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Soccer Tennis Challenge!!
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The Edge Games!!
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Bungee Cord Volleyball!!
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Build Your Own Tank Battle!!
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GIANT Horseshoes Challenge!!
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Baby Sports Battle!!
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BUG Chubby Bunny Challenge!!
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Slippery Tag Challenge!!
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Giant Pac Man in Real Life!!
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Sumo Suit Parkour Battle!
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Apex Legends In Real Life!!
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  • Roger Bowline
    Roger Bowline 6 hours ago

    6:24 I don’t know why that’s funny to me

  • Emma-Cate Hardin
    Emma-Cate Hardin 6 hours ago

    i would LOVE to know how long it takes ya’ll to reset the games between rounds 😂 i think this in literally every video

  • It’s Dexter Time
    It’s Dexter Time 6 hours ago

    Me and my friend loved it sooooooo much

  • Issac Kwok
    Issac Kwok 6 hours ago

    J-Fred: telling his whole plan in detail Bobby: SNACK TIME **NOM* J-fred: *is stuck under neath a giant mattress Bobby: **NOM NOM* *SO GOOD* **NOM NOM*

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi 6 hours ago

    It’s not that hot... *chokes -Jfred 2020

  • Firey_boy
    Firey_boy 6 hours ago

    Oh dang 6.66 million subs. Just in time? 🤔

  • Steven Griffin
    Steven Griffin 6 hours ago


  • Lauren Plokhooy
    Lauren Plokhooy 6 hours ago

    it's funny how Joey thinks videos are stupid but, he makes them!!😂😂😂

  • flat4forthewin
    flat4forthewin 6 hours ago

    Your editors use of Sega genesis video game sound effects is unreal.

  • LazyDuD51 :P
    LazyDuD51 :P 6 hours ago

    Wut happened to matthias

  • Lisa Stahl
    Lisa Stahl 6 hours ago

    Yaaaaaaaay always rooting for Bobby!

  • Kylie Roth
    Kylie Roth 6 hours ago

    Joey you could have waited til you got a worse punishment and made Bobby do something else 😂

  • spooky_soysauce
    spooky_soysauce 6 hours ago


  • DaRell MARTIN
    DaRell MARTIN 7 hours ago

    Bobby must feel so special because he’s so tall

  • Nathan Reaperz
    Nathan Reaperz 7 hours ago


  • Nathan Reaperz
    Nathan Reaperz 7 hours ago

    3:01 that's Izzy (Israel) right there, from Hi5 Studios! amazing family, man!

  • Nathan Reaperz
    Nathan Reaperz 7 hours ago

    no one: me: why did they put bobby's name in the poll?

  • LazyDuD51 :P
    LazyDuD51 :P 7 hours ago

    Your vids always make me laugh😂

  • Leara Fardella
    Leara Fardella 7 hours ago

    Who saw that j fred was wearing a t shirt that said Bryan on it

  • David Musselman
    David Musselman 7 hours ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, We just saw history 7:52 He actually got it right...

  • Loliolysser
    Loliolysser 7 hours ago

    10:53 ALIEN!!!

  • :l l:
    :l l: 7 hours ago

    wow 6.66 million subscribers whatv!?!

  • ryders cracked
    ryders cracked 7 hours ago

    Who else is watching this at 6.66M Subs 👇🏾👿

  • David Musselman
    David Musselman 7 hours ago

    That Bye at the beginning got me good

  • Pilisita Tupou
    Pilisita Tupou 7 hours ago

    Im sorry but Joey remembers nothing of team edge. Just when he said this is turning wierd

  • Christina Littler
    Christina Littler 7 hours ago

    Did anyone notice at 2:22 Kevin did this ➡️👌

  • Pilisita Tupou
    Pilisita Tupou 7 hours ago


  • Holly Plett
    Holly Plett 7 hours ago

    Congrats to Joey for finally getting that question correct!!!

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 7 hours ago

    2:13 J-Fred :"You know they eat flesh when they hungry" Me :"FACTS"

  • Cayedyn Fraser
    Cayedyn Fraser 7 hours ago

    Brain number 1

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 7 hours ago

    0:42 Bobby :"then you guys get an edge point" Me :"Of course, that's the reason of this challange"

  • Sophia Calingasan
    Sophia Calingasan 8 hours ago

    Am wearing team egde shirt and they called it stupid

  • Angel Raygoza
    Angel Raygoza 8 hours ago

    Anybody know how tall this pool is?

  • Vinnie Gettings
    Vinnie Gettings 8 hours ago


  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 8 hours ago

    5:37 J-Fred :"Smash Bobby's" Whitney :"k" J-Fred :"I change my mine" Whitney :"No your not" J-Fred :"I didn't change my mine thought Me :*DYING*

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 8 hours ago

    1:06 Am i the only one who interested on this video?

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ 8 hours ago

    When your stressed and your little brother come's in the room 2:55

  • Martijn De Jong
    Martijn De Jong 8 hours ago

    I like j Fred's the. most cuz he looks like a superhero and the shoulders

    AAYAN RULZ 8 hours ago

    10:22 that sounded exactly like bobby

  • Louisa Jackson
    Louisa Jackson 8 hours ago

    10:34 lol you can see a silhouette of someone in the sugar lol

  • weird or nah
    weird or nah 8 hours ago

    I dropped my phone on my face 😫 my nose hurtsss

  • Toxic Flame
    Toxic Flame 8 hours ago

    First person to ever talk on team edge was j Fred XD

  • Lmao
    Lmao 9 hours ago

    Big Bob is the worst host

  • Wasabi Sauce
    Wasabi Sauce 9 hours ago

    One time when we were playing Christmas games we decided to play chubby bunny. The winner would get a chocolate egg that was the size of a real egg. My dad played the game and got 19 jumbo marshmallows in his mouth (obviously he won). I couldn’t play because I just recently got a tooth filled with medicine.

  • Bolt Runner
    Bolt Runner 9 hours ago

    8 times Joey

  • HFollman
    HFollman 9 hours ago

    Can you do more of the rope/retracting plank trivia videos? And more of the hide and seek videos. Those are the best!

  • • Spikey
    • Spikey 9 hours ago

    6.66M subscriber illuminati😁

  • Ben Cripe Jr
    Ben Cripe Jr 9 hours ago

    Hiiiiii bryen

  • GG Bro
    GG Bro 9 hours ago

    A riddle

  • Reverse Studio
    Reverse Studio 9 hours ago

    Bobby mine is bobby

  • Usagi Katie
    Usagi Katie 9 hours ago

    I love seeing you guys in pain

  • Produde TTV
    Produde TTV 9 hours ago

    He is 100% of a cheater

  • Justin Kollman
    Justin Kollman 9 hours ago

    Wasn’t Joey supposed to do two handicaps? 4:23

  • 22myself
    22myself 9 hours ago

    Those safety gear scenes made me laugh harder than it probably should have 😂

  • bonnie salopree
    bonnie salopree 9 hours ago

    6.66million subscribers in 2020

  • Unprofessional
    Unprofessional 10 hours ago


  • MST Wrecko
    MST Wrecko 10 hours ago

    Bryan cusses

  • NewLondoCAST
    NewLondoCAST 10 hours ago

    they should do a segment on team edge called Lemonmade

  • alpacahontas
    alpacahontas 10 hours ago

    The subs are at 6.66 mil right now

  • Brayden Moses
    Brayden Moses 10 hours ago

    The first person to talk on the team edge is J Fred

  • White Boy
    White Boy 10 hours ago

    They have 6.66 millions subscribers right now

  • Anthony Tufts
    Anthony Tufts 10 hours ago


  • NightWolf
    NightWolf 10 hours ago

    rip rekt

  • Jesse Bennett
    Jesse Bennett 10 hours ago


  • Banned Banner
    Banned Banner 10 hours ago

    1:57 Bryan

  • Reese Baker
    Reese Baker 10 hours ago

    Joeys dad reminds me of Matthias

  • Zack Took a dump
    Zack Took a dump 10 hours ago

    I actually pressed the link

  • Cool beans 68
    Cool beans 68 10 hours ago

    darn it the duck got my gun again

  • Toy ville Adventures
    Toy ville Adventures 10 hours ago

    And is that cake eat abul e?

  • Rochelle Drager
    Rochelle Drager 10 hours ago

    Was highkey shook when JFred answered Bobby's what video he worked on question right

  • Alic Burkett
    Alic Burkett 10 hours ago

    i love this episode it awesome you guys should o more of this. PlEaSe! :D

  • love bella dog
    love bella dog 10 hours ago

    i think it is a animatronic

  • SaammBTW
    SaammBTW 10 hours ago

    10:50 when Jared starting running I knew he was going for a chair 😂😂😂

  • Izaya Bustamante
    Izaya Bustamante 10 hours ago

    I love team edge so much

  • Lester Chicken
    Lester Chicken 10 hours ago

    2020 anyone no just me :(

  • Toy ville Adventures
    Toy ville Adventures 11 hours ago

    I LOVE! Legos!😄

  • Izaya Bustamante
    Izaya Bustamante 11 hours ago

    Sorry my spelling bad

  • Izaya Bustamante
    Izaya Bustamante 11 hours ago

    That should count for Joey since Bobby suk that should count for two points

  • EpicGamer76
    EpicGamer76 11 hours ago

    Bryan: oh he los.... Also Bryan: oblayheonheabalobia

  • jerry adams
    jerry adams 11 hours ago

    Every time he scream like like constantly I'm not gonna finish the video 💀

    INDIRA MOHAMED 11 hours ago


  • RageX_Ruin VR
    RageX_Ruin VR 11 hours ago

    What happen....I wanna look

  • Brackstyn Whitlock
    Brackstyn Whitlock 11 hours ago

    Eric just pass it its super annoying when you dont

  • Angelo Mastorakis
    Angelo Mastorakis 11 hours ago

    4:05, I thought I guys never swear in this channel

  • Justin Kollman
    Justin Kollman 11 hours ago

    Nobody Bryan: Gotta relax the lips 8:30

  • Soli Hampton
    Soli Hampton 11 hours ago

    Use a tank

  • Elijah Anderson
    Elijah Anderson 11 hours ago

    I guess Jon was editing

  • Welcome to the park Viewers

    If there a j Fred action figure I’m the first in line

  • shawn fan K
    shawn fan K 11 hours ago

    where do they get the eggs

  • Emma Dahlman
    Emma Dahlman 11 hours ago

    I even know it and I am in 2nd grade

  • Kris Luedtke
    Kris Luedtke 11 hours ago

    Anyone notice that the score was 1 to 1

  • Roost BR
    Roost BR 11 hours ago

    It’s like watching two middle school soccer kids attempting to beat a chess club “admin” at chess.

  • Miguel Dumaran
    Miguel Dumaran 11 hours ago

    I see it all.

  • Justin Kollman
    Justin Kollman 11 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Keobi looks good with a stache?

  • Amy Rojas
    Amy Rojas 11 hours ago

    Whitney:slam the cake in Bobby’s face Me:BOBBY you stupid...pass on the punishment you have the power

  • SixRaven Eight
    SixRaven Eight 11 hours ago

    Bryan really is beautiful in motion. I watched Bryanmu a few times.

  • Bunnie LikesFruit
    Bunnie LikesFruit 11 hours ago

    8:36 Here comes momma Joey Joey: WhAt HaVe YoU dOnE?!

  • Red Panda Hannah
    Red Panda Hannah 11 hours ago

    They should a used FAKE grass

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 11 hours ago

    is brian hand very ashy

  • Ohio Railfan production 8098

    I am type 1 billy