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The Speaking Continues..
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  • D.R
    D.R 8 hours ago

    yeh ajkal gaana kuin nahi gaati???

  • aman raj
    aman raj 8 hours ago

    At first when i saw the thumbnail i was like she has a youtube channel ? Then i remembered she is popular because of RU-clip

  • Debasish naik
    Debasish naik 8 hours ago


  • sohin ahmed
    sohin ahmed 9 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 dekhte he pyaar ho Jaye 😍😍

  • swapnil sandhanshiv
    swapnil sandhanshiv 9 hours ago

    Most of the steps are identicle to their previous videos steps ..👎..Its getting this much hits just because its her cuteness ..had u replaced Shirley with other girl it would have not received this much praise

  • Dimpal Boruah
    Dimpal Boruah 9 hours ago


  • Ankan Bhunia
    Ankan Bhunia 9 hours ago


  • SONY Vaikom
    SONY Vaikom 10 hours ago

    The clap 0:46 😍😍👌👏

  • avi khedekar
    avi khedekar 10 hours ago

    Behan konsi bhi ek hi cheez hi krle acchese

  • Surya Gaming
    Surya Gaming 10 hours ago

    Camera man is also jaap 😂😂😂

  • muser tarun
    muser tarun 10 hours ago

    Pubg step bhi hai lol😂😂

  • Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha

    I think she lists her weight

    RNM KNOWLEDGE 11 hours ago

    Uffff Mar dalaa

  • Rahman Ziaur
    Rahman Ziaur 11 hours ago

    Nice Creation

  • Changu mangu
    Changu mangu 11 hours ago Mukadma जरूर dekho

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 11 hours ago

    Nowadays singers can dance but dancers cannot sing

  • Irfan Kuraishi
    Irfan Kuraishi 11 hours ago

    Super duper

  • Shashank swain
    Shashank swain 12 hours ago

    There was a guy in this video ??🙄🙄

  • Esther Chan
    Esther Chan 12 hours ago

    All of your songs so much nice lovely and smiling face always love it 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 🌺❤❤

    ZERO TO INFINITY ZONE 13 hours ago

    that's how cuteness balance "THE TALENT"

  • Usmarine Suraj
    Usmarine Suraj 13 hours ago

    1minute bad realise hua ki waha ek ladka bhi dance kar raha hei😲😲

  • Irfan Attar
    Irfan Attar 13 hours ago

    कपड़े और जरा फाड़ देती तो मजा आता

  • ANOWR ,
    ANOWR , 13 hours ago

    واو اغنيه كلش حلوه

  • love forever
    love forever 14 hours ago

    So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aniket satpute
    aniket satpute 14 hours ago

    Chutiya girry

  • Kishore Rj
    Kishore Rj 14 hours ago

    Shirley 🥰😍😘

  • Techno Roshan zameer
    Techno Roshan zameer 14 hours ago

    I have same sony home theater. Which is playing music in background

  • Nirmal Majhi
    Nirmal Majhi 14 hours ago

    2020 January me kon kon a gana shon Raha h

  • Gourav Prajapat
    Gourav Prajapat 15 hours ago

    I Love U Shirley 🥰♥️💕💕💗💘💖💝💝💗♥️💗💟❣️💓

  • Dance with Hrishika
    Dance with Hrishika 16 hours ago


  • Rijon Khan
    Rijon Khan 16 hours ago


  • Parigha
    Parigha 16 hours ago

    Awesome choreography. Too good

  • Mania Konyak
    Mania Konyak 17 hours ago

    I love you

  • prince adil
    prince adil 18 hours ago

    Shirley you is so cute

  • Planet Warning
    Planet Warning 18 hours ago

    You are the best singer😍😍😍 You are the best dancer ✌✌✌

  • Rafi Karim
    Rafi Karim 18 hours ago


  • Gucci gang President
    Gucci gang President 18 hours ago

    Mujhe baad mein pata chala ki iss video mein ladka bhi hai... 🤦🏻😆

    ANINDITA DEY 20 hours ago

    AUTO TUNE use karneka matlab hain har man ya except karlo ki tum hain gana gana nehi ata

  • drunken Kinght
    drunken Kinght 20 hours ago

    shes cute auto tume dont knwo that but yes

  • Vishal kumar motivational speaker

    Wow #vishalkumarmotivational

  • Payel Das Dewan
    Payel Das Dewan 21 hour ago

    Choreography is nice ... But energy was missing

  • Patil Varsha
    Patil Varsha 22 hours ago

    Nice song...

  • MateR Yomgam
    MateR Yomgam 23 hours ago

    #I like Cakes though

  • Koiren Mangang

    Thats not song.. Sing nicely

  • Fusi Funky
    Fusi Funky Day ago

    The guy did phenomenonal dance.


    1 no🔥🔥🔥

  • Srishty Rode
    Srishty Rode Day ago

    Love the moves

  • Srishty Rode
    Srishty Rode Day ago

    Awesome shirley

  • waqas ahmad
    waqas ahmad Day ago

    Need more dance vidio shrya

  • shashi anand
    shashi anand Day ago

    U r awesome

  • Shashank Srivastava

    Hi Shirley Setia...Such a long journey you cover. I knew it you will definitely become a superstar. I wish one day you famous like Taylor Swift. Keep smiling and performing.

  • Dattraj Suryawanshi

    Fully autotune

  • Dattraj Suryawanshi

    Harsh reality of yt...yaha90% log tharki hai

  • Pranjal Pravesh

    Ignore your problems like you are ignoring the back guy.. 😂 😂

    TRIP SIREN Day ago

    KAKAROT YT Day ago

    Funfact :there's a guy in the back

  • Pramodh Mahadesh

    0:47 who noticed that step as a PUBG emote?

  • Ravi Gopi
    Ravi Gopi Day ago

    Nice nd so cute!!❤️❤️❤️💕💕✌️👍

  • Nawab Zaade
    Nawab Zaade Day ago


  • Peradon Gaming

    0:45 that dance look familiar

  • Debjyoti Mukherjee

    But its very nice...

  • Debjyoti Mukherjee

    Ap normal song karo....jayada tampo ya voice style change mat ki jiya....normal jesa hai usi style main gau bohot cute lage ga sunne mein

  • Hello Guys
    Hello Guys Day ago

    Looks like actually no one ignored the guy, there are more comments for him than our forever crush SHIRLEY...

  • satyam poptron

    Bhut hi gatiya

  • Akash Parida
    Akash Parida Day ago

    I am just watching her cutness😍😍😍

  • Hello Guys
    Hello Guys Day ago

    Cutest dancer i have ever seen Love you Shirley♥️💓

  • Casetoo G Guruji


  • Mamatha Venugopal

    Do garmi

  • Pankaj B
    Pankaj B Day ago

    Shirley is dam cute

  • Anirudh Santosh

    How many of u recognised pubg dance ? 😂

    MOOD CHANGER Day ago

    1:09 touch mat kar maderchod


    Lots of blind pep in comment

  • Nritya Shiv Ji

    Wow superb

  • Mosin alam
    Mosin alam Day ago

    So sweet

  • OSM Dance Classes

    Bhaiyo mujhe bhi subscribe karo Dance channel ko please😢😢😢😢😢

  • Sm Basha
    Sm Basha Day ago

    Cutee..... So beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Anil Parmar
    Anil Parmar Day ago


  • Mohan Patir
    Mohan Patir Day ago


  • GÀlïB MúJáHíDï mÜjÂhÎdî

    Aap farheen ho

  • ram kasam Kumar

    berojgari dekho singer ab dancer bn gye sad...accha dance tha

  • Gaurav Upreti
    Gaurav Upreti Day ago

    No one behind this song only one cute girl dancing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vines Now
    Vines Now Day ago

    Ok the guy is IGNORED😂

  • tabish zaki
    tabish zaki Day ago

    Mai to sirf babu ko dekh raha hun jo bahut pyara dance kar rahi hai

  • Ganesh Pradhan


  • Ganesh Pradhan


  • Kunal Salunke
    Kunal Salunke Day ago

    Watch at 0.25x from 0:57 and pause it on 1:00 thank me later😂

  • rohit kakwara awara

    Looking so handsome 😊😊😯😯

  • Harsh srivastava

    If you look closely there's a *guy* in the video

  • Abhishek Satapathy

    Piche koi aadmi tha kya? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar Day ago

    Fun fact: this channel was use to be a singing channel

      ABHISHEK SINGH Day ago

      Fun fact.. it's her personal channel she can do whatever she can be anything 😀

  • Animesh Ani
    Animesh Ani Day ago

    Awsm 👌

  • Hemarao Donka
    Hemarao Donka Day ago

    I'm Indian

  • K D.
    K D. Day ago

    0:47 pubg emote

  • Uncharted Singer

    Hello Everyone Mera gaana pasand aaye to channel ko thora support kardo plz... please Subscribe...Bahut mehnat kar Raha hoon audience Tak pahuch hi nahi Raha hain gaana...ak gaane ka link de Raha hoon... Gaane pasand aaye to hi Subscribe karna...It's Free 😊

  • sobin baburah
    sobin baburah Day ago

    I love you

  • bijoy joy
    bijoy joy Day ago

    not good

  • Farhan Isteak Taseen

    Worst flop dance ever i have seen

  • Shayari With Shahi

    M not saying she is not talented, but u should not always concentrate on someone's beauty and ignore the talent..... I Know some people who are dreaming to make Setia their girlfriend will be angry... Sorry truth is truth 🤐🤐🤐

      ABHISHEK SINGH Day ago

      @Shayari With Shahi people like fair skin ,it's human nature u can't change that , and no one should criticize for her looks , it's not her fault if she's have beautiful face ,

    • Shayari With Shahi
      Shayari With Shahi Day ago

      @ABHISHEK SINGH yes, u r right, and y she is doing so much and achieving popularity? And why she is doing so? Bcoz she is beautiful. I am not targeting her specifically, but everyone who comes into this circle. Generally Bollywood platform or RU-clip audience do not accept everyone based on their hard work, the thing is if you are beautiful you are in otherwise you will not get any chance in the most of the cases. Think about Hollywood movies and its web series. Their heroines and actresses are not mostly based on their beauty, I have seen many web series and movies in Hollywood where actresses are Saonli (not so White and pretty). . . . By the way, thanx for your point of view also, everyone has different views on the same topic. ☺️

      ABHISHEK SINGH Day ago

      @Shayari With Shahi who said she's overated, u should read about her before judging her talent , she's doing collaboration with international dj marshmallow & Atif Aslam, she's singing in bollywood , she's making her own originals songs , with 100+ million views ,she's doing movie under international production house like SONI ,... first hi read her achivement then judge her

    • Shayari With Shahi
      Shayari With Shahi Day ago

      @ABHISHEK SINGH who said we are abusing her? It makes everyone incomfortable if someone is overrated just bcoz of his/her beauty and not judged on mere talent.

      ABHISHEK SINGH Day ago

      Ok what to do if she's beautiful or good looking , and people admire beauty what's wrong in that ? She's having fair skin it's her fault ?..why we abusing her for being what she is

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