Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
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  • Sugar living my best life.

    Thank You so much 😊

  • Jillyn Neslen
    Jillyn Neslen 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know where to purchase a leash and harness just like that one?

  • Ethan
    Ethan 7 hours ago

    10 seconds in and you are rewarding non compliance to a known command. Miserable, SMDH. This won't end well.

  • antelope chariotte
    antelope chariotte 7 hours ago

    Oh my gosh where is that vast grassy field? It's beautiful but also like a bad spice trip

  • Igor Sidelkovsky
    Igor Sidelkovsky 7 hours ago

    the best success that I have ever had was by using the Sues Trainer Tactics (just google it) without a doubt the most incredible resource that I have ever tried.

  • Igor Sidelkovsky
    Igor Sidelkovsky 7 hours ago

    hi guys, the greatest info that ive had was by using the Sues Trainer Tactics (i found it on google) without a doubt the no.1 resource i've tried.

  • Roze _Thorn
    Roze _Thorn 7 hours ago

    I can't wait to start watching this series!!

  • kristiecsu
    kristiecsu 7 hours ago

    I’ve got a golden retriever puppy (12 weeks) and 3 cats (aged 7y, 7m, and 4m). Our puppy is an exuberant, mouthy, and somewhat “dominant” for lack of a better word puppy compared to the goldens we’ve raised in the past. The two older cats have no problem putting the puppy in his place when he chases or mouths at them. He just gets frustrated and barks at them. But the 4 month old kitten lets puppy MAUL him. He’s always soaking wet because the puppy stands on all fours over him in a dominant gesture and bites all over the kittens fur and stomps on him as an attempt to offer “play” bows etc. The little kitty just doesn’t know how to protect himself and assert himself effectively. What’s worse is that he seems to WANT the puppy’s attention, and will flop down on the ground in front of the puppy and then end up getting bloody scratches on his ears from the puppy’s sharp teeth. How can we help the puppy leave the kitten alone or play more gently if the kitten is seemingly into BDSM? Signed, Nervous in Colorado

  • Maddog0084
    Maddog0084 7 hours ago

    I noticed that you swatted the dog on the nose when she tried to bite. Could you go into detail about that? What that a physical correction?

  • loolizzyloo
    loolizzyloo 7 hours ago

    omg!! it's Elija Jordan Wood from the Hobbit movie !!! Now ur a dog behaviourlist ?!?! ... amazing! what talent!

  • Richard Torres
    Richard Torres 7 hours ago

    Hi I have a puppy 12 weeks but when I want to walk her it's me that pulls her then she walks forward. What do you suggest so I can take nice long walks for me and her. Thanks

  • Mikki Hope
    Mikki Hope 7 hours ago

    My puppy is 10 weeks. She knows how to sit. Nothing else seems to be getting through to her :/

  • Movie junkie
    Movie junkie 7 hours ago

    How do I stop my dog from pulling towards other dogs or people? If he doesn't pull towards them he'll just lie down until the dog or person comes walking towards him.. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! My dog is 6 months btw

  • Beer_Wolf
    Beer_Wolf 8 hours ago

    Got a dog that never barks.... what do? :o

  • HanYang Chua
    HanYang Chua 8 hours ago

    What breed is inertia

  • Daniel
    Daniel 8 hours ago

    Dogs were probably first domesticated by someone as dedicated as Zak.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 8 hours ago

    You repeaatedly raise your hand over her head when you want her to sit. She knows what it means. you face palm her for multiple commands. She has an idea of what you want, but isn't really sure because you change the hand placement and movement, verbal commands and context, and performance criteria constantly. She sat when you said "wait" because you raised your hand over her head, and you often reward a seated wait. Now you say you dont want her to sit until asked. But you signaled sit and wait at the same time. Who made the mistake you or her?

  • roodog
    roodog 10 hours ago

    We just rescued a deaf dog from Puerto Rico... she was a street dog... she is 7 and has lots of scars.... she is really good 95% of the time... she has learned to let our BC get his food first and then her and she is calm, and they can play outside no problem... she is very LOW energy... but then she will growl and lunge at Henry... usually when we are eating... or preparing food... she will watch or be in the kitchen and if Henry pays too much attention to what is going on it triggers her.... any advice?

  • Leon Infantino
    Leon Infantino 10 hours ago

    Doesn’t cause him hard but at the same time if he’s eating parts of the shirt he can get a foreign body.

  • Alex Pavlou
    Alex Pavlou 11 hours ago

    This isn’t his actual house right?

  • Jared Reviea
    Jared Reviea 11 hours ago

    Seems like an infomercial for the cage company.

  • One Love
    One Love 12 hours ago

    Ok this has nothing to do with how to train your dog to go . Other than advertising .

  • Lauren Lopez
    Lauren Lopez 12 hours ago

    WOW! So glad I came upon this video! I’ve always trained all my dogs but it’s been 12 years since I’ve last trained - I just lost my black lab 2 weeks ago. I’ll be getting 2 pups in May, so I’ll be watching everything I can get my hands on!!

  • Ana
    Ana 12 hours ago

    You need a follow up video on demon seed, see how he grows up.

  • Sharon Wood
    Sharon Wood 12 hours ago

    My dog is crying because I appear to be ignoring *Zak's* doorbell!

  • Megan Marshall
    Megan Marshall 13 hours ago

    Shes' so adorable reminds me of when my border collie was this age😍😍💕💕💕

  • Layla Krawczuk
    Layla Krawczuk 13 hours ago


  • Layla Krawczuk
    Layla Krawczuk 14 hours ago

    I haven't even seen the mistakes yet but I'm just going to say I probably done all 5 of them

  • Sw20jr
    Sw20jr 14 hours ago

    Look at all those chickens!!

  • Abby Bennett
    Abby Bennett 15 hours ago

    It only goes up to 29

  • Abby Bennett
    Abby Bennett 15 hours ago

    Hi Zak for some reason I can’t find the next video on the dog training revolution

  • Vanish Xavier
    Vanish Xavier 15 hours ago

    How long should a puppy be left alone

  • Spooky Coyote
    Spooky Coyote 16 hours ago

    My dog Eats everything from tree nuts, goose poo, crab apples ECT... how do you stop that?

  • Devynthecatwithsocks
    Devynthecatwithsocks 16 hours ago

    I have a year old husky mutt. Her entire life she has been left in a kennel so her separation anxiety is through the roof. She whines and whines and whines when I leave and due to her bladder stone and anxiety she ends up peeing herself. We tried to crate train her but she bent and broke the crate, and even injured herself. She jumps on the counters and dogs through the trash. Her sounter surfing is out of control! She knows how to open and close doors. I can't leave her with a kong because she has Pica and may eat it if left unsupervised. Pls help!

  • Madison King
    Madison King 17 hours ago

    I walk my three dogs together every day and only one of them pulls and normally stops when I say heel. I have two male Dobermans and a female Cane Corso so if they didn’t listen i would be in TROUBLE!

  • Gestapov4o
    Gestapov4o 17 hours ago

    Hey Zak, how old should be a puppy to take at home? Is getting your new dog on week 9.5 a good idea, or will be changing I begin with the training?

  • Clint McManus
    Clint McManus 17 hours ago

    jezzz less adds more content

  • the dude
    the dude 17 hours ago

    My current dog was a stray for 2 years and is very stubborn.... But I would slyly train her when we would play. Now she listens to everything I tell her. She went from basically body slamming me to get to her food, to sitting and waiting for her food. She stays and knows where and when to go if I tell her. Just takes patience.

  • SuperSaiyanJohnCenaTrappedInADeathStarPokeball

    how i get him to not piss in the house? i just yell at him, 'Noo" and tap his backside (not even enough to hurt though). he growls and bites at me every time but never bit me. hes a miniature pinscher. idk whatt to do =( i just clean pee 10 times a day

  • Jennifer Sleigh
    Jennifer Sleigh 17 hours ago

    Thanks for another great video. Realized I’ve trained “leave it” wrong by allowing my pup to have as a reward what I’ve told him to leave alone. He’s caught on real quick to that game. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hobbies world
    Hobbies world 18 hours ago

    My rott she's a year and half old she obey my commands only inside the house whenever I touch her leash she becomes exited she's doesn't care about the treats she doesn't want them when she is exited I want her to be calm please suggest me a solution to this problem

  • Kill3rification
    Kill3rification 18 hours ago

    Is it lead or leash???

  • mr. tata
    mr. tata 18 hours ago

    I want to neuter my dog, but I'm afraid he'll stop being active and playful and stop barking at strangers, dont want a useless dog really not sure what to do...

  • Chrystinamarie Wellington

    I'm planning on getting a dog so I'm doing some research and this video was a great help!

  • Khaled Atassi
    Khaled Atassi 19 hours ago

    Great.. Thank you

  • Khaled Atassi
    Khaled Atassi 19 hours ago


  • Meg Renner
    Meg Renner 19 hours ago

    Hey Zak! I am a new dog trainer and would absolutely love a video dedicated to teaching your dogs to leave your other dogs alone! I have 2 larger dogs and a pretty small apartment, so too much rowdy play can be difficult and even dangerous at times.

  • Meli Feliciano
    Meli Feliciano 20 hours ago

    I say, whatever!! Back in the days, dogs didn't have separation anxiety. One would leave and they would just go on with their dog lives. My belief is, that many people have decided an animal is a human and over-babies their dogs. They sleep, crap, shower, eat and over cuddle their pets. Of course they're going to develop anxiety!! I have a 9 week old puppy and he does not cry and whine. I taught him to accept my lack of presence and stay calm.

  • Haru Kaze
    Haru Kaze 20 hours ago

    I just got gifted a dog yesterday and she looks exactly like a Maltese...I'm not an expert on breeds so.....but i hope to train her up and discipline her because she's damn hyper and my mum's getting angry

  • UjoFretka
    UjoFretka 20 hours ago

    Love dogs but hate dogs that aren't trained.. Dog like that should not be in apartment complex disturbing all neighbors especially at night.. if you have a dog and don't bother fucking training it rent a fucking house you selfish pricks.

  • Grace Toumas
    Grace Toumas 20 hours ago

    Me: watching this video while my dog is quiet* Me: turn off phone and go to sleep* My dog while I'm trying to sleep: bark bark bark whine whine whine whine

  • Lindsey Brooks
    Lindsey Brooks 20 hours ago


  • Whiskey Tiskey
    Whiskey Tiskey 21 hour ago

    I have a ferret and I'm 100% trying this

  • Len Harold
    Len Harold 21 hour ago

    Growing up I delivered newspapers in a very sketchy neighborhood. OK, it was a place riddled with gangs and drug houses. I've been bitten by a Chihuahua, two different Cocker Spaniels, a Doberman, a German Shepherd, two different Lab mixes and a Pitbull. Many breeds are much more likely to be aggressive than a Pitbull, however a Pitbull bite does far more damage than most breeds. However, that said I was chased by a pack of three Rottweilers and that scared me far more than the Pit ever did. You'd think with my history I wouldn't be a fan of dogs, but I've had one or two my entire life. From Beagles, to Lab mixes, to now I have a Australian Shepherd and Australian Cowdog. I think that an Australian Shepherd is the ideal dog for most people. Intelligent; trainable, docile, a little shy, willing to please, yet independent and plenty capable of protecting it's people. Of the dogs I've owned it's a great first dog. Pitbulls, Rottweillers, Mastifs, Shepherds, Dobermans and those types of dogs should only be owned by people who are experienced and able to maintain alpha position without question. People who "adopt" a dog because they feel sorry for it are not they type of owners who should have, well any dog really, but especially not bigger dogs that can be dangerous.

  • Maddog0084
    Maddog0084 21 hour ago

    You said that you've been training this dog for months and she still, pulls on the leash, jumps on people, can't do any of her commands around minor distractions and all the while you made about 1000 excuses for her. I have to admit, the entertainment value of this video is great but the level of training is VERY poor. You have very low standards for your dog's obedience. I sent my dog to get trained for only a month and she is light years ahead of your dog. I don't understand why people think this is successful dog training.

  • Amber Woodhouse
    Amber Woodhouse 21 hour ago

    C terrible 😂😂😂

  • Amber Woodhouse
    Amber Woodhouse 21 hour ago

    I have a kelpie puppy and she goes crazy at the beach barking and pulling

  • Megan Harangozo
    Megan Harangozo 21 hour ago

    So I shouldn’t rub my dogs nose it’s in accident??

  • The Pooped Puppy
    The Pooped Puppy 22 hours ago

    There’s no doubt that teaching a dog new behaviors is most easily achieved using Positive Reinforcement. However stopping unwanted behavior is most easily achieved using punishment.

  • MXM Moscow Anytime Fitness

    IF my puppy was there I'm sure she would be biting and digging the carpet and drapes.

  • Christina Rao
    Christina Rao 23 hours ago

    I have 2 cats and a new puppy times 3 months. My puppy has nuclear energy and is constantly chasing them. I feel like a bouncer 24/7. She's a crate puppy and of course the cats go where they want. I have a small apartment with a living room and a bedroom. I also have a gate to separate the rooms. Cats jump, puppy doesn't but still puppy Chase's the second I open the gate. What can I do?

  • Life With Alba The Great Dog

    My dog is a Border Collie breed. It knows lots of tricks as a 6 month old girl.

  • Anjali Dewamitta

    my dog bites whenever we try and get the food back he likes to be bad and how do i stop that hes a golden retriever and has very sharp teeth hes not play biting hes mad

  • sgt. barnes
    sgt. barnes Day ago

    For me, is the most absurd 'tutorial' that I've ever seen.

  • NotMister
    NotMister Day ago

    I love your techniques and gentle approach.

  • Mastodonte fiera tifon

    What is the reality behind the scenes?

    • Bree George
      Bree George 21 hour ago

      Mastodonte fiera tifon Very similar to what you see here! We really try to show it all to hopefully help people have realistic expectations with their own dogs 🤗 You can watch Zak’s Instagram stories for more behind the scenes footage!

  • Maggie Shu
    Maggie Shu Day ago

    Am I the only one who loves its name? Bb-8 awwwww and u can also tell that zak likes star wars

  • Janessa Cervo
    Janessa Cervo Day ago

    Can someone give some advice. My dog is so aggressive and don’t like other people/cats/dogs. When my dog saw a dog or a cat or sometimes even a people he’ll start to bark like he’s really loud and scary I feel like he’s going to bite someone but he never bite someone. So I and my dog just gonna go home bc i feel like i can’t control him.

  • Aram Simsar
    Aram Simsar Day ago Your all idiots. Antivaxers and NRA members have nothing on you.

  • Nichole Ogden
    Nichole Ogden Day ago

    My dog started barking at ur door bell going off.

  • Carmella AJ
    Carmella AJ Day ago

    Comments: I don’t have a dog Why are you here then lol lol okkkk

  • Eon
    Eon Day ago

    if i am already training my dog (who is not a puppy anymore but about 2 years old) and done so, without a clicker, should i continue not using a clicker or is a clicker just useful for the beginnings of training a dog?

  • Brenda Thompson

    Best treats for training?

  • Khyla Grant
    Khyla Grant Day ago

    My dog is two years old with no training. He don't even know his name. Is it too late to train him? Super high energy

  • c z
    c z Day ago

    I love your channel it is soooooooooooooo coool

  • OnYx Dizz
    OnYx Dizz Day ago

    im planing on getting on getting one her name is chippy

  • blveberriez
    blveberriez Day ago

    dogs really have stockholm syndrome

  • Helen Dixon
    Helen Dixon Day ago

    What did you do before the edit at 14.38 when she starts barking and pulling towards the other dog, to calm her back down into the sit? Mine does the same and we have to leave the area to get away from the distraction as he will want to keep barking until the dog goes away or he gets to meet it, and not respond to commands/treats when that distracted.

  • Alicia Kitraksa


  • Brie Shaefer
    Brie Shaefer Day ago

    Indy’s subtle treat stealing without breaking eye contact with the camera 😂

  • Naya Storm
    Naya Storm Day ago

    My dog barely ever barks. How can I teach him if he doesn't do it to get anything? He doesn't even whine to go outside, he just stands at the door. Also any video on how to teach him to use bells when he goes to the door? He really is a quiet dog

  • vky rck
    vky rck Day ago

    This is scam I did the same training now he bite my dog. The dog in the video is a paid actor

  • Maureen Aikens

    My dog is very high energy just like the dog in the video. This did help me to try new things when walking him. The other issue I have is he loves to bark.

  • Ruben Medina
    Ruben Medina Day ago

    Still cant get over the fact this guy looks like bootleg Bradley cooper but never the less great video !

  • Punky Plays
    Punky Plays Day ago

    I taught my dog to go through my legs

  • Vernon Fernandes

    This not working my dog not responding to bruno

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    So, is "perfect" now your conditioned reinforcer? How many are appropriate at this age? How frequently have you changed it? How often do you not follow with a reward? How often do you seperate your conditioned reinforcer with verbal and physical cues as well as additional nonsense noise and movement before delivering a reward? How can this "charge" the reinforcer to make it a "conditioned reinforcer"? how long before the puppy no longer believes in the process ? What are the benefits of your methods?

  • FD
    FD Day ago

    OMg, when Inertia was sleeping and Zak kept making noise, I'm like "stop itttttt, poor baby, let her sleep" lol.. Love the way you train dogs, Zak. Keep up the good work

  • hehe aoustic
    hehe aoustic Day ago

    This nigga is terrible

  • Gilly Mac
    Gilly Mac Day ago

    Put a baby gate on your living room door. When the door goes, guide the pup through to the living room, close the gate & reward. I did this for only days & my pup began to take herself through the open gate and sit/stay behind it when she hears the buzzer💖

  • christie christie

    My first dog was a border collie and she learned insanely fast. I have a standard poodle day 2 in the house and she’s not taking to the treats. Now I feel lost and I don’t know how to train her🙈.

  • JackMafia
    JackMafia Day ago

    My puppy pees Everytime If someone is over my house.

  • FD
    FD Day ago

    omg the face of that baby toller is everything!

  • Phi Music
    Phi Music Day ago

    Single most unlikeable person I've ever seen

  • Burak Loklu
    Burak Loklu Day ago

    Is there a video specifically about potty training that I'm missing? That one of the main things I really want to focus on being that I live in an apartment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Swimology
    Swimology Day ago

    Every time I go outside with my puppy she won't take any treats. Inside the house she is really good about sitting and staying. Once were outside though I can't get her attention anymore and treats won't work. It's very frustrating but I try my hardest not to let effect me while I'm with her. She's 11 weeks

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro Day ago

    Three things that WILL work Guess what,mate They didn't work

  • Daniel Fernández


  • Jonath Simon
    Jonath Simon Day ago

    What if my 2 month old puppy is agressive and snaps like this

  • WinTerFoX GAMING

    Hi bye