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  • The Sharktocrab
    The Sharktocrab Minute ago

    Sam was right about faerie fire, he even knows other people's spells better than they do lol

  • Awesome
    Awesome 3 minutes ago

    Great video! Enjoy your Monday! 💯🙏🙌

  • Awesome
    Awesome 10 minutes ago

    Geek& Sundry, great video! Enjoy your Monday! 💯🙏🙌

  • Aathan Raan
    Aathan Raan 12 minutes ago

    This Storyteller is one of the greatest of all time. I saw X when he was X. I love this guy.

  • Phil Dressel
    Phil Dressel 16 minutes ago

    LOL Nott - Let's f*cking kill her 1:44:50

  • Ben Raga
    Ben Raga 18 minutes ago


  • Ebilkitty Rainstar
    Ebilkitty Rainstar 19 minutes ago

    Heyo on my first re-watch after finishing C1 last week (yesterday if you include the one-shots; already caught up with C2). Anyone watching for the first time I just want to say you're in for a hell of a ride.

  • Austin Riepl
    Austin Riepl 19 minutes ago

    Yessssssssss lets go!

  • liketoshop247
    liketoshop247 25 minutes ago, he's married to a God, but he kissed,! Percy: Oooooh...I see how this could work out poorly...

  • TheRuneTail
    TheRuneTail 38 minutes ago

    Marisha as Laura really brought out her inner Poison Ivy

  • BraDiddles Mandrake
    BraDiddles Mandrake 39 minutes ago

    Blud is another wholesome character that doesn’t get enough attention

  • moundofsound
    moundofsound 41 minute ago

    I'm guessing 20k views of this video is the same few people who own the game watching it again and again and again in a stubborn attempt to understand if any of this makes sense.

  • BraDiddles Mandrake
    BraDiddles Mandrake 42 minutes ago

    Nott throws dirt is my favorite thing so far

  • timothy gw
    timothy gw 44 minutes ago

    No one seems to have commented on the fact that Travis was one hit away from murdering Beau with his attacks.

  • WildRage
    WildRage 45 minutes ago

    I once tried to play D&D with some friends but in the end i screwed everything up and most of the time the others are busy so i cant even fix my mistake

  • FelineIce
    FelineIce 48 minutes ago

    Poor Felicia Day, like the student that always gets blamed.

  • Johannah Lovell
    Johannah Lovell 50 minutes ago

    The ginger chews got me, I laughed so loud. My mom has been known to hand those out in her van when someone feels sick. X'D They're yummy.

    FLUXXEUS 50 minutes ago

    so THIS is the origin of Sam's images on a large stein that later turned into a flask 😂

  • Mazie18
    Mazie18 56 minutes ago

    At 30:00 minutes when he says you see a familiar looking Dwarf, I was like, Larkin?

  • joshua rose
    joshua rose Hour ago

    There was a long haired guy in a tavern playing it and I watched him for hours I may go back next week and watch again

  • Garrett Martin
    Garrett Martin Hour ago

    I love you all. Keep it real.

  • HKVeteran
    HKVeteran Hour ago

    This video is the reason blue is my favorite Magic color

  • 30noir
    30noir Hour ago

    They fought the Pathfinder Iconics! Amazing!

  • Ad Infinitum
    Ad Infinitum Hour ago

    "You're a 10 and I'm a 2." Same Sean. Saaaaaame.

  • Jose Eduardo Canto Di Bello

    Laura is bae.. couldn't keep down anymore

  • Sophia Ellis
    Sophia Ellis Hour ago


  • Emily III
    Emily III Hour ago

    Screw it Starting this series October 14th 2019 Here we go

  • BenJoe72
    BenJoe72 Hour ago

    DM: "The Blushing Tankard" Player: "Why is it blushing?" DM without a flinch: "Cuz you put your lips to it." THIS is how you storytell :D I love when ppl just KNOW SHIT

  • Diogo Teixeira
    Diogo Teixeira Hour ago

    I tought The Devil toad was a Slad...

  • Koralcrafter
    Koralcrafter Hour ago

    Taliesin looking younger is weird because we all know that 5 years are nothing but seconds for our fey lord

  • James Tate
    James Tate Hour ago

    and of course the DM is the bad guy

  • edrick1976
    edrick1976 Hour ago

    I feel like this is the couple's first real fight lol.

  • OverlyOpinionated

    Scanlan should've been #&*#@ed from that Prismatic Wall's Indigo layer, Dimension Door would've been repelled and incurred 50d6 of the other damage.

  • kuririn1975
    kuririn1975 2 hours ago

    I am sitting here wondering if Lauras magic has torn them apart yet

  • Ninnisha
    Ninnisha 2 hours ago

    I'm so glad Jasper mentioned Escher, from the start that labyrinth always reminded me of his art!!

  • Unknown Vagrant
    Unknown Vagrant 2 hours ago

    Nines is a Brujah intact. He feels like a Brujah you would meet in Carthage.

  • kono_ dio_ga
    kono_ dio_ga 2 hours ago

    Oh dear can I do this...? Oct 14 2019

  • TheDom
    TheDom 2 hours ago


  • ecirelli
    ecirelli 2 hours ago

    Was the Auraghast card played correctly? It says choose any player (not players) to pay 2 Etherea. In the video he paid one and she paid one.

  • Aathan Raan
    Aathan Raan 2 hours ago

    Everyone kept singing praises of J. McAdam's beauty and I just don't get it. She looks like Julian Moore.

  • DTOM
    DTOM 3 hours ago

    FELICIA IS SO CUTE! I don't know which is funnier, her frustration or her celebration. Probably her little "Distraction" dance. Gods, she must be the coolest boss.

  • Роман Дудин

    WTF? What is wrong with Vox Machina's moral compas? Kidnapper's are just doing their job?! Save kidnapper's reputation? They're want to send a bounty hunter to spy after friend? "We are gods"?! This episode really made me sick, regardless of "it's just a game" statement. If they didn't drop out from good alignment after that... such a shame...

  • Lyan
    Lyan 3 hours ago

    October 14 2019, let's go

  • pretty_snood_dood
    pretty_snood_dood 3 hours ago

    "That's just it. I'm a really good liar." Liam/Vax reacting to this actually broke the dam. I bawled my eyes out after that.

  • soggy hashbrowns
    soggy hashbrowns 3 hours ago

    I’m new to all of this, am I missing something? I feel like I’m not starting at episode 1? They already have items like a bag of holding and a bunch of dragon parts and all of the characters know each other already. Can someone explain?

  • Bogdan Ban
    Bogdan Ban 3 hours ago

    Greater invisibily from Tiberious on Kiki and there would be no problems, when people were distracted by Vex's boobs.

  • Jay Clinton
    Jay Clinton 3 hours ago

    Sam you amaze me, so thank you <3

  • Rih
    Rih 3 hours ago

    37:22 Sam‘s face during the And our children part... priceless

  • Brettspieltourist
    Brettspieltourist 4 hours ago

    pleas learn the rules before you play!

  • Menno Kouwenberg
    Menno Kouwenberg 4 hours ago

    I dont understand Jack Sht of the rules but man you guys are entertaining to watch!!!

  • Grey _Skye
    Grey _Skye 4 hours ago

    Not to be rude, but Fjord is pronounced Fee-yord. :)

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey 4 hours ago

    Matt's ruling on Tary not being knocked off his broom by Grog's THROWN DWARF THROWER, is bullshit. Vex got attacked by people in the past, not trying to push her off, and yet they still did knock her off, not even mentioning that Trinket has been able to do magical damage since 6th level and since the Feywild with The Great Bear Spirit. I know I'm only noticing these mistakes because I'm going back through the entire season, but I would appreciate more consistent rulings for these niche subjects.

  • StarDash1
    StarDash1 4 hours ago

    The warning from VoixMortelle about talks machina is true, look 2 coments down and you`ll see the message.

  • # Fai
    # Fai 5 hours ago

    is there any book list for dungeons and dragons? If anyone could help, that would be highly appreciated! :)

  • Jay Blue
    Jay Blue 5 hours ago

    When they are looking at the tracks at the beginning, I'd just look at which direction the horse hooves are pointing to figure out which way to go. Somebody else might already said that, but I'm staying away from the comments, because I'm trying to avoid spoilers. (And I'm still at the beginning of the episode.) Like, a comment on episode 3 spoilered me for a big plot point that is gonna come anytime now and I at least want to be suprised at when it happens.

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey 5 hours ago

    I get so agitated when I hear Laura/Vex talking about loving Trinket. No, you don't love him, you love to ABUSE him. If it weren't for Matt, Trinket would have been dead a very, very long time ago, and many, many times over.

  • Fir3SouL
    Fir3SouL 5 hours ago

    Why do the background story are all blurred ?

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair 6 hours ago

    Matt: I’d like to inspect the pen to see if it is malfunctioning. Wil: so you want me to give it to you? Matt: Yes. Wil: I click the pen.

  • sniffthecactus duh
    sniffthecactus duh 6 hours ago

    Few things I can relate as much with as Scanlan having no patience for dragging Trinket along. Hey, I love that bear but it slows down everything

  • Devine-dragon7
    Devine-dragon7 6 hours ago

    Wow I did not know this was (persona 5 ) calling card

  • TJ Lundt
    TJ Lundt 6 hours ago

    Why did Liam double his dice on the first dagger attack at 35:31? Matt specifically said it's not a crit because the target isn't surprised...

  • Morgan Bass
    Morgan Bass 6 hours ago

    They missed a golden opportunity to hang Sir Douche Canoe's corpse to the Sun Tree.

  • Lukas bell
    Lukas bell 6 hours ago

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 00:20 Sam grew out his hair 2:10 Travis’s revised spot 5:45 False Marisha is exposed 10:20 Episode Starts 14:50 The tortle speaks 18:50 Bardpipes 21:30 Travis’s accent saunters around a little bit 23:35 One green to another 26:15 Letting the air out 30:00 Nott’s accent work 35:55 Everyone retroactively has eyepatches 40:00 Wait… Adella was from C1E86 (introduced at 3:35:20) 43:45 Yasha intro 49:35 Goth Santa 52:15 Caduceus is so good 54:05 Everyone else is getting special dreams 58:50 Beau advises Caleb 1:01:15 Lam’s lackluster pun 1:02:30 Nott’s information gathering 1:15:30 Beau’s fake backstory 1:17:53 Tracy comes out 1:20:00 Marisha is good at this 1:22:40 Yet another random guard is wrecked by M9 1:39:15 Don’t eat the weasel 1:48:25 Interesting word choice 2:03:35 Break Starts 2:15:25 Art Montage 2:26:05 Break Ends, battle begins 3:00:20 Jester smells like Caleb 3:13:25 Map number 2 is out 3:20:45 Aquarium repair is in the back of the DMG 3:46:30 Interrogate everyone 4:05:30 Disproportionate response 4:33:35 Episode Ends

  • Farabee
    Farabee 6 hours ago

    Holy guys just HAD to make the jab at Blizzard too! <3 10:57

  • Z-nyx Kibishīdesu
    Z-nyx Kibishīdesu 6 hours ago


  • DexStricker
    DexStricker 6 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this. I've heard about D&D and the world and that but never on how to play the game or see it in action, and this was really fun. I wish to see more

  • ACEL713
    ACEL713 6 hours ago

    If there was ever an episode of CR to fall in love with Pike, this is the one to do it.

  • Geran Nightshadow
    Geran Nightshadow 6 hours ago

    Opening credits start at 7:45

  • Amirul Fahmy
    Amirul Fahmy 7 hours ago

    1st episode of campaign 1 starts now, need to catch up before i catch campaign 2 live.

  • Sae What Productions

    Matt Mercer is such a good dm!

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair 7 hours ago

    Wil Wheaton: I ROLED A 19! Everyone: Wil, high numbers are bad in this game. Wil Wheaton: That seems about right.

  • Kid Dracula
    Kid Dracula 7 hours ago

    God damn it. I absolutely loved Taliesin playing Molly, he was a total bad ass and definitely my favorite character this campaign. RIP.

  • Rob Kinney
    Rob Kinney 7 hours ago

    I know he already knows this, but cool Witcher outfit

  • Kubricks
    Kubricks 7 hours ago

    "I turn and walk away from the tower." Some time later... "I turn to look at the tower. Is it closer?" "No." "Is it further?" "Yes." "Shit..."

  • Origami Bulldoser
    Origami Bulldoser 7 hours ago

    Grand Theft Vampire 5

  • Mary
    Mary 8 hours ago

    What Fjord said "I have deep arcane abilities'' What Jester would have said "I have magic hands"

  • Laura Aki
    Laura Aki 8 hours ago

    I'm so glad they're finally uploading, I started watching on alpha but only got part way through season one before it got cancelled and there was nowhere else to watch

  • Adreana Lee
    Adreana Lee 8 hours ago

    Can you believe we have real evidence of the soft lily white hands of Sam that has never worked a day in his life

  • Paul Bradley
    Paul Bradley 8 hours ago

    I just find it so great that these guys stay in character so well. There was such a demeanor change in Jester found out about the Gentleman it was amazing!

    CLAMHAT 8 hours ago

    Wish there was more tibs humor and less keyleth grandstanding for the rest of the series, but it turned out pretty great in spite of them.

  • PlayoffL36ron
    PlayoffL36ron 8 hours ago

    C R I N G E

  • dragonheck
    dragonheck 8 hours ago

    an updated intro it still hurts even now

    NONAME-GOODNAME 8 hours ago

    people who are mad at laura for this neednto shut up. the deck of many thing is a CAMPAIGN ENDER. Grog could not and should not be trusted. both of them did the character appropriate thing. this isnt her fleecing a +3 flame tongue. this is her saving the world.

  • King Of Wanderers
    King Of Wanderers 8 hours ago

    j e s t e r

  • kloppanator
    kloppanator 8 hours ago

    When Caleb first turned Frumpkin into a bird I was face palming because he should have turned him into an owl for night vision.

  • chris hesson
    chris hesson 8 hours ago

    at 53:03 becca should have had it go to the green door cause you already had to have red to get into one of the rooms before that one

  • Griffin Hagen
    Griffin Hagen 8 hours ago

    Omen cards cant be stoleeeennnnn ahhhhhhhh!!!! Also wil cant use the minions to steal items. Ughhh they played this so badllyyyy. I'm so upset cause the heros should have DESTROYED wil as soon as he went to the basement.

  • TaakosGoodOutHere
    TaakosGoodOutHere 8 hours ago

    I like tal but when he talks as molly it sounds so condescending and annoying especially when he uses devils tongue

  • DerGrantelbart
    DerGrantelbart 8 hours ago

    Matt Colville? Oh let me just click thumbs up and then watch ... love that guy.

  • The Dark Lord of The Sith

    Amen! Been doing most of these since the '80's I am also a heavy narrative DM and I let my players go down every rabbit hole the find

  • con566
    con566 8 hours ago

    This was a bonafide bovine bonanza 😄 A crazy cow conundrum coalescing in a collection of continuous catastrophe and certain combat.

  • GZilla311
    GZilla311 8 hours ago

    2:11:53 Poor, poor Trevor. 2:28:59 I give this a FORESHADOWING out of ten. Liam is THE BEST. 3:12:15 Canadian AF. I love it. 3:16:30 Do not tempt him, guys. He totally will. Eventually.

  • Archie Stills
    Archie Stills 9 hours ago

    What is this system? I cant understand him when he says it

  • The Sharktocrab
    The Sharktocrab 9 hours ago

    Vex has the weirdest favored enemies

  • Andrew Galloway
    Andrew Galloway 9 hours ago

    This is one of my all time favorite shows now :)

  • Skizicks
    Skizicks 9 hours ago


  • Grant Kress
    Grant Kress 9 hours ago

    I’m disappointed that when Matt asked Ashly to describe her character he didn’t say, “Hey, Ash, whatcha playin’?”

  • AlphaTenchi
    AlphaTenchi 9 hours ago

    the journey begins

  • PDHicks
    PDHicks 9 hours ago

    Credit to Flando Maltrizian HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:05 Travis is really left hanging 2:05 Sam’s GIF theatre 10:55 Episode Starts 14:05 Fjord is actually good at sailing 15:15 Nott fumbles through making explosives 21:00 We’re definitely talking about Fjord 26:00 Scaring out the stowaway 27:05 The Stowaway 29:40 Trixie 33:00 You want pinhead? This is how you get pinhead 34:20 Anime eyes 36:05 Playing with the ball 37:40 Twiggy’s box 39:25 Sharing best friends 40:25 Twiggy meets the party 46:10 Jester shares her expertise 47:05 Happy fun ball 55:45 Twiggy’s hideous laughter 1:01:45 Everyone loves Twiggy 1:02:35 New name 1:09:00 Orly is not amused 1:11:00 A talking squirrel 1:13:50 Twiggy and Frumpkin 1:24:00 Kiss of death 1:26:15 Exploring the hole 1:32:20 They all retroactively have stopwatches 1:33:55 Oh god, what happened to Beau 1:35:00 A mystical watermark 1:39:45 The horrors of the ball 1:46:20 Break Starts 1:58:15 Art Montage 2:04:00 Break Ends 2:07:20 First map is out 2:15:20 Fjord is thicc, we all know it 2:18:20 Matt cut off her hand in Force Grey, it was cool 2:21:40 She’s like Nott, but better 2:25:25Nott and Jester worry about job security 2:27:25 Send Twiggy ahead 2:38:00 The second visual reference 2:46:20 Fjord touches it 2:51:05 A super weird battle 3:03:35 HDYWTDT 3:16:40 The time to be bold 3:23:05 Blue eyes blue dragon 3:32:05 The dragon’s map 3:42:40 The panic sets in 3:45:35 Matt making some strong assumptions about Beau 3:49:35 Manly screams 3:52:55 An attempted disguise 4:04:30 Fjord headbutts a magic crystal 4:08:15 Casting invisibility 4:27:35 Caduceus confirms it’s bad 4:41:05 Twiggy’s betrayal 4:45:25 Sam is stone cold 4:46:35 HDYWTDT 4:50:50 That’s why Matt’s the best DM 4:54:40 Sorry that I was Beau 4:55:35 The character moments begin 5:01:55 Episode Ends Between Twitch and RU-clip, live viewership of this episode peaked around 58,000 people. The in-game start date for the episode was the 13th of Duscar 835. Sam’s flask says “We’re gonna need a bigger flask” Congrats to Ashley and Brian on their engagement. May their union always be turnt. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  • Nathan Wilkins
    Nathan Wilkins 9 hours ago

    Goddamn sam is so charismatic I can’t even hate his asshole character.