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  • Ilya Elias
    Ilya Elias Minute ago


  • Judith Lucia
    Judith Lucia 2 hours ago

    Could you make a vegetarian version of this video? Almost every single recepie is with meat

  • navi nachu
    navi nachu 2 hours ago


  • noreallyitslisa
    noreallyitslisa 3 hours ago

    Okay but was this sponsored by Baileys or??? Lol

  • sticky Fingers
    sticky Fingers 4 hours ago

    the lasagna looked good, but you mixed up salt and pepper

  • cinderria harwell
    cinderria harwell 4 hours ago

    thanks so much I hate anything that takes all night

  • Iqra Umar
    Iqra Umar 6 hours ago

    what is bharat

  • Chris Tollefson
    Chris Tollefson 7 hours ago

    more like "How to Make Big Macs in 11 Different Shapes!"

  • I dropped my Lasagna

    he is so adorable haha

  • Yaret Jerez
    Yaret Jerez 7 hours ago

    Honistly they were was good but i think i will stick to my fruit salad with trajín

  • Revienne Jospeh
    Revienne Jospeh 7 hours ago

    Wow!! Garlic girl!!!

  • Nicole Starr
    Nicole Starr 9 hours ago

    I have attempted 3 of the recipes on this video, the sheet pan cheeseburger quesadilla, the cheeseburger corn dogs, and the bacon cheeseburger potatoes. Only 1 came out right, the quesadilla! The corn dogs did NOT cook all the way through, even though the batter was done. And the potatoes didn't bake completely on the first step, so I had to adjust the recipe to feed my family. I'm beginning to think that their "recipes" are more for watching than actual eating...

  • Boudicca Faith
    Boudicca Faith 9 hours ago

    ok, i can't help but say that every time they tipped something into the pot or bowl it corresponded to the beat of the song that I was listening to and now my life is complete.

  • Minna mimi
    Minna mimi 9 hours ago

    congratulation 1 milion you'r realy work hard ; i'm a old member here lol . good job

    DAKOTA POLITO 9 hours ago

    it is good

  • Sandry De Jesús
    Sandry De Jesús 9 hours ago

    Si 😍😍😍😍amor 💘💘💘a comida

  • Black Zamasu
    Black Zamasu 10 hours ago

    After Of Watch Video Im hungry hahahah

  • Bendy the dancing demon1234

    The bacon mac n cheese shots look so good because 1. I love bacon and 2. I love macaroni and cheese

  • Pinkpetals 83
    Pinkpetals 83 11 hours ago

    This music is a vibe!! are great too lol

  • Ryan James broadhead
    Ryan James broadhead 11 hours ago

    He never chewed it lmfao 😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • Ζωή Συμεωνωφ

    All my favourite ingredients in one meal. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kay Klash
    Kay Klash 11 hours ago

    Wow ❤️❤️😝

  • Davide Non lo so
    Davide Non lo so 12 hours ago


  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 12 hours ago

    wtf is this vid 1. you dont use mac n cheese on a pizza 2. whoever dips pizza should be arrested. 3. who's idea was it to make a big mac pizza 4. 7:58 that looks like vomit im gonna this show this to lois Outrageous!!!

  • Amando cr7
    Amando cr7 12 hours ago

    and today on how to get fat

  • memo아마알
    memo아마알 12 hours ago

    Such a mix 😍😋

  • vivi jd
    vivi jd 12 hours ago


  • dragon2697
    dragon2697 13 hours ago

    dear cheff. I want to correct a mistake. the materials you have used belong to the Turks. He later went to Greek cuisine. yogurt, for example, first, entered the kitchens of Central Asian Turks. I wanted to mention that. Let everyone know the truth, right?

  • A F
    A F 13 hours ago

    WTF WTF There is no vodka in Dubai recipe. It's a muslim community !!!!!!😡😡😡😡 Shame on you

  • Nisha Solanki
    Nisha Solanki 14 hours ago

    Hi there, nice recipe but please tell me what music you played.

  • Helai Amiri
    Helai Amiri 15 hours ago


  • andres rosa
    andres rosa 16 hours ago

    Garlic??? Really??????????????????? I must be confused

  • RobotS S
    RobotS S 16 hours ago

    Muslims don't use vodka or alcohol in the food.. but nice recipe

  • Mr Panic Attack
    Mr Panic Attack 16 hours ago

    3:04 Wait, that's garlic?

  • Mr Panic Attack
    Mr Panic Attack 16 hours ago

    I like the music (And of course, the food haha!) 😘

  • Anu Jhunjhunwala
    Anu Jhunjhunwala 17 hours ago

    I love cheese a lot but l am pure veg

  • Anu Jhunjhunwala
    Anu Jhunjhunwala 17 hours ago

    I love cheese a lot but l am pure veg

    LIZZIE’S HIDEOUT 17 hours ago

    I love how the first one had to be the grossest.. and the second ewwww.

  • Brey-ann Blijd
    Brey-ann Blijd 17 hours ago

    Twisted thank you for the recipe

  • Ruma Bhowmick
    Ruma Bhowmick 17 hours ago

    Omg 😲😲😲 I'm so erally 😊😊

  • مطبخ عزة البورسعيدية


  • Recipes with Resa
    Recipes with Resa 17 hours ago

    Looks incredible 😍

  • Elza Pantaleon
    Elza Pantaleon 17 hours ago

    Tree comment 60 view

  • Saif Saad
    Saif Saad 17 hours ago

    this is a *random* comment so *random* people can like it *randomly*

    • Lil Boi
      Lil Boi 17 hours ago

      Saif Saad, epic

  • Lavvis:p :p
    Lavvis:p :p 17 hours ago

    So cool

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  • Yass Min
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  • Wlatcymochrlz
    Wlatcymochrlz 18 hours ago

    8:55 Do you know how to use fucking nail file? This dirt under your nails is fucking disgousting.

  • Ahlem Hllouma
    Ahlem Hllouma 18 hours ago

    You know chees only in pasta 😕😕😕😕

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen 18 hours ago

    I just love Summer foods.

  • Carlota Minarik
    Carlota Minarik 18 hours ago

    I instantly got starving

  • Little Fairy
    Little Fairy 18 hours ago

    Thats really very delicious foods❤️

  • HolySmokes Am Rich
    HolySmokes Am Rich 18 hours ago

    OMG Monster Burgers 🍔 can’t watch No More am So hungry 😋

  • HolySmokes Am Rich
    HolySmokes Am Rich 18 hours ago

    Yummy Yummy Yum That last One - BBQ chicken with Onion Ring - OMG 💕💕🥰

    EKTA CHAUDHARY 19 hours ago

    Anyone INDIAN....?

  • Sahabat Cell
    Sahabat Cell 20 hours ago

    Asalamualaikum puji Tuhan Allah semoga saat ini hidangan pizzas bertambah lezat dan delicious semoga lebih bersemangat dan lezat Aameen

  • Smabbles12
    Smabbles12 20 hours ago

    Lewis reviewing actual food: >:( Lewis reviewing experimental monstrosities of good food: >:) oh yes Man ppl talk to me about all the fancy shit they made but i kinda go 'aha oh i cant cook lol' .... little do they know the fucked up shit i make in the kitchen....

  • Tomy Brave
    Tomy Brave 20 hours ago

    *What if I make it before school?? But what if I make it at school??*

  • Nika Begic
    Nika Begic 20 hours ago

    I love "Twisted" so much and I love the halloween food👻

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan 21 hour ago

    10:24 8:54

  • EmmaOnATangent
    EmmaOnATangent 21 hour ago

    So? Why didn't you wrap it in puff pastry, douse it in doughnut glaze, and pour sprinkles on it? Might as well, at this point. . .

  • Foodie Lah!
    Foodie Lah! 21 hour ago

    The first one 👍 love your creativity 💕

  • 서연식당 Seoyeon restaurant

    Cheese Steak Gratang Korean people really like this menu.🇰🇷👍🏻

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 23 hours ago

    I love when the outside looks burnt

  • Srihariharan D
    Srihariharan D 23 hours ago

    How to die eating mac and cheese 😵

  • Sherry D
    Sherry D Day ago

    Every appetizer in this vid looks disgusting.

  • Rica Pika
    Rica Pika Day ago

    That's a lot of butter

  • Anita Loyd
    Anita Loyd Day ago

    Thanks you again

  • Makhni G
    Makhni G Day ago

    So jealous?

  • 오태화
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    omg... I'm hungry...

  • Jon De Iconuc
    Jon De Iconuc Day ago

    Now that is pastamania resistance and very yummy yo to enjoy

  • Omar Faruk
    Omar Faruk Day ago

    The recipe is so yummy

  • hafidi rabia
    hafidi rabia Day ago

    Excellent 😊👍 Like forever

  • Aaron Cain
    Aaron Cain Day ago

    Obviously with that amount of cheese it's going to be good. But just terrible for you though.

  • Fag Shiw
    Fag Shiw Day ago

    are they french fries or American fries

  • Alysse Winston

    @0:42.....did you ALL leave some in the pot to eat it❓😏

  • Tomy Brave
    Tomy Brave Day ago

    *I see fries, I click* 🍟 🍟 🍟 🍟 🍟

  • chris feleciano

    You lost me with the feta on the carne asada fries..

  • Cheetos Christ

    Dude really went all in wit the sesame seeds lmao

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  • Master Multiplier - Roblox and more

    Good than Howtobasic.

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    Came for the recipes but stayed for the music 🔥🔥

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    when you decided to get 2 sacks of potatoes instead of ground beef so you need to make an awesome potato dinner

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    Mmmm diarrhea.

  • Nora Rothermel

    Anyone else watch these and make themselves hungry?

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    Awais Nawaz Day ago

    Mom comes home after school: what you making Me: oh you know just a causal chicken fajita

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    Nice one, will try it out, thnx 4 the video!

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  • America Is Kemet


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