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Are Journalists Artists?
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23 hours at The Standard.
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The Culture of a Newsroom
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  • WorldInFlamesAgain
    WorldInFlamesAgain 12 minutes ago

    London IS a MASSIVE 3rd World shithole. - Yours sincerely someone that had to stop living there.

  • Hellfire Legacy
    Hellfire Legacy 4 hours ago

    Please explain what makes this BREAKING NEWS??

  • Paradigm Apocalypse
    Paradigm Apocalypse 5 hours ago

    anxiety is a natural human instinct. You can not get rid of it with drugs. Generally it's a bad idea to try. Benzos are for these types of circumstances ONLY!

  • Janet Lewis
    Janet Lewis 6 hours ago

    My sister lives in San Francisco and if constantly complaining about it being a shithole.

  • boardonfire4
    boardonfire4 11 hours ago

    your lips move like your a puppet or they dont belong to u they just flap while u talk

  • Twisted Helix
    Twisted Helix 12 hours ago

    London is a huge crime infested shithole.

  • Rodolfo
    Rodolfo 12 hours ago

    When you try to demonize a fact and the dislikes gives you a slap of reality.

  • C Brodeur
    C Brodeur 18 hours ago

    I am confused why you seem not to have skipped watching the full segment where ben fully explains his thinking on why he sees C (attack on his right to raise his children) from A(Beto statement). Not in character to comment on out of context clip without digging a bit...

  • anthony pucci
    anthony pucci 20 hours ago

    idiot stop trying to get famous on youtube by talking about them

  • anthony pucci
    anthony pucci 20 hours ago

    bost u dont live there u dont know shit about san francisco they have a bad homless problem and there on drugs idiot dont put out fake news

  • DATPlace4walkthroughs
    DATPlace4walkthroughs 22 hours ago

    Is it the soy, or are you a frustrated actor from your High School and college days?

  • Me
    Me 23 hours ago

    How well is it working in the UK where the muslims were protesting that LGBT curriculum was being taught in primary school!

  • Movie Freaks ID

    Omg dat chest hair

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 Day ago

    No one is born with a perfect brain. Some are better than others, and those people become successful. For everyone else, you need a benzo or an opiate or even alcohol to balance you out. The problem is that all of them can be hard to control and its easy to take too much and get into huge trouble.

  • Jim Keel
    Jim Keel Day ago

    You should know this being a journalist that when one politician says something and people cheer it another will push it. Look at how prohibition came about in the USA . Your argument s here are very weak and many of them flawed. You seem to becoming more and more unable to understand the country you live in. You are not an intellectual and shouldn't try to act like one it just makes you look mentally weak.

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena Day ago

    Intelligent points delivered in a highly theatrical manner. Exaggerated gestures, facial contortions, highly inflected speech. You are right in front of a camera, not on a stage in a huge theater. Pluses: You show respect to your viewers by your sharp sartorial style and those white-on-white paintings are a nice touch.

  • V Love-Williams

    I think it was clear that Ben was giving a reaction to the scenario of IF Beto's policies were implemented. I doubt anyone believes he will be elected as the Dem candidate let along President, and I don't think fear of Beto's election is why Ben was talking about his "proposals". The things Beto says are things conservatives have been claiming Democrats and anti-gun advocacy groups (on guns) and GLBT (<--Remember when the G was first?), "civil rights" and "human rights" groups, and many "equality" groups and movement are aiming for on issues relating to religion/Christianity for a long time. I'd say his real "point" is to make conservatives and moderates feel validation or concern that Beto is not an isolated idiot but that he's saying what most of them want to do but won't say. Responding to the proposals of idiots like Beto and AOC seem to get a lot of clicks, too. I'm not suggesting that he's not giving his true opinions, but the clicks are of course a reason to make "response videos" that cite Beto's name or other well-known people (like this video lol).

  • Semper Reformanda

    Joe "the human toe" Roagn has an addiction to cock - you dont see him complaining?

  • Houdini Ysterman

    "Beta O'Dork" In essence Ben Shapiro is not wrong, it's just that Beto is saying out loud what many people already in power and judicial positions are aiming for. I have spoken to highly educated people who have barely moved to America and already wants the constitution to be changed calling it "outdated". The point is there is more than one way to skin a cat and by the sound of it you've already been partially skinned. 😂

  • Nate Murdoch
    Nate Murdoch Day ago

    There is reality, and then there is what beta says. It will never happen. Point, blank, period.

  • Steven Kim
    Steven Kim Day ago

    Wow! Those film studios are absolutely pussy-whipped by China! China reminds me of whiny, bratty children with parents that have no backbone, that give in to every single one of the child's demands and temper tantrums.

  • AFC Don
    AFC Don Day ago

    London has down the toilet. I lived there for 39 years and I can confirm this.

  • Mick Mo
    Mick Mo 2 days ago

    He did it for publicity

  • Angel Littleton
    Angel Littleton 2 days ago

    Blizzard needs to move its headquarters from California to Beijing. I'm sure Activision-Blizzard's masters would approve of them being closer to home anyway.

  • Kendall Morse
    Kendall Morse 2 days ago

    This attempt to discredit PJW was weak at best. You're literally stealing his name and method for your own gain.

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones 2 days ago

    I love how people with almost zero experience with drug addiction always seem to be the experts on it. They are the first to point out that it must be some sort of moral failing and lack of will power on the part of the sufferer while completely ingoring decades worth of research which all conclude almost unanimously that addiction is in fact a disease and can affect anyone regardless of background, gender, race, socio-economic standing etc. It takes an extraordinary amount of courage and humility to face it head-on and seek out the proper treatment. All the best to Dr Peterson and his family.

  • white liberals are assholes and jerks

    anyone who listens to a white liberal person, man I pity you.

  • Christobul
    Christobul 2 days ago

    This video was near top on my Paul Joseph Watson search. Its douche, sophomoric trash. It makes me wonder if those paintings behind you are hung in your parents basement. Get a job, mind your own business. Contribute something other than this video. Paul owns you. Stop, get help.

  • oliver warmflash
    oliver warmflash 2 days ago

    Great essay •.

  • senhor Porto
    senhor Porto 2 days ago

    f@&k china 🇨🇳🚫👎🏼

  • Julio Wandekoken
    Julio Wandekoken 2 days ago

    Great video.

  • Alyssa Leatham
    Alyssa Leatham 2 days ago

    Thank you. I was trying to explain this to my teenage daughter because we have been learning from Dr. Jordan Peterson. I was, however, too passionate about defending him to state the facts clearly. I appreciate this explanation. Thank you

  • Houdini Ysterman
    Houdini Ysterman 2 days ago

    It would be great to see Americans fighting back and standing for liberty and they only way they can really do that is if they out manoeuvre them economically. It'll be a damn hard fight though.

  • John Frazer - Young Magnates

    Thank you so much man, so much misinformation out there about the process - it's a shame more youtubers haven't seen this. Given me confidence to carry on creating.

  • Roman Kats-Kagan
    Roman Kats-Kagan 2 days ago

    Now we know who’s really pitching and who’s really catching.

    • senhor Porto
      senhor Porto 2 days ago

      Roman Kats-Kagan sad the free world has reduced itself and capitulated to china communist party and being its bitch 🤨

  • tuck295q
    tuck295q 2 days ago

    Both left and right and all believes that stand with freedom of speech now come fight together. The problem is this Friedman unlimited “greed is good” theory is completely being defeated by China. CCP completely exploit corporatism/capitalism weakness and all corporate bow down to them for $$$ instantly.

    • tuck295q
      tuck295q Day ago

      Artyum Dragstov unfortunately not gonna happen this time. 1) These products are addictive and too many consumers are willing shill for their own entertainment 2) it still remains too profitable for corporates to commit treasons to their value. China will exploit that to the extreme. The only way I see we win is that US HAS to make new free trade among themselves as allies and gang up on China on trade. CCP is too rich and they do have alot of Gold and US debt Western countries need to stop giving them money!.

    • Artyum Dragstov
      Artyum Dragstov 2 days ago

      tuck295q the markets here should be the counter balance in time

  • MrJupiter65
    MrJupiter65 3 days ago

    Battery Operated Orchestra - Clown

  • Lucas Oliveira
    Lucas Oliveira 3 days ago

    ""Rule 6: Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world."" Damn, someone gotta clean that room harder before preaching about moral values and assuming responsibility. Exactly like those dumb SJWs snowflakes... The irony...

  • Dave W
    Dave W 3 days ago

    A lot more dislikes than likes. Tell you anything?

  • Turbo Jones
    Turbo Jones 3 days ago

    I've watched Sunday Morning shows for years but much much more during Trump. I don't think these considerations are as significant as you're saying. Stephen Miller has been on ABC with George, on NBC with Todd. He's just as pedantic with each as he was with Wallace on Fox. The questions, as Miller pointed out, are accusatory. ALWAYS. Never is it, "When the president promised to take troops out of foreign wars did he expect this much resistance from his own party?" Rather, it's, "What does the administration say to the dying freedom fighters in Northern Syria huddled near their radios hoping for help from this president?" It's CONSTANT interruption, constant bickering. The contrast between the Administration and the Democrat responders is STARK.

  • Houdini Ysterman
    Houdini Ysterman 3 days ago

    You remind me of that former CIA analyst in the film "Burn after reading" when he was going to write a book exposing the CIA and the head honcho finds out and then ask what is his clearance level. Point being if your allowed to say this it is not the truth that'll upset the apple cart in any way, shape or form. However I did learn something so I'm not unappreciative.

  • Movie Freaks ID
    Movie Freaks ID 3 days ago


  • MsScruffy4
    MsScruffy4 3 days ago

    Detox is hard because the taper off must be so slow to work. I hope he was on this junk for only a few weeks. dr. Heather Ashton has written the best manual on detox taper - it is online.

  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris 3 days ago

    Why does this self righteous smug twat with 20k subs come up on page 2 of the Google search results long before PJW main RU-clip channel with 1.8mil does. Fuck off google.

  • The Generalist
    The Generalist 3 days ago

    if you cannot pronounce the drug correctly .......

  • Sean O'Toole
    Sean O'Toole 3 days ago

    I live in London, it is a shithole... I plan to move out to the country it has gotten so bad.

  • Dr Chunky Biscuit
    Dr Chunky Biscuit 3 days ago

    Well, this video didn't go down as expected, did it. 🤣😂

    DEFEATER 3 days ago

    This guy things hes "intelligent" yet sounds like the biggest dumbass.

  • Baghuul
    Baghuul 4 days ago

    I can confirm, london is in deed a shit hole, especially those areas where the bearded men live.

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo 4 days ago

    i.e. it's an anti anxiety medication

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 4 days ago

    Brush your teeth man loll

  • Michael McCorquodale

    Dr. Peterson is certainly an inspiration and I wish him well. However, this report is inaccurate. I don't know if he is in rehab, but what you are discussing is called medically-assisted detox. It is a process of tapering while monitoring vitals and providing anti-seizure medication. Some facilities perform both (medically-assisted detox and rehab) under the same institution, but often they are decoupled. Yet you are correct that benzo withdrawal is very serious, just like alcohol withdrawal. Dr. Peterson did the right thing.

    • Frank Burjan
      Frank Burjan Day ago

      He shouldnt be on drugs in the first place. He has a choice.

  • Blind Wolf
    Blind Wolf 4 days ago

    Wait a the "antidote to chaos" was actually SSRIs and benzos??? Pahahaha what an absolutely irredeemable grifter.

    • Blind Wolf
      Blind Wolf 3 days ago

      ​@Daven Port I've followed Jordan from the beginning and he's consistently come across as someone who is deeply uncomfortable in his own skin and clearly dealing with much trauma from something or other in his past. Now that his abuse of benzos and reliance on SSRIs has been revealed, that pretty much explains the incongruence. A part of him knew that he was a fraud to be lecturing messed up kids about life whilst being so unbalanced himself. I hope his followers learn a valuable lesson from all this. Chancers like Jordan are the rule unfortunately, not the exception. Use this revelation to grow as a human being, don't let it upset you.

    • Daven Port
      Daven Port 3 days ago

      Have you read you book, or even listened to anything he has to say? It would have been hippocritical of Peterson to have avoided taking anti-anxiety drugs when he knew they might help his functionality. You imply that his proposed ethics are intended to replace medication, which is entirely untrue. He has always advocated for the effective use of professionally prescribed medication, especially in dire circumstances. I hesitate to insult you, because of your inherent value as a human being (regardless of your disrepect for the value of others) but I don't think it would be going too far to say that you obviously made no attempt to either understand Jordan's personal circumstances, or to educate yourself in his actual, self-proclaimed views on the subject of medication. If you had, you obviously wouldn't have said what you did. Understand that the purpose of my response is not to start an argument- I am completely disinterested in flame wars- but merely as a desperate attempt to try and decrease the amount of inconsiderate and blatantly provocative claims (such as yours) based mainly on an outside negative viewpoint and, consequently, a lack of enough contextual knowledge to make a valuable addition to the public discussion.

  • Movie Freaks ID
    Movie Freaks ID 4 days ago

    OMG U OPEN THE BUTTON. Thank you!!!!!! Yes more please more

  • TD2943
    TD2943 4 days ago

    You talk too much and you could have summarized all your diarrhea talk in less than 3 minutes instead of 7 plus minutes. And pls do your videos while u r sober,

  • GreasedGaming
    GreasedGaming 4 days ago

    Yang openly talks about going to a snobby prep school/Exeter. One doesn't get into those types of schools without some money. His dad worked for G.E. So... family had money. Yang went to law school and also had enough financial cushion to start his own company, have it fail, and bounce back to ultimately try again and succeed. All of this requires some financial backing. Hey BostWiki, you're not uncovering some incredible, sinister plot here, friend... you appear to be a clickbait journalist that is trying to make a story where there is none. Maybe 1) fix your sound quality by using a pop filter and decrease your highs. 2) Research and speak honestly. You'll probably find far more success. Bye.

  • Houdini Ysterman
    Houdini Ysterman 4 days ago

    Nerd City's video although well made was itself a bigoted video against supposed bigotry. They took pot shots at the alt right despite the fact that the alt right is far more marginalized and oppressed online than any lgbt creator.

  • Houdini Ysterman
    Houdini Ysterman 4 days ago

    So will videos that contain hateful content against arguably the most hated and marginalised groups on RU-clip (the alt-right, incels) still be monetized?

  • Houdini Ysterman
    Houdini Ysterman 4 days ago

    Lol "animal mating" is adult content? Only city folk man. 😂

  • jose marques
    jose marques 4 days ago

    BostWiki, the comment section says it all, your video is nothing but bias bullshit. you just made a complete fool of yourself. a shit video from a channel with no subscribers being first result proves the propaganda run by silicon valley

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 4 days ago

    You're turning into Tucker Carlson. Being a fan of your early videos I now wonder: When did all the theatrics start? (my research project one free afternoon) As to your point about networks formed in college for future wealth and fame, that happens even at state universities. I know several big firms that came out of that.

  • Candy slash
    Candy slash 5 days ago

    I was kinda waiting for the bed bugs because 45$ with no pests is almost impossible

  • Thomas Graydon
    Thomas Graydon 5 days ago

    A new story about Elizabeth Warren’s early life is a perfect little case study in the strategy the right will use to defeat whichever Democrat wins their party’s presidential nomination. This one is probably not going to become the “But Her Emails” of 2020, but at this stage Republicans are probably fine with that. This is a process of trial and error: Throw out a hundred fake “scandals” and see which one captures people’s attention, then hammer it again and again in the hope it will become all people think of when they think of the Democrat. If there’s something actually scandalous there, that’s great, but if there isn’t, that’s okay, too. Here’s how this particular experiment in scandal-mongering has gone. One of the stories Warren tells about herself, often when describing her desire to improve child care, is about how in her early 20s she was working as a schoolteacher in New Jersey. “But at the end of that first year, I was visibly pregnant," she said during a Democratic debate. “Back in the day, that meant that the principal said to me - wished me luck and hired someone else for the job.” It was the 1970-71 school year, and in those days, it was not just common but often the express policy of many school districts - not to mention plenty of other employers - that women who became pregnant would have to be fired. The result was this article published Monday in the conservative Washington Free Beacon, in which they reveal - hold on to your hats - that the minutes of a school board meeting in April 1971 (when Warren would have been four months pregnant) say that her contract was renewed, while the minutes of a meeting two months later say that her resignation was “accepted with regret.” To any sane person, this wouldn’t contradict her story at all, since it’s unlikely that the school board minutes would record “Fired Mrs. Warren for getting knocked up.” When the right creates a fake scandal about a Democratic politician, it isn’t meant to be persuasive in and of itself. It’s meant to do a couple of things at once. First, it gives Republican media figures, and the audiences of Fox News and talk radio, something to talk about to channel already existing antipathy. Next, it prods mainstream media to take up the story on their own, so that even if the story is debunked, the ensuing coverage still reinforces the narrative Republicans have created. I doubt that their attempt to create a scandal out of Elizabeth Warren’s pregnancy story will work. But between now and next November they’ll float a hundred more stories like this one, for now about multiple candidates and then about the Democratic nominee. Each one will be shot out by their extremely effective propaganda system to see if it takes flight. As soon as one fails they’ll move on to the next, in the endless quest for another But Her

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim 5 days ago

    I wasted 7 minutes and really upset by it...

  • Cormac MacArt
    Cormac MacArt 5 days ago

    Imagine my shock, a lie told by a politician. But, something really rare, a journalist who actually reports facts and is unbiased. You know, you might just have a future ahead of you if the media ever regains it's sanity. Keep up the good work, we need all of you we can find.

  • Houdini Ysterman
    Houdini Ysterman 5 days ago

    As a liberal do not assume that the trajectory of your chosen path will end where you fantasize it will. The immeasurable harm liberal thought patterns and pursuits have caused humanity over the last couple of centuries should considered carefully. Think for yourself, in your own narcissistic pursuits, who's life have you fed of for your own convenience and success? At the end of the day it is to them that you'll owe everything.

  • michael southam
    michael southam 5 days ago

    own your own home ring a bell

  • Shelley Lannon
    Shelley Lannon 5 days ago

    You cannot stop benzo's....It is as dangerous as booze..Jordan, much love and peace...

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 days ago

    It’s an African robbing/ acid throwing stabbing moped area. It’s a shithole, your left wing pandering ain’t going to change anything.

  • Turbo Jones
    Turbo Jones 5 days ago

    Hmm. Why didn't I see this on CBS news this morning?

  • Alexatron
    Alexatron 5 days ago

    A politician lying?! what in the world 😲

  • Joyce Scanlan
    Joyce Scanlan 5 days ago

    Why no comments

  • Joyce Scanlan
    Joyce Scanlan 5 days ago


  • Joyce Scanlan
    Joyce Scanlan 5 days ago

    Pocahontis lies again and again and again, and so on and so on. Can you imagine Liz warren getting dressed up for state dinner Stretchy pants, tee shirt and don't forget the cardigan! UGH UGH UGH No thanks. President Trump and the beautiful First Lady Melania. 2020. 🌺

    • TD2943
      TD2943 4 days ago

      You mean lesbian porn Ex star flotus Melania ?who was illegal immigrant and slept with the orange vomit man while he is still married to his second wife who was pregnant , whom he was sscrewing while he is married to his first wife who was pregnant.? .. sure she is classy along with orange family . Only trailer park inbred incest pedo trash family like yours will find that classy.

  • Taylor Schmeling
    Taylor Schmeling 5 days ago

    Thank you for doing this.

  • JeremyGeronimo
    JeremyGeronimo 6 days ago

    These RU-clip wannabes are really reaching for these YangGang views. Seems like the attacks are starting. You can tell they don’t have much dirt on Yang. How terrible that Yang’s immigrant parents worked hard to put Yang in the best schools they had access to. Keep reaching.

  • L FRA
    L FRA 6 days ago

    Im sorry but the way you talk (not what you say. just how you talk.) makes we want to punch you in the fucking face.

  • Jorge Fernández
    Jorge Fernández 6 days ago

    Hidden???? He literally says he went to Exeter in all of his New Hampshire rallies. Also, what is this bullshit about your viewers being above average intelligence?

  • Gavin Nash
    Gavin Nash 6 days ago

    Make America Think Harder. Math. Think Harder and do some research if you want to challenge yang. Come up with facts and data evidence and yang gang will appreciate otherwise, you are just trolling or milking for views in negative way.

  • Patrick Doyle
    Patrick Doyle 6 days ago

    Why the weird anti-English sentiment? Since she visited Dublin a few years back, I'm actually quite down with the Queen. Also, in spite of having a Queen, the UK is a democracy. Next time, I'd suggest trying to keep it relevant and blow off the weird non sequiturs.

  • MathProofsable
    MathProofsable 6 days ago

    TLDW: Yang had a privileged childhood, therefore he cant be a man of the people. Andrew Yang doesnt hide this part of his not hidden. He often talks about it. You would be better reading Yang’s book, “The War on Normal People” where Yang talks openly about his privilege.

  • pahalavan100
    pahalavan100 6 days ago

    Look at all those triggered right wingers. It Is A sHiThOle NoWaDaYs. Did people really forget that london always had poorer districts and for many years people literally shit into thames and it was toxic as hell. London has the same problem as every other major metropolitan city in the world. Well yeah but it's much easier to push the agenda of right wingers with this narrative. But yeah conservatives don't care about facts and logic

  • Spencer Hanson
    Spencer Hanson 6 days ago

    Andrew Yang never hides he went to better schools or that his family was well educated and well off. What makes him normal is that he isn't apart of the political class, but no he is not an average joe.... which is why he is impressive.

  • ConsciousBeliever
    ConsciousBeliever 6 days ago

    Drink every time he say the word prestige.

  • Eduardo Herrera
    Eduardo Herrera 6 days ago

    Andrew Yang's father had 69 patents! The guy was born with money! He probably didn't live like many of us, but who cares! He's decent, genuine, compassionate, smart, funny, and has the best vision for America! He's 100% grassroots and has not accepted any PAC or Corporate monies. I study people for a living, Andrew is authentic as hell! Plus, his past is not hidden! He talks about it all the time! He said his parents gave him resources to succeed! Something many rich adults (former rich kids) are hesitant to admit. Every time I hear a smear, it makes me want to donate more! #YangGang

  • Yang Gang
    Yang Gang 6 days ago

    So if a guy's parents worked hard to provide him a decent life, he's not allowed to fight for the people? Or how about the fact that Yang worked hard and did well on his tests getting into these top schools, and then worked hard trying to create jobs across the country?

  • J L
    J L 6 days ago

    You seem like a pseudo intellectual.

  • J L
    J L 6 days ago

    If you want to gain insight into Yang’s past, listen to the podcast w/Preet Barara.

  • Arlo Paulson
    Arlo Paulson 6 days ago

    I’m sorry dude but Yang is squeaky clean... Yang talks about issues no one else is. That’s huge.

  • Richard Beard
    Richard Beard 6 days ago

    Why do you say "hidden"? He says it openly. We (Yang supporters) know he went to a high-dollar private school in high school and an Ivy League school in college. The difference is he is the only "upper-class" candidate that has interacted with the blue-collar working class. His primary platform is literally designed to support these workers that are displaced by automation. I've already wasted too much time responding to this disingenuous video. You want to get more viewers? Do your homework and make a video apologizing. If you do that, I will personally provide a link to the Yang Gang and I bet you will get more views than you have ever before.

  • eyes0amy0dew
    eyes0amy0dew 6 days ago

    Scumbags of the Left claiming to be compassionate mocking him, what real fascists they are indeed. I say that and I am an Iraqi atheist.

    • Scorch428
      Scorch428 Day ago

      Partly because he mocked so many on the left. Now that its clear hypocrasy, I can see why the eye for an eye judgement is happening.

  • hanxor
    hanxor 6 days ago

    talk about hating on other's success - his family literally came up to "elite" level within 2 generations in this country - good luck with your opinion channel - make sure you do a comprehensive study of topics before hitting the record button.

    BYRON NOBLE 6 days ago

    Just a guy who talking about nonsense.

  • Philip Lam
    Philip Lam 6 days ago

    Not sure how hidden this is. At every public speaking opportunity he has done in New Hampshire, he opens with "I went to high school right here in New Hampshire at Exeter".

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago

    What hidden past? He frequently says in his speeches how his parents sent him to an elite private school called Philips Exeter and how he didn't enjoy his time there, and a lot of those kids that attended the same school grew up to become the very people working in Wall St that were partly responsible for causing the 2008 financial crisis. Also, Asian parents sending their kids to the best schools is different to when white parents do. There's a cultural difference which you're missing. Asian parents will sacrifice everything for their kids education. The type of school they send their kids to isn't indicative of their socio-economic status as much as it does to the rest of us.

  • Mel Puzon
    Mel Puzon 6 days ago


  • Mallory Harrison
    Mallory Harrison 6 days ago

    This was a 100% waste of time. You just seem like a jealous D-Bag. His father is a immigrant that grew up on a peanut farm in Asia living in a home with dirt floors who worked hard and wanted the best for his family. Sorry your parents didn't distribute their resources the same way.

  • Daniel Wu
    Daniel Wu 6 days ago

    Really? You know nothing of the immigrant experience- You know nothing of history of Taiwan or the culture. THIS IS a smear and nothing morre. Compare Yang with Warren, Biden, even Bernie- You are a joke.

  • pcmjedi
    pcmjedi 6 days ago

    He always said that his stats and his past means nothing. He is for the people because he does not play off his past. Where do you hear him talking so much of his past achievements? He's just trying to solve future problems