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  • hollgamer
    hollgamer 5 months ago

    Quiero uno

  • Ninth
    Ninth 6 months ago

    3D Printer: Hold my beer!

  • Алекс
    Алекс 11 months ago

    the price of this helmet?* want to buy! write:

    VIPER TA GTC Year ago

    Can I have it, I'll pay u 67k

  • kozekyto
    kozekyto Year ago

    What materials did you use?

  • Iker Vazquez
    Iker Vazquez Year ago

    xD xD

  • Acid Phantom
    Acid Phantom Year ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • Albert Odarströmer

    this looks like a copy of volpin props verision

  • Joaquin Gil
    Joaquin Gil Year ago


  • evan
    evan Year ago

    can I please have one?

  • Ellex Swavoni
    Ellex Swavoni 2 years ago

    DARTH Punk

  • psycho maniac
    psycho maniac 2 years ago

    This might be a tad late, but would u kindly be able to list the steps on how u created the helmet?

  • dk_sting
    dk_sting 2 years ago

    where is the glass

  • MuDDy BLooDy
    MuDDy BLooDy 2 years ago

    I am such an idiot,than i can even able to make something from paper =(

  • Marco Fayon
    Marco Fayon 2 years ago

    Saben porque le pone cuadrados al molde de silicona?

  • Papu Tu padrote
    Papu Tu padrote 2 years ago

    alguien m puede decir q es eso rosa q le hecha!

  • Marco Fayon
    Marco Fayon 2 years ago

    with that material made the duplicate of the helmet?

  • Marco Fayon
    Marco Fayon 2 years ago

    una pregunta saben que es ese liquido baboso rosa que le pone para hacer el molde?

  • Manuel Krall
    Manuel Krall 2 years ago

    From where do you get the glass?

    • Chor Mee Xiong
      Chor Mee Xiong 3 months ago

      Not so fast

    • Viepy
      Viepy Year ago

      @Vinchezno Not so fast fast

    • Vinchezno
      Vinchezno Year ago

      Not so fast

    • ArmoredOracle8903
      ArmoredOracle8903 Year ago

      EagleEyE1999 I am more late than you. Lol

    • EagleEyE1999
      EagleEyE1999 Year ago

      I know Im late to the party... but if you still havent figured it out, I thought maybe Worbla Transparent Art might work?

  • Mini Del06
    Mini Del06 3 years ago

    I whant it please

  • Snavels
    Snavels 3 years ago

    I have the same paper craft, and I just wear that

    • Xefra
      Xefra 3 years ago

      where do you have this ?

  • Zhadom001
    Zhadom001 3 years ago

    nice work.

  • YourPrettyBitchin! OfficialTM


  • Plutonic
    Plutonic 3 years ago

    How much does it cost$ ?

  • Pranker Prank
    Pranker Prank 3 years ago

    or if u can publish manual or something idk, its awesome! seriously! u're master!

  • Pranker Prank
    Pranker Prank 3 years ago

    oh sht i must know how u did it, i must have this helmet was coolest which marterials u used? how? what? oh man! awesome! can you sell your helmets?

  • proverbios 2/6
    proverbios 2/6 3 years ago

    una pregunta con que material hizo el visor

    • proverbios 2/6
      proverbios 2/6 3 years ago

      Tienes buenps videeps wey

    • proverbios 2/6
      proverbios 2/6 3 years ago

      Gracias we

    • Dj Oriel
      Dj Oriel 3 years ago

      Saluidos. Es acrilico, puedes hacer el visor usando una termoformadora casera, sale mas conveniente.

  • Brian  Suarez
    Brian Suarez 3 years ago

    where did you get the info to make the helmet? yours came out very nice ☺

  • Max Vector
    Max Vector 3 years ago


  • Slade Travis
    Slade Travis 3 years ago

    seriously, how much?

  • MasterCtrl
    MasterCtrl 3 years ago

    Shut up and take my money... Seriously, how much?

  • WP
    WP 3 years ago

    One of the coolest I've ever seen

  • Eric Valentine
    Eric Valentine 4 years ago

    If guy went to the dark side (P.s. looks awesome!)

  • Qban Bandit
    Qban Bandit 4 years ago

    I want to learn how to build like this this is amazing

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 4 years ago

    how did you tint the visor?

  • Mason McAllister
    Mason McAllister 4 years ago


  • Got memes?
    Got memes? 4 years ago

    How can you sand it so perfect round

  • geekbot
    geekbot 4 years ago

    what pep file did u use?

  • Noctah 41
    Noctah 41 4 years ago

    Magnifique, beau travail !

  • Jhorman Navas.
    Jhorman Navas. 4 years ago

    for the love of GOD sell me one of those please the black one

  • TurboMiata
    TurboMiata 4 years ago

    God yes

  • Zero Kurogane
    Zero Kurogane 4 years ago

    ENCORE HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerald Antunez
    Gerald Antunez 4 years ago

    What if they made beats with this design? That would be so awesome

  • Joginson Beatz
    Joginson Beatz 4 years ago

    Nice piece of a helmet, mate :)

  • Denhi Mahe
    Denhi Mahe 4 years ago


  • DJ Tomazzia
    DJ Tomazzia 4 years ago

    How did you duplicated them? And the visor, is it glass or plastic?

    • My Autobiography A Fanfic
      My Autobiography A Fanfic 4 years ago

      He made the basic shape to make a mold, then duplicated the shape with a lightweight plastic. He probably used some sort of heat resistant plastic for the visor.

    MIDEO 4 years ago

    Make tons of these and sell them. It's weird that i say it but a lot of people aren't that creative as you So they but them, the problem is that almost nobody sell these helmets. If you started to sell them you'l het a lot of money

  • Donald Viens
    Donald Viens 5 years ago

    i dont impress easy, but man am i impressed

  • r gmr
    r gmr 5 years ago


  • Cmen
    Cmen 5 years ago

    please make for me !

    • pichan honrada
      pichan honrada 4 years ago

      @momotanuu if you are his girl and he can butt sex you....he wont make you one. so sorry dude.. not gonna happen..

  • El Tio Stalin
    El Tio Stalin 5 years ago

    Music ¿?

  • WorldwideMeep
    WorldwideMeep 5 years ago

  • Veaxl
    Veaxl 5 years ago

    this is on ebay guys! $3,500 Daft Punk Full Led Gold Chrome Helmet With Digital Voice Changer.

  • Stedfst
    Stedfst 5 years ago

    can you make my one with no led's but with every thing else pls email my about it

    • whatdoyoudean
      whatdoyoudean 5 years ago

      @Struppi Yeah. Also, some people don't understand that a transaction over youtube is just plain unrealistic.

    • Stedfst
      Stedfst 5 years ago

      @Morgan WMC i wont it like what it looks like at tow minuts

    • Stedfst
      Stedfst 5 years ago

      @Morgan WMC i just wont it white with no led's black glass and red and black wires in the back

    • Stedfst
      Stedfst 5 years ago

      il give you you 70$ for it with no led's but the highest al go is 90$ and can you ship to Cambodia il tell you every the else you need to now to ship it to my

  • BroC43sAr
    BroC43sAr 5 years ago

    The steps from 1:07 to 1:25 are to go sure to be able to get replicas, or am I wrong???

  • Sam the HULK Fadraga

    hey buddy can you make me one of this helments but stronger that would last paintball, and how much would you charge me, please let me know tahnks

  • Ehlek Ciruelas
    Ehlek Ciruelas 5 years ago


  • MrFalkeRUS
    MrFalkeRUS 5 years ago

    У парня руки из нужного места растут.

  • anthony piccoli
    anthony piccoli 5 years ago

    Vacuum forming is the process I think.

  • Gabriel Baclagon
    Gabriel Baclagon 5 years ago

    How'd he get the visor glass to bend that way?

  • 4yoma
    4yoma 5 years ago

    consider selling?!!!

  • foxhuntercustom worx

    anyone selling?

  • geekbot
    geekbot 5 years ago

    could you make a video? like step by step?

    MrFARBBY 5 years ago

    what kind of paint did you use

  • Marti Jones
    Marti Jones 5 years ago

    i really liked the white ad black look :)

  • Mr T
    Mr T 5 years ago

    Did you have to buy special gold chrome paint? If so what's it called?

    • 22h39
      22h39 5 years ago

      @Mr T Yep! I've never done any chroming methods before but this appears to be the easiest

    • Mr T
      Mr T 5 years ago

      Oh, well isn't there a chemical process to get that look? If you know how to do it could you please let me know! Thanks!

    • 22h39
      22h39 5 years ago

      It's real chrome

  • Saint
    Saint 5 years ago

    what did you o with the prototypes? because if i can get a hold of one i can make a helmet way easier

  • MicFighterE
    MicFighterE 5 years ago

    How much to make me one?

  • Simon Ball
    Simon Ball 5 years ago

    Make me one

  • Nico Medi
    Nico Medi 5 years ago

    how much time you spend in that helmet?

    • Underrated Cosplay
      Underrated Cosplay 4 years ago

      Depending on which helmet you make and how many LED lights you use a helmet can cost from 500$-3,000$

  • Brian Pipa
    Brian Pipa 5 years ago


  • Candlest
    Candlest 5 years ago

    What did you do at 1:15 ? And why?

    • Bigbrank
      Bigbrank 5 years ago

      About the square ? it's for a better sillicone struture, and prevents tear with the wooden building when he pull of the final products. Hope i help you :3

  • Angel Jiménez
    Angel Jiménez 5 years ago

    i like that color

  • M3tam3n
    M3tam3n 5 years ago

    how turn black visor plastic???

  • Jack S
    Jack S 5 years ago


    • Jack S
      Jack S 5 years ago

      would be a great motorcycle helmet, daft punk like helmet. im in asia right now these 5-0's would flip

    • JLui03
      JLui03 5 years ago


  • Hatim Ibrahim
    Hatim Ibrahim 5 years ago

    Im sale one for 500 $

  • Flávio Viotto
    Flávio Viotto 5 years ago

    what materials are used?

  • Tori Solis
    Tori Solis 5 years ago

    Can I buy one please? :)

  • Massive
    Massive 5 years ago

    how many months do it cost to you?

    THE D-ROCK SHO 6 years ago

    can I buy this from you? please let me know asap!

  • Tyler 117
    Tyler 117 6 years ago

    400 for both?

  • Romio sss
    Romio sss 6 years ago

    not bad

  • Fotai19
    Fotai19 6 years ago

    With what dit you pained the visor of your helmet?

  • killercrabb1
    killercrabb1 6 years ago

    How much do you usually sell these for? I'm interested in buying.

  • Neel Parulekar
    Neel Parulekar 6 years ago

    Does anyone know what pep file he was using?

  • Kegan Dsouza
    Kegan Dsouza 6 years ago

    the first five are gone! will there be more soon?

  • Luuk Schagen
    Luuk Schagen 6 years ago

    And also, you're most likely deaf.... the title is repeated like 20 times

  • Propsandgaming
    Propsandgaming 6 years ago

    With the leds and everything

  • Propsandgaming
    Propsandgaming 6 years ago

    How much is that

  • Roxanne R
    Roxanne R 6 years ago

    Will you make more ? And do we have to cut the helmet to place the visor ?

  • Jesse Orozco
    Jesse Orozco 6 years ago

    How much is it .I want to get the black one

  • fsas87fsas87
    fsas87fsas87 6 years ago

    Was wondering what you u sell one for?

  • Joel Wallace
    Joel Wallace 6 years ago

    would u be willing to make me one pls

  • Joel Wallace
    Joel Wallace 6 years ago

    i would love a full model and am willing to pay up to 1000

  • ccieszlak
    ccieszlak 6 years ago

    I watched your daft punk helmet video & was wondering how you shaped the clear sheet plastic facing & what kind of tinting you used on it. Please e-mail me back at ,thanks.

  • 6Dragon6 Software
    6Dragon6 Software 6 years ago

    freaking beautiful

  • DARK0bl1v10n
    DARK0bl1v10n 6 years ago

    If you don't know this track...... GTFO.

  • Jesse Orozco
    Jesse Orozco 6 years ago

    How much?

  • TheFearlessPikachu
    TheFearlessPikachu 6 years ago

    The Song is called Robot Rock. And its buy Daft punk

  • Tori Solis
    Tori Solis 6 years ago

    Hey message me I'm interested in buying one but I have some questions