right beside you. It's Jazmyne

  • Angel Essence
    Angel Essence 9 hours ago

    They really did her dirty with that thumbnail 😂

  • Alleson Gacha
    Alleson Gacha 9 hours ago

    i still don’t have my period lol

  • Emmy Dubin
    Emmy Dubin 9 hours ago

    Did Meagan just call sara and herself a "curly person"?

  • Heidi
    Heidi 9 hours ago

    Im like 5’1 or 5’2 and my crush (who likes me back) is 5’9🥺

  • jlammetje
    jlammetje 9 hours ago

    I really don't get the appeal of Yeezy's, they look awful IMO

  • Snoop Snoop
    Snoop Snoop 9 hours ago

    I would totally watch more of these videos

  • Aliah Caoili
    Aliah Caoili 9 hours ago

    If you feel like they should do an elementary one 😂 Like

  • LavieEnPrince
    LavieEnPrince 9 hours ago

    I'm a guy and i had a boyfriend. He was pakistani and muslim.. He provided me, helped me, loved me..and teached me showed me a lot of good things.. But there was a lot of concequences.. That i couldn't take it so i decided to breakup with him today.. And it actually a lot. I never fell in love like these. He was my first love,..and this is my first breakup and it hurts a lot..i miss him a lot.

  • moi même
    moi même 9 hours ago

    You are very kind to the small girl

  • BubbleGumStories e
    BubbleGumStories e 9 hours ago

    Super rare my name

  • Loraine Jones
    Loraine Jones 9 hours ago

    When you have no family it does not matter I have to post my goodbye messages here.

  • Cute Girl
    Cute Girl 9 hours ago

    Shes soooo cute😍

  • Unicorn Alice
    Unicorn Alice 9 hours ago

    My name is Zoie

  • Billy McCarthy
    Billy McCarthy 9 hours ago

    The US government deliberately broke up the black family unit. Stay strong black American women. You are beautiful🇮🇪

  • Lea Setbel
    Lea Setbel 9 hours ago

    At the beginning she trying to lose weight for other people but now she try to loose weight for herself

  • The Gamers
    The Gamers 9 hours ago

    My name starts With a v

  • Lil dixie
    Lil dixie 9 hours ago

    I think we all just eat cereal for breakfast

  • W Fitness
    W Fitness 9 hours ago

    Her skin us pretty much the same as before. The darker blue background and her hair down is used to trick the eye into thinking there's an improvement.

  • cmnestler
    cmnestler 9 hours ago

    Jackie is also a cartoonist in the buzzfeed videos

  • exotic oxe
    exotic oxe 9 hours ago

    When you have a huge butt but no boobs.... Like bish what??!

  • cloutgod
    cloutgod 9 hours ago

    i got my period when i was 9 lol

  • Anna Gabe
    Anna Gabe 9 hours ago

    The guy in the back is the bEst

  • Abby Swales
    Abby Swales 9 hours ago

    I freak out about spending £16 on some boots

  • LavieEnPrince
    LavieEnPrince 9 hours ago

    On crying stages

  • s g
    s g 9 hours ago

    OK all these are so relatable lmao I really need to start therapy

  • Navneet Kaur
    Navneet Kaur 9 hours ago

    My mum used to say that i was too fat and i wouldnt get married if i didnt lose weight as boys only liked skinny I'm anorexic nd she always asks me why i dont eat....i always blame my braces....i never cared when someone called me fat but my mums words always hurt me......i wish she helped me loose weight in a healthy way instead of just making me feel bad about myself

  • 하지만Condres Trial

    My name is MariaJessica lol but I use Jessica...

  • David Henrisson
    David Henrisson 9 hours ago

    The girl was soo happy! Edit:my 9 year old daughter came up to me and asked if she could cut her hair!

  • Rohma Nadeem
    Rohma Nadeem 9 hours ago

    The mother in the thumbnail looks literally like my Mami

  • Seb Saavedra
    Seb Saavedra 9 hours ago

    This man is the worst stylist he has absolutely no idea

  • Peachybee
    Peachybee 9 hours ago

    Someone name their child “Unique”

  • •Tsuuki Sama• 月様

    Mah Name is Aisha (A-yi-sha) *Like if you don't know anyone with this name*

  • Jeon Agreste
    Jeon Agreste 9 hours ago

    Why is this on my recommendation? RU-clip is really telling me something 😑😑

  • Amaya Patel
    Amaya Patel 9 hours ago

    My name is Amaya and everyone calls me a-May-a instead of a-my-a it’s RLY annoying!

  • Jayotic
    Jayotic 9 hours ago

    Bruh I actually got his age right 😂

  • The Unknown Kitty
    The Unknown Kitty 9 hours ago

    Are they the replacement of the Try Guys?

  • Erika Corpuz
    Erika Corpuz 9 hours ago

    wheres the aquarius guys...

  • Ekie
    Ekie 9 hours ago

    hOw Do wE noT KnoW tHis

  • Carver Whitt
    Carver Whitt 9 hours ago

    I look like my dad

  • crystal me
    crystal me 9 hours ago

    Amby is not good ugh I hate herr

  • Tara Stojanovic
    Tara Stojanovic 9 hours ago

    0:57 that lady with bread omg what she was doing

  • Astroman9569
    Astroman9569 9 hours ago

    Very True.....

  • k-KuN NaTSuMe
    k-KuN NaTSuMe 10 hours ago

    I think the red did them justice the most

  • Jazmin Turner
    Jazmin Turner 10 hours ago

    Chan was so aesthetic and a sweetie pie and Ambie looked like she didn’t escape the 80s and it was so cute😆

  • Bloodwest
    Bloodwest 10 hours ago

    It must be so hard to pull-up if you're featherweight.

  • •dã_pãstel_ queeñ•

    25:15 ...wait...wait a minute... Why is Rie for Tasty here!?! SINCE WHEN WAS SHE A TEACHER!?!