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9 Second 4-Cyl Datsun ep.2
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  • Ethandgreat555
    Ethandgreat555 6 hours ago

    What car is it love the sound

  • 9 hours ago

    Really cool video! Check out our TTQS Build:

  • David Richards
    David Richards 23 hours ago

    Part 2, at least more of the 240.

  • Sponge Loaf
    Sponge Loaf 23 hours ago

    Lol what he thinks is trash.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin Day ago

    Ok how redunkulous is Emelia’s 💩 turd lmao

  • sess
    sess Day ago

    a 12 minute video about dyno'ing 3 cars should have more than 2 minutes of cars being revved on a dyno. just saying 🤔

  • Dave Estey
    Dave Estey Day ago

    911 dyno run is at 4:10. 240 at 6:40. 1 Rotor at 9:00 - kinda.

  • Corrie Jacobs
    Corrie Jacobs Day ago

    Next week again

  • Corrie Jacobs
    Corrie Jacobs Day ago

    Put a motorcycle gearbox onto the one Rotor for the low torque on this Rotary engine

  • MiataMods
    MiataMods Day ago

    Sick build guys! 💪

  • _ReddStorm_
    _ReddStorm_ Day ago

    Divy Up Your Content & Learn How To Title Your Videos....

  • _ReddStorm_
    _ReddStorm_ Day ago

    We Only Care About The 1 Rotor Also Stop Wasting Out Time With Parts

  • _ReddStorm_
    _ReddStorm_ Day ago

    Stop With The Attempted Movie Production BullShit

  • Eddie Marcum
    Eddie Marcum Day ago

    Okay but like what is the intro song 😅

  • Slimkid13
    Slimkid13 Day ago

    It’s awesome to see the Datsun have a good amount of power.

  • FlatBrimSickDope

    Did you say VR sensor? I would be running a Hall effect, much cleaner digital signature than variable reluctance pickup. Just my 2 cents.

  • minibike madman
    minibike madman 2 days ago

    Thank god for fast forward.

  • nosagni divad
    nosagni divad 2 days ago

    Ford 2.3 Turbo! Love it 😍 👍

  • C Campo
    C Campo 2 days ago

    Datsun is like a roach, nothing will kill it! Give it all the boost!

  • Mercmad
    Mercmad 2 days ago

    Rotaries would need a different synch mode wouldn't they? the combustion cydle is completely different to a four stroke.

  • Sammy Dugger
    Sammy Dugger 2 days ago

    1 rotor 125 hp

  • george Arredondo
    george Arredondo 2 days ago

    Haven't kept up on the 240 build but the 2.3T will handle 25+ lbs no problem if you keep the tune in check. bo-port did a torture test ~15 years ago with one of his top of the line iron heads and it made nearly 700hp on a stock high mile short block and he had to stop as it vibrated the flywheel bolts out. Mine was a beast with a ported big valve head, ranger cam -4', hx35w @ 26psi running rc800's plus all the other supporting mods. Wrecked it being young and dumb playing on the interstate. :( Lesson learned.....for every $5 spent to make it go fast invest a $1 to make it stop and handle.

  • Gustavo Alvarez
    Gustavo Alvarez 2 days ago

    Those numbers are weak

  • motorised1
    motorised1 2 days ago

    use a Subaru gearbox with a reversed ring and pinion

  • lenny gaming90
    lenny gaming90 2 days ago

    I wish I had a engine like that to install it in a gokart

  • all the boost
    all the boost 2 days ago

    If those were uncorrected numbers than I guess it's not too terrible but if that's corrected to a 77 degree day at whatever humidity at sea level then I'm a little disappointed. On your 240Z with that little 4-cylinder you guys should be doing 20 degrees of ignition timing at 20 lb of boost and see what happens then.

  • Rotor Head
    Rotor Head 3 days ago

    🏃 🛵💨. In PUERTO RICO 🇵🇷 there is a SCOOTER with SINGLE ROTOR TURBO. 😁

    • Aids Rods
      Aids Rods Day ago

      Los inventos boricua 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • Isaac LeBlanc
    Isaac LeBlanc 3 days ago

    How much did this project cost? I found a 240z down the road from my house in slightly better condition... thinking about buying it and doing something like this

  • Denis O'brien
    Denis O'brien 3 days ago

    one or both be sensors wired wrong polarity. really matters.

  • Todd Olsen
    Todd Olsen 3 days ago

    team no power.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 days ago

    Perhaps you should have worded it "Well, we got it ON the dyno..." Wouldn't have been so clickbaity. Don't go down the wrong path ;) I'm still here... for now.

  • Muzaffar Musa
    Muzaffar Musa 3 days ago

    probably 45psi to kill the Datsun lol, 360 @ 20psi seems sweet and could probably make even more! Also hope to see the dyno results for Lil Brapster, that thing should rip once the proper tune is in. Light car, light engine with probably the power to make it go.

  • Mike Barrett
    Mike Barrett 3 days ago

    I like the Brapster,it’s pretty cool.

  • Preston Radde
    Preston Radde 3 days ago

    I wanna see the one rotor throw down some power!

  • Liam Tobey
    Liam Tobey 3 days ago

    If the speedster is on megasquirt, and the sync loss is just counting up and up as it runs, try adjusting the variable resistors on the main board and xpanded board (if you have that). They're part of the "VR Conditioning Circuit". I was having a big sync loss problem with my L28ET swapped 240sx and a few minutes of adjusting the variable resistors did the trick!

  • Awsom Sauce TV
    Awsom Sauce TV 3 days ago

    Hell yeah Darden!

  • adam torres
    adam torres 3 days ago

    I bet its gonna look nice

  • David Snipes
    David Snipes 3 days ago

    Teething pains ....I know you guys will get her going, correctly!

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 3 days ago

    I wanna see a race between the 911 and the Z

  • Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage

    That 240z looks like fun

  • xxaxnxtxhxoxnxyxx
    xxaxnxtxhxoxnxyxx 3 days ago

    run 35psi on the Datsun for awhile, youll kill it sooner or later.

  • Devon Swindell
    Devon Swindell 3 days ago

    Can't you turn on a setting that "cleans" up the signal? That and make sure the signal wires isn't too close to any other high current wires

  • magooracing
    magooracing 4 days ago

    How much boost to kill the Datsun? All of it

  • Rich Brown
    Rich Brown 4 days ago

    Respects for the transparency, it's always interesting to see the process, and of course without through testing, numbers alone count for nothing

  • pleasejoe
    pleasejoe 4 days ago

    9:00 for title shot

  • Luca Pistellato
    Luca Pistellato 4 days ago

    This is the first video that I watch on your channel....I liked a lot what I've seen, new sub here

  • Invidious Ignoramus

    720p50 again? Lol, did you guys accidentally alter some settings?

    • Invidious Ignoramus
      Invidious Ignoramus 3 days ago

      @Sam Johnson but this is 50fps.

    • Sam Johnson
      Sam Johnson 3 days ago

      i think jp consistently forgets to turn the camera off of 60fps and that defaults it to 720

  • DarkLinkAD
    DarkLinkAD 4 days ago

    4:23 Skip past the cheesy music.

  • Blac Sheep Customs
    Blac Sheep Customs 4 days ago

    All in all a good dyno day fellas! Them cars lookin dope!!!

  • INFINITY NightMare
    INFINITY NightMare 4 days ago

    Is that old tjs shop

  • Andrew Waters
    Andrew Waters 4 days ago

    Nice to see the 911 back! Keep it the good work chaps!

  • anthony earl
    anthony earl 4 days ago

    Nice work guys. So are you going to have a 50 shot on the 240

  • Trent Kearney
    Trent Kearney 4 days ago


  • 612 WHP EJ8 GT3582R

    Is E85 not very common in your area? We just got two stations around our area that has it, so when I turned my Civic up I went straight to ethanol and surprisingly the ethanol content here near Pittsburgh is around 75-80% in the summer blend, and 65-70% in the winter blend according to my GM Flex Fuel sensor running on my Hondata S300 V3. It totally transformed my car because on 93 it ran well, but it had no off boost torque (which is sad for a built 1.8L DOHC VTEC in such a light chassis). As soon as I went with E85 it woke the car up all the way through the rev range. All three of these cars would benefit so much in terms of power and safety from the switch to ethanol, but it's not always widely available to everyone.

    • Sam Johnson
      Sam Johnson 4 days ago

      The only reason the brapster isn’t on it currently is we went back to 91 when we rebuilt the motor to take one variable out of the tuning process but I think we are planning on doing exclusively ethanol in that car and the rest will probably be flex fuel eventually

    • Sam Johnson
      Sam Johnson 4 days ago

      612 WHP EJ8 GT3582R we’ve had a couple for the last 8 or so years and I keep seeing more and more pumps pop up. I love the stuff

  • burt fay
    burt fay 4 days ago

    That colour isn't fitting for a car of that age, gloss black would of been better.

  • HTCJ13
    HTCJ13 4 days ago

    Sad dorito hours.

  • Not Today Buddy
    Not Today Buddy 4 days ago

    1/2 the boost a 2JZGTE or 13BT could handle ;)

    • boostedsil40
      boostedsil40 3 days ago

      @Not Today Buddy well im stupid so i have to ask.

    • Not Today Buddy
      Not Today Buddy 4 days ago

      @boostedsil40 Exactly as my statement boldly proclaims :)

    • boostedsil40
      boostedsil40 4 days ago

      what do you mean

  • Robo Rob
    Robo Rob 4 days ago

    Go the hog and hit it with 40 psi

  • whitelx
    whitelx 4 days ago

    Aluminum flywheel on the 2.3? Sounds like some good throttle response. That equal length header sure makes the 2.3 sound a lot smoother. A lot less tractor.

  • foldingblade
    foldingblade 4 days ago

    I hope the one rotary is easy to fix and the Datsun makes amazing power

  • Dalton Finke
    Dalton Finke 4 days ago

    Send it and go for 15 psi on the Datsun

  • Mike Sheridan
    Mike Sheridan 4 days ago

    Your butt dyno's need calibrating

  • Josh Lewellen
    Josh Lewellen 4 days ago

    Would love to see more flybys now that the cars are tuned.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 4 days ago

    Baby brap-fires! Love it! Realistically how much could you build a 1 rotor for?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • travtech1
    travtech1 4 days ago

    Dardan's the man! He tuned my megasquirted 13bre made 493@17psi

  • Nocturnal Scorpion
    Nocturnal Scorpion 4 days ago

    I think 37 psi would kill the Datsun

  • CorndogBrownie
    CorndogBrownie 4 days ago

    YO @10:40 gold bike, what is that?

  • tree jones
    tree jones 4 days ago

    I had an issue with my microsquirt having a lost sync issue, we added a 10k resistor to the vr -/+ and it cleared that right up

    • TrinomCZ
      TrinomCZ 2 days ago

      @Tankedoutmk2 And what reason did MS told you before a resistor fix? We are experiencing very similar issue, but I changed the VR CAS to optical one I made for this purpose and the Lost sync reason is now different.

    • Tankedoutmk2
      Tankedoutmk2 4 days ago

      I had the same problem on multiple megasquirt cars , resistor fixed all of them

  • Brandon Rohrer
    Brandon Rohrer 4 days ago

    Waste of time

  • Chad Delay
    Chad Delay 4 days ago

    Part two should have driving clips in the Porsche and Datsun with the new tunes.

  • sloopjbnz
    sloopjbnz 4 days ago

    I can't wait to hear the speedster running right

  • Menaceful
    Menaceful 4 days ago

    I love the short edits in between!

  • TheLapTopX20
    TheLapTopX20 4 days ago

    Get an old Daihatsu Copen or Suzuki Capuccino. AZ-1 or Beat seem like good options too.

  • Mohd Hairi
    Mohd Hairi 4 days ago

    2.8 bar

  • TrueStreet Performance

    Is it just me or does it sound like they weren't reving tje motors all the way like they should

    • TrueStreet Performance
      TrueStreet Performance 4 days ago

      @boostedsil40 i know that but on the supposed full pulls th graph still only went up to 6800rpm as far as i could see atleast

    • boostedsil40
      boostedsil40 4 days ago

      Thats part of tuning,they needed to get those lower rpm tuned better before they could wot high rpm

  • Ryan Stuart
    Ryan Stuart 4 days ago

    Just throw 40psi at it and send that bitch to the moon

  • andyswmr714
    andyswmr714 4 days ago

    Since you have megasquirt. Having syncloss issues. You want to throw an ocilliscope on the line and then tune the potentiometers down till the pulses are clear on the other side of the line.

  • Interesting Endeavors

    Finally dyno time!

  • Tommy Berube
    Tommy Berube 4 days ago

    Do you remember the a/r hot side or you gt3076r? .63 or .82? I'm on the process to build a 911sc turbo too but looking to buy the better turbo for an 3.0l sc.

  • ClutchGearThrottle
    ClutchGearThrottle 4 days ago

    Nice flamethrower

  • Neville Weskob
    Neville Weskob 4 days ago

    Please put 40psi into the Datsun and see what happens

  • Jared Sheppard
    Jared Sheppard 4 days ago

    Definitely some unique builds! Love the sound of the 1 rotor..

  • karl isenberg
    karl isenberg 4 days ago

    yep cool to see the progress thank you guys

  • Joachim Bartsch
    Joachim Bartsch 4 days ago


  • Joachim Bartsch
    Joachim Bartsch 4 days ago


  • Joachim Bartsch
    Joachim Bartsch 4 days ago


  • Jesse san
    Jesse san 4 days ago

    Hey, I'm the 420th liker!!!

    • boostedsil40
      boostedsil40 4 days ago

      4/20 is hitlers birthday you nazi =]

  • Tapper21
    Tapper21 4 days ago

    9:00 for the brap to start, 10:07 for the brap to stop...... Video title makes it seem like there is going to be one rotor action..... clickbait AF guys cmon :( No offense but I could care less about eurotrash and another 240, your channel came into my feed for the ROTOR and this title blue balled me HARD :P keeps me gagging for more though so well done :D

  • morgan roberts sr
    morgan roberts sr 4 days ago

    Damn.......the suspense is killin me

  • Unfocused Racing
    Unfocused Racing 4 days ago

    Love the fireballs.

  • Ian Snow
    Ian Snow 4 days ago

    Why I love this channel, original builds. That brap duh ❤️

  • Zachary Sauve
    Zachary Sauve 4 days ago

    That Porsche is beautiful O:

  • mariodesmo
    mariodesmo 4 days ago

    Wow, 360 hp out of the Dirt-sun suprised me. Looking good. Now time to get that p-car 930 to ponnie up some numbers! Yea!

  • Anubis Prime79
    Anubis Prime79 4 days ago

    40 lbs is all it would take.

  • Johnathan Doe
    Johnathan Doe 4 days ago

    ‘Brap smear at the dynocologist’ 😂

  • mrkthmn
    mrkthmn 4 days ago

    Stoked to see the Porsche again! Thats what brought me here so I think its always going to be my favorite. Ever since you did that colab with the RWB and said you wanted to go wide I've been stoked to see it done.

  • amir faris
    amir faris 4 days ago

    Fireball tune.

  • Pavel Yevdash
    Pavel Yevdash 4 days ago

    Really thought the Porsche would make more power then the Dotson

    EVIL ELVIS 4 days ago

    Oh shit them 🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥

  • Neil Zuidema
    Neil Zuidema 4 days ago

    Great job fellas keep up the good work. I'm sure it's a real stuff around to make the videos so thank you guys for doing it.