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Watt's it Like Growing Up?
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  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 20 minutes ago

    Jerry took a chance and struck gold with this dude. Go Cowboys!

  • mo brown
    mo brown 21 minute ago

    This is too much pressure for what I can make my self feel sorry for these guys smh

  • crosscounty24
    crosscounty24 53 minutes ago

    This dude always be farting lol

  • Steve Oxendine
    Steve Oxendine Hour ago

    Uummmm ok

  • Hallucination
    Hallucination 2 hours ago

    People always say this is the greatest halftime show ever and they are right. Nothing really comes close to it. But this is more than that. This is legitimately one of the greatest moments in music history. That's not hyperbole that's just damn fact.

  • Yodaismycopilot
    Yodaismycopilot 2 hours ago

    U2 is a wonderful band and the songs were lovely choices for that day. Patriots do not subordinate to oligarchs and their bought and paid for media. 9-11 was a horrific inside job by terrible people. A national strike would have been appropriate until the real criminals were revealed and brought to justice. Sadly, they continue to remain at large.

  • David Matthews
    David Matthews 2 hours ago

    I am 41 years old...... I was 23 during 9-11...... it makes me sad to see how divided we are now as a country. And much hostility and anger we have toward police......... wtf happened????????

  • Peaktra
    Peaktra 4 hours ago

    Gotta send the kitchen unit out to win them games😭😭

  • Jonah Laymon
    Jonah Laymon 4 hours ago

    I hope Brad gets a chance soon

  • Abel Ambrocio
    Abel Ambrocio 4 hours ago

    They should make more of tackle of ride

  • mo brown
    mo brown 5 hours ago

    How could you name him Greedy stupid

  • Thelma Peckerwood
    Thelma Peckerwood 5 hours ago

    us packer fans think it's hilarious the Vikings got cousins and dropped case Keenum !!! LOL

  • mikem987
    mikem987 6 hours ago

    Walsh was a genius and shrewd.

  • Duane Clarke
    Duane Clarke 6 hours ago


  • mikem987
    mikem987 6 hours ago

    This is cool. Very interesting insights on their offense.

  • Constructive Bytes
    Constructive Bytes 6 hours ago

    They're all a bust, except Mahomeboy!

  • King Roland Jr.
    King Roland Jr. 6 hours ago

    Kinda wish bo Jackson and Ronnie Lott was in this

  • Isaiah Moseley
    Isaiah Moseley 6 hours ago

    Alot more complex than i thought "Footwork"

  • Eric Carmona
    Eric Carmona 6 hours ago

    Met him at training camp in Oxnard, Cali... Hes a cool brotha 💯💪🏼 LETS GO COWBOYS!!!

  • e131198
    e131198 6 hours ago

    This man can't get some respect for our veterans and our first responders... SMH

  • Th Ji
    Th Ji 7 hours ago

    Joe Montana is king QB NFL. ..

  • yungmarxist
    yungmarxist 7 hours ago

    LOL Steve sure nkows his QBs

  • Some Blue Dude
    Some Blue Dude 7 hours ago

    I could be wrong, but the guy who caused his injury is Taylor Decker, who was a first round pick in 2016 for the Detroit Lions. He's pretty good and allowed 10 sacks in about 2600 snaps between 2016- 2018

  • Daniel Aguilera
    Daniel Aguilera 7 hours ago

    This is before matrick mahomes

  • Corey Reeder
    Corey Reeder 8 hours ago

    🐐 in the building

  • santinizzy
    santinizzy 8 hours ago

    Mad respect for him.

  • Max Messinger
    Max Messinger 8 hours ago

    Whoever pitched this just wanted to get the whole hall of fame together

  • Levi PD
    Levi PD 8 hours ago

    Deja looks like her mom,what a sweat hart

  • Ryan Stratton
    Ryan Stratton 8 hours ago

    A great talent AND amazing human being. THAT'S my Cowboy

  • Carl Vereen
    Carl Vereen 8 hours ago

    Ray Lewis sounds act and looks like a ling ass preach.

  • andrew ray
    andrew ray 9 hours ago

    I was in the hospital having surgery in a little town in the only channel the TV had was the fiesta bowl game where #54 tore his knee up 😭 I remember watching it and almost crying knowing what had just happened! I've followed him every since he is my favourite Dallas Cowboys#54 💪

  • Go Getter
    Go Getter 9 hours ago

    I'm sure that another diehard U2 fan already commented about it, but just to make sure it got mentioned, they were playing "MLK" from the Unforgettable Fire when the names started to scroll in the background. Perfect songs played by the perfect band for this fantastic display of patriotism and pride.

  • Chris J
    Chris J 9 hours ago

    556 why aré you geh

  • Alex Villarreal
    Alex Villarreal 9 hours ago

    I met him a few months ago at the cowboys training camp he’s so badass great guy

  • Linda Gulley
    Linda Gulley 9 hours ago

    my b day is on saquon barkley day

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith 9 hours ago

    Love my boys so much for giving him a chance. Him & LVE will be the best lb duo ever in the NFL.

  • Joseph Helgenberger
    Joseph Helgenberger 10 hours ago

    Mahomes reminded him about jay cutler and manzel???!!!? What a joke

  • André Gil
    André Gil 10 hours ago

    Really like this kind of video! Details about our loved league

  • Bajor
    Bajor 11 hours ago

    He really said moss wasn't a yards after catch guy LMAO

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young 11 hours ago

    Atlanta falcons once we win Superbowl this fan will get really loud happy I should know I'm of those Atlanta falcons big fan's

  • Allan62T
    Allan62T 11 hours ago

    I want to thank the Dallas cowboys for choosing this individual who is an exemplary human being!.. And furthermore he is an outrageously great Dallas cowboy! Mr. Smith you personify what a great human being can be, you are an awesome person. And never forget...Jesus loves you, and so do I......... Tman!...

  • Rhys Daly
    Rhys Daly 11 hours ago

    Not real football

  • COWBOYS fan1980
    COWBOYS fan1980 12 hours ago

    I love when Dallas Cowboys drafted this young man, I was very happy about it at the time a great addition to the team. I had no clue his impact would be like this good for him on and off the field.

  • T C
    T C 12 hours ago

    You can tell he had that notre dame education

  • Rick Beltrán
    Rick Beltrán 12 hours ago

    Man Dallas is so lucky to have this young man..

  • jason chadwick
    jason chadwick 13 hours ago

    redskins players looking at the comments and laughing right now LOL

  • James K
    James K 13 hours ago

    Well, I’m pretty jelly. Thought I was a pretty decent guy, before watching

    MARK MARK 13 hours ago

    Raine Dakota Prescott is a grown man 😂😂😂😂

  • RyGuyGinger
    RyGuyGinger 13 hours ago


  • Kalel311 superman
    Kalel311 superman 13 hours ago

    I think the Cowboys have been rewarded

  • Cathy Leatherman
    Cathy Leatherman 13 hours ago

    This guy is an inspiration to anyone ! He sure has it together ... life and football

  • Damon Gibson
    Damon Gibson 13 hours ago

    I thought it was hilarious when it starts with Marshawn in a hoodie surrounded by people in tuxedos

  • Fellow Traveler
    Fellow Traveler 13 hours ago

    Telling Matić his name is unique lmao. It's both a common name and surname in the Balkans. Something along the lines of being named Albert Johnston in the US.

  • Chinese Waffles
    Chinese Waffles 14 hours ago

    why tf are the black dads always gone 😡

    DR LECTER 14 hours ago

    Respect and Prayers Jaylon Smith..GOOOOOO BOYZ

  • seand67
    seand67 15 hours ago

    AB seemed like such a mild mannered guy. What happened ??

  • Bill Bright
    Bill Bright 15 hours ago

    Grab Grab Grab,,, somebody make a ###### tackle!

  • Example
    Example 15 hours ago

    That’s my cousin on God

  • Owen James
    Owen James 16 hours ago

    9:21 definitely needs more time

  • Luuk_Fakker 2K17
    Luuk_Fakker 2K17 16 hours ago


  • Al Credeur
    Al Credeur 17 hours ago

    As someone who's of the opinion that race privilege is no longer a thing anymore, I can at least respect the way that Jaylon is going about his cause. He's not bitching, moaning, and crying about the plight of his community. He's actually doing something about it with his own time and hard earned money, in order to change the mindset and the culture of those within his community. In today's day and age, oppression is a generational mindset that is passed down. When you're able to change that mindset and affect the culture, those once "oppressed" people will thrive on their own merits. Way to go Jaylon. Keep doing what you do!

  • Nick Hammock
    Nick Hammock 17 hours ago

    this man makes me love my cowboys even more! DC4L

  • Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell 17 hours ago

    Jerry Rice is the the GOAT no if and or buts about it no receiver and I mean no receiver is even close to his greatness

  • highspeedtubing
    highspeedtubing 17 hours ago

    Let’s all listen to the murdering, lying, obstructing, fake preacher Ray Lewis.

  • Clint Adams
    Clint Adams 18 hours ago

    0:36 21 Savage but jacked

  • Joe Shepherd
    Joe Shepherd 18 hours ago

    Marshawn being Marshawn

  • felix-05
    felix-05 18 hours ago

    Yo i don't know why but the Brazilian guy is kinda cute lol... like how he brings out his family as if the Dolphins are his hot Girlfriend!

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 19 hours ago

    You are a special person. What you've done and what you're doing is a inspiration to everyone. Keep working young man... bless u...

  • scaramoochscaramooch
    scaramoochscaramooch 19 hours ago

    This should be school lunches

  • Mr Blunt
    Mr Blunt 19 hours ago

    White is now a Minority sheesh

  • Steve O
    Steve O 20 hours ago

    1:45. God wanted him to play for his favorite team so he worked things out. 🙌

  • Matt Romero
    Matt Romero 20 hours ago

    Much respect for jaylon Smith. Hes following the laws of success napoleon him style

  • Tiffany B
    Tiffany B 20 hours ago

    He never had KAPS back!!! Lying at its FINEST!!

  • Roman Navarro
    Roman Navarro 20 hours ago

    Great job Jaylen I'm proud of you, i know you don't know me or if you'll ever even see this but maybe after Dallas that the city of San Bernardino would be one of those city you visit your company too❤

  • miles corley
    miles corley 20 hours ago

    Cool Madden 19 video 👍

  • T - Series
    T - Series 21 hour ago

    Did you notice at 7:34 how the 49’ers won with 49 points?

  • Cody Hustead
    Cody Hustead 22 hours ago

    Body armor energy drinks

  • Musa Siddique
    Musa Siddique 23 hours ago

    I know right haha mate now shut yo bloody quarterback

  • Jace Tomorrow
    Jace Tomorrow 23 hours ago

    Eli most of. New this was going to happen his playing really bad the last few years

  • That915Guy
    That915Guy Day ago

    I could just imagine if every athlete and movie star and singer did this for americans. There would be no skid row or issues with homeless vets etc. Great job jaylon!!

  • Jays adventures

    Dude kevs so drunk it’s hilarious

  • jonah Carpenter

    Anyone else just binging videos about pat Mahomes doubters?

  • Jayden Gonzalez

    Jaylen smith is the reason why i changed my number to 54

  • C L
    C L Day ago

    omg still now it brings me to tears U2 u are great saw u in Dallas 360 tour ! U2 rovk Gods

  • #extreme
    #extreme Day ago

    Their really spoiled

  • Quinn Tettero
    Quinn Tettero Day ago

    It meant the most to D.K.

  • John Black
    John Black Day ago

    Thank you Dak for all the hard work you put in to improving and getting to the be the best you can be. Even Brady will say you have to do the work. You took the criticism, looked inside and made the changes and this season it is showing in your game. Your footwork, release, accuracy and timing have all improved. You are now able to throw guys open and anticipate where they will be coming out of their routes. You look like a real Dallas Cowboy PRO QB. Keeping working and keep striving to most fundamentally sound qb in the game. You know Michael Jordon was a superstar based upon his mastery of the fundamentals, not flash and such.

  • Malulani Barrera

    I have mad respect for this guy and I’m a Seahawks fan. I would want someone like him on our defense 💯

  • Austin Holmes
    Austin Holmes Day ago

    What I got. There thinkingtl there in when there not. You only on with those who are in. Patriots and cowboys are in. I'm only with the cowboys when they win. When they let Dak win.

  • Stylee T
    Stylee T Day ago

    For BLACK people to give back in this way. Basically forming partnerships that lead to "Paying It Forward" for minority business owners who would NEVA had the opportunity is priceless. Any athlete who doesn't forget what their gift of athleticism is about. AND to NOT BE SMALL MINDED, is more valuable than cars, homes, gifts, but forging bonds that create legacies that our community HAS NEVA HAD.

  • Tony Pullella
    Tony Pullella Day ago

    Brought to you by Oikos.....

  • Jon Wick
    Jon Wick Day ago

    It's a good thing beyonce and the idiot like weren't really hitting it big yet...they would've screwed this up. I'd like to think u2 was the go to on this from jump and not some fruit cake singer who would disgrace the honor of this country.

  • Jon Wick
    Jon Wick Day ago

    Best half time show ever. Still gives me goose bumps. I can watch this everydat and never get bored.

  • _Gd Swooshツ
    _Gd Swooshツ Day ago

    I’m not a football fan but this is great

  • willworknow will

    Some People Did Something....

  • willworknow will

    Bono...not an American...Omar..."IS" an American...not by spirit...Bono seems to be....

  • baby hulk44
    baby hulk44 Day ago

    This dude need to go into acting!! You are a cold face liar

  • Lamarcus Deckard

    How can't you not be proud of this dude

  • Russell Nathan Gwinn

    Yeah you never put on a pad or helmet because up until now you played a man’s game.

  • Hotpocket 55
    Hotpocket 55 Day ago

    Man really inspiring story I love watching his draft day phone call with jerry Jones you can tell he really appreciates that chance they took on him that’s why I bought his jersey hope to meet him one day