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Saurfang Is Not Honorable
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Hirus Q and A (#43)
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Top 10 Warcraft Liches
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  • John Z
    John Z 47 minutes ago

    Tigole's name is wordplay, its "Bitties" not BITE es as in Tigole Biddies ( Big Ol Titties)

  • David Danis
    David Danis 53 minutes ago

    Slow weapons are still better for instant attacks in classic. Before normalization though, a 100-200 3.8 would hit harder with mortal strike than a 100-200 2.5 weapon, which was insane. Now you just want the highest max dmg per hit weapon, which is usually a slow one.

  • Masterwar15
    Masterwar15 Hour ago

    Dude, Shamans are already pretty op in Classic, but apparently in the old beta they were god incarnate lol Might as well have been the first Hero Class.

  • Drekulviin X1
    Drekulviin X1 3 hours ago

    Because i retired from being a hardcore (no life) player, i turned into a Achievments, Mounts, Altholic. :) During my "no life" period i had 3 to 5 characters ready for raids (10 max level and all professions) so i could do Lich King more often.

  • TiensFury
    TiensFury 3 hours ago

    I can show you an ancient frostsaber if you want. Kek.

  • AntPDC
    AntPDC 4 hours ago

    "A lot of running"? I used gryphon taxis. Why couldn't you?

  • likira111
    likira111 4 hours ago

    He is the biggest neckbeard. I love him.

  • Wolfpack
    Wolfpack 4 hours ago

    u can just stand on mob

  • likira111
    likira111 5 hours ago

    Why can't the son just have two dads? maybe thats why he was so close "friends" with that human.

    ROCKST4R 5 hours ago

    About that weapon speeds - dunno about that, mate...I'm wearing a slow weapon on Enha Shaman and when WF procs, it hits like a truck

  • likira111
    likira111 5 hours ago

    One of the few humans who accepted her undead family members and they get killed right infront of her, NO NO NO! blizzard why.

  • Da E
    Da E 5 hours ago

    What is that awesome chiptunes music in the end??

  • Miles Miles
    Miles Miles 5 hours ago

    We get it, private servers are illegal but they are not "bad". Calling them illegal with the tone you had comes off like they committed a terrible crime.

  • Kayed Alqassimi
    Kayed Alqassimi 5 hours ago

    Thank you

  • sir popatree
    sir popatree 6 hours ago

    Chuck Norris remembers the barrens.. so we remember

  • Drekulviin X1
    Drekulviin X1 6 hours ago

    to me DK is the #1 it should be the only with a 5/5 on quest lore because it's about a expansion Boss known by everyone. (i played alliance so i don't even know who Lilian Voss is). I missed the Lilian Voss final part of her lore because i went to the forest (when i played an Undead yesterday). The Lich King will always be my favorite also because i first played WoW during the last months of WOTLK.

  • Rigrmortis
    Rigrmortis 6 hours ago

    I always enjoyed my Dwarf / Rogue combo. Stoneform was quite nice in pvp vs other rogues, warriors, hunters and shadow priests. It was still useful in pve as many mobs used bleed or poison mechanics while disease was less common iirc. Then their treasure finding was just fun to find chests inside caves / dungeons that were random spawns, many times seeing it before even thinking about entering said area. The only negative to find treasure was you had to cycle between it and any gathering profession or miss things.

  • Bob Saggot
    Bob Saggot 6 hours ago

    You’re completely glossing over all the damage that Garrosh did to Pandaria

  • Theo Gleisner
    Theo Gleisner 7 hours ago

    Anyone know the background music from about 5:30 to around 6:50?

  • Thom G
    Thom G 7 hours ago

    He played Horde, so he did everything wrong.

  • likira111
    likira111 8 hours ago

    "Families who don't want to see them again" Forsaken are the drug addicts of wow.

  • likira111
    likira111 8 hours ago

    "A villian by their very nature is trying to bring change tp their world" Depends on the world, if im rising up agaisnt the evil empire im not being avillian and they're not bringing change.

  • Austin Franks
    Austin Franks 9 hours ago

    1-4 hours to complete low level instances?! RFC takes around 30 mins and WC is about an hour.

  • Ju5tn Time
    Ju5tn Time 9 hours ago

    “Lets remove fun, flavorful, unique, and interesting abilities. Did we miss anything? A class will simply be the highest form of fantasy attainable in the game.”

  • xristofor Ivanov
    xristofor Ivanov 9 hours ago

    2:08 spinning for the wining ^^

  • ElderMuen
    ElderMuen 9 hours ago

    What add-ons do you use? I see Sexy maps, but what's the addon for the quest you have? Makes it cinematic as they read

  • K4inan
    K4inan 9 hours ago

    ret paladins would've been awesome if they didn't scrap those abilities.

  • konserv padda
    konserv padda 10 hours ago

    Well there is the holy protection potion in vanilla so there was a way to protect from holy.

  • Hollow Ninja
    Hollow Ninja 10 hours ago

    What is the first damn song?!

  • likira111
    likira111 10 hours ago

    "A lot of the undead have living family in the aliance, but they want nothing to do with me since they just see them as monsters" Undead are the drug addicts of wow.

  • likira111
    likira111 10 hours ago

    "you learn a lot about the politics and the worgen under the guise of proving your not a threat,it's just not as interesting as fighting th" Translation: battle = plot.

  • Sean Schenscher
    Sean Schenscher 11 hours ago

    shit, bring crusader strike to classic - :D

  • Fan Wowfan
    Fan Wowfan 11 hours ago

    umm some random russian guy steals your content

  • Нико Беллик
    Нико Беллик 12 hours ago

    what is that thing at 2:30? Please?

  • Jared Prymont
    Jared Prymont 12 hours ago

    Did you even play Vanilla? You speak like you don't understand why cooldown limits were important.

  • Brandon Simons
    Brandon Simons 13 hours ago

    The amount of work put into this, wow. This deserves way more views. Glad I stumbled upon it.

  • Patrick Gonthier
    Patrick Gonthier 13 hours ago

    I was waiting to see the shield talent of the Shaman :(

  • Krowa święta
    Krowa święta 14 hours ago

    Ravager was literally op while fighting 10+ mobs. Even in TBC it still was worth to aoe using this axe.

  • Robert Keys
    Robert Keys 14 hours ago

    Representing Undead Warrior

  • Stevepunk
    Stevepunk 15 hours ago

    You could also shift-click the lightwell to "take all" charges.

  • Bruce Wade
    Bruce Wade 15 hours ago

    flying really fucked this game up

  • anonimas12
    anonimas12 15 hours ago

    The crowd pummeler was amazing in WoD lower level bgs since it scaled up to your level :P

  • anonimas12
    anonimas12 15 hours ago

    Typhoon. Totally a sv hunter weapon

  • SamoIsKing
    SamoIsKing 15 hours ago

    Do you seriously pronounce the E at the end of Cairne?

  • jimrayner100
    jimrayner100 15 hours ago

    omg that guy is bissing me off.. fucking asshole

  • Grim Laugh
    Grim Laugh 15 hours ago

    Don't play classic wow, but I really enjoy watching you explain how much more creative blizzard was back in the day

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 16 hours ago

    Barrens is back baybee!

  • sponkmyers
    sponkmyers 16 hours ago

    Hopefully it's is in classic but dont remember if it was in it or during BC

  • Patrik Lundberg
    Patrik Lundberg 16 hours ago

    once we came to the siegeworker, we killed him in 4 pulls. klaxxi were our roadblock.

  • Trevor Engen
    Trevor Engen 16 hours ago

    Calling blackfuse negatively unique is the most laughable thing I've ever heard. Heroic (now mythic) blackfuse was the best fight in the instance, better even than garrosh unless you were on belts. Arguably one of the best fights ever designed.

  • Saif AlSsHaMsSi
    Saif AlSsHaMsSi 17 hours ago

    How about ( vanish ) even the big shot you talking about vanish can skip for it thats what you miss 😝

  • Shervin M.-
    Shervin M.- 17 hours ago

    It's not Goonther? Ita Gunther... the character that's there but never noticed or credited? Who else do you know like thay names Gunther? 😉

  • Aaron ShadowHunter
    Aaron ShadowHunter 18 hours ago

    Horde has grounding totem Wich also works on multiple people so you can't say alliance is stronger because of fear ward

  • Richard Bogan
    Richard Bogan 18 hours ago

    How can you leave out the pain guy from the old Scarlet Monastery? I think Interrogator Vishas or something. He even dropped his torture device when killed. The dialog was always creepy to me. good list though. Thanks!

  • Blizzard S.
    Blizzard S. 18 hours ago

    What about Thunderaan the Windseeker?.

    P0LIISI 18 hours ago

    so many of these were just things that made vanilla special and better for me

  • Soul Element
    Soul Element 19 hours ago

    Crossroads with zombie plague was the best

  • Agex Ferrell
    Agex Ferrell 19 hours ago

    Yo in your classic stream i said mad cow should play i meant madseasonshow should stream it

  • KillerDragain
    KillerDragain 20 hours ago

    I'm not gonna lie man, I used to watch your Top 10 creepy wow videos a few years back when I was hunting TLPD I was in a behavioral facility last year for suicidal behaviors and lost my PC due to it. Watching your videos reminds me of how happy I was playing wow, and makes me remember that even if it's just a silly video game, sometimes they can shape how you feel. Your videos, because of the happiness wow gave me, makes me so happy. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your videos. Never change

  • Swangz
    Swangz 20 hours ago

    song in begining

  • Leonardo Pinto
    Leonardo Pinto 20 hours ago

    Yeah...i can't let go the fact that blizzard killed vol jin, such an rich and awesome character who wasn't even given time to do anything relevant as a warchief just to make a fan service...Fuck Sylvanas.

  • Dark Poisoneer
    Dark Poisoneer 21 hour ago

    warlocks had twilight ward in mop which absorbed holy and shadow damage

  • slumberwell
    slumberwell 21 hour ago

    I dont even want to SEE retail anymore

  • Camille Kurt
    Camille Kurt 22 hours ago

    Jaina never been a fun of her Ugh now I actually enjoy beating her up in zuldazar

  • Meowstical
    Meowstical 23 hours ago

    I still remember the older glyph systems... I mean, yeah, there were some optimal ones... but it was still fun to mess around with builds. I really do wonder why Blizzard decided to just give up on the system.

  • TenaciousG
    TenaciousG 23 hours ago

    "One of the lowest DPS classes in the game" Come on now; that implies they could DPS at all.

  • rapid13
    rapid13 23 hours ago

    It is damn near impossible for there to be that many habitable planets in a single solar system. And it's "Kalimdor" not "Kalimador."

  • Aroundthefur
    Aroundthefur 23 hours ago

    I think you have said your name before but please tell us how you pronounce your name in your next video. Every time I try to mention one of your videos to a friend and they ask me "who made the video" it makes my head hurt even trying to think of how to pronounce "Hirumaredx" I know how to pronouce the first part (here-ru) but it at all falls apart after that first part.

  • FullBlown
    FullBlown Day ago

    I dont recall the servers crashing all the time a few times while i was home was at launch and maybe one during the AQ event but i did not play much till after 5pm back then...what i member the most from classic wow was the lag in towns like SW and ironforge,near the FP was the worst i think back then i had a pent 3 with a 5600gfx card or something like that...

  • Furbow
    Furbow Day ago

    sylvana = danzo confirmed

  • Tatiana Devos
    Tatiana Devos Day ago

    The subtitles are goood

  • Will Salisbury

    Why no Zygor!?

  • Will Davis
    Will Davis Day ago


  • isssc
    isssc Day ago

    No "Arthas, my son"? DISGUSTING!

  • Aerographer
    Aerographer Day ago

    "You can actually see the countdown walking toward you" not gonna lie, this made me laugh

  • Matador Media
    Matador Media Day ago

    These were nice to have but I wouldn't call them the most wanted. There were several + weapon skill items in Vanilla and you received diminishing returns after 305 skill, and almost no returns after 310 skill... so these were a waste on Humans and Orcs.

  • Призрак Отца Гамлета

    Flame Leviathan was awesome. I was one of those weird people who *loved* the daily heroic Oculus.

  • dirtyvarmint
    dirtyvarmint Day ago

    You forgot the No.1 best ability in the game. Metamorphosis. It turned warlocks into a purple demon monster with wings.

  • Matador Media
    Matador Media Day ago

    You are the only person on the planet I've heard call Operator Thogar one of the best raid bosses. Lol that fight was garbage.

  • Dan DuBois
    Dan DuBois Day ago

    the entire defias brotherhood quest chain. They were honest workers who just wanted to get paid and the nobility of stormwind screwed them over for no reason and then sent a team of adventurers to kill their leader in cold blood

  • Cody Koren
    Cody Koren Day ago

    I don’t even play wow nor have I ever played but I now know the top 10 weirdest weapons lol

  • MrJoeGarner
    MrJoeGarner Day ago

    I wish we had Tmog, but I would much rather have AOE looting.

  • youdun fuckedup

    This spec part of this video is super misleading. Lots of specs were viable, if you wanted to raid with the hardcore sweaty palm nerds then yeah, what you said is correct. However, there are plenty of groups that would take anyone with half a brain and still perform well.

  • Kindyn Jinkins

    Trip was a hunter melee ability... wasn’t it? I’m pretty positive.

  • TheShadowVolt
    TheShadowVolt Day ago

    Call Storm was actually changed and given to druids as a spell called "Hurricane" - Same visuals and channeled for the duration. Like Hunter Volley.

  • So Soulsu
    So Soulsu Day ago

    8:50 "Vealed stairs" Come on bro.

  • Taiwan Amare
    Taiwan Amare Day ago

    7:27 No, it's not a hardmode. It's literally just a multi-stage boss fight.

  • Taiwan Amare
    Taiwan Amare Day ago

    Unholy DK has never been a tanking spec. Literally noone ever used udk as a tank. Especially in raids.

  • Lord Hawkeye
    Lord Hawkeye Day ago

    Yay...Vanilla was so awesome...I totally can't wait to play this way again... Actually, no I don't because my memory isn't rose tinted.

  • Ivan Smashem
    Ivan Smashem Day ago

    Missed the actual reason, no rumors necessary. Interview with developer confirmed that Crusader Strike and Holy Strike were just placeholder abilities to give Pallies something to do while they created the Seal / Judgment system. Then once the Seal / Judgment system was in place, it was determined that Crusader Strike and Holy strike didn't "fit" with the mechanics of the system they had designed for Paladins. Since there wasn't enough time to redesign and test the system with Crusader Strike and Holy Strike being a part of it and actually affecting the Seal / Judgment style of gameplay, they were scrapped. Given a few more months, it's possible they would have figured out a way to keep one or both abilities and how they might fit with the Seal system, but even that doesn't really seem likely, as every class patch that gave classes new abilities and rebalanced them during Vanilla did not add these abilities back to the game. All that being said, I think it was definitely a mistake. Paladins felt miserable to play until Burning Crusade, and Retribution didn't really feel like a "complete" spec until the WotLK pre-expansion event at the end of BC.

  • Ben Mayerik
    Ben Mayerik Day ago

    2:14 but in 2019 bliz tells us to deal with it

  • Red Knight
    Red Knight Day ago

    The thing with the ret paladin is that you need to mix it up a bit with other talent trees - preferably holy - thus becoming a true hybrid class that is above average in everything other than raids - and even in raids you are useful as a buff/healer-support class. 1v1 there were very few people who could beat me, I could solo most quests by myself, even some elite ones. I could heal through dungeons, I could tank in an emergancy, AoE farm with conscration and retribution aura, res people, was very tough to kill and on top of that I could do decent damage. Nothing similar to rogues or mages, but considering my survivability and pretty much universal adaptability to almost any situation, I think vanilla paladins were very fun to play. Anyone who thinks playing a paladin revolves around pressing two buttons has no clue what they are talking about.

  • Aakao
    Aakao Day ago

    Befuddle sure would have helped my s priest out against other casters in pvp.

  • LMFT
    LMFT Day ago

    About Holy Ward, i wanted to just point that you can absorb holy damage. In classic / vanilla versions, you can get the Holy Protection potion ( classic.wowhead.com/item=6053/recipe-holy-protection-potion ), which would give you a shield that absorbs holy damage only. I doubt it was because they didn't wanted you to absorb holy damage and leave it as a pure damage instead.

  • Colton Davis
    Colton Davis Day ago

    He’s complaining about a zone thats barren that is literally called “The Barrens”

  • Ryn Bts
    Ryn Bts Day ago

    I'm sorry but if you couldn't figure out where Mankrik's wife was from the quest description then you just have really low reading comprehension and reasoning skills. That's the long and short of it. The first line of the quest description tells you exactly where to look. There's nothing "hidden" or "random" about it, you just couldn't be bothered to read the quest text.

  • Николай Каледин

    Sleep did make it into the game as a form of CC for warlocks back in MoP when you had Metamorphosis that transformed your abilities into their "Demon" form, which did transform fear into sleep which worked somewhat like a fear but didn't make you run in circles and was much harder to break on damage

  • Darks Fidil
    Darks Fidil Day ago


  • Jordick
    Jordick Day ago

    Dropped to me today from Burning Steppes while I was questing and grinding ogres. Made an ass out of myself when I linked them to my guild chat and said "they aren't that good imo." and I didn't remember how important weapon skill was back in vanilla. Good thing that I did that though, because I would have sold them at cheap prize (10-25g) otherwise. :D

  • Fog Fix
    Fog Fix Day ago

    Thanks for wasting me life with this bull crap