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Teaser: Formula Student 2019
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  • Daniel Barrero

    Boiiiiiiiiii, they crazy in Japan !!!!!!!!🔥

  • jason howell
    jason howell 2 days ago

    Looks like he was late for work!!! Man he was walking around hella cars the first few seconds of the clip

  • Marshal Montez
    Marshal Montez 3 days ago

    Gtr is my favorite super car no matter what it’s awesome.its not the fastest but it gives the top cars run for its money.

  • Dustin Chen
    Dustin Chen 4 days ago

    V8 power?

  • G K
    G K 5 days ago

    Thank you for this!

  • KineticGTR
    KineticGTR 5 days ago

    The best line of the whole race 😉 6:18:06

  • KineticGTR
    KineticGTR 5 days ago

    Whats up Prox! What's up Mike! :D

  • SecretPesch
    SecretPesch 6 days ago

    Tip for this kind of video: point the camera where you should look at on turns if you were driving.

  • Gabriel Sianipar
    Gabriel Sianipar 8 days ago

    cool..but i prefer watch blancpain 😁

  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam 9 days ago

    Graphics settings and video card?

  • Freddie Bowman
    Freddie Bowman 9 days ago

    Nissan Rocks⛽️🏎🤘🏻

  • Özkan Yalçin
    Özkan Yalçin 10 days ago

    This one of my next car project a full gtr r34 nismo ! I did my kswap civic eg everything and it’s a nice baby track car now i want a power full car 😅😍i’m tired about all 4 cyl engine na or turbo ! 6 inline is a best ! Bmw are good too but nissan is a legend with rb26det engine !

  • yes very yes
    yes very yes 11 days ago

    Gtr onboard though🗿

  • azwris
    azwris 12 days ago

    I arrived late..

  • MrTiti
    MrTiti 12 days ago

    i just came from the Porsche 919 tribute on the Nürburgring and wondered why a truck on a highway has 360degrees angle.

  • Gabriel Mohan
    Gabriel Mohan 12 days ago

    Nearly two tonnes. 👏👏👏

  • guzzirik
    guzzirik 12 days ago

    If only we could remove Chatty Cathy's tongue.......

  • B u d d y
    B u d d y 13 days ago

    Tfw you win with weight penalties

    Xavier HESSELBARTH 14 days ago

    Bravo aux pilotes de la 25 pour leurs performances, en passant de la 14 éme à la 1ére place à 30 mn de la fin..

  • zerobandwidth
    zerobandwidth 15 days ago

    green flag 41:55 o.~

  • Quincy Gaming
    Quincy Gaming 15 days ago

    Thank you for uploading this! Nothing like a rainy nürburgring race!

  • Fastlife
    Fastlife 15 days ago

    Interesting to see how those skills translate.

  • 林文弘
    林文弘 15 days ago

    gtr : )

  • wlad
    wlad 16 days ago

    Soo much money spent on the cars, and then you make a track with stupid cones come on! atleast colour the track or something!

  • Elgaard72
    Elgaard72 16 days ago

    Super GT?

  • DriveHub
    DriveHub 17 days ago

    This is awesome! Could I use a clip from it in my Nissan Skyline review? Thank you!

  • Denilson Sa
    Denilson Sa 17 days ago

    Muito show

  • steven sparkz
    steven sparkz 18 days ago

    Nissan does everything better

  • Mr Levin
    Mr Levin 19 days ago

    we got live RU-clip in Germany! I often watch youre commentarys live!

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 19 days ago


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 20 days ago


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 20 days ago


  • NewfieOn2Wheels
    NewfieOn2Wheels 21 day ago

    BRUH WHAT?! i had no idea this was just up the road from me.

  • Lennox Blair
    Lennox Blair 21 day ago

    There're so many comments over here and seemingly there's too much talent around the world.. so many car enthusiasts and everything... i personally im from kenya, 19 years old, a real car enthusiast and I've always wanted to be in any kind of race track .... how i wish these kind of academies and all kind off car gurus were spread all over the world so that some of us may also get exposed to it... we may have passion but without action is just useless.. all these people have the capability but now the funds, exposure and stuff may hinder very good drivers out here.... spread your wings gentlemen

  • The Drop-Off Point
    The Drop-Off Point 21 day ago

    This may be the greatest full race footage I've ever seen. These guys basically went 100% for the entire race, all while the commentators were trading some decent quality banter, and it went on for 24 hours. I feel like a kid again watching this. THIS is the racing people have been asking for over the last 20 odd years, yet barely anyone knows of it. What a shame. You know something is good when 5 hours feels like 1, and I have the attention span of a goldfish.

    • The Drop-Off Point
      The Drop-Off Point 21 day ago

      @LETS GO RACING were you guys doing the commentary, or was it Blancpain?

      LETS GO RACING 21 day ago

      The Drop-Off Point brilliant comment, thanks. Endurance racing FTW :)

  • Name
    Name 22 days ago

    0:35 I think looks like sector 2 and it also resembles Suzuka

  • Ever Green
    Ever Green 22 days ago


  • thomas pickervance
    thomas pickervance 23 days ago

    What do you do if you can’t get good enough A levels? 😂

  • MrChouckz
    MrChouckz 23 days ago

    if you want affordable plug and play check DOF Reality motion simulator rig

  • Jay2MG Gaming
    Jay2MG Gaming 24 days ago

    i like the track, change monaco for this one or an oval circuit or a drag race, just remove that track from f1 or motorsports :D with bikes should be great to watch...

    GABRIEL CHRISTIANO 24 days ago

    They could really use the system from super GT, where you don't clean the Glass, instead Just rip off the plastic layer and bam, New again

  • Joshua Fallet
    Joshua Fallet 24 days ago

    I love this car ,I always have since I've first seen it

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 25 days ago


  • TroystonB
    TroystonB 25 days ago

    Wish SF was on tv more in Europe it's a terrific series, always has been.

  • JaVendaBe
    JaVendaBe 25 days ago

    I really wanted to hear the onboard sound but with an external microphone like most motorsport onboard instead of gopro footage

  • Hero Game
    Hero Game 25 days ago

    Better than f1 2019 rank

  • Chase’s Life
    Chase’s Life 25 days ago

    I’m better than all of those drivers 💯💯💯

  • Haris Abdullah
    Haris Abdullah 26 days ago

    I hope can join this

  • Mr. Frog
    Mr. Frog 26 days ago

    Still faster than a Williams😂!

  • hrithik jho
    hrithik jho 26 days ago

    Why "super"?

  • JEN 77
    JEN 77 26 days ago

    When will it be held?

    • JEN 77
      JEN 77 26 days ago

      @LETS GO RACING is it going to be livestream? Can't wait!!

      LETS GO RACING 26 days ago

      Filming is scheduled for October

  • Shafiq Yaw
    Shafiq Yaw 26 days ago

    Many car in this museum i've seen in gran turismo 1 and 2

  • jpmformula1
    jpmformula1 26 days ago

    How does a lower tier open wheel car sound better than an F1 car?

      LETS GO RACING 26 days ago

      jpmformula1 more fan-friendly car restrictions?

  • Cyrus Pischke
    Cyrus Pischke 26 days ago

    Hey Matt, I've really enjoyed following this channel! It's really rare to see grassroots-focused content that is as well produced as this. I'm curious about the Tiburon you showed in the video, you mentioned it was an ex-Motorola Cup car, and that your dad had a sister car. I bought an ex-Motorola Cup Tib 3 years ago (IIRC it was the #8 car, but I'd have to double check), and found another one recently near Vancouver (judging from the pictures I've seen that one may have been a show car, the cage does not look up to snuff). I've been on the lookout for the others since I bought it but haven't heard anything other than one was out on the east coast. Do you or your dad have any history on those cars? I would love to find out where they've been the last 20 years!

    • Cyrus Pischke
      Cyrus Pischke 21 day ago

      @Matthew Trivett I'm gonna try a new subframe, it's been through enough hands at this point there's no guarantee that it wasn't a separate issue. Worst case scenario it's a good excuse to build some adjustable control arms :D I'll put together a google drive or something with some pictures in the next little while, there's also a bunch of videos on my channel if you need some nostalgia/bad memories (mostly in-car stuff, don't really have anything actually showing the car... should probably change that). I just had my head in the front wheel wells, they definitely did a great job welding it back together and it looks like they were able to straighten the rear end without having to break out the cutting torch. Not bad, all things considered.

    • Matthew Trivett
      Matthew Trivett 22 days ago

      @Cyrus Pischke Yeah that cage certainly did it's job in terms of front to rear structure. The roof never took a hit, so that part was fine to begin with. Blu and his son Cal have a lot of experience rebuilding cars, as they have done so on many rally cars, as well. I would trust his work. Interesting to hear that the rear is out, but that makes sense. Sorry about that... lol

    • Cyrus Pischke
      Cyrus Pischke 23 days ago

      @Matthew Trivett Good to know the car will hold up against something like that, and also why I can't get the alignment 100% at the rear! Blu must've done a pretty good job repairing it, it took me quite a while to find the welds on the front frame rails and other than the rear toe adjustment not being 100% you would never guess.

    • Matthew Trivett
      Matthew Trivett 23 days ago

      @Cyrus Pischke WOW Small world. That is, in fact, the car I crashed. I just spoke to Blu Vandaalen, he sold it to Massy in 2013. He was also the one who fixed it after purchasing it and the Elantra from my Father. He was too tall for it. Email Blu at mddl dot ca - I also have bunch of photos to scan over the next few weeks, which include the cars all lined up after my Dad purchased them. I have some from the crash as well, but check out this video on Vinwiki about it! ru-clip.com/video/zW6hU_Urxps/video.html

    • Cyrus Pischke
      Cyrus Pischke 23 days ago

      Matthew Trivett Got it! I bought the car in the fall of 2016, and the guy I bought the car from brought it over from Ontario in 2015 or late 2014. The owner in Ontario (his last name was Massy, as in Massy-Ferguson tractors. I can’t recall his first name right now) only had it for one season, so I’ve only got it traced back to 2013 at the earliest.

  • Tiziano Vianale
    Tiziano Vianale 27 days ago

    Why on the steering wheel there is a Cosworth Logo and in the car the Honda one?

  • Kartik Bhure
    Kartik Bhure 27 days ago

    Pls give me sim racer

  • Kartik Bhure
    Kartik Bhure 27 days ago

    I want sim racer giveaway pls

  • Kartik Bhure
    Kartik Bhure 27 days ago

    I want that beast

  • 182engadine
    182engadine 27 days ago

    Am I too late to enter this?

  • Game8
    Game8 27 days ago

    Picture is awfull, feels like 10 FPS.

    • mikic28
      mikic28 25 days ago

      I like it, it looks like an early 2000s formula series.

  • JaduD24
    JaduD24 27 days ago

    i hate that the steering wheel is off centre tough!

  • Brian Wezlao
    Brian Wezlao 27 days ago

    How is this lap times compare to f1?

  • FalconGamer58
    FalconGamer58 27 days ago

    Ok ok, first

  • Apophis STR
    Apophis STR 27 days ago

    RX0 Unicorn Camera

  • Mihael Jelaš
    Mihael Jelaš 27 days ago

    Holy shit thats fast!!

  • Haja-Noel Andriarimalala

    The main straight was my "dragstrip" in Gran Turismo 6...memories 😂😂😂

  • xvortex
    xvortex 27 days ago

    i thought that modern f1 sounds bad and there is no worse thing. I was wrong

  • chtiobil
    chtiobil 27 days ago

    0 onboard ??? -_- DAMN

  • Samuël Hitijahubessy

    This track should be on the F1 calendar

  • john casey
    john casey 27 days ago


  • Elisa Ato
    Elisa Ato 27 days ago

    Looks like F1 2019 Online Car

  • Brady Bytheway
    Brady Bytheway 27 days ago

    F*ck Sony

  • Ramboost007
    Ramboost007 28 days ago

    F1 should have their driver names on the halos like in here, it's a neat idea

    • Voxxy
      Voxxy 27 days ago

      Racing Point, Toro Rosso, and McLaren do, dunno why the others don't

  • AusWash
    AusWash 28 days ago

    GT 4 vibes anyone?

  • Minotaur Manu Racing


  • Aleksa Boljević
    Aleksa Boljević 28 days ago

    Cam they have a better onboard cam

  • anonymic79
    anonymic79 28 days ago

    There's probably a flash available for the ABS.

    • Matthew Trivett
      Matthew Trivett 27 days ago

      Its mk60 on PFC. Its tuned. The issue has sense been discovered!

  • ben kingston
    ben kingston 28 days ago

    karting Formula 3 Formula E Formula 2 Super Formula Formula 1

  • Emag
    Emag 28 days ago

    Those cars are very quick. I believe they are closest in terms of general performance to Formula 1.

  • Bulster
    Bulster 28 days ago

    Imagine F1 cars going around here🤤

  • Juampy Domínguez
    Juampy Domínguez 28 days ago

    Between 0:34 and 0:55 the track seriously looks like suzuka

  • tomtom4867
    tomtom4867 28 days ago

    The steering rack isn't straight

    FRED_SPEED 28 days ago

    Bla bla bla da porra, som de motor que é bom não tem nada, on board cam não tem nada, credo, cade a emoção em ficar ouvindo bla bla bla full time!?

  • No Name
    No Name 28 days ago

    What is superformula? I never seen that before

    • BLXDE
      BLXDE 27 days ago

      Like f1 but in Japan basically

  • Verstomenn17
    Verstomenn17 28 days ago

    I would love to see an actual F1 hotlapping this track. They would be flying!

  • tokuchaan
    tokuchaan 28 days ago

    For $700 camera, your footage looks pretty poor in quality. What gives?

  • Muhamad Ubaied
    Muhamad Ubaied 28 days ago

    is it just me or super formula sounds better than F1?

    • Braden Reacts
      Braden Reacts 28 days ago

      Way better

    • Little Light
      Little Light 28 days ago

      It doesent , Just that on the mic the F1 hybrid system make the cars sound strange. But if you actually listen to an F1 car out of the Tcam or live then you hear how it sounds really cool. This sounds similar to a F2 car which isnt bad, tho F2 has a 6 cylinder opposed to this 4 cylinder, so f2 sound slightly better imo.

    • Juampy Domínguez
      Juampy Domínguez 28 days ago

      Everything else sounds better than f1

  • Keisuke Takahasi
    Keisuke Takahasi 28 days ago

    can you fix the playlist for super formula 2019 season? its all over the place lol

  • Kevin Nusywa Putra
    Kevin Nusywa Putra 28 days ago

    Tires look like the 2009 f1 soft compound tires

    HEAVYWALL 70 28 days ago

    That snatch tank is not properly thought out

  • Lee Marvin
    Lee Marvin 28 days ago

    One quick thing: If you guys could please stick to the Last Names of the drivers as most other motorsport commentators do... as a newcomer to the series im always struggling to find the names you use on the sidebar.

  • StarAl 2015
    StarAl 2015 28 days ago

    Whats the diffeeence between f1 and super formula

    • Y Saloo
      Y Saloo 28 days ago

      F1 is a little bit faster and races across the world but super formula races in Japan.

  • 4zap7
    4zap7 28 days ago

    Don’t forget super formula is faster than Indy car and formula 2

    • zio z
      zio z 3 days ago

      @André Alves Yep, SF is basically a spec series but with two different engines and own teams and stuff. A great series, very action packed.

    • Alifted
      Alifted 26 days ago

      @Moni lmaoooooooo im dedddddd

    • André Alves
      André Alves 27 days ago

      And i presume they don't have the ridiculous budget that F1 teams have

    • Moni
      Moni 28 days ago

      Maybe even faster than the 2019 Williams, but for sure faster than Gasly in RBR.

    • BUZ' IOCHI
      BUZ' IOCHI 28 days ago

      But slower than my yaris d4d for sure !

  • Daniel Richardson
    Daniel Richardson 29 days ago

    With SF in Gran Turismo Sport, I’d love to drive this circuit in GT again would be so much fun. I also drove or should I say rode this circuit in Moto GP games. Can’t remember which ones probably 07/08. But it’s Gran Turismo that brings back the awesome memories from this circuit. 👊

  • tomeddie14
    tomeddie14 29 days ago

    F1 needs this

  • Derawa Herpisana
    Derawa Herpisana 29 days ago

    This shit goes very hard!

  • Squill DX
    Squill DX 29 days ago

    Imagine the Japanese GP being held at Motegi rather than Suzuka

    • Squill DX
      Squill DX 28 days ago

      Keisuke Takahasi Indianapolis, Road America, and Watkins Glen would work. They want to build a street circuit in Miami which is the weird part

    • Little Light
      Little Light 28 days ago

      I fell like curent f1 cars would storm thru this track way to fast. That and idk how the over take situation would work on this with current f1 cars. This feels like it would be another Barcelona..

    • Keisuke Takahasi
      Keisuke Takahasi 28 days ago

      they wanted to a 2nd us gp but there arent any real good tracks (especially for f1) on there and in japan they have at least 3 where its worth driving smh

    • thespeedmachine_35
      thespeedmachine_35 28 days ago

      Nanderlizer Nanderlizer I agree after it’s redesigned all the character was taken way! So it is now a really dull circuit!

    • Squill DX
      Squill DX 28 days ago

      Nanderlizer Nanderlizer I’m kinda 50/50 on it. I like the 90’s first sector more but I like the new third sector better.

  • Boban Milisavljevic
    Boban Milisavljevic 29 days ago

    Im here for the mugen power

  • Hobbypoint Belarus
    Hobbypoint Belarus 29 days ago

    Third time i try watch SUPER FORMULA on youtube and again - picture is not smoth. Seems like FPS is not stable.

  • Kep
    Kep 29 days ago

    I want Motegi in GT Sport so that I can try to come close to his time!

    • zio z
      zio z 3 days ago

      Same. GT Sport is missing a lot of tracks!