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    YNWA :)) also Frida 👍✌️

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    This is good, witty and funny. Ynwa

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    Nice video, now get back to training and get ready for Sunday. Clean sheet needed.

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    Here from Twitter! YNWA Alison

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    Twitter LFC sent me. Great work, and good luck in your comeback from injury this weekend! #AB1

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    I think I'm gonna adopt this as my new anthem.

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    To be fair, disney had no way of knowing if he lied or not at the time.

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    Why doesn’t she name her channel her name so that people can find it!

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    Stephen Hawkins, Frida and TIMMYYYY! Brilliant! :D

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    Looks bad ass!!!!!

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    Honestly can't wait.

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    omg, snoop dogg wants to smoke you.

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    Goddamn girl 💰💰💰

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    My Government professor is in this video and I don’t know how to feel about that 😂 1:18

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    yasss! <3

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    I thought this was going to be more of a funny PSA for people not to crop dust you. The sweet side of ass level, tho! Loved how fun this was and the shout outs to historical figures.

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    Here for Brian Johnson

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    This is incredible! Great job Santina!!!

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    SO GOOD!!

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    Thanks for the love! Hope you all like it! xoxoxo

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    OMG, this is so funny, fun and very well done. Way to go Jersey Girl! I don’t like it I love it.

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    Thanks for the love everyone! We worked hard on this and we so appreciate you sharing the video!

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    Your brother told me to ckne check you out and i love your music

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    This is fucking Brilliant

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    Pa shoutout naman Ms Elizabeth haha

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    Idol, elizabeth banks greeting from the Philippines hehe

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    2:15 .. " hoo Im gonna cry " hhhh so ironic ! Bravo Elizabeth loll

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    You’re beautiful. ❤️

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    Hey, Elizabeth. Nice to find you on here. I'm an actor myself, a singer, and an author. I think it's cool that you made a CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie, but I wish you could have been the one Director to actually base the film on the 70s television show. Hollywood often makes the mistake of insisting on updating these timeless shows when they adapt them to film. That's unnecessary, and quite frankly, it ruins any chance of the movie adaptation being halfway decent. This is why the CHiPs movie was so bad, and why every single TV remake of the beloved shows from the 70s and 80s have failed miserably (KNIGHT RIDER, BIONIC WOMAN, etc). I respect you for bringing CHARLIE'S ANGELS back, but it would have been so much better if you had kept it set in the 1970s. Part of the charm of the shows like CHARLIE'S ANGELS was the era they were in. When you completely remove that element, you aren't doing the project any favors.

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    Married woman fuckin other dudes. 🤣🤣🤣 Yessaaaaiii.

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    Fuck you, Emily!

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    OMG. This is exciting. Wish I had cable (but glad I don't have to flick through Fox) and I hope this series finds its way to Netflix? ;)

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    My wife loves your show.

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    Big fan

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    I think it would be better if you just made a split screen and show both faces together instead of switching the camera view side to side

    ASAP BAD ASS Month ago

    That answers that question you did.

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    The Mandela Effect Dilemma The Mandela Effect took me to a place unknown, One Step Beyond the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone. There are other people who say it happened to them. They wonder how we came here and how it will end. Some say it was Cern that transported my soul, others say it was caused by the Devil below. There are many who think we are now Ascending, to another dimension, where life is never ending. I don't understand where I am or how I came here, but my belief in my Creator will lessen my fear. I continue to work, supporting my family, and try to adjust to this strange, new reality. The Mandela Effect Conundrum The Mandela Effect made E.T. home phone, and turned my life into the Twilight Zone. Now I'm driving a Ford with the curly Q. It's been here a long time. Can that be true? That pigtail makes no sense to me, But they say it's recorded in history. Berenstein had some delightful bears. When the stain appeared, that drew some stares. Ellis Island had a statue called Liberty, but she moved to a new locality. This new Earth is a mystery, time to learn new history. Did Forrest say is or did he say was? The internet is all a buzz. Chartreuse was red as I recall, but now it's green and that's not all. The stop light had green on top before, Now I see red there and so much more. J.C.Penney has an extra e. It came from Febreeze, I do believe. The map of the world is not the same. Svalbard to me is a strange new name. If your memories don't match what you see, you're in the Outer Limits, just like me. New Zealand moved south. That's so lame. The North Pole is gone. Now that's a shame. The Mandela Effect is disturbing to me. Captain Kirk did say " Beam me up Scotty." The Wizard of Oz was so much fun, before the Scarecrow got his gun. People say I'm obsessed, and that might be true, Though I can't believe Hitler's eyes turned blue. The sun is white and very bright, I wonder where the moon will be tonight. The lion stopped lying with the lamb, The big bad wolf put us in a jam. Celebrities die and live again, I just can't see how that's happening. South America shifted to the east they say, now the Panama Canal goes a different way. Australia moved north. What a blunder. There's no way that's the land down under. Cuba is bigger than it was before, and the Arctic Ice Cap is no more. Sally Fields was the Flying Nun, now her s is gone like our yellow sun. Tom Cruise lost his shades, and that's not right, I remember his shirt color was white. Fruit Loops went away one day, and Cap'n Crunch is here to stay. Darth said no, but that can't be, Luke is what he said in that movie. The Monopoly man lost his monocle, So I have to wonder, where did it go? Mona Lisa got a name and a smile,, the Thinker moved his hand for a while. Dolly had braces, that's a fact. Maybe a flip flop will bring them back. The Wicked Witch says fly, fly, fly, when scary monkeys fill the sky. The Mandela Effect took a hold of me, altered some things in my reality. Land masses out of place, here and there, people once deceased, now alive I swear. Movies I saw many times before, have changed and shocked me to the core. Songs I listened to in my youth, are not the same. That is the truth. What is this place? What put us here? We must be strong, not give in to fear. The Mandela Effect Quandary There is a phenomenon taking place around the world. Some people see what others don't and secrets are unfurled. Others say that can't be so and go on about their lives. The truth is so elusive, some believe it is disguised. Reasons have been given for this extraordinary change. Theories come and go, although they are quite strange. Some claim memories are frail and cannot be relied upon. So residue is gathered and displayed for everyone. My past is now no longer what I thought it once to be. So I begin to wonder, where is my lost reality. Sleepless nights I have been anxious, trying to discern, how conflicting memories are not what I have learned. Friends and family defend their lack of interest, because they think they know what's really best. As I look around me and gaze upon this place, I have to come to grips and put a smile upon my face. Knowing as I do, my memories are true, I must find others, who see things as I do. I implore all who recognize this world is not the same, to join me in my quest to find an ending to this game. Mandela Effect Tribulation The wolf trespassed on my soul, when he replaced the lion. People say the Devil has a goal, a truth I'm not denying. Changes all around me now, have me so confused. I pray to God that somehow, my soul, I will not lose. Pastors tell their congregation the Great Deception has begun. Christians sense the Tribulation, Apocalypse for everyone. I remember where I used to live, in a place that I called home. There is nothing I would not give, to feel I'm not alone. A Change For All To See The Mandela Effect trending now. Simulated reality changed somehow. Nightly dreams more real than life. Anatomical alterations causing strife. Universal shifting a possibility. Consciousness expanding reality. A.I. manipulating digitally. Supernatural involvement magically. The greatest change, soon to appear, will either diminish or increase our fear. Mandela Effect Acceptance The time has come to acknowledge the changes will be everlasting. We share the discovery of new Mandela Effects with mutual understanding. They will not end in our lifetime and many more will transpire. Our capacity to comprehend this different world takes us higher. Human evolution has skipped a generation and advanced our awareness. Consciousness expanding and developing spiritual emergence. Humanity will search for answers concerning what we've learned. They will fail in their endeavors because Ascendance must be earned. So we become adjusted and find solace in this reality. Gaining strength from each other in this community.

  • ufoguyspaceman
    ufoguyspaceman Month ago

    Mandela Effects: The Top Most Popular Examples From The Website @t Nelson Mandela's prison death in the 1980's Was it the Berenstein or the Berenstain Bears? Interview with a/the Vampire Forrest Gump: Life is/was like a box of chocolates Snow White: "Mirror, Mirror" or "Magic Mirror"? Star Wars: No/Luke, I am your father Kennedy Assassination: Did Jackie do it? Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow had a gun? Depends underwear Looney Toons/Tunes Fruit/Froot Loops Henry VIII painting holding turkey leg Rod Sterling/Serling Jaws: We're/You're gonna need a bigger boat Bible: The Lion and the Lamb The Bolton Dinosaur The dilemma dilemna Queen: We are the champions ending changed? Gortons/Gordons fish products Great Pyramid moved and shrunk Mona Lisa smile ET Phone Home Ford logo Sex in/and the City Febreeze/Febreze Australia farther north Panama Canal is north to south North Korea border with China Skechers footwear JIF Peanut Butter Flintstones or Flinstones? Beam me up, Scotty Sinbad plays a genie in Shazaam C3PO's silver leg Charles Schultz or Charles Schulz? Ghandi/Ghandhi Volvo logo Chic-fil-a Smokey The Bear/Smokey Bear The tail of Curious George the monkey Me Tarzan, You Jane The man behind the curtain Krispy Kreme Kit-Kat / Kit Kat Risky Business Sunglasses / White Shirt The Monopoly Mans Monocle Fidel Castro's second death Billy Graham's funeral shown on TV? Hannibal Lecter - "Hello, Clarice" The Horns of Moses The Tiananmen Square Tank Man Mr Rogers Neighborhood Where is New Zealand? Muhammad Ali "died years before 2016" The Lindbergh Baby The 6 Village People Andrew Zimmerman You like Sally Field? The Thinker Pikachu's colored tail Hitler had blue eyes? Oscar Mayer/Oscar Meyer James Bond Moonraker movie - braces on Dolly's teeth Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Back to the future van change A-Team van Field of Dreams Franklin D Roosevelt You say/like tomato The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Lincoln Memorial clenched fist Janis Joplin The Missing 7-Up hyphen Duracell or Energizer bunny? Eli Whitney was black? Come on baby light my fire Osama Bin Laden's death Swastika changed direction? Cuba moved / Much Larger Eisenhower on the 10 cent dime The Matrix - What if I told you The Last Supper Challenger explosion date Wizard of Oz - Fly My Pretties, Fly! Tinkerbell Bruce Lee's death Jack Ruby Shoots Lee Harvey Oswald Video La-Z-Boy / Lay-Z-Boy Reindeer names Cap'n Crunch It puts/rubs the lotion on its skin Houston, we have a problem Houdini's death The MacIntosh Apple Another fine/nice mess There's no balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet What's on King Tut's death mask? Disney Alice in Wonderland - we're all mad here God's hand in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam First US terrorist attack: 1916 Statue of Liberty Blue Riband Franco Columbu Tweedledee and Tweedledum propellers on hats Fruit of the Loom A bridge crossing the river Kwai The man from Taured Worlds first viral fake news story: 1835 life found on the moon Doctor / Dr Who Gene Wilder third death Objects in the mirror When everyone thought Bela Lugosi was dead Hellmann's Mayonnaise 'Play it again, Sam' is not in Casablanca Wizard of Oz: Hanging Munchkin DEA: Drug Enforcement A___ ? California Dreamin' Esmeralda dies in The Hunchback of Notre Dame Vasoline or Vaseline? Cruella de Vil Humanity's lost 300 years Where is the north pole? Henry Winkler's death Stephen Hawking died and was replaced by a double Nelson Mandela never made the 'Our deepest fear...' quote 'Money is the root of all evil' is not what it says in the bible 'Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble' is not in Macbeth George Washington never said 'I cannot tell a lie' Timmy never fell down a well in Lassie Marie Antoinette never said 'Let them eat cake' Space shuttle appearance change Sherlock Holmes never said 'Elementary, My Dear Watson' Terminator 2: The mysterious sloping 'A' Is the Sphinx a cat or a dog? The Lion isn't the King of the Jungle Stonehenge was once rectangular? Terminator 2: Judgement day/Judgment day Staples logo Lasagna/Lasagne Shiva's arms Tony the Tiger's nose Nikolai/Nikola Tesla Ed McMahon/PCH Carson Mona Lisa stolen for 2.5 years How did Elvis die? Vitruvian Man NASA broadcast a building on the moon Kurt Cobain pink jacket The Laughing Cow Mars smiley face Hitler was addicted to Crystal Meth The mysterious Mandela particle Star Trek: Picard's Crystal Doc Martins/Martens boots Mrs Cakehead: Cover yourself in ____? Blue Moorlocks Columbo's secret first name Harry Dean Stanton Tumeric/Turmeric Soviet Union flag Bragg/Braggs Bruce Springsteen Bandanna The Ericsson car phone of 1910 Statue of Liberty Korean fan death Shaggy's adams apple Blue Tarantula Kim Jong il never went to the toilet Roy Orbison blind Target rings Alaskan Airlines Mike Tyson ear bite Roy Batty: Tears in the rain Judge Judy's gavel Coke Zero Proctor & Gamble 52 US States The Peace Symbol The Great Wall of India Mickey Mouse's tail _ name's Bond, James Bond Christ the Redeemer Dollar symbol I see white people Frankenstein's bolts Fats Domino died way before 2017 The Exorcist The human heart Niagara Falls More planet have rings Charles Manson is dead again Yoko Ono CERN logo Cat Stevens Bob Marley didn't sing 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' Heigh-Ho, Heigh-ho Häagen-Das The Jackson 6 Oxy Clean The WOW Signal Marie Celeste Bee Gees - How deep is your love? Barbie Girl Grease ultramatic car The Fellowship of the Ring JAWS movie poster bite mark Deer Hunter The Diary of Anne Frank How many serving US presidents were shot and killed? South America farther east Singing in the rain Sweet Home Alabama Gremlins: "Spike" or "Stripe"? The Boston Strangler The color of the sun The man in the moon What color is Chartreuse? War of the Worlds radio broadcast When was Mother Teresa made a Saint? Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight Winston Churchill Bones behind eyes Uncle Sam's hat Liver has 2 parts Human Skulls have holes in the jaw Leonardo Di Caprio's Oscar The Karate Kid's headband Cousin Itt Jack the Ripper Michelangelo painted God's bare butt on the Sistine chapel roof Kidneys moved Nostradamus or Nostradamas? Kennedy Assassination: How many people were in the car? Capricorn is not a goat The Laughing Cow's ear rings FDR paralysed from the waist down and no-one noticed? Don't stop believin' VW Logo Thomas Jefferson fathered 6 children with his slave Theme from 'Friends' Elvis was a black belt Pillsbury Dough boy Madonna Norma Jean Mortenson aka Marilyn Monroe Independence Day: Welcome to Earf Dirty Harry The Mona Lisa's identity Jack Daniel's Whiskey Humpty Dumpty is not an egg Popeye's enemy Queen Victoria took coke? Aladdin Kirk Douglas Easter Island statues A-Team: Mad Dog Murdock Whatever happened to Baby Jane? How many moons does Jupiter have? Stouffers Stove Top Stuffing First Fax Etch-A-Sketch First car to hit 100 kph Cinderella's ears Humans killed by Great White Sharks The Pyramid Mummies Pearl Harbor: Newspaper detailed attack in 1937 Christoper Reeves Jet Engines King Arthur Burning Bras Mighty Mouse Raisin Bran Sun's missing sunglasses Piano Man Statue of Liberty's torch flame Earliest air-to-air missiles Say Goodnight, Gracie Bananas The Fly Three little pigs Rosie: We can do it! Was Atlantis a continent, or a city on an island? Wile E Coyote World's first traffic light Tunguska deaths First self driving car Boiling a frog Guillotine British teeth They Live Freddy Krueger's sweater The white hat of Gilligan's Island The black hat of Gilligan's Island Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do! Fort Knox Mickey Mouse's Suspenders Snoopy's tail Alas, poor Yorick A.1. Steak Sauce David and Goliath Richard Simmons Headband 9/11 New York attack Bermuda Triangle Fonzie's Jacket Little Richard Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? Starbucks David Carradine Dukes of Hazzard car color Cleopatra's Tomb Demolition Derby The Bare Necessities George W Bush Assassination attempt How many wise men? The Great Tartaria Salem Witches Mount Everest is not the highest point on earth Cats vs Dogs What killed the Dodo? Hitchcock's The Birds: Color or Black and White? SpongeBob SquarePants

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    Dat is one ugly bish

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    Julianne is so beautiful and charming. ❤️. Love her

    SUM1DOIDE † Month ago

    8 months, 984 views. This is the proof Google certifies channels that are far leftist propaganda despite having no influence

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    It was such a good show. It deserved more than one season.

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    Best "Fight Song" cover ever!

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    I honestly don't know who's going high or low. But i love them both and their voices. 😍😍

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    "Now kiss!"


    Trump is a cock sucking Jewish lover whilst Hitler is anti semitic to the CORE so fuck you and your channel

    CEWTX 2 months ago

    A girl ask another girl to wash her back while she is in the shower.wth.weird.do girls rly do that stuff.i hope boys don't.kinda gross.good bye now.

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    Team Peeta! I love you Effie/Elizabeth

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    All my favourite filthy rich, far left globalist elites in one video. Am I in heaven?

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    I feel sorry for him because of these interviews.

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    ㅋㅋ 배꼽 빠지는 줄 ㅋㅋ. 완전 취향저격 ㅋㅋ. 화면 뒤 웃음소리, 개구장이 같은 능청스러움 Banks, 맨 마지막에 레니 피식 웃는 소리에 완전 중독됨. ㅋㅋ 보고 또보고 보고 또봐도 너무 웃겨서 웃음을 참을 수 없음. ㅋㅋ.

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      이 인터뷰에 반해 구독했슴돠 ㅋㅋㅋ

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    Why did they have to blur out her assless pants?!?!

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    That's good roths child's feminist etc should be expelled like illegals from this country to deserted islands

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    "This is for hillary" sums up why trump won

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    Go Palestinians! Go hard baby !

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    This woman is a moron.

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    Where can I buy this book?

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    Made me laugh.. Thankyou for that.. At least he didn't throw panties that stuck in the wall... 😹🤣

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    Ain't this the same chick who cheated on ari shaffir?

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    Did you guys ever tried bend and snap

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    I would 100% rock out to "Ooh She Ready" 🔥🔥🔥

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    Talk in my ear lenny ,,,i mean ,his voice hmmm

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    Lennys gorgeous

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    So you got 40K subscribers, but yet your videos barely making to a 1K ahahah ahahah fucking joke

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    You two are retarded. Trump isn't anything like Hitler. Trump, for example, has a sense of humor, while you Leftists do not.

  • CommanderX
    CommanderX 4 months ago

    She said before it does in a interview and now she hints at it again here. Whenever white women say this in Hollywood their careers always tank, and here she says it again. I wish she didn't say again because she such a talented person and could have been so much more but now she is basically blacklisted and hustling little videos like this.

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    Did you get your penis chopped off or do you still have it.

  • Randy Craig
    Randy Craig 4 months ago

    I guess there are a lot of the same great ideas floating around at the same time. A couple of years ago I pitched a similar idea for a writer’s workshop who said the idea was awful. Shortly afterwards I saw a Billboard for a dead friend TV show with Zach Galafinakis. And now I see this. Good for you getting in done and putting it up! :-)

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    I love you so much jennifer lawrence

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    does brittany know she's a targaryen?

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    May peace be with you. Have you traveled under disguise anywhere? What if a Muslim country?

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  • Unauthorized Expression

    There are no stupid questions just women. LOL

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    gardenvarietypenis 5 months ago

    Comely lass...I’d love a “burrito break” with her. She’s got real talent...a presence.

  • gardenvarietypenis
    gardenvarietypenis 5 months ago

    Not only hot (in that librarian way), but hilarious. This girl has a future....a future.

  • NorCal OntheRight
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    And racist Egomaniacal Jews wonder why they’ve been hating for thousands of years. List of countries the Jews were expelled from for absolutely no reason at all or maybe... a pattern? Just sharing 250 - Carthage 415 - Alexandria 554 - Diocese of Clement (France) 561 - Diocese of Uzzes (France) 612 - Visigoth Spain 642 - Visigoth Empire 855 - Italy 876 - Sens 1012 -- Mainz 1182 -- France 1182 -- Germany 1276 -- Upper Bavaria 1290 -- England 1306 -- France 1322 -- France (again) 1348 -- Switzerland 1349 -- Hielbronn (Germany) 1349 -- Saxony 1349 -- Hungary 1360 -- Hungary 1370 -- Belgium 1380 -- Slovakia 1388 -- Strasbourg 1394 -- Germany 1394 -- France 1420 -- Lyons 1421 -- Austria 1424 -- Fribourg 1424 -- Zurich 1424 -- Cologne 1432 -- Savoy 1438 -- Mainz 1439 -- Augsburg 1442 -- Netherlands 1444 -- Netherlands 1446 -- Bavaria 1453 -- France 1453 -- Breslau 1454 -- Wurzburg 1462 -- Mainz 1483 -- Mainz 1484 -- Warsaw 1485 -- Vincenza (Italy) 1492 -- Spain 1492 -- Italy 1495 -- Lithuania 1496 -- Naples 1496 -- Portugal 1498 -- Nuremberg 1498 -- Navarre 1510 -- Brandenberg 1510 -- Prussia 1514 -- Strasbourg 1515 -- Genoa 1519 -- Regensburg 1533 -- Naples 1541 -- Naples 1542 -- Prague & Bohemia 1550 -- Genoa 1551 -- Bavaria 1555 -- Pesaro 1557 -- Prague 1559 -- Austria 1561 -- Prague 1567 -- Wurzburg 1569 -- Papal States 1571 -- Brandenburg 1582 -- Netherlands 1582 -- Hungary 1593 -- Brandenburg, Austria 1597 -- Cremona, Pavia & Lodi 1614 -- Frankfort 1615 -- Worms 1619 -- Kiev 1648 -- Ukraine 1648 -- Poland 1649 -- Hamburg 1654 -- Little Russia (Beylorus) 1656 -- Lithuania 1669 -- Oran (North Africa) 1669 -- Vienna 1670 -- Vienna 1712 -- Sandomir 1727 -- Russia 1738 -- Wurtemburg 1740 - Little Russia (Beylorus) 1744 - Prague, Bohemia 1744 - Slovakia 1744 - Livonia 1745 - Moravia 1753 - Kovad (Lithuania) 1761 - Bordeaux 1772 - Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia) 1775 - Warsaw 1789 - Alsace 1804 - Villages in Russia 1808 - Villages & Countrysides (Russia) 1815 - Lbeck & Bremen 1815 - Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria 1820 - Bremen 1843 - Russian Border Austria & Prussia 1862 - Areas in the U.S. under General Grant's Jurisdiction 1866 - Galatz, Romania 1880s- Russia 1891 - Moscow 1919 - Bavaria (foreign born Jews) 1938 - 45 -National Socialist Party Controlled Areas

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    This video is criminally underviewed

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      agreed. bribe your friends to watch!

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    wait, dumb questions to them or us? the last thing i would ask ariana grande is phone or makeup....... so that was dumb to me. the rest is why ask actors anything... who gives a fuck. they act.

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    Jane Krakowski is everything full stop

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    LOVE IT!

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    That’s a perfect take-down of conventional, bigoted attitudes toward fatness. Served up with incisive intelligence.