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my BIG announcement...
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  • Laura Ann
    Laura Ann 5 hours ago

    “Code SypherPK” is jack? :/ I ended up in a random syphon duos with him awhile back and he was so rude to me when I was just trying to compliment his name and ask where he wanted to land....I checked to see if Sypher was streaming and he was playing the mode with nick so I just figured it was a random jerk who was trying to stream snipe Sypher to show him his name or something.

  • Twnkii
    Twnkii 5 hours ago

    You’ve been swearing a lot more lately, Sypher, and I love it lol 😂

  • Paradox Potato
    Paradox Potato 5 hours ago

    Accoually u wouldn’t want to drop the scar because you need to change it into a heavy (sorry this was made)

  • Oakous
    Oakous 5 hours ago

    I know the diffrence between the Blue to the Purple & Gold, the Blue is actually an AK but the Purple & Gold are HK's... Hahaha xD

  • Blad3x Ez
    Blad3x Ez 5 hours ago

    No one: Litteraly not a single soul: Sypherpk: The scar does 36 and the ak does 41. Thats only a 4 damamge difference

  • Zach Hutchins
    Zach Hutchins 6 hours ago

    Young minds adapt faster to everything it’s a scientific fact.

  • Car racing games
    Car racing games 6 hours ago


  • Adam Ansolini
    Adam Ansolini 6 hours ago

    Im dying!! My youngest son calls you Sypher pre k!

  • xAleriah
    xAleriah 6 hours ago


  • Edgar Luna
    Edgar Luna 6 hours ago

    Ninja is a epic games ass kisser though thats why he got the skin first 🤫🥱

  • Mr_ RandoM
    Mr_ RandoM 6 hours ago

    I can't wait for July. We're getting our own South Africa servers ❤️

  • earth gamer
    earth gamer 6 hours ago

    3:20 you killed wrong guy. I feel sorry for him!

  • Helloシェリール

    how are you going to sidegrade when you have the same key set for upgrading

  • Kwstas Lofos
    Kwstas Lofos 6 hours ago

    I dont see a problem i think this is a good spawn rate i mean if everyone has 200 its harder

  • Samuel Chung
    Samuel Chung 6 hours ago

    Dat last guy prolly wanted a melee fight at first tho

  • Jesse Langdon
    Jesse Langdon 6 hours ago

    Ninja is a little cry baby

    SILENT_SHADOW 6 hours ago

    Lol mobile is now better than console😂

  • Shazia safwan Shazia

    when you watch alia's latest video sypher: kind of wild to see that mobile has more Fps than a console

  • team tension
    team tension 6 hours ago

    Whos gonna miss fortnite when it shuts down in june

  • Grimsin Clipz
    Grimsin Clipz 7 hours ago

    Heavy ak is good at close range to

  • Dlvan Farsat
    Dlvan Farsat 7 hours ago

    This guy is my fortnite teacher

  • CHG fishy
    CHG fishy 7 hours ago

    19:42 rmelitated

  • jvhvbvnm
    jvhvbvnm 7 hours ago

    Im mobile player

  • Hektixx FN
    Hektixx FN 7 hours ago

    Who is Code SypherPK which is the other guy in the clip

  • Hektixx FN
    Hektixx FN 7 hours ago

    I hate how all these cringey kids try to get likes just by saying: nOonE: sYpHeRpK: GoLd aR iS oP

  • symon0234 z
    symon0234 z 7 hours ago

    Season x blue ak did 42, gold ak right now does 41 :(

  • dad_the_default
    dad_the_default 7 hours ago

    Hey bud, Subscribed I now play to join in with my kids, my son always watches you. We are learning to Stream too. Keep up the great work.

  • Ace OG
    Ace OG 7 hours ago

    RU-clip keeps unsubbing me 😡

  • Yassin Fawzy
    Yassin Fawzy 7 hours ago

    The aug is so good its the best

  • Ashau_132 !!!
    Ashau_132 !!! 7 hours ago

    How else are you meant to watch if it’s not on RU-clip

  • ِ
    ِ 7 hours ago

    Sypher is actually a moron lol

  • Utsav_ TheGamer
    Utsav_ TheGamer 8 hours ago


  • Sir Razer
    Sir Razer 8 hours ago

    Long range AK is way better then scar because you use iT wrong.. you should wait for 100% accuracy and ak does way more damage long range then a scar

  • ian bodley
    ian bodley 8 hours ago

    I am in no way a good fortnite player but I hit 300 the other day and since shields are in a dry spell it may be sheer misfortune but I have had to rely on shrooms and bodies way too much lately and I am saying 12+ chest no pot.

  • RoosterZanalT3
    RoosterZanalT3 8 hours ago

    Wait so epic DIDNT want us to know about the sidegrading, why did they make a fucking trailer for it. Garbage youtuber begging for likes from children

  • sean
    sean 8 hours ago

    16:07 pretty sure he was trying to do a 1v1 or something lol. was out there swinging his pickaxe

  • Joey Vedack
    Joey Vedack 8 hours ago

    The new ak sprays pretty fast. It is faster than the infantry, but they bloom is pretty bad. It's a viable AR, but not a viable spray weapon like an smg or tac shotty

  • P.S.
    P.S. 8 hours ago

    Mobile has higher fps than console because epic cant code for shiit.

  • SoILikeKnives
    SoILikeKnives 8 hours ago

    The new purple/gold heavy ar is based off a gun called the arak

  • Zach Harrell
    Zach Harrell 8 hours ago

    4 dmg difference huh? Lol 3:45

  • Christopher Dusseldorp

    Heads up... @SypherPK I don't know why but I got unsubscribe to this page... (But it was recommended...)

  • Lachie Davine
    Lachie Davine 8 hours ago

    3:40-3:45 did he do maths class

  • MouseplaysGD
    MouseplaysGD 8 hours ago

    Lmfao thats Merl

  • G grew ff Hrdhh yh ju


  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Leonardo Da Vinci 8 hours ago


  • Josh nyman
    Josh nyman 8 hours ago

    Everybody young enough to want to buy Ninja's skin has definitely heard about it already can we get it out of the fucking Item shop, please. The only reason they put it in there for yhree days is so the little fort baby's can scrape together their allowances and ice cream truck money til the end of the week to buy the piece of shit. No consenting adult, sorry nobody with the slightest ability to make a pay check is going to buy this and if they do, I fucking dare them to come into my lobby I will actively hunt down every last puffy blue haired headband bitches and I will prioritize them by headband length starting with the longest. The dude knows nothing about ninjas, swords or shoes. Stay in your lane Ninja.

  • awes
    awes 9 hours ago

    Real Title:Sypher reveals how he gets arena points Jk

  • EzClapz___ x
    EzClapz___ x 9 hours ago

    Literally spend this whole time counting how many chests he opened, and then he ended up counting them at the end 😐😂😭

  • Nejfun
    Nejfun 9 hours ago

    The gold and purple 'AK' is not actually an AK, it's an m416 variant chambered in 7.62 so it would explain why in the game it's very similar to both the SCAR and AK but has both traits in accuracy and power.

  • Ewan Sexton
    Ewan Sexton 9 hours ago

    3:15 you killed wrong

  • Dian Ferdiansyah
    Dian Ferdiansyah 9 hours ago

    Ho is waching in 2020 make sure to sub and like

  • Jules
    Jules 9 hours ago

    100% agreed.. plenty of older gamers have great aim as they've practiced it for years probs since before half of fortnites player base was born.. but you add that new mechanic, and the fact that most 90s kids now as you said have jobs, family, University whatever it might be, and they simply aren't putting the same amount of time into learning it as younger players.. I suspect as eSports becomes more legitimised you'll potentially see some more players who are maybe in theirs 30s even trying to compete at a high level.. idk just my opinion

  • goldslcc02
    goldslcc02 9 hours ago

    Absolutely spot on sypher, I'm 30 this year been gaming all my life, fortnite comes along, I'm loving the game but like you say responsibility comes in, I have a fully committed relationship she works full time I watch the two little ones, 2 and 7 and my gaming 5ime has been largely cut down to about 3 to 4 hours if I'm lucky a day. Which dramatically puts me down keeping up with the highly demanding skill set which is building and editing lol.

  • Best Videos To Watch

    I wonder if epic games will pay ninja for using his skin?

  • taylor scott
    taylor scott 9 hours ago

    I have to disagree. Close range/ aug Med range/ scar Long range/ak

  • Brian S. Warrick
    Brian S. Warrick 9 hours ago

    woho i finished the bad ice cream 3 on hudgames

  • Desk Nerd
    Desk Nerd 9 hours ago

    It's an Barrett REC-7

  • Siser -
    Siser - 9 hours ago

    My birthday is on May 19th me and him r 2 days apart

  • TurkishFN
    TurkishFN 9 hours ago

    I host fashion shows and host normal customs come sub to me and I communicate with everyone in chat

  • Dallan Tobler
    Dallan Tobler 9 hours ago

    1000th comment

  • Co Potato
    Co Potato 9 hours ago

    Get off our fucking server and go back to yours

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson 9 hours ago

    When sypher frowns the wrong three💩💩

    BURN FILMS 9 hours ago

    HEY PK! How do I join the next fashion show? @300PING_MR.BURN (FORTNITE). Awesome vid !!

  • iFlickz
    iFlickz 10 hours ago

    Dark bomber won 100% 😤🤧

  • Auth ツ
    Auth ツ 10 hours ago

    1k commnts cuz of m

  • Joker
    Joker 10 hours ago

    I wish I could play fortnite, I hate school😫

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 10 hours ago

    He is watching justical

  • clby
    clby 10 hours ago

    The new xbox will get 120 fps too

  • ImaClapper
    ImaClapper 10 hours ago


  • ian bodley
    ian bodley 10 hours ago

    I love sypher low keyboard though bothers me that a no building scrub casual is level 310 while sypher is at 370ish

  • Lulvelic
    Lulvelic 10 hours ago

    Wtf i didnt know you used to play overwatch let alone a masters player

  • Hussain Nazir 07
    Hussain Nazir 07 10 hours ago

    Can u get the gold heavy ak in creative.

  • Sam Rashedi
    Sam Rashedi 10 hours ago

    I could have been Ninja, my bitch ass ex-girlfriend always would get mad at me when I was grinding in the early ass seasons even though I was poppin’ off lowkey... could have been a young god :(

  • Mike Cunningham
    Mike Cunningham 10 hours ago

    7GB update is ridiculous though.. Some of us don't have much internet and should these changes amount to such large file sizes?!

  • StevieCzykPN
    StevieCzykPN 10 hours ago

    The only “sidegrade” you can do is Scar <-> AK which is a HUGE bummer. We need to add burst in the rifle column and do pump <-> tac

  • xBeasty
    xBeasty 10 hours ago

    This is very true, my dad was a avid gamer and would beat me in most FPS games. But fast forward a couple years, were I could play for a couple hours each day after homework and whatnot, whereas my dad has to keep up with work which has longer hours then school. I’ve had more chance to practice and play and can smash my dad in any FPS games now


    Man up and drop slurp

  • Jowhar Abaas
    Jowhar Abaas 11 hours ago

    SypherPk Add me I’m your fan “Boqortooyo” That is my fortnite account

  • DJsalchicha
    DJsalchicha 11 hours ago

    21:30 he was trying to represent jiraiya

  • Derpy_ToD -YT
    Derpy_ToD -YT 11 hours ago

    Bro i would like to be in a fashion show oof

  • Zaky boi playz ???
    Zaky boi playz ??? 11 hours ago

    They ruined fortnite by making chapter two old fortnite was the best like if u agree

  • Use code STRUZZYY-EXE
    Use code STRUZZYY-EXE 11 hours ago

    Sypher looks like qaisomar 😂😂

  • Joseph
    Joseph 11 hours ago

    It be nice if pk gets his own skin

  • Blank Lie
    Blank Lie 11 hours ago

    “Oh my god”

  • MrPowGaming
    MrPowGaming 11 hours ago

    Love your videos dude, absolutely amazing!

  • I'm Diamond
    I'm Diamond 11 hours ago

    Is nobody going to talk about he cursed


    How u understand Espanõl

  • Jane Pinkum
    Jane Pinkum 12 hours ago

    Don’t trust strangers tho...donations just to get in a fashion show? That sounds pretty stupid 😐😚

  • Nathan Ghazi
    Nathan Ghazi 12 hours ago

    5:43 how the freak did u not hear that? 5:01

  • GhettoHouseinLA
    GhettoHouseinLA 12 hours ago

    Summary: Only pick up gold heavy if you have good aim

  • Mahmood Ayazian
    Mahmood Ayazian 12 hours ago


  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    8:01 haha you hit him for 40😂🤦

  • yoJonahhh
    yoJonahhh 12 hours ago

    nice video , GREAT CONTENT SYPHER !!!

  • Diverse Reverse
    Diverse Reverse 12 hours ago

    What RU-clipr was it I got into the same situation

  • JuffyTS
    JuffyTS 12 hours ago

    There is so many youtube fashion show scams

    MÂHÂN 12 hours ago

    That what he said about assault rifle and then switch back to Ar Basically that gonna be the same with ak 47

  • Chancepants
    Chancepants 12 hours ago

    They need to remove FAMAS now to be honest

  • Dachi Gaming
    Dachi Gaming 12 hours ago

    Burst AR is still the best IMO.

  • William D'Angelo
    William D'Angelo 12 hours ago

    And it will get u more giews

  • William D'Angelo
    William D'Angelo 12 hours ago

    I like how you cut out the swear words. Please do it for more kids on Christian Minecraft Servers 🙂👍