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  • Tshuxekani Maluleke
    Tshuxekani Maluleke 21 minute ago

    Black wheels look better

  • TT-RS
    TT-RS 55 minutes ago

    The Lincoln............a dream...

  • Lucifire
    Lucifire Hour ago

    0:45 thanks Moses, almost thought you guys didnt balance the wheel.

  • Sean jr
    Sean jr 2 hours ago

    Remove wing not a fan of it on amg there too nice without it

  • TheString Breaker
    TheString Breaker 8 hours ago

    Please never stop doing these videos ! This is gold !

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 9 hours ago

    4:09 That’s what’s up man!

  • Eric Hamilton
    Eric Hamilton 11 hours ago

    How are the pot holes that bad there? Vic is always complaining about potholes after rain. Someone has never driven in New York.

  • Cherrelle Anderson
    Cherrelle Anderson 11 hours ago

    I’d b Pissed if I knew you were driving my car the way this guy drives these customers cars.

  • Rarri Carter504
    Rarri Carter504 12 hours ago

    This for Travis Scott

  • Yunus Farache
    Yunus Farache 13 hours ago

    Are the urus chrome or gold or ice white like shiny white

  • Yunus Farache
    Yunus Farache 13 hours ago


  • LIFE is FREE
    LIFE is FREE 14 hours ago

    Name a Mercedes that can best Sarkis'....I'll wait

  • Husairi Metusain
    Husairi Metusain 16 hours ago

    Why!!!!!.. looks plastiky..

  • HoratioHoodoo
    HoratioHoodoo 17 hours ago

    White on that mustang looks terrible

  • martin mann
    martin mann 17 hours ago

    And cool music too 👍😎👍

  • Crypto Kev
    Crypto Kev 18 hours ago

    Perfect wrap!

  • Sub-urban Art-ist
    Sub-urban Art-ist 19 hours ago

    all orange wheels and the orange line that connects them, awesome.

  • p boss
    p boss 19 hours ago

    Them wheels is ugly

  • Ismael Muñoz
    Ismael Muñoz 20 hours ago

    These dudes deserve a TV show on Netflix. Keep up the hustle!

  • Sion Low
    Sion Low 20 hours ago

    I wanna know the real reason for the audi going back to Stock, you don't make a car look that fucking good then change your fucking mind... Sus as fuck. Not that I care what Laws he's broken but it looks so good as is, such a shame.

  • solano760
    solano760 21 hour ago

    stop making out with moses and you won't get sick HAHA...🤣😂👍

  • TT-RS
    TT-RS 22 hours ago

    _Yeah....... american muscle Challenger R/T

  • Mike Grabaciones
    Mike Grabaciones 22 hours ago

    Nice vidio

  • Crypto Kev
    Crypto Kev Day ago

    That 488 is NASTY!!! Great work!!!

  • AJ Amorelli
    AJ Amorelli Day ago

    Chrome and the brushed lip looks a million times better on the urus. Black wheels aren’t for every car.

  • K B
    K B Day ago

    That beat at 1:44 is crazy 🔥🔥

    RICKY VLOGS Day ago

    McLaren looks awesome

  • Hart _
    Hart _ Day ago

    Rear wheels of the 720S looks sick but not really feeling the fronts though.


    3 wraps a week/ 50 wraps a month? 🤥

  • lagi pengen
    lagi pengen Day ago


  • Jinx Stixx
    Jinx Stixx Day ago

    glad you got the license plate ticket, not a fan of a holes who don't think they need to use them

  • TT-RS
    TT-RS Day ago

    C-Class with german llicense plate .... nice.....

  • Jeffrey Johnson

    Chrome and shine will always beat out that blacked out look.

  • osvaldo cisco
    osvaldo cisco Day ago

    best o nothing beast.....RDBLA are great

  • Jinx Stixx
    Jinx Stixx Day ago

    7:12, mmmm hot chocolate, i'd smash baby girl's cheeks

  • Emilio Ferral
    Emilio Ferral Day ago

    Ya te lo spoilearon mano. Tsss...

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    Rims are kind of stupid on mclaren

  • Javier Nolazco

    no mamen, el video trato de todo menos de amg de salo jajajajaja

  • Tattoo LV
    Tattoo LV Day ago

    the gt500 needs the gt 500 stripe logos on the side, like the one supercar blondie drove.

  • Tony Hufstetler

    Love those 2004 - 2006 325 e46 m3 smgs only bmws I love

  • Sidharth Dewan

    Do you guys have a playlist curated for all your songs innyour videos or viks favourite ?

  • CAR LOVER 003
    CAR LOVER 003 Day ago


  • CAR LOVER 003
    CAR LOVER 003 Day ago


  • scott smith
    scott smith Day ago

    Them ranges breakdowntoo often

  • scott smith
    scott smith Day ago

    Not the 80’s turbo pod vents

  • Pub Aul
    Pub Aul Day ago

    If only you were wearing a hat to block the sun. Oh wait...

  • Blacksheep
    Blacksheep Day ago

    The mustang belongs to that white lady right? I remember the episode when she brought it in which was like almost a year ago, finally done eh

  • Carter Hildreth

    720 Asimov

  • x-hook Tow Hook

    Why is it rolling at 03:16 ??? Lulz

  • Nemanja Draca
    Nemanja Draca Day ago

    He said all the parts are on their like no that was a action car the front end hit door bags popped 😂 trucks dope tho

  • Center City Develepment Group

    😂😂 just married . I’m still crying lol

  • Johnny Exama
    Johnny Exama Day ago

    Only RDB could make orange rims look literally delicious on that Art of a car

  • Tim Fleenor
    Tim Fleenor Day ago

    Loving the beat at the 4:40 mark.... How about a tracklist for the music in your vids? Loving the content.

  • wadood ahmed
    wadood ahmed Day ago


  • GSA
    GSA Day ago

    300K ? Hahahahahahah, that junk is worth maybe 30K

  • Q8 Fly
    Q8 Fly Day ago

    720 wheels look terrible

  • Carlos Makgato

    Shouldve left the 488 in that red🔥 S/o rdb, great work as always

  • playmaeYT
    playmaeYT Day ago


  • Mynamesnotslimshady

    Nope you clearly messed up the paint lmao

  • Rabeah Karram
    Rabeah Karram Day ago

    You treat the old cars with the respect you treat the new ones I know I’m repeating what others are saying but I love what you guys do Moses your a good man and very humble.

  • Rabeah Karram
    Rabeah Karram Day ago

    I subscribed you guys deserve it : )

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Day ago

    2:00 minutes out of 10:00 for the Mustang 😔

  • Rabeah Karram
    Rabeah Karram Day ago

    I love the repair work : ) Please more videos on repairs : ) Don’t care about celebrities I care about the mechanical and upgrade sides to high end cars : )

  • Riziki Harunah

    Stop covering his face, WE KNOW HIM.

  • Platinum 133
    Platinum 133 Day ago

    Wraith all day but that Cullinun in white and black is 🔥

  • Karim Raiders
    Karim Raiders Day ago


  • CAR LOVER 003
    CAR LOVER 003 2 days ago

    I love when he says "ON TO THE NEXT ONE". It kinds a feel of motivating me! TOO WORD HARD!

  • Kleon Cars
    Kleon Cars 2 days ago

    This is actually the best 720s ive seen

  • prasad rane
    prasad rane 2 days ago

    bro love the wheels you put on Mclaren

  • Daz Kyd
    Daz Kyd 2 days ago

    ugly ass rims on that Mclaren!!!!!!

  • OnTheRoadAgain
    OnTheRoadAgain 2 days ago

    i don't like the front wheels of the Mc Laren

  • phil spartan
    phil spartan 2 days ago

    looks like shit to be honest ,and iam amazed you get customers treating there cars like that ,they mite mean nothing to you, but for most people that's as good as they are ever going to get , and you treat their pride and joy like its your trash

  • Allen Robinson
    Allen Robinson 2 days ago

    Too bad its automatic

  • Bro Ka 168
    Bro Ka 168 2 days ago

    Nice your channel and video bro

  • DubD619
    DubD619 2 days ago

    Soooo glad to see Sarkis back, he’s a married man now!!! 😂😂😂

  • Tactical Tez
    Tactical Tez 2 days ago

    That's more like it. A McLaren done right!

  • Billdolladrmz_ B
    Billdolladrmz_ B 2 days ago

    Love The 720s I Can Do Without The Orange Wing Though Its A Bit Much


    Kicks wit Vik dope cuz!of course tha Lambos hard af...

  • Justin Emperado
    Justin Emperado 2 days ago

    Who’s the foreman/lead hand there at RDB? It’d be awesome if we get a breakdown of who does what there at your shop!

  • Colbe DeLeon
    Colbe DeLeon 2 days ago

    Rip the R8 :(

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee 2 days ago

    Great work put in however, terrible idea with the front wheels!!!!!

  • Petey krack
    Petey krack 2 days ago

    That McLaren is sick as hell except for those wack ass front wheels, what was the owner thinking the rear wheels are dope, they should be on the back & front then it would be perfect....

  • Pro Tanker
    Pro Tanker 2 days ago

    That Amy gt sound 🤤

  • Jacob Obrien
    Jacob Obrien 2 days ago

    Its insane how many dream cars you guys have rolling through. Props to all the hard work you are putting in!

  • Sean Goward
    Sean Goward 2 days ago

    Hey vic , I have a 95 Lincoln town car that’s in need of a new soft top. Do you guys do these? If so would love to have you do the work! I’m sure I need to bring the car by for you to see it. Can you let me know what would be a good time for you? Hit me up 310-256-5793 . My name is Sean.

  • solano760
    solano760 2 days ago

    that orange looks dope for about 1 hour then your over it.

  • OMG 420
    OMG 420 2 days ago

    IMO those rim's are hideous

  • Boris Sultanov
    Boris Sultanov 2 days ago

    720 is super ug

  • Radler TV
    Radler TV 2 days ago

    It would have been much better if it had been an Aston Martin

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker 2 days ago

    That Car is Ugly with them Rims.

  • CarsGuns&Freedom
    CarsGuns&Freedom 2 days ago

    That Shelby doesn’t sound right

  • blazin with James Yarrington

    the front rims hmm

  • Ricki G
    Ricki G 2 days ago

    3:15 how is the car moving when no one is in there?

    RACE DOJO 2 days ago

    Italian Mechanics need 1.5 hours to digest all the pasta and veal fritinis they ate for lunch.

  • Ryan Riel
    Ryan Riel 2 days ago

    The auto trans on mustang is criminal.

  • Edward Sánchez
    Edward Sánchez 2 days ago

    Salomondrin al principio dijo que iba aser el Wrap de Mercedes F1 team , AHORA ES DE RED BULL no entiendo pinche Salo

  • L3ngnd27
    L3ngnd27 2 days ago

    1:15 yo that's a nice mclaren but is that a blue land rover defender in the back???

  • Hope Imoh
    Hope Imoh 2 days ago

    Use a white safety Goggle when working beneath the cars.. safety first!

  • Adam Lambert Lifts
    Adam Lambert Lifts 2 days ago

    hahaha celebrities dont go to public gyms, you must have a funny definition of celebrities.

    • Adam Lambert Lifts
      Adam Lambert Lifts Day ago

      @Ehh H such as? Maybe celebrities from 20 yrs ago lol

    • Ehh H
      Ehh H 2 days ago

      Ive seen plenty of celebrities at golds gym

  • The Chancellor
    The Chancellor 2 days ago

    S on the 720 emblem needs to be orange 🍊so dope either way!!