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  • travatron4000
    travatron4000 3 hours ago

    "Finished" no side stand, no pegs, not running....

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 2 hours ago

      Finished for the sake of the series and what was achieved in the 10 days I was there, of course there are going to be tweaks next week and you can hear it run, but for the sake of having a motorcycle to show, and more importantly raise donations for the charity, this is where we got to.

  • Rob Lomax
    Rob Lomax 5 hours ago


  • Budds adventures
    Budds adventures 9 hours ago

    Nice bike

  • Simon Duster
    Simon Duster 12 hours ago

    Love the build. Impressed how all of your builds have had completely different styles. I did notice the left acorn nut wasn't present to hold the rear shock on haha, hopefully that is included with the bike ;)

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 12 hours ago

      That is well spotted. Back this next week to finish off the final bits and we left that off as the shaft needed to come apart again and be greased etc.

  • Andy Skinner
    Andy Skinner 12 hours ago

    I usually keep my bikes for a year or two but am well into my 3rd year on the Racer and you wouldn't prize it away from me with a crow bar. I never get bored with it. Definitely a keeper.

  • Антон Чехов
    Антон Чехов 15 hours ago


  • David Rayner
    David Rayner 17 hours ago

    The Honda CB-750 if you want 4 cylinders. If you want a single to have a modern version of say, A Matchless G-50 then it's a Yamaha XT or TT-500. If you want a modern version of a Triumph twin, it's the number 1 bike to do anything with, Yamaha XS-650. Just my opinion.

  • Jonathan Fuller

    Can you make a recommendation on paint/primer brand/type? Also, do you typically leave the head studs in or replace them?

  • Tяoy Allen
    Tяoy Allen Day ago

    Im using the lite version as well very new to it....even though it blocks some of the errors you can look them up i have a 02 TT roadster needs a crankshaft sensor same time both windows stopped working last week the comfort control mod went out on me......i'm thinking it has to be a relay whats keeping the windows from working if anyone has any idea what it could be please let me know.....many thanks for your video subbed is a link to the codes if anyone would need to look them up......

  • Arnaud Maeder
    Arnaud Maeder Day ago

    Guy look the fuel engine and the rear it really nead finition take your time and make it great

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold Day ago

      It's not meant to look perfect. It's meant to look worn and used in inspiration to something that would have been used in the film

  • Bob Dobbs
    Bob Dobbs Day ago

    I Ike the bike but got to agree the exhaust not doing it for me . But when you only have ten days to build and fabrication you got to do what you got to do. Maybe who ever wins can sit down and look at it you could route it under the seat and come out the back end . Other than that enjoyed the build looking forward to the monster 👍

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold Day ago

      Thanks, it was my first though but not enough clearance between the wheel and the frame. Would Have been my preferred choice

  • Triumph Rascal

    It looks amazing, fantastic job, well done. I've enjoyed the series.

  • shmandall FX
    shmandall FX Day ago

    I wouldn't even know where to begin and I want to do a restoration project so bad

  • mylo xyloto
    mylo xyloto Day ago

    Im really curious on how long does it take you to finish each of your project. Perhaps you can make a video in regards of how many hours and the span of your projects. thanks

  • νικος γιώργος

    Sorry dude but your camera sucks

  • Siddhartha Sahoo
    Siddhartha Sahoo 2 days ago

    Bole toh ekdum jhakass

  • izoyt
    izoyt 2 days ago

    that's nsu 175 at #2. i have one and made al mistakes, mentioned her on it, lol..

  • max factor
    max factor 2 days ago

    you need to do something about the rear shock. they gonna break your back

  • max factor
    max factor 2 days ago

    the only plus point of this bike is it has bad ass engine to begin with

  • Nicolas Iannone
    Nicolas Iannone 2 days ago

    A few quick question: 1. What year is this Honda? 2.What was all replaced during the rebuild? 3. Were these parts readily available? 4. How much did the engine rebuild cost? 5. How many hours were out into the engine rebuild? Amazing work, and inspiring content. Thank you for being a teacher and not pretentious like other builders.

  • maynie
    maynie 2 days ago

    thanks man

  • unicorn killer
    unicorn killer 2 days ago

    In about 2 weeks im starting with my motorcycle licence. Since i was a little kid i wanted to ride a bike. Im in love with this one. Definitly going to donate

  • DenwayClassicCustoms

    Awesome, mate. Love it

  • Parallax Visuals
    Parallax Visuals 2 days ago

    bro what's the tune at the end? it's amazing

  • Willy's Performance Cycle Center, Since 1969

    Nice bike! Great job. Ride safe my friend!

  • Joshua Tillman
    Joshua Tillman 3 days ago

    Anyone else get nauseous when it got to the engine tear down? Holy fuck that’s a lot of frame changes in just one second

  • FunWithAJ
    FunWithAJ 3 days ago

    Donated and my company matched all my donations. Great cause.

  • BladeRicsi
    BladeRicsi 3 days ago

    OMG, i hope i will be the lucky winner.

  • Jritchie Jritchie
    Jritchie Jritchie 3 days ago

    Well you didn't prove me wrong Exhaust is horrendous, can't believe Dime would put their name to it . Sorry mate

    • Jritchie Jritchie
      Jritchie Jritchie 2 days ago

      Dunno what it is ... the front pipes are just a generic bend with a mish-mash of bends angles taken up to the rear then stuck together using molten metal glue and hidy hidy kevlar tape . As for my "Builds" my last bike i built is a 76 ts 250 flat tracker... i have a cb650z that's on the back burner at the moment because all my spare of goes into my almost complete 3dr Sierra running 1jz engine .... but i have no proof . So ill leave it there. Its just the exhaust for me . I like most of your work Ant . Sorry fella

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      That’s fair enough. Personally I love it. Out of interest what would you have done differently? Do you have any builds? Would love to see them.

  • MacGillycuddy Reeks

    Lovely build. Any plans to do a European build/giveaway? But the time you pay for importation and taxes you could nearly buy a similar bike (though probably not as stylishly built).

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      This is a worldwide giveaway. Europe also.

  • Kevin Birmingham
    Kevin Birmingham 3 days ago

    The adapter kit is awesome. Too bad you didn't have the time to have the adapters powder coated black. This must have been an amazing experience, sure has been just following this build.

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Sure is. It was by choice I left it the raw metal. I kinda liked the way it looked a little like brake discs also. But good shout that people could paint them also.

  • Larry Carrasco
    Larry Carrasco 3 days ago

    For next project you should try a Yamaha xs850

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Next project is the Ducati monster. Already started it on Instagram

  • Arkhitekton246
    Arkhitekton246 3 days ago

    New bike idea: bmw R100, production year around 1983.

  • Angel Acosta
    Angel Acosta 3 days ago

    Beauty, I like!!!

  • aaron mills
    aaron mills 3 days ago

    Thank you for the video blogs - they are great watch. Can you advise on, or post a link to the hoop you used? In addition, if you have a parts list or could summarise key components it would be appreciated. I have imported a US 1992 cb750 (starts and runs) into the UK (never done anything like this before!).....

  • Gus
    Gus 3 days ago

    Hi, congrat !! bike looks great. What happened with the foot pegs ?? thanks , Gus

    • Gus
      Gus 3 days ago

      @For The Bold Great, don't forget , thanks , gus

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      They’re the final detail to be added next week when I’m back

  • David Khaute
    David Khaute 3 days ago

    m sorry I can't catch which handlebars u said

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Check out the cx500 tracker build on this channel. Has those handlebars from Dime City Cycles.

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark 3 days ago

    Really hope I win the drawing because dang I want that bike

  • Jim Cook
    Jim Cook 3 days ago

    Really nice looking bike, only let down by the pipes. They look like like they've just been muddled together as a last minute job and (in my opinion) ruin the lines of the build.

    • Rob Green
      Rob Green 2 days ago

      I don’t care for pipe either. But I guess the world would be boring if we all liked the same thing. Very good job on the rest of it though 👍

    • Chris
      Chris 3 days ago

      Have to agree with you, they remind me of a worm LOL. I also feel they're too long due to being 2 into 1. I feel the front disc would look better drilled. Apart from those minor points it's a great result within a short time frame.

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      That’s fair enough. Personally I love the pipes. Brings the lines higher. Not a last minute job as they were done at the start of the build but all achieved in 10 days.

  • Dime City Cycles
    Dime City Cycles 3 days ago

    We can't wait to give this beast away to one lucky winner in October. Last day to Enter to Win is September 30th!

  • Luzenify
    Luzenify 3 days ago

    Rad bike. it....

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Thank you. It’ll be some Lucky person’s

  • DaveOpolus
    DaveOpolus 3 days ago

    boi from USA

  • Ttv
    Ttv 3 days ago

    Notification squad from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • ACS Vlogs
    ACS Vlogs 3 days ago

    Notification squad from India! 😍

  • ladamyre
    ladamyre 3 days ago

    In my book a cafe racer is a bike that fits in the mold of the 1960's in London where the game was to get on your bike with your "bird" and race to the next cafe'. A true cafe' racer is built for two people and this bike stretches the definition a little too far.

    • ladamyre
      ladamyre 3 days ago

      @For The Bold Yes. Still, you've taken a great bike and made it something special. I like your choice of tyres, gives me visions of outrunning others through back yards and wooded areas. Yet another breaking the mold of the cafe' racer. You're a great fabricator. Never quit.

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      This is true, but the nice thing about the evolution of anything is that ideas are pushed and new styles come in and a hybrid of styles come together, have a look at the bikes that were at the Bike Shed show 2019, seriously far out styles and designs there

  • Vytas
    Vytas 4 days ago

    You're gonna need mirrors n shit bros

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Not really, you can ride a motorcycle without mirrors or indicators over here

  • Hans Brickface
    Hans Brickface 4 days ago

    Number 1 should be electing to build one in the first place! Cafe racers developed because young guys in the 60s had low funds/no finance options and the Fireblade hadn't been invented yet. Tarting up a rusty old commuter bike to be kewwl, is like putting very expensive glitter make-up on a syphilitic pig.

  • rdooski
    rdooski 4 days ago

    Only thing its missing is white letters on the front tire. Awesome build!

    • rdooski
      rdooski 2 days ago

      @For The Bold Awesome. It does nail that look now you mention it.

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      I did try a photoshop version of it but felt a little overbearing on the front also, I wanted the rear to look heavier like a drag racer

  • chris cargle
    chris cargle 5 days ago

    Bravo dude..just bravo 👏

  • Blue moon
    Blue moon 5 days ago

    Omg what a creation I wish I can get job over there

  • Dave Kat
    Dave Kat 5 days ago

    Wow Beautiful inspiration and vid - TYVM

  • Geoff Williams
    Geoff Williams 5 days ago

    Do you know if the cylinders on a 1980 Cx500C are Nikasil plated or just cast iron? I need to rebore mine due to pitting and am not sure if I need to have them recoated or not. Thanks!

  • Paul Cabrera
    Paul Cabrera 5 days ago

    like it but dislike it too!! frame color must be black , personal opinion. excelent cafe racer i loved it!!

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Doesn;t have to be, be bold and stand out, If it would have been black it wouldn't have stood out as much

  • mrspecialk
    mrspecialk 6 days ago

    Awesome work. The bike looks insane. I’m getting parts for my cafe racer and looking into wheels. What size tires are you using on this bike. Thanks

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 3 days ago

      Thanks, from memory on this bike fronts are 19, 90, 100 and rears are 18, 90, 120

  • Lucas Costa
    Lucas Costa 7 days ago

    Trabalho fantástico!

  • Motosilk
    Motosilk 7 days ago

    Love these rims & tires 🤘

  • David QA
    David QA 8 days ago

    En mi gs550 los sensores hall tienen 3 cables

  • myles jefferson
    myles jefferson 8 days ago

    Where did you get your bike from ??

  • Erwan Evans
    Erwan Evans 8 days ago

    What you doing here so inspired me.. i have one cbx 750.. i buy it from auction, here we call that bike 'white horse'.. actually our police traffic using this bike since 80s - 2000.. one day i want built my bike exactly like this.. wish me luck :)

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Amazing. Glad the channel has inspired you. All the best on your build.

  • haga41cat
    haga41cat 8 days ago

    Why did you angle grind the Comstar spokes?

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Yeah no use for the rest of the wheel without the hubs, also would have taken far too long to drill them all out and I was up against time.

    • haga41cat
      haga41cat 8 days ago

      Yeah I understand that. I would have thought drilling the rivets out by the rim would have been the way to go, unless you have no use for the spokes afterwards I guess. I'm just a hoarder I would have sold them to make some money back.

    • Matt cc
      Matt cc 8 days ago

      He has to cut out the hubs to reuse with the conversion kit.

  • LierreNarcissus
    LierreNarcissus 9 days ago

    Hey... Where can I get this rim kit?! It's awesome!

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Contact Dime City Cycles. They can help.

  • David Allen
    David Allen 9 days ago

    Hey there. Awesome job on the build. Did really good with the metal work. I wanna make my own for my '81 CB650c. What size sheet metal did you use? 1, 2, or 3mm? Thanks in advance. David

  • Shayeeque 94
    Shayeeque 94 9 days ago

    Make a video on splendor plus

  • STUDIO501 Team
    STUDIO501 Team 9 days ago

    absolutely stunning, totally want to build my own, just got no idea lol

  • gjames5giordmaina
    gjames5giordmaina 10 days ago

    The bike is badass👍👍

  • Jeff Becker
    Jeff Becker 10 days ago

    Awesome build!! any link for the Comstar adapter plates? Or new Dime City Cycles kit with all spokes for 18/19in?

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Contact Dime City Cycles. They can help.

  • Briana. Influentialworks

    I love this bike. Looks amazing.

  • Daniel Ironside
    Daniel Ironside 10 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic choice of rims. Spot on mate. Looking bloody awesome!!!

  • usama qureshi
    usama qureshi 10 days ago

    First comment btw good and awesome skillfull work man🤗

  • Joshua Tambauan
    Joshua Tambauan 10 days ago

    what sizes are those air filters? thanks

  • Dr. Nigsop McChortlefag

    this bike took too long to build. I could have totally done it in 14 min.

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith 11 days ago

    I am looking for a CX seat and original subframe like you have cut off to make my trike into a 2 seater again! Don't suppose you still have one by any chance?

  • Christopher Hallows
    Christopher Hallows 11 days ago

    Starting to get my 79 cb 750k together and have f brackets like these but thought i’d ask, looks like I’ll need a longer swing arm and lower engine bolt to fit the larger brackets right? Probably have to search ebay but wondering if you new a source for these two longer bolts?

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Yeah you do need longer ones. See if Dime City Cycles have any

  • Gamal Kevin
    Gamal Kevin 11 days ago

    I was surprised seeing the leather jacket got sacrificed

  • rico tiago
    rico tiago 12 days ago

    SHOW 👍👍👍

  • Cy4N1D3
    Cy4N1D3 12 days ago

    Will any of these seats work for a 1965 Suzuki s32-2

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 12 days ago

    Looks RAD!!! Except the upholstery... the seat looks like a pile of shit.

  • Aaron Mills
    Aaron Mills 12 days ago

    I have a 1992 Honda CB750 nighthawk and it will be converted. Currently in the ‘design’ and ‘plan’ phase.....can you recommend a pre fabricated tank....something flat bottomed to run in line with the seat. Getting one fabricated is £££’s

  • Aaron Mills
    Aaron Mills 12 days ago

    Brilliant channel!! Th ask you for sharing so much information. Is there a parts list for the ‘warrior’ build?.... (I have searched but may have missed it).

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Sorry no. No parts list for this bike.

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers 12 days ago

    Do you find it tedious setting up the camera for the shots? I've been wanting to start my own channel but can't seem to find the time to setup shots while working. How do you go about this? Great video as usual. Cheers!

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Very. There will be a video soon on setting up a RU-clip channel. The whole process extends a build by 4 times.

  • Dan Sherwood
    Dan Sherwood 13 days ago

    Great channel! I just came across it. Any chance you can do a video (perhaps you already have) on used bikes that you can shop for that are good candidates for a first time cafe racer build? Cheers

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      I have a video on my favourites from 2 years ago but my taste has changed since then.

  • Anthony Golabek
    Anthony Golabek 13 days ago

    Hi. Love the bike. What kind of exhaust do you have on it. Would love to have it on my GS550.

  • kcapt96
    kcapt96 13 days ago

    Just brilliant! Btw where can I find the seat and the piece that goes with the seat? Thank you.

  • Eithan Birkmeyer
    Eithan Birkmeyer 14 days ago

    That shirt doeee🤣 but what’s up Cody Richards I live in Hampton.

  • Dimitris Gkontoras
    Dimitris Gkontoras 14 days ago

    It's crucial you wear a leather jacket when building a cafe racer.. The outcome isn't good otherwise

    • Dimitris Gkontoras
      Dimitris Gkontoras 14 days ago

      @For The Bold Amazing work by the way!! May I ask what the two small intakes under the carburetor are for?

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 14 days ago

      All about the prep work. If you look right with a jacket. The bike will run.

  • Jayvee Manlutac
    Jayvee Manlutac 14 days ago

    On building a cg125 cafe, do you guys recommend a new-longer swingarm? Ty

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 7 days ago

      Only if you have a reason for it to be longer.

  • Todd Boone
    Todd Boone 15 days ago

    Love it!

  • Katia Maria Colombo de Souza

    Congratulations beautiful design. What height of rear shock absorber, and tire measurements

  • jason turner
    jason turner 15 days ago

    what maker are you using for the wording ?

  • Dwitra Adriasa
    Dwitra Adriasa 15 days ago

    Hi, i was wondering how do you fit those turn signal with the mirror on it. Did you use an adapter like Rizoma’s? I use exactly the same signals but i can’t fit the mirrors because there’s no more space between the handle and the lights. Nice build btw!

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 15 days ago

      There's an in depth video in the series on the channel

  • Will Du
    Will Du 15 days ago

    Have you ever thought about come to US or CANADA set up a shop? I can invest with you, really like your builds, and let me know if you are intrested.

  • jay wilbur
    jay wilbur 15 days ago

    mind numbing music. Sweet tear down though

  • piledriver x
    piledriver x 15 days ago

    Vous êtes un artiste 👍👍👍🇫🇷

  • Mr.Autodidact
    Mr.Autodidact 16 days ago

    Dude, those cylinder sanding attachments are murder to keep on the rubber insert of the Dremel tool. I feel better, knowing I'm not the only one with that problem.

  • x hacker 〈ethical〉

    fuck grammarly

  • Steve Mulcahy
    Steve Mulcahy 16 days ago

    I really want an m-unit blue. It kind of sucks that you couldn’t get one as it could’ve eliminated the need for the m.lock. With this, how will you connect in dials?

    • Steve Mulcahy
      Steve Mulcahy 5 days ago

      For The Bold I just rewatched the revival cycles video, it looks like it can if you’re planning on using your phone to start the bike. For the initial config, you need to power the lock input, press the horn button 3 times and then press the starter for 10 seconds with the app in pairing mode. Then when you’re done, you can take the lock power away. Pretty cool.

    • Steve Mulcahy
      Steve Mulcahy 15 days ago

      @For The Bold Yeah, looking at the Revival Cycles video, you can use a phone for unlocking/starting the bike without connecting an ignition switch, but there's no standalone key or keyfob as a backup.

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 16 days ago

      Unfortunately even with the blue I don’t think it replaces the m lock.

  • Menzi Martinez
    Menzi Martinez 16 days ago much is that?..

  • Tearitloose Tearitloose

    She stands out for sure man..

  • Cèdre
    Cèdre 16 days ago

    Oh, shiiit

  • LierreNarcissus
    LierreNarcissus 16 days ago

    Basic shmasic.... Doesn't even matter... It's an m-unit! It's still freakin' awesome in cleaning up the wiring!!!! 'Bout time you get to use one! Whoo-hoo!!!

    • For The Bold
      For The Bold 15 days ago

      OPened my eyes to how easy it makes it, if it wasn't for the CDI