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  • Brian Jenkins
    Brian Jenkins 2 hours ago

    I think that most people living in Montreal, and certainly immediately south of it, are at least bilingual and speak English. Don't forget that many of the refugees from the US are entering Canada illegally at the porous border areas. The contraband enters elsewhere.

  • Bill Watkins
    Bill Watkins 3 hours ago

    I'm a farmer I sell produce for pm

  • H Zilla
    H Zilla 4 hours ago

    JWR had Northwest Territorial Mint advertised at his survival blog site, then took the ad down then came back and said it was a reputable company before it went out of business and left some PM purchases stranded -Ponzi scheme style. I wonder if there have been any reported counterfeits? Short of cash and relying on future orders to pay for past orders, was NWTM was having to buy PMs on the cheap ( and possibly fake? ) to fill its orders? This strategy would explain the long delays customers encountered in receiving their bullion. I take everything JWR says with a very big grain of salt these days.

  • Rachael Hillenius
    Rachael Hillenius 4 hours ago

    Thanks Dunagun. You are a great interviewer.

  • Paul Addison
    Paul Addison 4 hours ago

    He never mentions race. White people of Northwestern Europeans decent developed the country and values associated with all of this. We need to be race realists. Not civic nationalists. 78% of all immigrants vote leftist. When you grow your civilization in a non-equatorial region it requires a high trust society that looks into the future. When food is abundant it’s not. Look at the recent “diversity” arrivals into Sweden and the UK.

  • vermeea1
    vermeea1 4 hours ago

    The gun talk is laughable. All the gun laws can be changed as the crooked politicians desire. If the Communist Demoncrat crooks gain power it means Katy Bar the Door time. Diamonds are in a state of collapse as the market is dead. GOD, gold/silver, guns and ammo. Keep it simple, stupid.

  • outlawdino 1
    outlawdino 1 5 hours ago

    Why pre1899 rifles?....does that mean Americans gave up their ar15s?

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 5 hours ago

    Opinions are abundant. No person is truly prepared. Try to enjoy life in the present moment with people you love. Side preparedness hobby? Fine, the rest of the energy, time, and anxiety seems obsolete.

  • Matt Langstraaat
    Matt Langstraaat 5 hours ago

    Repos cuz they cant bail out due to dodd frank act.. think about that

  • Mark W
    Mark W 6 hours ago

    Is it not ironic, that a young man could be just intelligent enough to comprehend some elements of economics & finance, yet not be intelligent enough to perceive that ALL religion is but a tool of control. BeLIEf is NOT knowledge, and knowledge requires NO beLIEf. ANYONE who beLIEves in ANYTHING that has no basis in the illusion of dualistic manifestation, has zero credibility in my book. Just sad . . .

    • Mark W
      Mark W 3 hours ago

      @sharktoothdiver I'm laughing my ass off at your comment. The emotional hysteria is nearly titillating. You ( for which does not exist, just like an " I " does not exist ), have yet to perceive that your tiny drop, just like mine, of Pure Awareness can ONLY know that which it is not. In short, Copper Top, The Matrix Has YOU. Have you ever experienced something that SEEMED so REAL, which in the afterglow, was revealed to be an illusion ??? Welcome to The Grand Illusion called " manifestation ", which is based in duality. Ever wonder about the word " alone " ??? Know what it implies ??? ALL ONE. That IS unity. Peace . . .

    • sharktoothdiver
      sharktoothdiver 4 hours ago

      I feel sorry that you Mark have the foolish opinion, that you can not see beyond your own eyes to insult a dedicated young man to do what is right by him. Just because you have no calling, and in my opinion no clue, it's funny how you seem to think that you are all knowing, all right, and what others believe that doesn't fit your beliefs, couldn't possibly make any sense. I think you ought to do some soul searching, but I fear you have no soul. How about keeping your ridiculous opinions to yourself. To say that "ALL" religion is a tool of control is complete insanity, at least to those of us who know better, and many of us don't really care about what you consider credibility in "your book".

  • Bk Bk
    Bk Bk 7 hours ago


  • Bk Bk
    Bk Bk 7 hours ago

    Mannarino and I are withdrawing our money from JP Morgan. You in DK ?

  • Travis Langston
    Travis Langston 7 hours ago

    You need to add the $1 option at Patreon...I would have signed-up long ago...but not at $5/month...sorry man, love your content but I need every penny for my preps...I'd be more then happy to part with $1/month...but not $5/month...make the $1 option available and you'll get lot's of subscribers.

    • Dunagun Kaiser
      Dunagun Kaiser 2 hours ago

      Travis Langston Hmm.... I have several recent one dollar per month patrons who have signed up on patreon, and I have not heard anyone have trouble accessing that option, so I’m not sure how to help you. I’ll ask Patreon customer support.

  • Jeffrey Coulter
    Jeffrey Coulter 8 hours ago

    Living in rural area of western Oregon, we never had a chance. Portland and Eugene areas out vote the rest of the 99% of the land mass. Metro sexual? Call it what it is. Godless, immoral, people who I want nothing to do with. God help them when shtf.

  • Lin Mal
    Lin Mal 9 hours ago

    Is this just a sales and marketing exercise under the guise of 'news' ? To flog their 'product', bullion? I guess so, so don't be fooled.

  • Coon hound
    Coon hound 9 hours ago

    A national redoubt for Christians & JEVVS? 1 John 2:22 (KJV) *Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist* that denieth the Father and the Son Revelation 2:9 (KJV) I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which SAY they are Jews (Judah$ and are not, but ARE the synagogue of Satan____#1 first word nation means A PEOPLE Not A COUNTRY. Why not mix oil+water ?? Why not lock yourself into a den w/a pack of ravenous wolves? Someone hasn’t read their bible, and DEFINITELY not studied who these dpeople are who CALL themselves Jevvs...😳 Jevvdeo-Christianity is an oxymoron term used for propaganda reasons ONLY, it has no basis in reality....😔

  • kevin joseph
    kevin joseph 10 hours ago

    at 3 minutes--the issue of non Whites, the population explosion, 'us'?? us = minorities.

  • Glenn Murphy
    Glenn Murphy 10 hours ago

    gotta disagree with respect to canadian bank deposit boxes. those reside on bank property protected by guns. you're in f-ing canada-and there's no place to put it?

  • Todd Hope
    Todd Hope 11 hours ago

    This is a great interview. Sheds light in a broad perspective, if you think beyond just what's being said. Now, with that said, just like what can be seen in any court, there is nothing fair in the legal system. When far reaching politicians do not know when to stop, you might as well accept the fact that law abiding citizens will in fact become criminals. Just like when we were pushing back against the Mother Country. We should not look too selfishly at personal prepping to save self. But there is a time when we fight as a militia for the soul of our country against enemies within.

  • michael s
    michael s 11 hours ago

    Rural will probably never see 5g. Population densities do not make it economical in sparsely populated areas.

  • Mick
    Mick 11 hours ago

    Never thought about people with PM's being extorted by the future electronic currency system towards the end of your discussion....57:48

  • michael s
    michael s 12 hours ago

    If you are trying to get money discreetly out of the country, gold is a great option. For example, at 1500 dollars per oz., 200K dollars can be converted to a little over 8 oz. of gold. However, precious stones, although there is some appraisal risk, have one big advantage over precious metals: they are immune to metal detectors. But if you are going to hunker down here in the US, these are not considerations. Silver has great potential because it is not only a precious metal but also an industrial metal, and it's all time global production probably peaked recently. It is used in PV cells (and high tech electronics), so I think when coal and gas production peak (which will be much sooner than most people are aware), electricity prices should rise sharply, followed by another PV boom.

  • Ken D
    Ken D 13 hours ago

    ...and what gets me is why the "antique rifle" desire? I mean, if the government wants our guns, they won't care what the law says; they'll just DO it. People don't understand the FACT that state governments can, will, and DO pass UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS ALL the time. ALL THE TIME. Then they go "enforce" such laws and don't care that THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS IN THE PROCESS. The attorneys are all in on it, too. I say again, Shakespeare had it right about lawyers. Disgusting creatures.

  • Ken D
    Ken D 13 hours ago

    The interview makes me wonder if 100 oz silver bars may not be too BIG..."barter" one for a house maybe...sure would be a nice "problem" to have! But 100 oz silver (now, at least) is pretty much the same as one ounce of gold.

  • Kurt Homan
    Kurt Homan 14 hours ago

    Governments attempting to prevent the use of crypto currencies will go as well as their making recreational drugs illegal. They couldn't prevent rec drugs from being passed from one person to another, and they can't prevent crypto from being sent from one person to another.

    • The Whole World Called Me Hank
      The Whole World Called Me Hank 10 hours ago

      The difference is, drugs make the stupid even more stupid= benefit for the criminal gov. Cryptos are a direct threat to the evil system put in place in 1913. The tech they have, makes what the public is slowly given, seem childish. They can stop it if they so chose very simply.

  • Knife Collector
    Knife Collector 15 hours ago

    Rawles thoughts are guns are total bull shit.. shows his lack of real world understanding.

  • paul potato
    paul potato 15 hours ago

    watches? i aint clocking in lol

  • joe sedlak
    joe sedlak 16 hours ago

    Illegal votes from California gave Hillary the popular vote! We need Voter ID to prevent this in 2020!

    • michael s
      michael s 11 hours ago

      AND verifiable paper ballots for every voter. No more unverifiable electronic voting!

  • joe sedlak
    joe sedlak 16 hours ago

    What about New California?

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 16 hours ago

    It's always just 6 months away!!

    • Coon hound
      Coon hound 8 hours ago

      Rather We could be in for death by a thousand paper cuts

    • will edwards
      will edwards 9 hours ago

      Or a year. This crash has been just around the corner for the last 10 years

    • Rebel Lucy
      Rebel Lucy 15 hours ago

      Think of it as insurance. You may never need it, but you will very glad you had it if something ever happens.

  • ib12541
    ib12541 16 hours ago

    vote fraud will continue until we enact voter id laws.

    • Coon hound
      Coon hound 9 hours ago

      Why vote in a corporate election?

  • Christina Page
    Christina Page 17 hours ago

    so my 1874 sharps firing the 45/70 govt is cool? there, in my opinion, will never b a confiscation n the usa. revolution will b n effect. illegal wont mean anything at that point.

  • Darrell Moore
    Darrell Moore 17 hours ago

    Trump has been the worst president on the 2nd amendment ever and has Graham ready for more gun laws the two parties need to end

    • abolish federal reserve
      abolish federal reserve 17 hours ago

      Trump is a traitor ! He is owned by Zionist the real world's problem. The white house has fallen and taken over by Zionist !!

  • Darrell Moore
    Darrell Moore 17 hours ago

    Conservative states are police state totalitarian go ahead and sign up for that

  • The New York Red Neck
    The New York Red Neck 17 hours ago

    @30:00 minutes Iv been in two riots that and one grid down in NYC. There is no avoiding it. Maybe it's bc we are an island; you can avoid it but someone will try and come at you at least once. That includes the police

  • Stephen McSweeney
    Stephen McSweeney 17 hours ago

    Some great information. The last point definitely needs to be expanded. Thanks gent

  • karl johnston
    karl johnston 17 hours ago

    Good to see ya Elijah

  • Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz

    I see $500 to $800 Silver . There is less than half an ounce of silver for each person.

  • Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz

    The Wall trump is building is to keep y’all in. Boston Dynamics has this robot. There must be a Great War then the tribulation . That may be many yrs :( The people or entities demonic and Wealthy . This means We must obtain Silver to break the back of the devil . Silver has cures and is used and disrespected $18 Silver what a Joke . People are going to suffer $1.4 trillion has been added they will take it from you!

    • Kurt Homan
      Kurt Homan 14 hours ago

      "The Wall trump is building is to keep y’all in." Nuts !!!

  • karl johnston
    karl johnston 18 hours ago

    I live in Idaho in the very areas he discussed. He is correct about eastern and western Washington and Oregon. Cultural differences are night and day there

  • Eddy & Vic Carrasco, la cruz

    My Brother Silver is Magical and remember this humanity can’t move forward without Silver. Brother Mike Maloney put out a video with a good guest

  • Carl Sitler
    Carl Sitler 18 hours ago

    Colorado nor any other state will split in our lifetime. Come on man. I'm out.

    • Kurt Homan
      Kurt Homan 14 hours ago

      Have you been paying attention to the democrat debates? The nonsense they are promoting would have been rejected by all Americans just 20 years ago. The Darkness is spreading at a most insane rate. At this point I won't discount any possibility no matter how insane it may sound in the moment. The so called financial experts have been predicting a total collapse of the economy that will make the great depression of the 1930's seem like a Sunday afternoon picnic. When people get desperate they do insane things.

    • joe sedlak
      joe sedlak 15 hours ago

      Have you ever heard of the New California movement!

  • Carl Sitler
    Carl Sitler 18 hours ago

    Cold climates require a much greater caloric expenditure. I will stay in the south will a bit of elevation. Probably near Hot Springs, AK where my sister lives. I won't sell my Florida real estate though.

    • michael s
      michael s 11 hours ago

      Hot Springs is in AR, not AK.

  • Carl Sitler
    Carl Sitler 18 hours ago

    You mean $1700 silver. Like everyone else, when you say what the price will be when is just a guess.

  • Carl Sitler
    Carl Sitler 18 hours ago

    I wouldn't buy a gun 130 years old that could blow up in my face. The exemption for old guns could be legislated away with the stroke of a pen.

    • Coon hound
      Coon hound 9 hours ago

      Yeah-ridiculous-better idea? Grow a pair .

    • will edwards
      will edwards 9 hours ago

      Yep,..same as precious metals

  • Ruby Honey
    Ruby Honey 18 hours ago


  • Tom Lee
    Tom Lee 19 hours ago

    Very informative interview, thanks for answering my question!

    JUEME 22 hours ago

    This guy is clueless about future events and only foresees from his spectrum! Majority of the population will migrate out of the USA for sure, few will fight the power, the republic is over, just welcome communist fascism policy ahead

    • Kurt Homan
      Kurt Homan 14 hours ago

      "Majority of the population will migrate out of the USA for sure" With what? Most Americans don't have enough savings to last a month of being unemployed. To just pack up and go. Go where? The coming economic collapse will be worldwide! I think you are the one who is clueless

    • abolish federal reserve
      abolish federal reserve 17 hours ago

      Remember it has been designed by new world order !! Remember Papa Bush said it at the United nation. There is not a Democrat and Republican ! They are Zionist lovers ,remember who really are the world's problem !!! Zionist are !!

    • K Carpy
      K Carpy 18 hours ago

      JUEME pretty sure this will go global. They don’t call it the New 🌎 order for nothing.

  • Glenn Jones
    Glenn Jones 22 hours ago

    sigh, another guy who says barter with silver... who's got a chicken they want to trade for a silver quarter? hey you want a silver dime for a loaf of bread? imagine half your subdivision out in the street hawking quarters and chickens - wait - you can't have chicken in your gated community? Ah, wait - invest in exotic old old guns, that will get you a chicken for sure! Dunnigan, why do you interview these crazy fringe doom preachers !?!?

    • The Whole World Called Me Hank
      The Whole World Called Me Hank 10 hours ago

      The worst part is, he couldn't name the enemy (of all humanity) if it was slapping him in the face. He wants to run away into the woods with them. This guy is utterly clueless. Its like listening to someone who just discovered Alex Jones

  • Greg Zoltán Botos
    Greg Zoltán Botos 23 hours ago

    I would suggest Last American Vagabond and Money GPS.

  • Jarron
    Jarron 23 hours ago

    Question: James mentioned "licensing" for radios at fifteen-ish dollars. My concern is not the currency cost, but the "ping" it would cause in terms of profiling. Surely it would be pretty easy to figure out for those who wanted to look that there are a very small subset of people who would be interested in that kind of thing in today's richly interconnected world of social media!

  • Stan Sbornak
    Stan Sbornak Day ago

    The gun stuff is off the rails.......the rest is fun!

  • alice coppers
    alice coppers Day ago

    Please have this man back soon he was so interesting

  • alice coppers
    alice coppers Day ago

    What happens up here in Oregon where there’s no cell coverage because of the trees?

    • K Carpy
      K Carpy 18 hours ago

      Master Nodes yes! I’ve noticed that in our region. What once was hidden is now accessible via GPS and our data signal is much stronger. There’s definitely a push !

    • Master Nodes
      Master Nodes 22 hours ago

      Don't worry they are launching 20,000 low orbit 5G satalites

  • Nicholas Scholten

    I can tell you from personal experience the west is starting to bleed east in both Washington and Oregon. I don't see it overtaking but it is surprising to see the liberal influence east of the cascades.

    • Miss Information
      Miss Information 9 hours ago

      Yes. Best if we just acknowledge it and maybe sell the Western States off once and for all?....

    • alleyrat1476 Anderson
      alleyrat1476 Anderson 18 hours ago

      Maybe we would do better by building a fence around CA.

  • Zero Hedge
    Zero Hedge Day ago

    Those types of rifles are a specialty item. No thanks. Too complicated.

    • Coon hound
      Coon hound 9 hours ago

      I think this guys gets so detail oriented covering all the legal bases & possible scenarios he loses the forest for the trees 🌲 🌳

    • Stan Sbornak
      Stan Sbornak Day ago

      You are correct!

  • Bite the Bullet

    new income tax. no sales tax. better growing climate.

    • Buddhist Upasika
      Buddhist Upasika 20 hours ago

      New Hampshire is Surrounded on all sides by socialist states.

  • Matthew Green
    Matthew Green Day ago

    This guy is milk toast commentary and only skims the surface of the things he talks about. He doesnt think his scenarios through. He comes up with possible scenarios and throws them out there so that he can sound like an expert talking about them. Buthis scenarios are not thought through down to the details. Its like when he says to hold precious metals in a Canadian safe deposit box to be prepared in the event of an economic collapse or a grid down scenario in the US??? I have never heard something so ridiculous. I wouldnt even hold precious metals in a safe deposit box here in the US 2 miles from where I live. Why the hell would anyone keep hard assets thousands of miles away in another country? He does of course mention some of the same meat and potatoes type of things that any talking head hits on - inflation, social credit scores, physical metals, etc. But, he has nothing new to add that hasnt been discussed by folks who are much deeper thinkers. Skip this guy next time and bring Lanette from ITM on for an extra interview.

    • Jarron
      Jarron 23 hours ago

      Well to be fair he does specifically say that he can't think of many advantages regarding the Canadian case, and he also says some *small* portion of your metals.

  • AZ-Chris
    AZ-Chris Day ago

    I do not foresee a time where the states of Washington and Oregon would ever split, nor do I think antique firearms would ever be considered investments . . . the circumstances needed for these instances to occur are incredibly remote and would more likely lead to a hot civil war before we'd ever see what Mr. Rawles is stating.

  • Josh Owens
    Josh Owens Day ago

    Why currency controls wont work.

  • casa JB
    casa JB Day ago

    24:44 Christians and Jews?

  • Miss Information

    Unfortunately most of the redoubt is prohibitively expensive....

    • Miss Information
      Miss Information 9 hours ago

      Kurt Homan completely. Without your own wages or income or reserves you will starve to death. And reserves are eaten up in an average of three years. Families w children moving here can only survive three years and then they must move back from whence they came. It’s so sad.

    • Kurt Homan
      Kurt Homan 14 hours ago

      The real problem in the redoubt is low wage employment. If you intend to move to the redoubt you better plan on being self employed and self sufficient before you do.

  • Miss Information

    I’m sorry. Idaho is destroying itself. Have you been to the major population and law-bending centers? I live in Boise. It is a blue toilet bowl. But won’t touch N Idaho because of Spokane’s eerily close proximity, Montana’s extreme poverty, the cold ass summers and winters. Texas and Colorado are a sad foregone conclusion. Washington and Oregon are trash. High high taxes.

  • Bill W
    Bill W Day ago

    In a shtf scenario, legal now is insignificant.

    • Kevin Belcher
      Kevin Belcher 11 hours ago

      yes, if we're WROL which is unlikely. Not even Venezuela is WROL.

    • Ken D
      Ken D 13 hours ago

      Ain't it great?

  • Eli Redshirt
    Eli Redshirt Day ago

    Does James Rawles have aYT channel?

    • Jarron
      Jarron 19 hours ago

      @Buddhist Upasika Agreed. The best the OP could do is look for interviews conducted by channels similar to this one (which I will admit are likely to sound very similar to this one if the same topics are covered; he seems highly consistent in his MURS radio recommendations, for example), and of course his home website.

    • Buddhist Upasika
      Buddhist Upasika 20 hours ago

      No, he never uses social media.

  • CEB
    CEB Day ago

    Priceless video... Enviroleach is the company he talks about up almost more than double in the last month.

  • Tony Blaylock
    Tony Blaylock Day ago

    So far it has been a repeat of reluctant preppers

  • Eli Redshirt
    Eli Redshirt Day ago

    Loving this interview

  • Shell Campbell

    Thank you, GOD has priority, :) You will be missed.

  • Powder Beast
    Powder Beast Day ago

    Central Oregon here , getting flooded with retired Democrats. * Really interesting "county" break down on 2nd Amendment protection .

  • Benny Boy
    Benny Boy Day ago

    viva cristo rey

  • JimNz
    JimNz Day ago

    guns guns guns guns... guns

    • trwsandford
      trwsandford Day ago

      ...and guns.. and don't forget ammo!

  • jb coin
    jb coin Day ago

    I'll just go with a slingshot and a bow, when I have to resort to a mauser or worse.

    • will edwards
      will edwards 9 hours ago

      Cross bows are a must have as a prepper. They are silent deadly and you can reuse your ammo.

    • Kevin Belcher
      Kevin Belcher 11 hours ago

      Ruger 10-22's . . not an AR, but with a double sided banana mag, I'll take it.

    • Ken D
      Ken D 13 hours ago

      @Jarron I get the "arms" part, but where the HELL is the "fire" part?? Ohhhh wait, don't answer; I GOT it. I've heard of the change in political structure and ideals in Australia now a "gun-free zone," right? All political? There's no FIRE here at's politicians and their meddling, so it means HOT AIR! See? TOLD you I got it, finally lol

    • Jarron
      Jarron 23 hours ago

      You may be joking about this, but I can tell you for sure as a follower and believer in this mindset FROM AUSTRALIA that you should not be so… picky. I would be very happy to have any kind of un-papered option even approaching what is being talked about - to include air rifles, which are considered class-A FIREarms here.

    • Zero Hedge
      Zero Hedge Day ago

      I like air rifles. Good book, "Locusts on the Horizon" discussed how to increase the power of them, enough to take down a deer. That book is no longer available. Also good for small game, easy to use, safe for non experienced, and quiet.

  • All Things Prophetic

    He must be selling another book 📚

  • not2tees
    not2tees Day ago

    Very interesting, Dunagun - you could do more spiritual content and I for one would much appreciate hearing your words on this vital element of our human situation.

  • Pepsi Me
    Pepsi Me Day ago

    interesting thoughts on mining stocks..

  • MrMcBrainiac
    MrMcBrainiac Day ago

    Great to see you back, and the new partnership!

  • George
    George Day ago

    Any thoughts on uranium .the sector is in the shithole

  • sctpc
    sctpc Day ago

    Not interested in your God, whats it got to do with your format?

  • Tony Hirn
    Tony Hirn Day ago

    Ever heard of Mike Gendron? He would be a great guest for the two of you to explore.

    • FJ Jack
      FJ Jack 10 hours ago

      God bless Mike Gendron!

  • pmafterdark
    pmafterdark Day ago

    Elijah Johnson you're back!?...... Definitely!

  • Ascanius
    Ascanius Day ago

    May GOD BLESS your path brother and keep you and your missionary brothers and sisters close to HIM. I am subscribed to you both thank you for your honesty and truth Peace

  • 971player
    971player Day ago

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    • Savannah Cunningham
      Savannah Cunningham Day ago

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    • marzannag1973
      marzannag1973 Day ago

      Mark gary trading patterns is one o the best in the crypto space, i have been his student for 6 months and I have learned a lot from that man.

    • davidthegreat27
      davidthegreat27 Day ago


  • Medium Ed
    Medium Ed Day ago

    Elijah and Dunnigan, my wife and I were at the first Liberty Mastemind back in Dallas years ago with both of you. Although I don't think we met Dunnigan, we were blessed with meeting you, Elijah..... The most financially astute sixteen year old ever.... ROCK STAR! Best wishes to you both in your endeavors.

  • regor4830
    regor4830 Day ago

    I would like to see Bill Holt.

    • Mick
      Mick 13 hours ago

      Do you mean Bill Holter?

  • John Rivinius
    John Rivinius Day ago

    This is awesome!

  • pgg
    pgg Day ago

    Was wondering about what happened to Elijah this past week, glad to see your ok, and doing great.

  • Martin Stiastny

    In coming times, people INCLUDING ATHEISTS are going to be needing and looking for Christ

  • Richard Ackerman

    DK, please get Alex Newman, Egon von Greyerz, Bill Holter, Michael Pento and JohnWilliams on your show. These gentlemen are a wealth of knowledge. DK, I never miss your shows. Thanks very much.

  • cristian rivera

    They are father and son?? 🤔

  • Warning Signs
    Warning Signs Day ago

    Gotta be the "Irish" in you both - see it in your eyes - determination

  • Warning Signs
    Warning Signs Day ago

    What a beautiful young man - were you home schooled? You remind me of the "home schoolers"

  • Eli
    Eli Day ago

    Good man

  • Ernst Eck
    Ernst Eck Day ago

    Catholics are Afraid of Zionist Globalist Abortionists, Homosexuals, Transexuals, Pornographers, Hollywood, Legalized Gambling, and Usurers. The Anti Pope is a Zionist Globalist Satanist.

  • Vegetableand honey

    Get: Nick Barisheff (author) of Bullion Management Group, Mike Maloney (author) from Gold Silver. com, and Wayne Jett (author) Fruits of Graft on your channel.

  • Hang M. High
    Hang M. High Day ago

    By the grace of God I will never give up my 1st or 2nd amendment rights as given to us by my God and by not man. I would rather die a free Christian man than a pawn of the Satanist cabal take over that I will fight with my last round of brass.

  • Carol Ervin
    Carol Ervin Day ago

    Fighting the good fight; thank you gentlemen.

  • trigger fish
    trigger fish Day ago


  • Ian Raygor
    Ian Raygor Day ago

    God bless you, Elijah, for your courage to make public your dedication to Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

    • FJ Jack
      FJ Jack 10 hours ago

      @Ian Raygor you follow the traditions of men, won't end well for you, repent and trust in the Word of God rather than your antichrist pedophile infested church.

    • Ian Raygor
      Ian Raygor 14 hours ago

      @Martin Comeau The same tired propaganda that's been spread by the protestants for hundreds of years. What's most humorous is that people like you try to use the very scriptures that the Catholic Church compiled and ratified. Authority is given, not taken. You and your kind have no authority; you know and understand very little of history; you have lost the fullness of the faith that Christ gave the Church when he was here; and you don't know Christ as He is found in the Church: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist. What little truth you do know was preserved by the Catholic Church years before the Protestant revolt. Your words are meaningless. I pray you one day come to know the truth. May God bless and keep you.

    • Frank Leone
      Frank Leone Day ago

      @Martin Comeau Cringe and blue-pilled.

    • Martin Comeau
      Martin Comeau Day ago

      Ian Raygor catholic is a pagan church. Acts 2:37,38 to get saved

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