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  • منصور القرشي

    1:40 that what she said to kaido

  • Bijuu Tamer
    Bijuu Tamer 7 days ago

    "As a sign of respect. I'm going to completely disrespect you."

  • PoolOutDaBoot
    PoolOutDaBoot 8 days ago

    OMG @1:34 Big Mom said the same thing to kaido, my boi brook rubbed off on a YONKO

  • babi92100able
    babi92100able 9 days ago

    "young lady" how powerfull words coming from Brook

  • Morgrim DarkHeart
    Morgrim DarkHeart 11 days ago

    And that's the reason why krillen probably gets boned dry.

  • niemaszglowy
    niemaszglowy 12 days ago

    gosenmaigawara... seiken! fishman karate attacks by jimbei are always so goddamn epic

    IM MENDRIQUE 14 days ago

    Well brook is oldest pirate alive in one piece though he is already deadbones ,yohohoho

  • Torey White
    Torey White 14 days ago

    3:14 Guys. I said it to ya'll once, but I am going to say it again. I love martial arts!!!!!!!

  • Suoh Goshuin
    Suoh Goshuin 14 days ago

    This makes me like frieza even more

  • Mark Anthony Basingil

    Tough shirt, didn't get ripped.

  • Lapis Lerman
    Lapis Lerman 19 days ago

    Androids already hv limitless stamina...if by any chance they got access 2 Ultra instinct in some way....along with battlepowers to back it up...THEY CAN ONCE AGN PLAY VILLAIN-VILLAIN LYK IN FUTURE TRUNKS TIMELINE🤣🤣...IF THEY WISH TO

    • TheHomelessJames
      TheHomelessJames 18 days ago

      They can't. Ultra instinct isn't something the Android's can have. They have the bodies for its energy, but because their ki has a ceiling they can only use infinite stamina. Goku and Vegeta both have the capability, Goku had to train to maintain ki to get his transformation and it's why he can unlock it. Saiyan's get more powerful than androids only because of near-death energy uppance. 17 analyzes his opponents and builds ways to beat them, like trapping energy against Jiren to hit both of them.

  • Domino D
    Domino D 23 days ago


  • Steven Sharpe
    Steven Sharpe 23 days ago

    The only time I was rooting for Frieza lol

  • Manumeezy 2weezy
    Manumeezy 2weezy 23 days ago

    Vegeta would have been pissed lmao goku a scared ass nigga lmaooo #teamVegeta

  • ben andrews
    ben andrews 24 days ago

    You pushed the vegeta button You shouldnt have did that

  • Andy Navarro
    Andy Navarro 26 days ago

    My 2nd favorite One Piece villain (or villains if you count Napoleon, Prometheus and Zeus) right after good o' Buggy lol

  • Tim YT
    Tim YT Month ago

    1:01 me vs my pillow

  • warlord
    warlord Month ago

    Pedro is a badass i like him

  • Joshua H
    Joshua H Month ago

    Karma's a b__ch, eh Frieza?

  • igme bradley
    igme bradley Month ago

    Brook qoutes and speeches are really awesome. Maybe because of the age..

  • King Drayce Shirosagi

    Goku: You Jiren: your mother Results: You can't win your fight

  • KairhanosGaming
    KairhanosGaming Month ago

    Music used?

  • orochimaBruh faitdusal

    Baddest scene ever.

  • KairhanosGaming
    KairhanosGaming Month ago


  • seah2403
    seah2403 Month ago

    I just hope Brook becomes one of the top 10 One Piece characters in the next popularity poll. He's the MVP for the Whole Cake Island arc

  • Anesia Berlin
    Anesia Berlin Month ago

    Brook’s gonna call Kaido spoiled brat

  • Matthew Torres
    Matthew Torres Month ago

    Lmfao Goku screaming "VEGETA" Like 3 feet away

  • That guy the blue


  • Bvndo Soulem
    Bvndo Soulem Month ago

    Rip Krillin

  • Syc 254
    Syc 254 Month ago

    1:33 Who is here after Chapter 951? Brook the Legend! What a badass.

    • PoolOutDaBoot
      PoolOutDaBoot 8 days ago

      Syc 254 lol true , other than mother caramel, he’s the only one capable of influencing Big MOMu 😂

    • Syc 254
      Syc 254 8 days ago

      @PoolOutDaBoot She knows it's good to listen to your elders

    • PoolOutDaBoot
      PoolOutDaBoot 8 days ago

      She said the same thing to kaido, my bro brook rubbed off on a YOUNKO

    • [ 墨 ]
      [ 墨 ] Month ago

      I'm just so happy I'm not the only one who noticed.

  • Roskal Raskal
    Roskal Raskal Month ago

    and now Big mom is quoting the same line to kaido

  • Steak Man
    Steak Man Month ago

    My favorite type of ki blast. Last time Piccolo did that was when he killed a Saibaman, and I think the last time we see a mouth blast before this is when Recoome used his Eraser Gun or when Broly does the Gigantic Breath

  • Young Reezy
    Young Reezy Month ago

    This video disgusted me, one of my top 3 favorite dragon ball characters got destroyed and tossed like he was trash🤮🤮🤮

  • TGMG
    TGMG Month ago

    If brook was as strong as a vice admiral or admiral, he'd give lilin a run for her money for his fruit is her fruit's natural enemy.

  • mis ty
    mis ty 2 months ago

    She could of fly away

    • Jay 7
      Jay 7 20 days ago

      flying isn't allowed

    • ChunkyCookiez
      ChunkyCookiez 22 days ago

      Dumbass she can’t fly in the tournament

    • 123mickpick
      123mickpick Month ago

      There was no flying in the tournament pay more attention

  • ThinkAboutItMan,InACosmicSortaWayWeAreAllAssholes

    Brook is older than big mom.

  • Zoloko 18
    Zoloko 18 2 months ago

    Brook may be goof ball most of the time but dame the man can be Zoro levels of badass at times

  • Jaxionisnum2
    Jaxionisnum2 2 months ago

    18 sure loves to kick the competition out the ring lol I luv the moments 17 and 18 team up and just let loose on their foes

  • Richiee Bustinzaa
    Richiee Bustinzaa 2 months ago

    Let not forget brook fought a yanko one on one and survive Legend ☠️

  • ꦒᥲꪱ UwU
    ꦒᥲꪱ UwU 2 months ago

    Weon esta bien contentó con tu elfa, but llega tu mejor amigo y te la roba Krilin: Me siento estafado:v

  • LJTowers
    LJTowers 2 months ago

    I think she appreciated his braveness and when he called her young lady haha

  • Orlando Cenaj
    Orlando Cenaj 2 months ago

    whatcha out krillin goku bouts to steal your gurl bruh

  • Saitama
    Saitama 2 months ago

    *jiren copied my attack* well done jiren

  • MUI 13
    MUI 13 2 months ago

    This gave me chills

  • Lee 24
    Lee 24 2 months ago

    That whole young lady qoute threw me off at first, but then i remember he's got like 2 decades over her.

  • Dewayne Hall
    Dewayne Hall 2 months ago

    1:08 geeeeeee

  • Ds D.
    Ds D. 2 months ago

    Very few character in one piece can call big mom young lady

    POPE BIG BOY 2 months ago

    Bruh who makes that face?

  • Captain Shenanigans
    Captain Shenanigans 3 months ago

    Who else came here just for the laugh

  • Shiroyasha -
    Shiroyasha - 3 months ago

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this.

  • Suicidal Gamer
    Suicidal Gamer 3 months ago

    Brook might be a perv but he is a badass perv lol

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower 3 months ago

    I can’t wait for Ian Sinclair to give this speech

  • Aceburger17
    Aceburger17 3 months ago

    Did he just...scare the Super Saiyan out of him?!

    • hi
      hi Month ago

      @TesseractGaming Ya'll still call it that?

    • TesseractGaming
      TesseractGaming 3 months ago

      Aceburger17 no he scared the super Saiyan God super Saiyan out of him

  • Furious
    Furious 3 months ago


  • sherry taylor
    sherry taylor 3 months ago

    Jiren: *there isn't a speck of purity in the self-righteous way you fight* Vegeta: *Oh. But my heart is pure... Pure unadulterated bada*** Tien in the background: *more like pure unadulterated ego*

  • Chelsea Ibe
    Chelsea Ibe 3 months ago

    Who else heard when he said Naruto?

  • Nagisa Shiota
    Nagisa Shiota 3 months ago

    This man knows no fear

    THOMASIII LACS 3 months ago

    goku got "genosed"

  • Dai_Do93
    Dai_Do93 4 months ago

    He's got the 2nd biggest balls in the series, even though he lost his actual ones lol.

  • Luffy1045
    Luffy1045 4 months ago

    The moment Brook learns how to use Haki, we're gonna be in for a treat gents

    • beta testa
      beta testa 11 hours ago

      @Michael Lance its kinda iffy cause people say thats just how his notched slash works so who knows amybe well get to see a serious fight that actually shows the difference between the two

    • Michael Lance
      Michael Lance 15 days ago

      It's implied he has Observation Haki in his fight on Fishman Island, and again when he uses the same move against a guard in this room.

  • Myfablife 567
    Myfablife 567 4 months ago

    At first I thought no.17 is woman

  • lorenz m
    lorenz m 4 months ago

    the two sensible character in the the strawhat crew is zoro and brook. change my mind!

    • Vernon Benton
      Vernon Benton Month ago

      Um, how bout Robin.

    • lorenz m
      lorenz m 2 months ago

      @Ds D. i cant, too bad i cant put boss jinbie in the list cause he maybe part of the crew but he is still "NO SHOW" and we dont know what he's doing right now. until then, brook and zoro are the only two sensible members in SH.

    • Ds D.
      Ds D. 2 months ago

      Add jinbe to the list

    • Ivan Hammell
      Ivan Hammell 3 months ago

      They are sensible but they arent the only sensible ones.

  • Ikuya best anime boi
    Ikuya best anime boi 4 months ago

    We all know she had those awful flashbacks to the Cell saga once he let her go 😂😂😭😭

  • antonio simon
    antonio simon 4 months ago

    I never feel sorry for Frieza , he should experience the true consequences Knowing for beat down he gave vegeta on Namek is what he deserves that's when you know Karma is bound get you

  • It's Vlad, not Vladimir


  • Anthony McCloud
    Anthony McCloud 4 months ago

    0:29 Wetting your pants, super saiyan style

  • Ketorulz
    Ketorulz 4 months ago

    Can't wait for how English handles this scene

  • Dont Visit My Channel
    Dont Visit My Channel 5 months ago

    You can't be a sore loser twice

  • Amir Der Boss
    Amir Der Boss 5 months ago

    Oh jeah

  • Marxrexter llema
    Marxrexter llema 5 months ago

    Brook calling big mom young lady is the best thing ever😂👊

  • Gladson Victor
    Gladson Victor 5 months ago

    Salute to the voice actor of brook..... Such intensity and chills

  • MadFish
    MadFish 5 months ago

    I’m getting the chills (Yohoho)

  • Legend Slayer
    Legend Slayer 5 months ago


  • B
    B 5 months ago


    SOVEREIGN INEFFABLE 5 months ago


  • J M
    J M 6 months ago

    The big tiddy

  • SportsFan JW
    SportsFan JW 6 months ago

    Goku: I want to fight the strongest people from all the universes! 0:18 *it was at this moment Goku knew he fucked up*

  • jochendertolle
    jochendertolle 6 months ago

    Young Lady

  • Avishek panta
    Avishek panta 6 months ago

    Scar make people look badass but crack make people look ultimate badass.

    • MrMeltice
      MrMeltice 5 days ago

      You can say that again about Dr. STONE lol

  • Сон Гоку
    Сон Гоку 6 months ago

    1:00 Gomu Gomu No Gatling Gun At *2x Speed*

  • Zero Arashi Uchiha
    Zero Arashi Uchiha 6 months ago


  • John Monias
    John Monias 6 months ago

    what's the song called?

  • Uchiha Edits
    Uchiha Edits 6 months ago

    It’s normal observation haki. When you can tell what the opponent will do next.

    • Kale Chips
      Kale Chips 11 days ago

      No, normal observation haki is sensing a move right as it's being made.

  • 609Dully
    609Dully 6 months ago

    Brook is the tallest niggas evveeerr in one piece

  • Fist Star World
    Fist Star World 6 months ago

    Do we have a reference from l flashback from Dragon Ball Z the originals 0:02

    • Bidota AmuNnadi
      Bidota AmuNnadi Month ago

      God The Star kid I thought I was the only one that noticed but then again this is Dragon Ball we’re talking bout

  • max marrero
    max marrero 6 months ago

    cumber see jirens real power hell go back to hes base 2.

  • Scrizzy ツ
    Scrizzy ツ 6 months ago

    I'm the only comment sick

  • rikzz0r
    rikzz0r 6 months ago

    He actually has a really good point.

    • Marcos Mendez
      Marcos Mendez 24 days ago

      @Ivan Hammell pedro " it'll be ur time soon but for now keep on going"

    • harsh Verma
      harsh Verma 29 days ago


    • Ivan Hammell
      Ivan Hammell 3 months ago

      The answer to his question is pedro

  • YEET842
    YEET842 7 months ago


  • Lupita1

    Jiren should have won the tournament easily.

  • Ramone Fowler
    Ramone Fowler 7 months ago

    dubs could never...

  • Alan Vang
    Alan Vang 7 months ago

    *jotaro* go star platinum! Star platinum*: ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora! *Brook:Soul king! Soul king*: yohohohohohohoho!

  • Trial_With_An_Error
    Trial_With_An_Error 7 months ago

    0:20 “prepare for my civil rights beam!”

    • The Beyonder
      The Beyonder 3 months ago

      I almost spilled by tea bruh.😂😂👍

  • R.Oe.28 Tr
    R.Oe.28 Tr 7 months ago

    After that scene They slept together 😆

    • newnigthmar6
      newnigthmar6 6 days ago

      R.Oe.28 Tr who wouldn't ?

    • igme bradley
      igme bradley Month ago

      Literally yes.

    • DuckKnight
      DuckKnight 7 months ago

      I dont know. I think Brook would ve dry as a bone *Yohohohoho*

  • AJ's Place
    AJ's Place 7 months ago

    My dawg really needs to learn haki

    • Nazo- kage
      Nazo- kage 7 months ago

      I’d say armament Haki. He covers everything in an even his whole body allowing him to be the most indestructible skeleton ever seen.

  • NsideChina
    NsideChina 7 months ago


    • Taevin Kim
      Taevin Kim 7 days ago


  • ardo akraborty
    ardo akraborty 7 months ago

    so basically brook was sayin that pedro is a fool? 😅

  • Gonjo Guaiya
    Gonjo Guaiya 7 months ago

    0:29 RAPE FACE

  • Mohamed Mowlid
    Mohamed Mowlid 7 months ago

    Jiren’s brain:Psst...psst dude Jiren:Kinda in the middle of something right now man Jiren’s brain:Ik Ik but let’s give him a little scare so he won’t try to fight you again Jiren:Ok that could work -Scares goku shitless,still gets up- Jiren: :O.... Jiren’s brain:Ok..well looks like you got yourself in a pickle here..XD I’ll just pack my things and be gone for a while bye... Jiren: No don’t leave me .~.

  • Ong's Pretty Moles
    Ong's Pretty Moles 7 months ago

    That *young lady* !!!! I'm dead. Why so awesome brook-san?? 😍💋💀

      CHULULU Month ago

      he is older than big mom so....

    • Ahab Mc one-leg
      Ahab Mc one-leg 3 months ago

      @Vorname _ pretty much give or take

    • Vorname _
      Vorname _ 3 months ago

      Bro brook is like 100 years old or something