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Is Japan A Dying Country?
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From Farmboy To Mala King
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Risky Jobs: The Lift Fixer
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    CRLTV 9 minutes ago

    I wouldnt wanna be a k pop idol. Its too much

  • I like Doggo
    I like Doggo 13 minutes ago

    “Study hard” or “Study smart” pick one.

  • Darryl Bob
    Darryl Bob 18 minutes ago

    i live in an landed house which our house have lift as well as my neighbour damn the noise that travel through, anyway anyone got any solution how to reduce the sound? probably feature wall or something?

  • Rickola01
    Rickola01 20 minutes ago

    Smart guy needs a second chance in life.

  • Neeta George
    Neeta George 24 minutes ago

    Hats off to the kindhearted one and the sprit to strive despite the blow 🙏

  • Raven
    Raven 31 minute ago

    Welcome to male privilege.

  • Exotic Gamer YT
    Exotic Gamer YT 50 minutes ago

    Homeless doesn’t mean not smart, some people can have quite high education when homeless. Unless they didn’t complete education la, but they will have a bit of education and language to speak

  • Alexa Therese Sison

    "I believe our boy is not working hard enough" - Mother Well can't they see that their child is doing all of those things at such a young age ever since he was born? I feel sorry for their son.... he must be so exhausted both mentally and physically. Then they still want to fill up his Wednesdays and Thursdays. He doesn't even eat enough... I wonder how much time does he get to rest. Again, I really feel sorry for this child😔😔😔

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hour ago

    😃😅🤣😂 his mom got some fat cheeks

  • PuMpKin The Orange
    PuMpKin The Orange 2 hours ago

    im glad that my mom didnt care about my grades but i know if i fail she'll kill me....

  • Gaggy Mott
    Gaggy Mott 2 hours ago

    Lorbert and the children look so happy!! I feel that it's sad though, that the female Teachers can offer 'hugs' but for males, it's seen as a 'no go'... We're not all paedophiles and child molesters. Sometimes a child just needs a reassuring hug!

  • Zane Ort
    Zane Ort 2 hours ago

    Guys don’t worry it’s China

  • Ilyana Azami
    Ilyana Azami 2 hours ago

    old furniture, yes. but food from dumpster, totally no. theres germ, virus, you can get food poisoning

  • Perfect Mix
    Perfect Mix 3 hours ago

    2:55 ERHM, did u just forget that u make ur son take tuition classes almost everyday?

  • kdh
    kdh 3 hours ago

    Many of the big companies treat their idols and trainees better, because they already have the resources and the brand reputation. The smaller labels tend to be more greedy, more ambitious and more abusive toward their people. Just as trainees dream of being the next Twice or BTS, these labels dream of being the next JYP or SM, often at the cost of exploitation.

  • violet nympth
    violet nympth 3 hours ago

    I wish she had a gofund me

  • Maris M
    Maris M 3 hours ago

    Here in my location we have Dodo Fishballs. IDK if it is healthy or not but it is good. It has the bite and I would finish 1 pack in one seating. I try not to. I always buy in couple of packs cos I can only find it in 1 grocery store.

  • RiceFlavoredGum
    RiceFlavoredGum 3 hours ago

    Wait, this kid is in PRIMARY SCHOOL? In elementary school (equivalent more or less in USA) I was busy giving myself a Vietnamese gang tat with a pushin (I'm not even Vietnamese).

  • Bits Of Everything
    Bits Of Everything 3 hours ago


  • Peter Q
    Peter Q 3 hours ago

    Cambodia is MARCHING towards an ILLUSION of a Swiss Standard similar to Singapore...the difference is???... the People were NOT Promised a Swiss Standard

  • America 1st MAGA
    America 1st MAGA 3 hours ago

    Fuck the Chinese!

  • Samuel kirk
    Samuel kirk 4 hours ago

    if less than 50% agree with him why dont they vote him out of office? abe is bad af , i read a article saying he wants a space defense force by end of 2020

  • Jivert 1
    Jivert 1 4 hours ago

    I swear when he grow up he is gonna do something big in life :)

  • Goran Svraka
    Goran Svraka 4 hours ago

    If she trained so hard she doesn't have to quit, take everything you learnt and sing in your native tongue in Japanese. You will be able to display emotion. Start your own thing in Japan

  • Lawrence Buck
    Lawrence Buck 4 hours ago

    Fake news!! America is talking control of the situation

  • Hunter Holley
    Hunter Holley 4 hours ago

    If anyone ever does anything bad to her I’m gonna go bananas

  • Jacqueline B. L.
    Jacqueline B. L. 4 hours ago

    Let him focus on his passion and teach him how to be an entrepreneur, school is important but living with a purpose vs just for accolades is unfulfilling. Guide him but let him lead a bit.

  • M Marchanda
    M Marchanda 5 hours ago

    Ask him if he will be okay , when his daughters find a christian partner and wanna convert to christian religion. There is no need for her to convert to islam, if imuslims are really tolerant.

  • Mayank Aswal
    Mayank Aswal 5 hours ago

    Shitty people in the interview

  • Judgy Judy
    Judgy Judy 5 hours ago

    3 year old: **shops on his own at wet market** Me: **cant sleep with the lights off**

  • Brianna 3050
    Brianna 3050 5 hours ago

    *A P P A*

  • HadassaMoon144
    HadassaMoon144 5 hours ago

    Never heard of this company either

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola 6 hours ago

    I dont see Japan as a potential enemy of the Philippines eventhough they occupied and killed many Filipinos. We share the same interests and enemies: China!

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola 6 hours ago

    Japan has certainly learned its lesson that it cannot invade and colonize. It must build allies with its neighbors, not conflict. Japan is a vulnerable nation.

  • James Carlin
    James Carlin 6 hours ago

    By 4 he'll be smoking 2packs a day talking about how it's all bullish

  • Mark Zheng
    Mark Zheng 6 hours ago

    All honesty I think this kid will commit suicide if he keeps getting pressured. I hope he stays strong. A kid shouldn’t be stressed out that much. Leave that for when you get to college. Right now prioritize on making friends and having fun. Once you grow up you never have time for that. Why spend your whole life stressed? Give him a childhood where he can at least have time to make friends

  • 404 MO
    404 MO 6 hours ago

    Jackie Chan big brother looking dude

  • SmaCk You d1cK
    SmaCk You d1cK 6 hours ago

    the head line. they are persecuted by moslem in Persia LOL. no wonder now Moslem got persicutiuion. because they did to many persicutiuion now they received it all same like they did to other people.

    • SmaCk You d1cK
      SmaCk You d1cK 4 hours ago

      @180MPH In The Wrong Lane even now try teaching your FAKE history to me pathetic. seems you will keep your kind will eating that hate until nature call it just and stop.

    • SmaCk You d1cK
      SmaCk You d1cK 4 hours ago

      @180MPH In The Wrong Lane Islam is not less blood than catholic empire since 500AD if catholic slain their own people this moslem slain everything from their own tribe quraish until they find their match the Mongolian LOL. again after eating their own hate not learn. not you eating it again hahahaha.

    • SmaCk You d1cK
      SmaCk You d1cK 4 hours ago

      @180MPH In The Wrong Lane you eating your own ancestors hate now. enjoyed call me if you want more hahahah

    • 180MPH In The Wrong Lane
      180MPH In The Wrong Lane 5 hours ago

      my friendly advice, do the history checking first dont claim sumthing by wht u're just fed with

  • KyroThePyro
    KyroThePyro 7 hours ago

    I thought the video was very different when I saw the thumbnail

  • Hom Gaming
    Hom Gaming 7 hours ago

    Who would do tat

  • Christian Erhardt
    Christian Erhardt 7 hours ago

    Okay but this is so wholesome

  • Cheska Wilson
    Cheska Wilson 7 hours ago

    K-Pop sucks and I hope all of you that started this die now.

  • ZOO_younis
    ZOO_younis 7 hours ago

    If Minecraft was real he would beat the wither

  • Allison Ober
    Allison Ober 7 hours ago

    So this 3 y/o can walk 300M to go to a busy shop by himself, but I can’t go down the street to Mc Donald’s to get a burger

  • The Spill
    The Spill 7 hours ago

    Bless her parents for keeping her at home!!!

  • afeni shakur
    afeni shakur 7 hours ago

    Calling her Chucky is insulting.

  • arif akmal
    arif akmal 7 hours ago

    Ya allah.. beri kekuatan dan murahkan rezeki dari segi kewangan n kesihatan

  • Dragoninja
    Dragoninja 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or makeing the boy wait 2 hours si a bit much

  • Tulare County Oscar Cop Watch

    The government knows what happened but there hiding the truth maybe a wormhole A different world🙄

  • paper machete
    paper machete 8 hours ago

    RU-clip, I'm not a parent

  • Lodemé Carp
    Lodemé Carp 8 hours ago

    She looks like Filipina

  • Abwj1002
    Abwj1002 8 hours ago

    This kid needs to move to America and maybe get tested for Mensa and maybe one family of a Mensa child can house him

  • Pixie Production
    Pixie Production 8 hours ago


  • F Harrison
    F Harrison 9 hours ago

    Singapore is really mad because they lost bids to Chinese and Vietnam bidders... dangit

  • made man
    made man 9 hours ago

    Japan already learnED there lesson... Japan is the only country in asia can match the fucking oppresor CHINA..... Rise of Of empire of JAPAN then anhillate the fucking CHINA...

  • Mini Films Central
    Mini Films Central 9 hours ago

    No one gonna mention 0:17 he was learning English at age 2, but he never once speaks it in the video.

  • Love and faith
    Love and faith 9 hours ago


  • Nes Bayot
    Nes Bayot 9 hours ago

    I just wanna ask her if she’s good enough.

  • candycottonwithapple

    Let this kid rest. Gosh

  • Dedi _Twins
    Dedi _Twins 9 hours ago

    I thought he was holding a gun in his hand in thumbnail 😂

  • Nes Bayot
    Nes Bayot 9 hours ago

    Asians. That’s all I can say

  • Johnny
    Johnny 9 hours ago

    *Laughs in never studying in both elementary and junior high school*

  • Irkkan
    Irkkan 9 hours ago

    Late Freddie Mercury was also a Farsi.

  • God Is Love 3171 Racumu

    CNA is just another mouthpiece for CCP government of China .

  • God Is Love 3171 Racumu

    CNA is just another mouthpiece for CCP government of China .

  • Clazzical
    Clazzical 10 hours ago


  • God Is Love 3171 Racumu

    God bless president Trump .God bless America .Light will always triumph over darkness .China CCP government will fall before December 2019 !!!!!!!

  • siara705
    siara705 10 hours ago

    mindanaoans especially davaoeños will protect him!!!!!!! Duterte never chose to be a president!!! you guys asked for his presidency.

  • Eibosh chard romero
    Eibosh chard romero 10 hours ago

    I wish my brain was like his brain =(

  • kokomomo6
    kokomomo6 10 hours ago

    I thought Hong Kong's elderly poverty problem was bad enough but this?? This is on a whole new level

  • Daisy She ready
    Daisy She ready 10 hours ago

    such a heroic traveler

  • Deb L
    Deb L 10 hours ago

    Taiwan has alot of talent. The country needs to provide them opportunities. Right now, politicians spent their time attacking each other instead of working together for the benefit of the nation.

  • Guandren Duong
    Guandren Duong 11 hours ago

    Lol is no one going to talk about his dad? His dad is more supportive than some American parents here...

  • Sllurps
    Sllurps 11 hours ago

    Your know your a terrible mother when you compare other kids with your own like that 2:58

  • Obvious Kxt
    Obvious Kxt 11 hours ago

    I feel bad when she was like “mummy!” I was so sad and felt bad,but then she was like “mushrooms!” I laughed

  • Hannah Rosenberg
    Hannah Rosenberg 11 hours ago

    Are there no PE classes they can buy?

  • Hannah Rosenberg
    Hannah Rosenberg 11 hours ago

    “Lower than average IQ” What a euphemism

  • anne lmao
    anne lmao 11 hours ago

    he's just a kid, dont stress him too much. he'll grow brain tumor. He's suppose to enjoy his childhood not THIS!!

  • Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O 11 hours ago

    I want to know why her IQ is, I’m a school psych and I get curious. Professional judgment, I put her in the 70s-80s range. She had great functional skills. She seems to be bilingual as well which is impressive. She may always need support, but she’s doing great.

  • Prajwal Jagadale
    Prajwal Jagadale 11 hours ago

    These jewish people where EVER they go they contaminate and destroy..... Entire holy india was destroyed by BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY OWNER ASHKANAZI KAZZAR JEWS...

  • jupiter
    jupiter 11 hours ago

    That kid is the exact opposite of me

  • eryn perez
    eryn perez 11 hours ago

    The dad is right they should let him follow his passion and it just so happens his passion is tech and coding and in a world where technology is everything he will be very successful the antiquated world of getting good grades is irrelavent in this day and age when you can do anything and everything and make a living off of it

  • Prajwal Jagadale
    Prajwal Jagadale 11 hours ago


  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas 12 hours ago

    I just don't get it, in my country, Male Pre schools teachers are PRETTY common thing?

    • Raven
      Raven 21 minute ago

      Which country is that?

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 12 hours ago

    I am worried cuz I like Japanese anime

    POKEMON GO FANPAGE 12 hours ago

    I swear all the speds work at burger king

  • theGameofGames
    theGameofGames 12 hours ago

    My parents say I hope you have a kid like you

  • Puyi so
    Puyi so 12 hours ago

    I can relate to these couple because I have a nephew who has autism.😊 He also goes to theraphy and attended regular school, of course with a shadow. He is bright, good in arts but still need to improve on communication. The good thing is, that his regular classmates are so loving towards him. They are willing to assist my nephew. So watching clip/documentary like this is so very inspiring. Thank you.😍

  • Ivan
    Ivan 12 hours ago

    The only thing surprising in this video is that ang moh’s singaporean accent...

  • L33DyA JKauR
    L33DyA JKauR 12 hours ago

    Wah Lao Wei... Sporean so happy to buy new flats n now Sporean called media press!! To complaint n identify wall

  • Alex Ho Hoang
    Alex Ho Hoang 12 hours ago

    Isn't both important.

  • Brittney Hall
    Brittney Hall 12 hours ago

    Want to have a male is Teacher keep Rick and God bless make me smile 😊

  • PorcuPine Spikes
    PorcuPine Spikes 13 hours ago

    Who else here is a cuber?

  • Diego Hernadez
    Diego Hernadez 13 hours ago

    This just makes me depressed. Some 11 year old knows more math than me

  • AK97
    AK97 13 hours ago

    Everyone had the right to arm itself to protect itself from US

  • Sleepy_Boba
    Sleepy_Boba 13 hours ago

    Look at his shoes! They are just so cute! 😂

  • abhi ram
    abhi ram 13 hours ago


  • christopher mehling
    christopher mehling 13 hours ago

    so then someday he'll get rid of the very last item.......himself?

  • anh
    anh 13 hours ago

    damn wtf even those popular entertainment company arent even this harsh

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah 13 hours ago

    Seems like Yahoodis (Jews ) have started to overtake Singapore. VIVA Palestine 🇵🇸. Curse of Allah be upon oppressors.