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  • Mz GP214
    Mz GP214 14 minutes ago

    Lawd he to funny lol lovely magazine 🤣🤣🤣😅 fried chicken and egg rolls

  • Dani Jacob
    Dani Jacob 18 minutes ago

    Omarion is so freaking unbothered.. by their shenanigans. O is in a good place mentally and spiritually and he’s not with the negative

  • Opulence_prime
    Opulence_prime 22 minutes ago

    Chris "light" Brown. You topped yourself. 👏👏👏

  • Ava Ali
    Ava Ali 33 minutes ago

    Chris is a piece of work 😂

  • Carla Thomas
    Carla Thomas 47 minutes ago

    Lmaoo but he writing how he speak and that's sad

  • tasha myles
    tasha myles 50 minutes ago


  • Xaniyah Morris
    Xaniyah Morris 52 minutes ago


  • Leslie Hudson
    Leslie Hudson 53 minutes ago

    Really. outta know where. ..MJ...50. Im too dead

  • Sweetie Evans
    Sweetie Evans Hour ago

    Rihanna forehead and her black ass is beautiful. He can’t deny black beauty and high class

  • nygal628
    nygal628 Hour ago

    Thr goin bout it in a peaceful manner 4 now, however, it'll probly gt ugly as time goes on since he dznt live in Atlanta! U think Kenya's gonna keep flyin 2 NY so he can c his kid? Im already hearin he wants FULL CUSTODY!!!

  • Mary Robinson
    Mary Robinson Hour ago

    I'm so disappointed in Porsha, she deserves so much better. How can she married Jermaine Dupri's brother?😒

  • Mary Robinson
    Mary Robinson Hour ago

    Chris is such a balled up fists, loser. He needs to move on and stop being desperate for attention.

  • intuitive Virgo Queen

    She’s just mad that all she got was a baby thinking that it was gonna keep him😂😭😭😭😭

  • KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

    Yeah they beautiful but Rihanna had that IT spice thang on top of being beautiful. That Nikka crae lol 😂 and ain’t neither one of Rihanna parent white. She a black woman here in America 🙄

  • lightsaber dude
    lightsaber dude 2 hours ago

    So we gona forget how toegi bullied feeby

  • lightsaber dude
    lightsaber dude 2 hours ago

    Shes a victim!!! Ugh!

  • Jeremy Morris
    Jeremy Morris 2 hours ago

    Shaunie is the type of person to back wrong. And for one fact i dont even think she’s a real friend to Evelyn either. Because, real friends corrects each other when they do wrong. And seeing how Evelyn behaves to people on the show, especially the ones that are not light skinned is really sad.

  • mss powell
    mss powell 2 hours ago

    now you know men want what they can't have you messed it up with her and he know he was wrong and he shouldn't have done it but he knows she's a good woman and they always try to get it back where they first started but once you put your hands on a person that's a wrap so pay attention men and women if you ever put your hands on a good person that you know they are good and you can see them in your future think about raising your face hands are even finger against anyone. that's all I'm saying he know he lost a good woman

  • Jeremy Morris
    Jeremy Morris 2 hours ago

    I wonder how Shaunie settle disputes between her kids🤔. Just seeing how she handles conflicts amongst these women, it shows her true color and how her motherhood nature is being portrayed in real life.

  • Kami-Marie Marcelline

    cardi is ah joke

  • Arlene Whittaker
    Arlene Whittaker 2 hours ago


  • secrecy silence
    secrecy silence 2 hours ago

    Future definitely is not wack nice try...

  • Karen Moore
    Karen Moore 2 hours ago

    I'm against it

  • ms.justice KITCHEN
    ms.justice KITCHEN 2 hours ago

    Shes stupid

  • Mary Kamara
    Mary Kamara 2 hours ago

    Rihanna is doing great so she doesn't need Chris anymore he can flirt as many times as he wants

  • Avis Jones
    Avis Jones 2 hours ago

    What is wrong with you, Sir! Are you that PRESSED?!? @Meet Magazine

  • Yojjj yoj
    Yojjj yoj 2 hours ago

    Unsubscribe from this dude guys he is trying to put black women down. He must be so black and hate his skin colour. For him to side with a woman that puts black women down shame on you. Go back to ur root. Gay dude.

  • Tish Harrell
    Tish Harrell 2 hours ago

    No life ppl 😲let the woman live omg😠😠😠😠😠

  • blackmissescherry
    blackmissescherry 3 hours ago

    This has to be a joke

  • Adeola Obasanya
    Adeola Obasanya 3 hours ago

    This guy RU-clip page needs to be reported. Promoting hate against black women. You’re soo pressed. It’s not a black woman thing it’s all types of women that date these men you idiot.

  • jackie schafer
    jackie schafer 3 hours ago

    He GP I think is “the general public “ why don’t ppl proof read shit before they post things

  • Mario Brothers
    Mario Brothers 3 hours ago

    So because om from Detroit im not productive? Fym

  • Selena Martinez
    Selena Martinez 3 hours ago

    A photo popped up on Twitter of Star Brim. Star Brim tags Treyway‼️‼️‼️ Look up MilagroGramz on Twitter (edit: so did Cardio and Star used to be Treyway then switch to Brims?)

  • Brittney Davis
    Brittney Davis 3 hours ago

    Here go y'all ppl trying to save her ass!!!! Finally this mean ass bully gets her karma! Bitch know she ain't have it why do all this explaining?!

  • Kim Martin
    Kim Martin 3 hours ago

    Meet now you already know " These Bro's Ain't Loyal " ! All we need to is flip that song from hoes to bro's ! Where you been Meet ? You know what it is! Just because a man HAS A WOMEN, or visa versa it doesnot constitute FATEFULNESS! People are here thinking variety is the spice of life my brother! FATEFULNESS been outta style ! Let's take YOU , you can't possibly have a live in your life, unless she doesnot listen to your show 🤔 cause you mentally have done the DO, to more than a couple hundred girls, today you promoting the Mixies and the exotic's . You spilling all kinds of colorism, I ain't mad, so I say again, " These Bro's Ain't Loyal ! I love Chris Brown, I do. Now I don't promote violence , but I personally believe he got a raw deal after, the mishap with him and Rihanna. Even after he paid for his crime, our people dogged him to the nine. Some still point at him, let that S-----t go people! Nobody should be constantly judged for the one worse thing that they have done for the rest of their lives. It's not conducive to do that. Anyways, it's obvious they had a great sex life together, and perhaps he was in his past thought moment. It happens! Was he right? Nope! Especially if he has a lady in waiting. But women KNOW there men. Please believe it! Many of us want what we can't have, like you Meet. But it don't mean, we can't fantasize, Like you Meet. I do agree that their relationship is toxic, there's no way they can go back, but they can think back huh? She's moved on, he's moved on, probably just a cute flirt, Chris hasnot finished sowing his Royal oats Meet, like you ! 😎 So give a brother a break ok? In the mean time and between time , I love YOU ! Just need to break it down for you , like you break it down for US! 💋⚡☀️

  • Crys G
    Crys G 4 hours ago

    Rihanna has the beauty and the power; Chris is trash w/no morals. Even he knows power and beauty when he sees it. I'm sure his mom reminds him that Ri was the best thing to happen to him. That's why he can't stay away to save his life. Ri, do your thing girl.

  • JoAnn Scott
    JoAnn Scott 4 hours ago

    My Condolences to the family of Tommy Ford. Martin show has been a funny sitcom to bring us through some hard days. Thank you for your humor and style. Bless the cast of The Martin Show. I know it was a great sadness to see your friend go so soon. True fans are feeling your pain as well. R. I. P 🥰🦋🦋🦋🦋That laugh in Harlem Knights. Your acting was awesome. Love Joyfulsingingbird.

  • Tahisha Duhon
    Tahisha Duhon 4 hours ago

    Chris Brown could never be Michael Jackson is only one Michael Jackson and may He rest in peace and he's always going to comment on her post is nothing we could do about that cuz he knows when he does y'all going to talk about it that's why he do what he do

  • Patricia Williams
    Patricia Williams 4 hours ago

    Chris if RiRi has mad Love for you and you her no one can stop the Love 😍

  • Nijee Vaughn
    Nijee Vaughn 4 hours ago

    Cardi never denied being a blood. She been said she was a blood. She just not a trey way blood member.

  • Pearlie Cole
    Pearlie Cole 4 hours ago

    I'm very happy for Porsha and Dennis, I think Porsha is the greatest, I hope she has a great season with her coworkers, and I hope NeNe becomes big sis again, I never thought I would say it but I think Marlo has.proven she deserves a peach too.

  • Nikki757
    Nikki757 4 hours ago

    Your an a** for picking this picture 😏 I bet you look like Gary Coleman!!

    • Cynthia Myles
      Cynthia Myles Hour ago

      ump, that look a like is on the AtlienShow. Oops

  • Brick house
    Brick house 4 hours ago

    Yes is a War on Pretty. My closet folks be shading me on the low as i continues to be the generius in there lives

  • Donna Hill
    Donna Hill 4 hours ago

    He will always love and want what he cant have. She has moved on and so should he. Messing around with any who whould spread them legs and pop out a baby. Keep payin those child support payments. Shout out to Meet, in his Cardi B voice.

  • Brick house
    Brick house 4 hours ago

    Tell Jesus? Lmbo yoooooo @meetmagazine

  • Yammi Bulah
    Yammi Bulah 4 hours ago

    Excuse me sir, what is "swirling for toilets"?

  • Naturally Courtney
    Naturally Courtney 4 hours ago

    She didn’t get any plastic surgery but if she did who cares that would be her choice

  • Brick house
    Brick house 5 hours ago

    Rhianna doing gd. He want that old thing back. He want Ri. She making more money than him n his girl

  • Brick house
    Brick house 5 hours ago

    Chris aint ish. He a cheat can't help himself. Plus he a young bul

  • Brick house
    Brick house 5 hours ago

    How about his name is Chris Lightskin ctfuh to me

    • Brick house
      Brick house 5 hours ago

      Yea i am all woman and have a daughter. Im very pretty n have full lips n high cheek bones. Just wont sho my face cus i talk that ish.

  • whydo youneedtoknow
    whydo youneedtoknow 5 hours ago

    I dont understand why people give af so much about people's body having surgery or not.

  • Trey Pannell
    Trey Pannell 5 hours ago

    They mean pregnant ex girlfriend. This is clickbait

    • MEET Magazine
      MEET Magazine 5 hours ago

      You need to go learn the definition of clickbait. If people think they're still together that's because she is pregnant. And they never publicly acknowledged their split.

  • Trey Pannell
    Trey Pannell 5 hours ago

    They trying to be funny

  • NUNE 242
    NUNE 242 5 hours ago

    Ths young lady owes no explanation, it's HER life! Good luck to her & her husband.💎💰

  • MEET Magazine
    MEET Magazine 5 hours ago


  • J. Brown
    J. Brown 5 hours ago

    I know there are other pics of Chris Brown than his mugshot! 😂😂😂😂

  • Nogo Bakayoko
    Nogo Bakayoko 5 hours ago

    Evelyn is everything that tami said a WHORE plus need to controlled her Fucking mouth and attitude you are an old women who pays a lot on her body to look like a Young black women with curves. Just because you are a minority doesn't mean you can get a pass to be racist. OG is right to put her on blast.

  • Boss Shit
    Boss Shit 5 hours ago


  • TYPICAL TINK · Fitness · Food · Fashion · Family


  • Tiaa Boo
    Tiaa Boo 5 hours ago


  • MEET Magazine
    MEET Magazine 5 hours ago


    • Velma Edwards
      Velma Edwards 5 hours ago

      Some men and women can't get over their first greatest love they just can't let them go plus he's dumb as hell

  • yo mamma
    yo mamma 6 hours ago

    I just signed😂😂😂

    • Tj Johnson
      Tj Johnson 2 hours ago

      Yo on everything im signing next today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • p Jackson
    p Jackson 6 hours ago

    All that money pay your taxes just ask welsley or Ron Isley?? You go kanye

  • K Maur
    K Maur 6 hours ago

    She too gorgeous and talented for this 😆

  • Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee 7 hours ago

    LOVE me some Mimi... but who is this Ninja with this cooment....what i think is your comment and title is BS...i SEE why the Sistahs didn't like nor dislike your BS

    TYRONE DARBY 7 hours ago

    Cardi should be made at herself for signing that 360 deal which is now public info which came from her deposition, it’s not Forbes fault that her money has to go through so many people before she sees a dime!

  • kimberly walker
    kimberly walker 8 hours ago


  • India Shanté
    India Shanté 8 hours ago

    Who cares? Forbes says Kylie Jenner is self made. I don't trust their numbers after that. LMAO

    GORILLA ITA 9 hours ago

    Oh we miserable and we support ur channel do she even fellow u 🤔 na wat u need to do is make it right with ur SUPPORTERS don't make me get petty 👈💯🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

  • Queensway Baby
    Queensway Baby 9 hours ago

    Well course she would ,she did her body ,what makes you think she won't do her skin

  • Katrina Btaylor
    Katrina Btaylor 9 hours ago

    June 25th was my birthday. & why is Cardi coming for Meg? #StopIT

  • marquetta2017 davis
    marquetta2017 davis 9 hours ago

    It is very disheartening to realize that your dreams can be disrupted however life does go on and life is too short not to have the kind of happiness that you need in your life I to wish the family the very best and if moving forward separately is a part of that and that's what you going to have to do peace is the ultimate goal and Trust cannot be overlooked it's a two-sided Street

  • kimberly walker
    kimberly walker 10 hours ago

    Fuck all of em😐 it's supid .. and cardi is a mom now ...

  • kimberly walker
    kimberly walker 10 hours ago

    I googled turn hat I don't get it ..😐😒

  • kimberly walker
    kimberly walker 10 hours ago

    😐 I can't with these people.

  • no name
    no name 11 hours ago

    Lock her up Period.

  • The Abstract Oracle
    The Abstract Oracle 11 hours ago

    @meetmagazine Blonde hair is not appropriated...smh Black people have blonde hair too...there's a whole tribe of dark-skinned black people with naturally blonde hair...

    • The Abstract Oracle
      The Abstract Oracle 31 minute ago

      @MEET Magazine what are you even saying right now? That's it? That's enough 😂😂 You clearly know absolutely nothing about genetics... You said the blonde comment like black people don't have blonde hair and I'm telling you they do...Google it so you won't continue to make yourself look ridiculous and you can stop projecting. Its okay to be corrected. ☺

    • MEET Magazine
      MEET Magazine 6 hours ago

      A tribe? That's it? You sound ridiculous.

  • Ms. Shon P
    Ms. Shon P 11 hours ago

    Well the prettiest people do the ugliest things. Including you!!! That woman's hair color has absolutely nothing to do with the price of peanut butter in China. And OG is not making false claims. She is holding Evelyn accountable for her actions, as she should!!!

  • Keka Rose
    Keka Rose 11 hours ago

    People are really bored...Get a life

  • CreoleSoul Queen
    CreoleSoul Queen 12 hours ago

    She think she came up! 🤣Poor choice indeed🎯

    • Shari Patrice
      Shari Patrice 51 minute ago

      A nigga ain’t sending y’all nothing but STD’s GTFOH

    • Shari Patrice
      Shari Patrice 52 minutes ago

      CreoleSoul Queen y’all hoes got some nerves but that’s how the game go

  • GothBoi Prince
    GothBoi Prince 12 hours ago

    May sound Stupid , but Brims no joke , lmao shawtys said i aint noo 9trey im ^HAT^ FyTb

  • Lady Bug
    Lady Bug 12 hours ago

    I love her music but she gotta jacked up ass personality and very rachet and ghetto i knew her and Daniel wasn't going to last long and that marriage was going to be done this new boyfriend is definitely not staying in her life watch and see her dumb ass

  • Michele Smith
    Michele Smith 12 hours ago

    Girrrrl now she can loose everything or up on stage n folks trying to kill her or something or fbi doing some Investigation

  • Juvè Chevez The Work
    Juvè Chevez The Work 13 hours ago

    She look great 👍🏾

  • Lorelei Wood
    Lorelei Wood 13 hours ago

    She worked out, literally changes your body shape. Idk how people still don't realize the difference. It's so obvious.

  • Realistic Realist
    Realistic Realist 13 hours ago

    Lmmfaoooo Og Barbie, Mama Barbie😂😂😂😂😂 I’m weak

  • Rob Rodriguez
    Rob Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Remy is a loser tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Rob Rodriguez
    Rob Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    This shit is so disrespectful. Kat stacks a dummy for this shit smh she wanna be black but she talking all this shit about Black women

  • Yvonne Jones
    Yvonne Jones 13 hours ago

    I believe, The Ghostwriters are the Songwriter's of the year for real.

  • Dianne Dotie
    Dianne Dotie 14 hours ago

    Have she clean her heals yet

  • Dominican Princess
    Dominican Princess 14 hours ago

    She has ALWAYS been this light she may have had a chemical peel 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽 but skin lightening.... I don't think so 😕😕😕

  • LaTanya Porter
    LaTanya Porter 14 hours ago

    Real women take care of they business 💪

  • 2and1us
    2and1us 14 hours ago

    Peter is an immature old man that needs to act his age and quit being petty about the men his EX are with as long as they are not hoe'g around like he is. Who needs to check in with Peter. Get a life and stop messing with immature little girls and get a REAL woman and maybe you will start to grow up with your fiftish old behind.

  • India Shanté
    India Shanté 14 hours ago

    As a light skin woman myself I can say I look two to three shades lighter if I'm not out on the sun

  • Dennis George
    Dennis George 14 hours ago

    Someone have to actually commit a crime to be charged.Cardi ain't never shoot no one,engage in drug dealing,involve in drive by,commit armed robbery or any serious offence .Some people are in a gang or claim to be and treat it like a social club,were they hang out ,party and smoke weed all day.That's nothing serious,so y'all need to calm down.

    • Tj Johnson
      Tj Johnson 2 hours ago

      R u stupid,??? U must b a cardi b roach

    • Dennis George
      Dennis George 10 hours ago

      @no name C'MON a gang member with no past criminal record,no accusations of being involved in drug activities,armed robberies, shootings or anything.Cardi is tough and brave but her affiliation with the bloods was just to socialize and do what was perceived as cool . That's different from real violent gangbangers, that 6ix 9ine committed actual crimes with.Let Cardi live.

    • no name
      no name 11 hours ago

      And you know this how?pls do do tell.

  • Rogelio Castillo
    Rogelio Castillo 15 hours ago

    Charm School 2007 is back!!!

  • Vancity Tdot
    Vancity Tdot 15 hours ago

    I hope to see Nicki make it to #1. She has worked so hard and deserves all the blessings she’s about to get!

  • Beauty IsHerName
    Beauty IsHerName 15 hours ago

    Damn she only had one card. Usually when that happens to me I just pull out my other card. Bloop 💅🏽

  • LaBresha Mosley
    LaBresha Mosley 15 hours ago

    I’ll take Evelyn over og any day 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Beauty IsHerName
    Beauty IsHerName 15 hours ago

    Broke bitch 🤣