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Bree Essrig! Dig's This!
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  • mike odonnell
    mike odonnell 2 hours ago

    fame & cash?

  • Sym
    Sym 6 hours ago

    *W A L K I N G M E M E*

  • Armina Jalilvand
    Armina Jalilvand 16 hours ago

    You can’t take me! I’ll miss comic con😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Leka
    Gabriel Leka 23 hours ago

    Should be done on streaming.

  • Monster
    Monster Day ago

    Even though I’m pretty late... amazing video!

  • Monster
    Monster Day ago

    I don’t think I have ever seen such a thirsty comment section before lol

  • bernisweltredsun

    Of course he gives a fuck if ppl like it or not. Just make sure his money is right,yuck fou with the rest like a lot of filmmakers see it nowadays.

  • Mary S
    Mary S Day ago

    Oh my goodness she's so authentically and deliciously pissed off here. I wonder what proceeded the interview that we didn't see.

  • Noah_Thompson _art

    The most heart-breaking part about this is that he was so happy to be Spider-Man, he sounded like he was close to tears. And how sony treated him was unacceptable. A childhood dream crushed, because he barely had a chance. He was only around for 2 movies. The amazing Spider-Man 1 was definitely the superior to TASM 2. But after his second movie of playing his childhood hero. He was fired. It makes me sad to know how he was treated and he definitely deserved better. Andrew. You will always be my Spider-Man.

  • ZiYonneia Rawlins

    Carrie the old movie not scary it's so icon

  • Only One MITCH!

    I love her witty, sarcasticness best.

  • Jennimary Castaneda

    Wow they still look great! Good for them, great friends. I'm still a fan after 15 years♡

  • TheVideo Commenter

    Translation: He is a true brother in arms. Not that I care much who gets to be the next Hulk but he is cool and he got four kids who are really cool too.

  • dayum son
    dayum son Day ago

    wow robbie does not match his voice at all. he sounds like he never went past puberty

  • Earl
    Earl 2 days ago

    I love big jay

  • riphaven
    riphaven 2 days ago

    Amber Heard needs to be cloned!!!

  • Bella AF Tibbetts
    Bella AF Tibbetts 2 days ago

    What if you are watching it in Spanish already

  • Anthony Liang
    Anthony Liang 2 days ago

    Andy and Stewart are superbs!

  • Confused Tuba
    Confused Tuba 2 days ago

    Joel seems like Jeff isn't an act.

  • M.N. eXecutor
    M.N. eXecutor 3 days ago

    The King from Queens!

  • wayne jones
    wayne jones 3 days ago

    👏 😰 💥

  • great regods
    great regods 3 days ago


  • Tim Gainnes
    Tim Gainnes 3 days ago

    I always thought Andy was smug and arrogant, I was totally wrong. Three talented guys that jelled to create amazing sounds.

  • Alec Newman
    Alec Newman 3 days ago

    thinking about writing my argumentative essay about this very topic

  • michaelofsydney
    michaelofsydney 4 days ago

    Stupidest casting ever.

  • val macclinchy
    val macclinchy 5 days ago

    Thanks for posting this vid!

  • Gene West
    Gene West 5 days ago

    Sting is a pretentious asshole

  • Brian Loftus
    Brian Loftus 5 days ago

    Man I freaked out when that band hit the scene.

  • giraffegirl2016
    giraffegirl2016 5 days ago

    He needs more prominent roles! Please!

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn 5 days ago

    Why is this a reminder of Puss in Boots?

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn 5 days ago

    Jessie better not hold dislike button for more than 5 seconds

  • Glenda F
    Glenda F 5 days ago


  • Kaytue
    Kaytue 5 days ago

    Funny lookin' kitchen rat

  • NeCe Love
    NeCe Love 6 days ago

    Rob's body language is telling....! He's under Taylor more than Kristen...! Kristen done F$@k Up!!

  • NeCe Love
    NeCe Love 6 days ago

    Ok I'm late but ..., look at Rob, I mean really look at Rob! He's not under Kristen as much as he usually is. Rob knows what Kristen has done!! Look at the way he's looking at her...! He knows y'all!

  • HIWATT Steve
    HIWATT Steve 6 days ago

    Andy has the patience of Job to have lived with Sting and Stew

  • Kristina Uballe
    Kristina Uballe 6 days ago

    I just so love Linda and I'm not gay I just love her so

  • Johnny Wemps
    Johnny Wemps 6 days ago


  • kaleb brownlee
    kaleb brownlee 6 days ago

    can anyone find the sheet music for this see? because i REALLY REALLY want to learn that electric guitar solo

  • Alexa Reyes
    Alexa Reyes 6 days ago

    I love this two ladies, Minnie and Aibileen, reminds me of my co workers.

  • Matthew Ronson
    Matthew Ronson 6 days ago

    Andy must have been about 72 in this interview, and could easily pass for 52. I was in college radior back when they were huge and recall when they broke up. After telling a fellow student DJ (huge fan) that the implications were apparent that this break up was apparently much ado about Sting's ego, Rod commented on his own show later that day: "...I hope Sting realizes that he didn't get to where he is all by himself". Very apt phrasing for an early 20's young man. It looked like Sting just dumped his bandmates due to ego and ambition. Rod expressed his disappointment using a considered approach, because who knows what else is going on in the background. If what another poster said is true, about seeing Sting and his wife happily 'showing off' all of their prized material wealth a tad too gleefully (prideful), this would be a clear indication that Sting's super-ego still has a cape.

  • ANTO
    ANTO 6 days ago

    Someone said that interview was actually Troy and abed in the dreamatorium 😂😂

  • C G
    C G 6 days ago

    love the movie. hate the fake russian accent

  • David Ringlein
    David Ringlein 7 days ago

    "lady gaga" is a MAN.

    • Andy Vidito
      Andy Vidito 13 hours ago

      Does Bradley Cooper know

    • Bengt Handlebars
      Bengt Handlebars 6 days ago

      Whatever it is, it ISN'T a musician, just another arse waggling warbler promoted to the hilt.

  • AtomicKitten666
    AtomicKitten666 7 days ago

    This is the most anti-white film ever. Turn the situation around and the black community would explode...

  • April Anderson
    April Anderson 7 days ago

    I think the next book and film should be about Carlisle and how he was in the volturi and how he saved each and everyone because we kind of heat his backstory but I think it would be cool to know more and also it will be nice to see the backgrounds that weren't in the film

  • Georgie Thumbs
    Georgie Thumbs 8 days ago

    I play in a band called The Firemen

  • Bob's Burgers T-Shirts with Shelby Star Steffens

    Isabelle should have won an academy award for playing this role so conveniently!!!! 😮👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Swetha Menon
    Swetha Menon 8 days ago

    Could someone please tell me what Minnie says at 0:37?

  • Doug Richardson
    Doug Richardson 8 days ago

    ... great 3 man band

  • sammy scotch
    sammy scotch 8 days ago

    Saw Sting (Gordy) and wife on 60 mins. It was, "Look at all we own and the very rich life we live"

    • Bengt Handlebars
      Bengt Handlebars 6 days ago

      It'd make me wanna puke in their faces! Glad I don't have a tv set. There's no front with Andy Summers, one of the most unassuming rock stars there's ever been. As for Sumner, he's too much like McCartney.

  • Payton Hamilton
    Payton Hamilton 8 days ago

    2.16. Cause that’s normal

  • Kelly Wood
    Kelly Wood 9 days ago

    I couldn’t even concentrate with that thing swaying side to side in the background 😱😱

  • Manny Fragoza
    Manny Fragoza 9 days ago

    I wonder if it was Sting's idea to have a solo career? A lot of times there are ppl in the upper levels of the music biz whispering in these top musicians ears to dump the other band members because they say you are the sole Star and can go to new heights without them. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened

  • d d
    d d 9 days ago

    Sting became Rod Stewart when he left the poilice behind.

  • Owen Harris
    Owen Harris 9 days ago

    A St. James Band.... Spoiled Kids given fame.

  • ari w
    ari w 9 days ago

    Their background silat: Kang Yayan = PSTD (body tempering) Kang Cecep = Panglipur silat (sundanese style) Iko = Tiga Berantai (Betawi tradisional silat) And then they learn from each other,learning other tradisional silat & others martial art

  • sam maudlin
    sam maudlin 9 days ago

    I demand a new Police album!

  • shape shifter
    shape shifter 9 days ago

    I bet black people are triggered by her😉

  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear 10 days ago

    I would surrender to HER.any day.

  • Samy Licari
    Samy Licari 10 days ago

    Tan lindo como siempre, aunque de malvado ! :)

  • SoooJokes
    SoooJokes 10 days ago

    Don't Want You Back was definitely a trendier song for the time but The One is an objectively better song 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Pwnzistor
    Pwnzistor 10 days ago

    Come on, I promise I'll give you money for this.

  • LiVe without pretending

    I love you 🌹😎

  • Top Class
    Top Class 10 days ago

    WTF, we all know why? After she worked with Crabrio, she went to the top. She was ready to do every single thing to get the role.

  • Captain Horror
    Captain Horror 10 days ago

    I paid $1 and that was too much 😆

  • David Mohr
    David Mohr 10 days ago

    Sting was a fool for breaking up the band get your shit together and get out there and play again before we all drop dead of old age :-)

  • pointnozzleaway
    pointnozzleaway 11 days ago

    The Police @ Sex Pistols are due for a reunion tour. ALL still alive and kickin' !

    • ipsurvivor
      ipsurvivor 3 days ago

      pointnozzleaway - I get that part about him being the original bassist but you said “All”... I suppose I’m being literal about “All”. Sid is listed as an official member and was inducted into the RARHOF... So they’re not all alive and kicking in that Sid’s not with us. At least if they toured with those guys minus Sid it wouldn’t be like the bands that tour with one original member or one guy who was a later member... I guess it’s kind of moot in that Steve Jones played bass on Never Mind The Bollocks except for Anarchy In The UK (Glen) and Bodies (Sid)... Hope they tour and you can see them. Cheers.

    • pointnozzleaway
      pointnozzleaway 3 days ago

      @ipsurvivor Glen Matlock , original bassist … yeah !

    • ipsurvivor
      ipsurvivor 8 days ago

      pointnozzleaway - Sid Vicious?

  • john smith
    john smith 11 days ago

    She's hot but hotter with the ny accent

  • king of the swing.
    king of the swing. 11 days ago

    It must be so hard for actors answering these ridiculous questions after every film the make is finished.........😏😏😏😏😏

  • R. .Moore
    R. .Moore 11 days ago

    Few guitarist ever did a better job of just supporting the vocals, the drums, the bassist, the song and band in general than Andy Summers. He always had that knack for doing just enough at the right time and place to enhance the overall product without being a distraction. That takes talent and a great deal of humility too. Pete Anderson is another guitarist that I would give a similar tip of my cap too along the same lines while I'm thinking about how Andy functioned in a band format. And 99.999% of us humanoids only wish we could play some chord shapes that Mr. Summers does.

  • The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    He still the best Hulk even though, he fuck up and past on milllions of mllions!

  • King-Emperor Botolf Zain Isembard of Pleiades

    The ending took my ass by surprise I was fully shocked *spoiler below* That he kills her and she says "to be with you" when he asks "why are you here" Like why? Why did he kill her? Also her being Muslim was a surprise. I thought she was a Jew the entire movie given her face structure Why did it have to be such a morbid ending and not end with in a happier way

  • A rose aroma's sweet breaths air with tenderness


  • His Way Services Blog

    Improvisation?! WOW!!!!! Richard is brilliant. One of the most visually thought provoking scenes ever filmed! Totally awesome. Richard is so talented.

  • Grizzbiz57
    Grizzbiz57 11 days ago

    I really enjoyed his book, One Train Later. The guy is articulate and has a wonderful gift, not only as a muso but as a writer and photographer.

  • Aubrie Sloan
    Aubrie Sloan 11 days ago

    Beans reminds me of... Lady Gaga!😃😃😃

  • L V
    L V 12 days ago

    My next question is..... no uh.. I mean, my only question is. Why did you make that poor intern do the nympho talk?

  • Clarisa Baker
    Clarisa Baker 12 days ago

    I’ve watched it, and frankly bcs of Bill, I’d try, but I’m not laughing in any Amy’s scene. Well, guess I hate whamen. Ps: for the record I’ve heard rumors about her stole some of the best comic before her (even he stole jokes from John Mullaney aka Bill’s best best) but I don’t wanna clouds my mind so I ignored all of those shits about her and I’m gonna watch the videos about her being a stealer of others materials, but I still don’t laugh at her Jokes. And it’s depressing bcs ik for sure Trainwreck suppose to be a rom-com, and I can’t laugh that much bcs she basically almost on every scene (thank God Bill saved the day, but still, not quite enough)

  • Carrie Anna Mason
    Carrie Anna Mason 12 days ago

    I want to dance with sam riley 😃😍😘

  • Haqim Al-Arabia
    Haqim Al-Arabia 12 days ago

    who cares, shut up and play.

  • GrotrianSeiler
    GrotrianSeiler 12 days ago

    What a super likable guy. No nonsense. No attitude. Honest.

    DREVM 12 days ago

    Crazy they had this much chemistry after one small order of episodes. I love the show even now but that first season was very Home Movies/O’grady-esque and was really a completely perfect season to me. The show changed very much to more of a typical cartoon just with better characters but still great.

  • Robert Kess
    Robert Kess 12 days ago

    I was lucky enough to see the very last show of the Ghost In The Machine tour at Nassau Coliseum and it was a great show. My memory tells me there was horns but it's been so long now that memory could be a false one. I do remember them saying it was the last show of the tour, and they opened up with Spirits In The Material World while we were still looking for our seats.

    • Robert Wilson
      Robert Wilson 6 days ago

      I'm pretty sure it was the "Tower of Power" horns that played some shows with them. I remember them saying they borrowed them from Earth, Wind, & Fire. Oddly enough, I think they never recorded with either band.

  • yw1971
    yw1971 12 days ago

    Martin Freeman could have played him... Or should have.

  • pbasswil
    pbasswil 12 days ago

    They suckered me in with the title, which is bull$#¡† - he does _not_ "open up on" that relationship. :^/ But Andy is interesting enough, seems like a good guy.

  • deacon8754
    deacon8754 13 days ago

    I always thought the conflict was between Sting and Stewart for the most part.

  • wili h grolsch
    wili h grolsch 13 days ago

    Fair play to Andy, check out Big Time Operator, Zoot Money 1965! But he Is Chico Marx!! Eh Pinkie' Eh Scruffy

  • rideyourbikent
    rideyourbikent 13 days ago

    I brought one of their cars in an auction----- it had sirens and flashing blue lights brilliant .

  • Markus Orth
    Markus Orth 13 days ago

    Stewart Copeland's snare sound is the truth!

  • Jéssica Soares
    Jéssica Soares 13 days ago

    Joey the white Abed lol

  • Dwi Kusuma
    Dwi Kusuma 13 days ago

    Awesome actor ....👍👍👍

  • YG Guacamole
    YG Guacamole 13 days ago

    Lana looks non-human and it's awesome lol.

  • Claire Vincent
    Claire Vincent 13 days ago

    kristen is funny and serious rob's always disrespectful childish and unprofessional.

  • Claire Vincent
    Claire Vincent 13 days ago

    i want to see someone else play edward never hire rob for that role ever again. i love when kristen looks at rob on ripping his off as edward mean one more insult on twilight you're going to get kick off this press tour. "all these people put their lives in danger because i fell in love with a human." edward cullen " why do hate me so much?" maya from fierce people

  • Claire Vincent
    Claire Vincent 13 days ago

    rob was so bad at promoting the twilight saga. rob is the only actor i think should've been recast for edward sorry kristen we both it's think it's strange for rob to even show to the twilight audition in the first place and be the worst casting choice ever .

  • Captain Sunday
    Captain Sunday 13 days ago

    Sting had a great solo career and this old dude can't deal with it. He called The Police a brand, and the interviewer lady called him out on it. And he passed it off as the drummer's term. What is the point of this guy?

  • The Jorgensens
    The Jorgensens 13 days ago

    They were the best pop trio of all time.

  • k i n g B A B Y
    k i n g B A B Y 13 days ago

    I have always had the feeling that Sting and Bono are probably the two biggest arrogant pricks in the industry, maybe David Lee Roth is in there somewhere

    • Coolt XZ
      Coolt XZ 12 days ago

      k i n g B A B Y think of those three made a band together.. The Arrogant Big Pricks Club .. hmm the question is if you want to see, hear them for the music or for the terrible behavior.. 😜

  • james goodwin
    james goodwin 14 days ago

    He is just a session guitarist