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How South Park is Made
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Baby Yoda vs Babu Frik
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Top 10 Bleach Bankai
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  • Charmaine South
    Charmaine South 4 hours ago

    Well I loved it! I've seen Cats twice on the big stage and never really made sense to me, watching it on the big screen, had much more story line, and I laughed and loved seeing the celebrities fur up, singing and dancing lol

  • benjamin verdier le connard

    Funny thing magnetix are a very popular toy in Europe and never has been recalled Murica

  • Ryowhosakazaki
    Ryowhosakazaki 4 hours ago

    This makes Catwoman and Undercover Kitty (Minoes in NL) look like a masterpiece. Honestly, UK looks better than these two.

  • Mikei
    Mikei 4 hours ago

    Imagine this film being directed by the same guy who directed The King's Speech :(

  • ღ 『Sxftcloudiz』ღ

    Why ecchi?

  • Roznen Nenzor
    Roznen Nenzor 4 hours ago

    i dont think jiren is stronger than vegito blue

  • ric
    ric 4 hours ago

    There was a show like "Playing it Straight" with a gay man instead of a woman as the star. It was just as awful.

    MAN STICK 4 hours ago

    I'm a cat person but I was horrified by the trailer alone

  • Safet Hajrulahovic
    Safet Hajrulahovic 4 hours ago

    Fuck jou chaki

  • Miss Quinn
    Miss Quinn 4 hours ago

    Im sure youve done this video before

  • Pulsonar
    Pulsonar 4 hours ago

    I have waited for a film of this fabulous story from that golden age for decades and can’t wait to see it. However, the fight between Ferrari and Ford didn’t end in ‘66, and Ford still hungered an ALL American outright win at Le Mans even with new powerful kids on the block. They should follow this up with a sequel: Daytona & Le Mans ‘67.

  • RedPandaGaming2 watcharaprecha

    If there is 1Billion dislike.

  • Kombuka
    Kombuka 4 hours ago

    One of the times watchmojo made a video not for the views but out of sincerity.

  • Potato Master
    Potato Master 4 hours ago

    Or the power of one😞☹️

    RAVI KUMAR 4 hours ago

    Sometimes make mistakes so do watchmojo I can tell because 90 percent of the comments about Peaky fookin blinders

  • Franklin Williquet
    Franklin Williquet 4 hours ago

    Pulp fiction

  • Suchandan Baidya
    Suchandan Baidya 4 hours ago

    I'll probably never watch Cats but weirdly I have been wasting so much time on memes and roasting videos about the film!

  • Amin M
    Amin M 4 hours ago

    Le français une langue facile ? Je crois pas , en tout cas pas pour tout les non francophones

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 4 hours ago

    mr sexy in the house

  • Karlos Miguel Maddara

    Where is Joaquin Phoenix's Joker?

  • Chef Bintang Prayoga

    oh please disturbed is just a rock band with heavier sound !!

  • Ateş insan
    Ateş insan 4 hours ago

    I would like to see Hamilton but as anime but keeping the original stage script (essentially the only thing you're changing is the visual)

  • Shahify Azni
    Shahify Azni 4 hours ago

    "It's to the ears what pepper spray is to the eyes" Bruh

  • Daniel Fon Borries
    Daniel Fon Borries 4 hours ago

    All airlines that are from U.S. fucking suck .

  • Nicky.P -
    Nicky.P - 4 hours ago

    Movies that should have been on the list: -The master -12 years a slave -Logan -whiplash -night crawler -her -marriage story -the Irishman -ex machina -home -interstellar I’m fine with their choices of the social network, get out, wolf of Wall Street, inception and moonlight but the others could easily be changed.

  • Omega Steel k9
    Omega Steel k9 4 hours ago

    They had to kill my waifu chelsea

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen 4 hours ago

    I like this guy narrating this lol

  • HorseHead
    HorseHead 4 hours ago

    Max Payne: am i a joke to you

  • Metalhead Revaluation

    Is cats originally a musical theater act?

  • Brian Davies
    Brian Davies 4 hours ago

    It's a bit stupid to criticise the movie for being like the stage version inasmuch as cats new continually come on and do their songs. Have they not seen the stage show? And the songs are what they are: one either likes them or one does not. "Jellicle" is obviously a play by T S Elliot on the word "angelical", just as dogs are described as "pollicle" (diabolical). I am hoping to enjoy this movie when it comes out for streaming, but I shudder when I think of what this director did to my favourite stage musical of all time, Les Miserables. Live singing failed miserably (pun intended) with that movie, and I have little reason to hope that it works in this one.

  • Heaven Madoka
    Heaven Madoka 4 hours ago

    To be honest Zenitsu's scream is one of the most powerful yet underrated thing ever. Haha

  • Jussi Perälä
    Jussi Perälä 4 hours ago

    I never gonna watch this movie. Period!

  • ballaballapo
    ballaballapo 4 hours ago


  • shikar babulall
    shikar babulall 4 hours ago

    Brandon ruth was weak

  • Catisreckless
    Catisreckless 4 hours ago

    The Goldeneye pen really shouldn't be on here, since every Bond movie I can think of always had that one random Q invention that wound up being useful in some way.

  • Mandy
    Mandy 4 hours ago

    The fact they Have human noses 🤢

  • Constable Dodo
    Constable Dodo 4 hours ago

    The Backup is quite silly, if you're going to sleep with s gun just put it under the pillow like a regular person.

  • Jake Robins
    Jake Robins 4 hours ago

    Would way rather see it take place in between episodes 4-5

  • parth mane
    parth mane 4 hours ago

    Chaos is ladder. .

  • MrSpuzzz
    MrSpuzzz 4 hours ago

    Rob Lowe went from leading man material (or at least trending that direction) to a stereotype character actor (Tommy Boy, Austin Powers) with occasional tv side character roles. Yes he makes a decent living, but that scandal devastated a once promising career.

  • alexisandme4eva
    alexisandme4eva 4 hours ago

    The one good thing I say is that this movie did create a lot of jobs for the industry..... and I still haven’t seen the movie

  • Jaheem Wilson
    Jaheem Wilson 4 hours ago

    Look on the bright side at least Jason Derulo is sexy

  • EverythingNerd
    EverythingNerd 4 hours ago

    Dragon ball has the best fighting in all of anime they arnt like animes that fight for 30 seconds then talk for a 2 mins then fight for 30 seconds and start talking again for 2 mins

  • An Thái
    An Thái 4 hours ago

    why didn't you just show thest moments without commentary???

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist 4 hours ago

    It’s super creepy and cringeworthy!

  • lezt cerdeña
    lezt cerdeña 4 hours ago

    Bulbasaur vs Meganium, Infernape vs Electavire, and Ash Greninja vs Mega Charizard still my top 1 unforgettable battle of all time

  • puppy puppsta
    puppy puppsta 4 hours ago

    If iron man isnt on here idk who is

  • Rnv Z
    Rnv Z 4 hours ago

    Iko uwais.....

  • Devil 1911
    Devil 1911 4 hours ago

    Cats "Movie" is the worst? Where's the grammar Watchmojo???

  • Kutalp Arslan
    Kutalp Arslan 4 hours ago

    Endgame and Social Network should not be on this list

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 4 hours ago

    i had crush on Mr Reeves to ;p ahah

  • Henry Elliott
    Henry Elliott 4 hours ago

    2020 Remake of this video: all Trump Moments 🤪

  • p0tat0Fam
    p0tat0Fam 4 hours ago

    I do enjoy black flag, it was the first ac game i played so it got a special place in my heart, but my favourite gotta be syndicate, i love the story and the frye twins

  • Allicia Murphy
    Allicia Murphy 4 hours ago

    Admittedly, Shark Boy and Lava Girl is a horrendous film and yet, that never stopped me from watching it on repeat as a kid. Somehow, I genuinely thought it had good effects. That shows how smart I was as a kid...

  • Ken K
    Ken K 4 hours ago

    Narrator talk too much

  • GI-BIL I-T
    GI-BIL I-T 4 hours ago

    We got to see James cordon as a fat Pus*y, oh and he was also in the movie cats! Ricky Gervais funny guy

  • Chemichael111
    Chemichael111 4 hours ago

    The mixup and To the five boroughs ? Wtf?!

  • D1 Official
    D1 Official 4 hours ago

    Rap god is very highest song in the world

  • chakrafina casanova
    chakrafina casanova 4 hours ago

    Kiki do you love me 😂

  • Christian Whitlatch
    Christian Whitlatch 4 hours ago

    Kamina took me by surprise, so idk whats wrong with you. Lelouch was super obvious, and beautiful, saw it coming though.

  • colton mattinson
    colton mattinson 4 hours ago

    Db super is garbage Dbgt gang forever

  • Kutalp Arslan
    Kutalp Arslan 4 hours ago

    Not Including 1917 and Marriage Story but including Endgame and Rise of the Skywalker Watchmojo Sucks

  • Chesed Prather
    Chesed Prather 4 hours ago

    She said her name is pronounced byerk rhymes with jerk. Why nobody honors that?

    B FROM ALECTRICA 4 hours ago

    And maybe this'll explained why batman start killing... Dark knight return kindavibe to it, But the 2021, i do think it's goin to be like Batman year one. More of a detective kinda Batman

  • Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    I still remember going to block buster to get the latest movie hits, now it’s a frikin Starbucks

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino 4 hours ago

    Chargers the greatest

  • gerhard Van Straten
    gerhard Van Straten 4 hours ago

    They forgot about Golden Girls

  • Adam Howard
    Adam Howard 4 hours ago

    I bet everyone has had a friend like that

  • Michael Mclean
    Michael Mclean 4 hours ago

    I’ve seen the village once and that Was enough. Saying it is better than his later films it’s not setting the bar very high.

  • Boone
    Boone 4 hours ago

    Man this list needs to be fixed no way Charon made this shit and I didn't he literally has 6 lines

  • T DoubleU
    T DoubleU 4 hours ago

    now letterman looks like joaquin phoenix

  • Jasper C Debussy
    Jasper C Debussy 4 hours ago

    An accurate summary of what is happening here, well covered!

  • Belu Cosmin
    Belu Cosmin 4 hours ago

    Where is The Prodigy, they change the music in 90`s

  • Ron Melys
    Ron Melys 4 hours ago

    incredible movie!! my nerves were tingling for hours after i saw it. what a rush!!

  • Ingthor Valdimarsson


  • Legacy Maiden
    Legacy Maiden 4 hours ago

    Chuck Berry is #1. Even the KKK agree!

  • Josejr Ignacio
    Josejr Ignacio 4 hours ago

    U know rick and morty elon tusk?

  • 420apache657
    420apache657 4 hours ago

    3:02 sooo creepy

  • Lisa Falkenberg
    Lisa Falkenberg 4 hours ago


  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 4 hours ago

    Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew it was gonna be a litter-box failure🤦‍♀️

  • Ellande Campbell
    Ellande Campbell 4 hours ago

    People that are just looking to bitch & moan are the only ones that would SpongeBob into a statement about (or cause of) politics, obesity, etc.

  • White Walker
    White Walker 4 hours ago

    Ls death really makes me sad everytime

  • oliver nanasy
    oliver nanasy 4 hours ago

    God I hate her voiceover 😝

  • Kalle Yerfedgs
    Kalle Yerfedgs 4 hours ago

    Of all the plays , why not make Hamilton a movie ?

  • I.m. Bhupeshh
    I.m. Bhupeshh 4 hours ago

    No. One Was No. One.!

  • Ray LaCasse
    Ray LaCasse 4 hours ago

    my favorite Bleach episode will forever be ep. 228 (Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!!) its wacky, fun and my waifu Isane Kotetsu is central in it. <3

  • Kutalp Arslan
    Kutalp Arslan 4 hours ago

    Joker >>>>>> Avengers Endgame Btw Im a Marvel Fan

  • bruh
    bruh 4 hours ago

    now there's roma, the irishman, and marriage story

  • Uly DaDon
    Uly DaDon 4 hours ago

    People prefer Mark Ruffalo over Norton? I personally dont like the way Ruffalo's Hulk looks like his human version. Norton's Hulk doesn't have his human face.

  • unicorns sizxz
    unicorns sizxz 4 hours ago

    Who's already a Witcher fann

    MCHLJHN BNG 4 hours ago

    Where is Roger Taylor? 🤔🤔🤔😊

  • Living Walks
    Living Walks 4 hours ago

    Thanks fellow traveler, most insightful. All the best with your channel.

  • SnuSnuDungeon
    SnuSnuDungeon 4 hours ago

    There are kinder surprise eggs for sale in most grocery stores in the USA you morons. There at my local Safeway 🤦

  • White Walker
    White Walker 4 hours ago

    Eyy lelouch isnt dead

    JUGGERNAUT 4 hours ago

    Silent hill 2 really is the best horror game of all time like i cant even describe in full detail how amazing that game is because that game just has so much with it thats awesome. The story will make you confused because of it being so very psychological and mentally broken down. The music will make you emotional at key points in the game with james and the other character and as well in the games most darkest times you’ll feel alone, scared, hopeless. And the list goes on because this game has such an amazing dark emotional horror story its insane. I would love it if they did a remake of silent hill 2 because of how good this game is but hey if they dont its just like they say nothing beats the original.👍