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Onward | Official Trailer
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Toy Story | "Meet Forky" Clip
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A Pixar Fireplace
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  • Erdem Soganci
    Erdem Soganci 14 minutes ago


  • Weronika Kędzia
    Weronika Kędzia 41 minute ago

    The kitty doesnt know that The doggy wants to help

  • ъеъ ъеъев
    ъеъ ъеъев 58 minutes ago

    Невероятно милая и трогающая история!

  • JoVe exe
    JoVe exe Hour ago

    And nobody talking the song that being use was from AJR

  • Professor Ruthie
    Professor Ruthie 2 hours ago

    Congratulations on your Oscar nomination. Truly wonderful movie. Filled me with emotions. I wanted to adopt them both. Ending was so lovely. Good luck! 😊

  • 시골의원
    시골의원 3 hours ago

    너무 감동이에요!

  • Carmen Caldwell
    Carmen Caldwell 3 hours ago

    Okay, if never knowing his dad before Ian is even born ain’t the most heartbreaking thing that can happen to him, you know you’re in for a depressing story.

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le 3 hours ago

    oh this is pretty co- nvm

  • 皇ピピ
    皇ピピ 3 hours ago


  • KaZhig_FeuLs
    KaZhig_FeuLs 3 hours ago

    This 2D animation was perfect, We want a movie with a kitten as cute as this cat :)

  • Юлія Julia
    Юлія Julia 4 hours ago


  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar 5 hours ago

    I watch it on P. V. R

  • sirlillo
    sirlillo 6 hours ago

    no black characters

  • Kessler MagGrath
    Kessler MagGrath 7 hours ago

    Why is the thumbnail the 2319 guy but purple

  • Amy Sweeta
    Amy Sweeta 8 hours ago

    Pixar.. animation studio that teaches ADULTS morals

  • HeeSub Song
    HeeSub Song 8 hours ago

    m ..?

  • WDoctor
    WDoctor 8 hours ago

    stupid onions...!!

  • Isaac Hughes
    Isaac Hughes 8 hours ago

    Oh my gawsh this was so cuteee I'm in tears😢

  • Мистер саня


  • Tyler Wheeler
    Tyler Wheeler 9 hours ago

    The Incredibles, I was 1 Incredibles 2, I was 14

  • Toxic-Taco1432
    Toxic-Taco1432 9 hours ago

    The new Full Metal Alchemist movie

  • Raul Barila
    Raul Barila 9 hours ago


  • Liu Liu
    Liu Liu 9 hours ago

    the song is so good

  • BaronNation Entertainment

    Does anyone find it weird that Pixar released this teaser a YEAR before the film’s release?

  • Norman Abizaid djunaidy

    I’m coming’ for you Storm- Lighting McQueen

  • Kamekazi Warrior
    Kamekazi Warrior 10 hours ago

    I hope he said ADS

  • Naomi Daniela Cabrera Carrillo


  • Jayden Ballenger
    Jayden Ballenger 10 hours ago

    So funny

  • Meme MAN
    Meme MAN 10 hours ago

    Why did you do him like that

  • Jina_laysi Rati Juli
    Jina_laysi Rati Juli 11 hours ago

    So sad :"((

  • Doc Nathan
    Doc Nathan 11 hours ago

    *hears a cuss* Me: Wait. That’s illegal.

  • Mr. MEM - 2002
    Mr. MEM - 2002 11 hours ago

    Even though Mike has told something to the monsters that made it sound like he was lying, what he did made his statement go from a lie to a true statement.

  • Ana Grazielle
    Ana Grazielle 11 hours ago


  • Banana Plays
    Banana Plays 12 hours ago

    “What would you want to be known for on earth? We only have a short time on this planet. You wanna become the person that you were born to be? Don’t waste your time on all the junk of life! Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out the real you! The brilliant, passionate you, that’s ready to contribute something meaningful into this world! So what do you want to be remembered for?” -Joe Gardner

  • amelia Austin
    amelia Austin 12 hours ago

    i lofe it so much!!!!

  • Sammy Westenberger
    Sammy Westenberger 12 hours ago

    Pixar Onward 2020 Opening Credits

  • Ana luz Mantelli
    Ana luz Mantelli 12 hours ago

    Muy hermoso❤

  • Jonathan Mora
    Jonathan Mora 12 hours ago

    He or she just cursed

  • Hope O'Connor
    Hope O'Connor 12 hours ago

    Ironic how we all became Sadnesses as we grew up

  • Bia Pino
    Bia Pino 12 hours ago

    Eu chorei muito muito mesmo

  • Gacha _tiger
    Gacha _tiger 12 hours ago

    This made me cry it’s so bootiful

  • Rob Burns
    Rob Burns 13 hours ago

    Onward is more then just monsters inc It’s kinda like finding Nemo and toy story like with different kinds of livening things as such

  • Rachel Doyle
    Rachel Doyle 13 hours ago

    This so sad but cute.

  • roxana viscarra
    roxana viscarra 13 hours ago


  • Itz_Gacha_Luna_97 X3
    Itz_Gacha_Luna_97 X3 13 hours ago

    Also did purl say the a word This is for kids I think!

  • walter eusebio castro
    walter eusebio castro 14 hours ago

    Que lindo 😢

  • Sofia P. S.
    Sofia P. S. 14 hours ago

    Like si lloraron

  • Sofia P. S.
    Sofia P. S. 14 hours ago

    Me encantó pero llore

  • Glen Arcila
    Glen Arcila 14 hours ago


  • Ella Mangham
    Ella Mangham 16 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this video you make me mad.

  • André Batatinha
    André Batatinha 16 hours ago

    Pra que filmes cê tem isso

  • Ashlie Tg
    Ashlie Tg 16 hours ago

    Lo bueno es que ya está nominado al Oscar

  • katie hickey
    katie hickey 16 hours ago

    Wait a minute, New Dream 9 Lifetimes as a FairyTale; Newborn Infant, Toddler, Early Child, Preadolescent, Tween, Teenager, Young Adult, Middle Aging, and Late Elderly with Eternal Youth at Heart.

  • katie hickey
    katie hickey 16 hours ago

    Wait a minute, New Dream Hall of Fame; Grown Up Men from Young to Old Age join Armies at Training Camps, Grown Up Women from Young Age to Old Age take Jobs in Cities, and Children from Pre-K to Senior attend Schools in Safe Countrysides.

  • katie hickey
    katie hickey 17 hours ago

    Wait a minute, New Dream Library; Books, Mail, Olds, News, Fans, Audio Books, Email, VHS, DVD, Blu-Rays, Digital Copies, Prime Videos, CD, Tapes, Records, 8-Tracks, Lyric Videos, Music Videos, TV Channels, Web Channels, Website Games, CD-ROM Games, DVD-RAM Movies, Video Games, Board Games, Arts, Crafts, Radio Stations, and Picture Frames with ratings from around the world.

  • Анатолий Иванович

    Хороший мультик про🐈

  • Ana Laura Flores de Oliveira

    Que história triiisteeee

  • Cecilia Menendez
    Cecilia Menendez 17 hours ago

    Pobre perrito le pegaron😣😭😢😭

  • Addy Cedillo
    Addy Cedillo 17 hours ago

    Hey Pixar did u know u put a bad word when purl is flat

  • Bhavya Ramakrishnan
    Bhavya Ramakrishnan 17 hours ago


  • Ean GS Yerbic
    Ean GS Yerbic 18 hours ago


  • Ean GS Yerbic
    Ean GS Yerbic 18 hours ago

    1:00 *Mike gasps and Sully gasps* WOOOOWAAAAAAH NEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! *BOO SCREAMS* I'm gonna be sick, I'm gonna be sick! Whooooooaaaa!!!!!

  • Ean GS Yerbic
    Ean GS Yerbic 18 hours ago


  • mate dulce UwU
    mate dulce UwU 18 hours ago

    If you are already registered, please log in first.

  • mate dulce UwU
    mate dulce UwU 18 hours ago

    My God, I cried unnecessary battles with this video using dogs or more Bulldogs :(

  • Ari R
    Ari R 18 hours ago

    Pixar ALWAYS make my cry so hard! 😭❤️

  • Jesse Rivera
    Jesse Rivera 18 hours ago

    Ok so y’all are complaining about the design about the blob thing...we need to remember this is Pixar

  • Hope O'Connor
    Hope O'Connor 18 hours ago

    I grew up wanting to be Joy, but then I became a mix of Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear.

  • Hope O'Connor
    Hope O'Connor 18 hours ago

    You either die as Joy or live long enough to see yourself become Sadness, Anger, Disgust or Fear.

  • King
    King 18 hours ago

    I hope no.. I hope no..

  • Hope O'Connor
    Hope O'Connor 18 hours ago

    0:37 - So that's how you wanna play it, old man? No dessert?? Oh, sure. We'll eat our dinner, right after you EAT THIS!! RAHHHHHHHHH Best line ever from Anger!!

  • Lis
    Lis 19 hours ago

    Huh Decided to watch the trailer 2 years after And ofc the movie has been released already. I expected more from this film I didn't get what I expected from this film..

  • petchezi awedeou
    petchezi awedeou 19 hours ago


  • Nichole Kleppen
    Nichole Kleppen 19 hours ago

    2:56 Cats really do act like that though and I couldn't not laugh 😂

  • Juju M
    Juju M 19 hours ago

    Poor dogo

  • Jennifer Lovo
    Jennifer Lovo 19 hours ago

    Estoy llorando en medio micro 😭😭😭💔💔💔

    GACHA LUNAR 19 hours ago

    i remember my class watching this 😂they had to turn it off

  • 将軍Eternal
    将軍Eternal 19 hours ago

    Can we get an F in chat

  • Speeds rules
    Speeds rules 19 hours ago

    I know Mr Incredible lost a lot of white when he after he battle the first omindroid. But his hobo suit still makes him look fat.

  • Steve Suek
    Steve Suek 19 hours ago


  • Autobot AvengerXL5
    Autobot AvengerXL5 19 hours ago

    Toys Bugs Monsters Fish Superheroes Automobiles Rats Robots Old men & floating houses Scotsman & bears Emotions Dinosaurs Skeletons And now... Elves and fairy tales! And then... Ghosts!

    DRAGON GAMER 19 hours ago


  • Ridobasso - Franco Cardì e Vito Catania

    Very beautiful cartoon, with a story where a new and unpredictable friendship is the true protagonist. Cartoon made with a high professional level.

    SÅNDY FÎRÊ 20 hours ago

    Aww What cute is cat >v< aww so cute is dog

  • noemy santana
    noemy santana 20 hours ago


  • Bri HDTV
    Bri HDTV 20 hours ago

    I love Disney, I honestly do , but they couldn’t even keep my dude black. That’s hilariously sad .

  • Kyle
    Kyle 20 hours ago

    Phew... got worried for a second there when I heard that pixar made a film about a topless person.

  • Destiny Rogers
    Destiny Rogers 21 hour ago

    Omg I just realized that Chet is voiced by the same person who does the voice of Louie Duck from Ducktales! Things are different now.....

  • Jazmin Salcido
    Jazmin Salcido 21 hour ago


  • nicholascooney MAIN
    nicholascooney MAIN 21 hour ago

    What if colored people had feelings

  • nicholascooney MAIN
    nicholascooney MAIN 21 hour ago

    What if colored people had feelings

  • meme star434
    meme star434 21 hour ago


  • Alessandro Venturo
    Alessandro Venturo 21 hour ago

    Hermoso corto ,bello mensaje .

  • Můj Deník
    Můj Deník 22 hours ago

    Dog is a best friend person (I’m Czech)

  • Rare buttercup
    Rare buttercup 22 hours ago

    It s very touching and sweet. And this truth happens... very vitally❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Abdure Fidak
    Abdure Fidak 22 hours ago

    I need more of Animation movies There were few in 2019.

  • Dolcevita USA
    Dolcevita USA 22 hours ago

    KUDOS to SI grad Rosana Sullivan....