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  • James Hall
    James Hall 28 minutes ago

    I remember watching your first progress video and it really inspired me to work harder at guitar! I've gotten much better since then and I thank you! 😊

  • Miksu S
    Miksu S Hour ago


  • Drew T
    Drew T Hour ago

    You are an inspiration to many people. I love your positive message, and your guitar advice. Thanks

  • MrChrostiphe
    MrChrostiphe Hour ago

    Hi Rachel, I wanted to thank you for your turorials! I’ve Started playing since 4th of September. Keep up the good advice. And Indeed it goes with ups and downs. Then again, like today, i’ve repeated some chords and it came with ease while otherdays i was struggling. A Piece of advice for the community, learn something easy as ‘happy birthday’ in the beginning, you won’t feel like a complete idiot and set an endgoal such as ‘respect the wind - van halen’. In between learn some chords and find some songs that uses it. Practise with fun, that’s all that matters. You’re a great inspiration Rachel, thank’s again. 40 Years old dude from Belgium.

  • Guitar Express
    Guitar Express 2 hours ago

    We really need more youngsters like Rachel these days man

  • Mch- Mmor
    Mch- Mmor 3 hours ago

    I practise normally 6 hours a day

  • darkboss 240ytGr
    darkboss 240ytGr 4 hours ago

    she:3 years guitar=5 guitar me:2 years 2 guitars

  • Lolitron 156
    Lolitron 156 5 hours ago

    All great but can u post something you know you do not sloppy

  • Neth BT
    Neth BT 6 hours ago

    it's like unlocking a bunch of doors inside a big mansion, some doors are relatively easy, some might take a while to open, some doors you might not unlock at all..The ultimate goal is to just unlock as many doors as you possibly can

  • Vicky Zeng.mp3
    Vicky Zeng.mp3 6 hours ago

    I've always wanted to be able to sing and accompany myself with guitar, and I finally did it in April this year! I've been learning much faster the more I practiced. Your channel really has motivated me to keep going, so I really want to thank you for that!❤❤❤

  • Mitty titty
    Mitty titty 8 hours ago

    Holy wow!! You are great and you facial expressions are killing it, never stop rocking🤘🤘

    DAPLANExDAPLANE 8 hours ago

    Enjoy the process and if you're like me be ok that you can only play the easy version of your favourite song for now. In time and with the commitment I'm sure that I will take it up a level or more. I love putting time into the guitar and doing something positive and challenging and getting a sense of reward when I finally nail something.

  • pascal bxl
    pascal bxl 10 hours ago

    Sometimes l don't play for weeks....l am too lazy... true that we don't notice how we progress, l am halfway slash solo in world on fire. Thought l never could do that haha..., am 53 and started last year again after 20years of inactivity...unfortunately l have neighbour issues too pff. Keep up the great stuff!

  • Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK

    Really good review, thankyou, seems the amp for me, so practical

  • LordBasset
    LordBasset 10 hours ago

    I can now play the A minor pentatonic scale at decent speed! Thank you for your tips. Especially the part on not comparing yourself too much to others is important, and enjoying the progress. This works at many levels, not just instruments!

  • cyle ღ
    cyle ღ 11 hours ago

    so far i started playing guitar in july and i still can't manage to do barre chords and i'm also struggling with fingerstyle :/ but anyways i know someday i will surpass it!! thanks for this video!!

  • zazxazza
    zazxazza 12 hours ago

    I've played guitar for 4 months now, while I do play classic guitar, I am impressed with myself on learning finger style pretty early on. Learning to play notes by ear goes a long way.

  • Conservative Minded
    Conservative Minded 13 hours ago

    You can plug your guitar in your amp if it's a electric acoustic, and use a distortion pedal on the acoustic. It's pretty cool

  • joe griggs
    joe griggs 15 hours ago

    “I feel like a beginner all over again” Starts shredding. K.

  • Heather Payne
    Heather Payne 15 hours ago

    Your channel is so refreshing. Instant sub! My favorite guitar youtubers are optimistic and honest, and you are the epitome of that. Today, my progress was getting an arpeggio exercise up and down the entire neck from 60 to 100 BPM. I would like to double that tempo by Monday. Another thing I want to do this week is learn "Roll over Beethoven" by Chuck Berry, as well as George Harrison's version! I love rockabilly/early rock and roll and am trying to make getting good at that style my focus right now (though I like just about every style of guitar music).

  • Swam
    Swam 16 hours ago

    You can get an Epiphone Les Paul Jr. and a Line 6 Spider IV both legitimately for under $100. But I would personally recommend a Squier strat/mustang/tele and a Blackstar Fly 3

  • maacrl
    maacrl 18 hours ago

    I started learning guitar over 50, so my achievement is to have the courage to start learning. I experience the same things you mention about the learning process. I don't know your channel yet, but you seem so positive and as a female I can relate more to other woman guitarists. I will subscribe.

  • Joey Emmons
    Joey Emmons 20 hours ago

    What was the song on the 2month please someone tell me

  • Telly Swain
    Telly Swain 21 hour ago

    Eventide H9 and Marshall and EVH Wolfgang and Jackson 7 String 🤘🤘

  • Telly Swain
    Telly Swain 22 hours ago

    Was that a Megadeth riff...at first

  • Mrs. Slime91
    Mrs. Slime91 23 hours ago

    Hears the words human sacrifice! Sees young lady smiling as she shreds!LOL I can only pray my future children will be this bad ass!

  • Joseph Santana
    Joseph Santana 23 hours ago

    I recently started learning some finger style and just finished learning my first 12 bar blues piece. It's not perfect but I can get through it and that shows growth.

  • Georgie Mahoney
    Georgie Mahoney 23 hours ago

    I'm able to play Youth by Daughter which was pretty challenging for me when I first tried to play it :) I love your videos! Thank you for being so inspiring!

  • Dekker19
    Dekker19 23 hours ago

    I started playing guitar since last may and have played almost everyday for at least an hour (lot more in the weekends). My progress felt a bit stuck, but today I learned to play School’s Out (Alice Cooper) in a few hours. I feel kinda proud :)

  • Coza
    Coza Day ago

    Cheat Sheet: 9:06 1.) Get a general idea of the song 2.)Learn the solo at a (slow speed) 3.)Work on getting it to (full speed) of the song! -if this helped you save time, I wouldn't mind if you subbed to my channel XD

  • Zyper -
    Zyper - Day ago

    I’ve got 3 guitars and I’ve been playing for 3 years

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart Day ago

    am i to believe the constantly smile when you are speaking to people?

  • GuyO
    GuyO Day ago

    Y did she look like a depressed heroin addict?😂

  • Dave Durango
    Dave Durango Day ago

    i think you're really cool, one constructive criticism i might give is that you see more focused on the idea of progress than the progress itself.

  • lenin Prado
    lenin Prado Day ago

    Da risa su cara. 😂😂

  • lenin Prado
    lenin Prado Day ago

    Esta por su 🐀 la mocosa.

  • deshaun lee
    deshaun lee Day ago

    I played the first riff of Wake Me Up When September Ends, and im rlly proud of my self

  • Damian  Flores
    Damian Flores Day ago

    I’ve gotten my guitar like 2/3 months ago and I’m making progress on playing one by Metallica. I’m very glad I got to this point. It’s small progress but it’s something! Also should I learn chords or should I just keep progressing through one? I’m a total beginner btw.

  • Sothbeachboy 21

    I’m positive hiv

  • Jane
    Jane Day ago

    not just her skills improve but her clothes also change

  • la cloaca
    la cloaca Day ago

    Me puedo casar con tigo jaja

  • Ashley Moom
    Ashley Moom Day ago

    I've been playing guitar ever since I was 7 and I'im 12 now

  • Chris Kelble
    Chris Kelble Day ago

    How were you learning the entire time? Were you taking one on one lessons?

  • HM
    HM Day ago

    Evolution of your top I would say. Great job girl.

  • Delta Gold
    Delta Gold Day ago

    Amazing work, and a beautiful smile. Thumbs up ! 🌹

    ADHIP Day ago

    Sweet child o mine really good

  • phrankus2009
    phrankus2009 Day ago

    I want to see Rachel dressed and made-up exactly like her "pixie" channel avatar.

  • Castin’ With Carter

    Just learned the intro to Texas Flood after playing it for 4 hours straight

  • you166mhz
    you166mhz Day ago

    you're playing simple strokes -- per string - per chords .... try playing the blues -- it requires major and minor notes .. if you can play this -- then I will believe you are a guitar player ... good luck ... btw --- you play very well for a beginner ...

  • llewop
    llewop Day ago

    picked up a guitar again last month, bruh I could barely pull of a G major chord but as of now I just know how to play 2 scales, i got a lot better at chord switching and learned way more of them, also a bunch of riffs. its not much but i mean its a start 😳

  • shante lanzo
    shante lanzo Day ago


  • Marcus Hurt
    Marcus Hurt Day ago

    EXCELLENT Message!! Especially about comparing yourself. With everything in life there will always be people in front of you and people behind you. The goal is to just keep moving forward.

  • Saint The Barber

    I have now memorized 15 cords, and know how to put my fingers with full rings to them. Now working on quicker more fluid transitions, and placements.

  • Evil G0d
    Evil G0d Day ago

    And what if i just wanna play that master of puppets solo (the second one) and WHATEVER i do i can't get it right

  • N W
    N W Day ago

    I like it!

  • higgledy piggledy

    I had my first guitar lesson after playing for 30 years. Don’t be like me, begin music theory tuition sooner rather than later.

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett Day ago

    I was thinking of giving up until I saw your vid. I'm 57 and only picked up a guitar 2 months ago. Although way from perfect I can now play some of my favourite riffs. 2 months ago I had no idea how to play anything. I've been using RU-clip vids to learn.

  • Hijikata Toushirou
    Hijikata Toushirou 2 days ago

    I always wanted to play guitar, but just on future, until... 2 months ago. I saw your video that shows your progress in 3 years, became motivated and bought a guitar!

  • Daniel Hesse
    Daniel Hesse 2 days ago

    I'd put Layla above Sunshine of Your Love.

  • Cody Bedrosian
    Cody Bedrosian 2 days ago

    Thank you

  • Garrett Templeton
    Garrett Templeton 2 days ago

    Thanks for all the tips and channel suggestions! Your Guitar Sage is also a fantastic channel for me. His 30 beginner lessons have been huge in getting excited about learning guitar again.

  • Просто Так

    I think that you miss one note in the intro

  • Andrei Burgheaua
    Andrei Burgheaua 2 days ago

    You forgot about lets play guitar

  • Siddhartha Siddhi Bajracharya

    its been like 5 days i have learned guitar but i do know freestyle songs like 7 nation army

  • BeZet
    BeZet 2 days ago

    3:00 that head synhro

  • Rob30974
    Rob30974 2 days ago

    Are you self taught if did you have a good teacher?

  • Mikuみく
    Mikuみく 2 days ago

    Seeing this video makes me want to start learning how to play guitar! I do play piano, which I’m self-taught at, so yes, I’ll also try self-teaching guitar ^^;

    STICKGAMES 2 days ago

    I got my first guitar 10 months ago, I couldn't even play one chord without taking a 5 second break and looking at the fretboard, now I can play most of my favorite songs, I'm a Green Day fan and their songs are not that hard so I'm ok :) , I play acoustic and electric guitar, but I still have some problems with timing and strumming, I think I overlooked those two important things, wish I knew that before, but I'm trying my best to get it done

  • Георгий
    Георгий 2 days ago


  • Yesu_Desu
    Yesu_Desu 2 days ago

    I can shred a bit, 1 1/2 year playin...

    HYPNODI 2 days ago

    Please learn sweet home Alabama

  • Green Squirrel
    Green Squirrel 2 days ago

    Do anastasia cover please.

  • Rashad Khan
    Rashad Khan 2 days ago

    That first time finger picking was amazing

  • Xziol Psyxe
    Xziol Psyxe 2 days ago

    My pinky still sucks, but its maximum speed increased from 60 bpm to 100 bpm quarter notes so that's something, right?

  • oprah_did_9/11
    oprah_did_9/11 2 days ago

    I noticed in your early videos you embraced alternate picking very esrly. Good idea for any new guitarists.

  • Kevys Rc & Music
    Kevys Rc & Music 2 days ago

    great video

  • Dante S
    Dante S 2 days ago

    I’ve been playing for about 3 years and I remember when I first started, I was struggling with songs like, breaking the law by Judas Priest or the trooper. But now I can play those songs like nothing and have been working this past year on Dream Theater songs and trying to shred like the almighty John petrucci

  • Davolthe
    Davolthe 2 days ago

    Is she high all time?

  • Lidia Castrogiovanni

    I didn't except her to have this voice

  • melissa jones
    melissa jones 2 days ago

    I went to my first guitar session today with my friends. I learnt how to play 25 by The Amazon’s which was really cool! I bet everyone on her is doing great and carry on playing ❤️

    MAJOR EREÇÃO 2 days ago

    Can you please make a video teaching how to finger slide? U rock...

  • Greg NY
    Greg NY 2 days ago

    Great video. What I would like to know is what pathway to success can people recommend. I love hard rock and metal music especially very technical stuff live Steve Vai Randy Rhodes etc and have learn some various songs but feel like there is so much more that I should learn like theory etc. Any recommendations? Hopefully that made sense. Thx

  • MrTehnoobshowfan
    MrTehnoobshowfan 3 days ago

    So..hear me out. Huge guns n roses fan, slash and his music has been my inspiration to even pick up a guitar for the first time. I went out and bought a guitar about a year back, played it for a few weeks, learned the sweet child intro but it was sloppy and mediocre, and it was all I knew so I put it down and didnt pick it up again. About 3 months back I started wondering what could have been if I kept playing, so I went shopping and bought a les paul copy. My interest had been re-ignited. I went right back to sweet child intro, and could do it still pretty well. Then I started watching TONS of videos and lessons about music theory and scales and have been practicing every day for several hours a day. I got new pickups, new tuners, and got my les paul copy all set up, and just today I went back and watched the videos I took of my playing sweet child intro sloppily, when I first got my guitar. now I can play the intro in the dark and the entire song up til the solo, which Im in the process of learning now but I feel like I’ve come a long way and I still am enjoying it very much

    • MrTehnoobshowfan
      MrTehnoobshowfan 3 days ago

      And thats just one song! Ive also learned tons of riffs, and my playing has come so far. I cant exactly afford lessons at the moment but it hasnt mattered cause my desire to learn has overthrown my situation and Im making it happen anyways and having tons of fun in the process. It’s become a way to unwind too at the end of the day or whenever Im just fully appreciating the instrument and enjoying it

  • Guy Grindley
    Guy Grindley 3 days ago

    Hey hi! Ive been learning guitar for about 4 months at the age of 42. Loving learning and playing everyday. Struggling at the moment transitioning from a d chord to a g chord. Always have that uncomfy pause as i switch but when i look back at a video of my first week the progress is incredible. Really cool channel!!

  • Garrett's Guitar Corner

    never too late to learn I'm 49 and picked up guitar this year. You were one of the people that inspired me to start playing. Thank you for that.

  • Jerome Terry
    Jerome Terry 3 days ago

    499 days ago (May 8, 2018), I picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 40. Always was envious of those who could play guitar, so I decided I wanted to learn. I have practiced every day - 499 days in a row and still going. I'm having so much fun. I started off learning using Marty Schwartz then switched to Justin Guitar. Used Justin Guitar on my own for 11 months before I got a guitar teacher to help me learn lead / blues guitar. Now I own 4 guitars, 2 amps, and record myself regularly to track my progress. I still have a long way to go, but I enjoy playing / learning guitar. Here's my guitar leaning progress videos on my channel. ru-clip.com/video/bNOlw3T_ZPE/video.html

  • Matteo Saottini
    Matteo Saottini 3 days ago

    ❤ thank you

  • GoodOl Rub
    GoodOl Rub 3 days ago

    I personally like acoustic guitars way more since everything you do has an immediate response which is not channeled through an amp or something.

  • Mikuみく
    Mikuみく 3 days ago

    still waiting for dat cover of The Trooper though OwO

  • Lee K
    Lee K 3 days ago

    Your economy of motion will get smoother mostly playing songs your used to playing and as time goes by your timing is utilized which gives you more essence.

  • Ju Lo
    Ju Lo 3 days ago

    Man this comment section is so positive.

  • kaden w
    kaden w 3 days ago

    I have been playing for a year and a half now. I bought myself a new guitar at the beginning of the summer and the first thing I did was tackle a solo that I have always wanted to learn and is one of the reasons i picked up the guitar in the first place. That solo being the one from holy diver by dio. It was a great feeling the first time i played it without making a mistake.

  • Ashutosh Todkar
    Ashutosh Todkar 3 days ago

    # feeling very positive #Enjoying my guitar playing journey

  • notorious_bfg
    notorious_bfg 3 days ago

    I bought my first guitar back in March, today I know Black Sabbath - Paranoid & Iron Man, WASP - Animal, Motley Crue - Live Wire & Shout at the Devil. Still need to nail those solo's but I am very proud of myself. Thank you for all your videos!

  • v o r
    v o r 3 days ago

    lmao i thought you were joking about her transformation into metalhead

  • anir
    anir 3 days ago

    are we talking electric Guitar or guitar cause if it's guitar then I'm done with my life

  • Mark Seymour
    Mark Seymour 3 days ago

    I have days where my fingers feel like they’ve stopped working but on the flip side, there are those great days when you suddenly realise you’re playing something much faster and more cleanly than you’ve ever managed before, after weeks of appearing to make no progress. By the way, what’s going on with the changing light behind the door? Continuity!!! :p

  • Mark Seymour
    Mark Seymour 3 days ago

    This was hilarious, in a nice way I mean. The end result wasn’t perfect but it was much better than it sounded like it was going to be:) I’m afraid the evil part of me enjoyed watching you panic as the time ran down. 😈

  • bob simons
    bob simons 3 days ago

    oh damn, i just shit a rainbow