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  • Rhinogradentian
    Rhinogradentian 32 minutes ago

    If Sebastian just told Triton like Ariel suggested this whole thing would have been prevented...

  • Yeet Boy
    Yeet Boy 42 minutes ago

    I like Pierres Singing he’s so cool

  • Yeet Boy
    Yeet Boy 56 minutes ago

    Tell me so funny when you put his tongue on his chin

  • Famiglia della Cava de tirreni


  • Dan
    Dan Hour ago

    that laugh at the end still hits like it did as a child

  • Famiglia della Cava de tirreni

    To by a shere khan day

  • anandu ap
    anandu ap 2 hours ago

    Ho yha ... I can see the future ...

  • Alethea P
    Alethea P 2 hours ago

    Pocahontas is the first missing and murdered sister

  • baconclown
    baconclown 2 hours ago

    I like this movie, but I think this is the worst part of it. I'm sorry.

  • Hawk Talon
    Hawk Talon 3 hours ago

    Man, now I want to watch this movie again. I'm pretty sure I only have it on VHS though. Time to buy a DVD, because I'm unsure if my VHS player still works.

  • Tawana Horn
    Tawana Horn 3 hours ago

    I'm crying so badly that I can't stop because Ginger is super super cute and when they hugged I was still crying but I like Ginger and Tom because they're both Timeless his uncle and Ginger is his nephew so I hope this be a good day for them I love Ginger and Tom I love all them Hank Pierre Ginger ben Angela.😃 im stil crying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

  • lettuce on the cheeseburger

    giornos song :3

  • Nabil Derakhshani
    Nabil Derakhshani 4 hours ago

    Anyone else remember that Zendaya episode of her replacing China

  • abdelhafid el ghazy
    abdelhafid el ghazy 4 hours ago

    is the new be prepared suppose to be the remake of this? compltetely the opposite

  • Willis Daniel
    Willis Daniel 4 hours ago

    00:59 : shes implicating about the modern society's irrational appearance obsession. They deserve it.

  • Ivana Jackson
    Ivana Jackson 4 hours ago

    Is it dumb to think this song was about me 😭😭😂😍🤩

  • Destiny Washington
    Destiny Washington 5 hours ago

    I’m just gonna. Eating too late for me some tomorrow night

  • chrisk and fara
    chrisk and fara 5 hours ago

    Me explaining the rules of a new freeze tag game:

  • Munif A.
    Munif A. 5 hours ago

    1:30 hahahahahaha wth is going on xD

  • Munif A.
    Munif A. 5 hours ago

    0:48 When you're cheating and teacher catches you.

  • Munif A.
    Munif A. 5 hours ago

    "He's got a sword!" "You idiots! WE'VE ALL GOT SWORDS!" HAHAHAHA

  • Cosmic Wolf
    Cosmic Wolf 5 hours ago

    And you saved me from.....death and then you got the world’s most dramatic haircut lol

  • Caitlin Chow
    Caitlin Chow 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎁

  • OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer


  • OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer

    Where is The Song Name in 1:31

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils 5 hours ago

    They want my voice.

  • Liane Cornils
    Liane Cornils 5 hours ago

    UW lol

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 5 hours ago

    All i got to say to this is GG

  • Erick Langarica
    Erick Langarica 6 hours ago

    From disney

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me 6 hours ago

    Disney is so magic. No matter what is happening in your life, Disney lets you escape for a short while into a world of fairytale

  • Isis Barrera
    Isis Barrera 6 hours ago


  • Bite Me
    Bite Me 6 hours ago

    Can we universally agree that this is the best Disney song ever?

  • Kelano Gee
    Kelano Gee 6 hours ago


  • Orestes Simon
    Orestes Simon 6 hours ago

    Wait I’m so confused

  • Kelano Gee
    Kelano Gee 6 hours ago

    80s is rock

  • Darkmoon The Direwolf

    I'm trembling with *fear*

  • Kira Halvorson
    Kira Halvorson 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who agrees with the number one pick

  • Joel Bjornsson
    Joel Bjornsson 7 hours ago

    My reaction to this movie is the same as the nostalgia critics

  • {DDLC} Model
    {DDLC} Model 7 hours ago

    You forgot the fire part

  • Joseph Pham
    Joseph Pham 8 hours ago

    Though I know that some of Disney’s movies are historically inaccurate, I decided to see it this way: the stories of old said what we used to be, while Disney illustrates them in a way that represents what we can be.

  • Conroad 95
    Conroad 95 8 hours ago

    “EJ Caswell” Did you mean: *”DJ KHALLLLLED”*

  • Habiba  Khatun
    Habiba Khatun 8 hours ago

    Vivica only says star dipper

  • joshua rosales
    joshua rosales 8 hours ago

    0:53 Angry Bird??

    NANCY HERNANDEZ 8 hours ago

    For a second I thought jack sticked out the middle finger

  • Lpskitty 613
    Lpskitty 613 8 hours ago

    2019 ?!?!

  • Liz Games
    Liz Games 9 hours ago

    Unicorn dude is a fanboy

  • black bow Denom
    black bow Denom 9 hours ago

    I remember this now they have Hank and Talking Tom and Friends they completely kicked the parrot out OMG I miss the old things but I like the new ones too

  • Greice Farina
    Greice Farina 9 hours ago


  • pbscraze
    pbscraze 9 hours ago

    No thanks

  • Cody Caraway
    Cody Caraway 9 hours ago

    I was born 96 anybody else?

  • José Carvalho
    José Carvalho 9 hours ago

    2011 chegar 1 de janeiro de 2020

  • Melody Mosley
    Melody Mosley 9 hours ago

    It’s obviously the same voices just sped up and lowered. And: *Ginger’s voice sounds like Alvin and the chimpmunks voice.*

  • Latino Islander
    Latino Islander 9 hours ago

    No one REALLY leans in for a kiss after a song about saving the ecosystem.

  • Gaby Gibson
    Gaby Gibson 9 hours ago

    This is really cool!

  • Caitlyn Moore
    Caitlyn Moore 9 hours ago


  • Byelun Lun
    Byelun Lun 9 hours ago

    Русский перевод этой песенки - халтура.

  • Mary Fejer
    Mary Fejer 10 hours ago

    1:43 so smooth omg

  • Mary Fejer
    Mary Fejer 10 hours ago

    She says it's her favorite book because she read it TWICE. Two times??? Weak.

  • DisneyStoreFan1
    DisneyStoreFan1 10 hours ago

    1:03 Too Loud, Thomas!

  • daltysmilth
    daltysmilth 11 hours ago

    The next Star Wars animated series should be the Adventures of Maz and Hondo.

  • Victoria Norton
    Victoria Norton 11 hours ago

    Pp I ry

  • Siku Dark
    Siku Dark 11 hours ago

    Wait till they found out the real story behind Hercules story

  • Ladajia Ladajia
    Ladajia Ladajia 11 hours ago

    I’m over here doing a whole sing along 😂😂

  • I’m already Lolbit YT


  • Crez_Eclipse
    Crez_Eclipse 11 hours ago

    One of my childhood shows

  • Crez_Eclipse
    Crez_Eclipse 12 hours ago

    This is so nostalgia memories

  • Crez_Eclipse
    Crez_Eclipse 12 hours ago

    This nostalgia hits me so hard

  • zueira 4ever
    zueira 4ever 12 hours ago

    Omg, this song makes me cry

  • Frequent-Blackouts
    Frequent-Blackouts 12 hours ago

    Sing along? you know adults now know this song when the instruments drop no when simba finishes his sentence to zazu.

  • gabby ?
    gabby ? 12 hours ago

    nobody: olive: *iNtErEsTiNg FaCtOiD*

    AMÉLIE LACROIX 12 hours ago

    The lyrics are so good ugh

  • Vincent Campbell
    Vincent Campbell 12 hours ago

    3:01 When she says "Your voice" the audio changes, and I love that!

  • Natalie Lindqui
    Natalie Lindqui 12 hours ago

    I am 8 years old and I still remember this brings back my old memory 😭😢 One sad like me to bring back my old memory 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

  • Jason Le
    Jason Le 12 hours ago

    Rupert Murdoch 0:36

  • Anna Durso
    Anna Durso 12 hours ago

    this makes me extremely uncomfortable. just really not loving this. or even liking it if im being honest.

  • Greeny-Chan MSP
    Greeny-Chan MSP 12 hours ago

    That looks like Trisha Paytas after her shower

  • Garymay77
    Garymay77 12 hours ago

    At 2:01 there are books that are based off of movies such as the lion king and the jungle book

  • Lauren Garcia
    Lauren Garcia 12 hours ago

    They should do a crossover

  • Zachary Bernard Carlton

    SsRabbitFoxZZB ssRabbitCarverZZB asSssssaadiamondaasuzaTeslaRI

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 13 hours ago

    (C) 2017 Walt Disney Records

  • Paris Lycan
    Paris Lycan 13 hours ago

    Ginger sounds like Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • The Star Channel
    The Star Channel 13 hours ago

    Doesn’t Ariel look just a bit creepy at 2:20

  • jennifer stewarts
    jennifer stewarts 13 hours ago

    Now just think. Ahsoka is not Mary Sue, she's a character with depth, background, a character fans hated at first, then grew to love. She's not the most powerful, smartest, fastest, but her presence just commands attention in any scene she's in now. Compare that to Rae, who, the same people who loved Ahsoka are told they are bad fans... if they don't like Rae too.

  • FloofBear .V
    FloofBear .V 13 hours ago

    Papyrus Font NYEHEHEHEH

  • nyah
    nyah 13 hours ago

    best disney movie :(

  • Rajni Sureshchand
    Rajni Sureshchand 13 hours ago

    Nice cartoon

  • Haafid Mohammed
    Haafid Mohammed 13 hours ago

    The greatest villain song

  • Angela Harris
    Angela Harris 14 hours ago

    Tiana is not only the first African-American princess, but she is the first princess from the United States.

  • Junlan Jiang
    Junlan Jiang 14 hours ago


  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 14 hours ago

    (C) 2016 Disney

  • Zerelza Princess
    Zerelza Princess 14 hours ago

    The white haired girl is my favorite

  • QuartzResonance
    QuartzResonance 14 hours ago

    So glad Tevin Campbell accepted the role of Powerline. Would love to see more musicians be like Powerline IRL.

  • idk idk
    idk idk 14 hours ago

    *DA HUNDS*

  • Sarena Champagne
    Sarena Champagne 15 hours ago

    Daddy Baby girl Sarena Bdfddffdy Girl Saren Psesces JASMAMN baby girl I love Sarena baby girl

  • calum kendrick
    calum kendrick 15 hours ago

    1:31 the way she shakes her tittes she is a inappropriate villain in Disney

  • Coordinator
    Coordinator 15 hours ago

    I loved piglet with his furball

  • Guilherme Pietro
    Guilherme Pietro 15 hours ago

    Descendants 3 emoji

  • Minjoo Lee
    Minjoo Lee 15 hours ago

    The futute king bullying the petite bird for 2 min and 24 seconds straight

  • CZ liang
    CZ liang 15 hours ago


  • Jua'n Marque'z
    Jua'n Marque'z 15 hours ago

    Ip op