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  • Emily TV
    Emily TV 7 hours ago

    Bad Guy ;) Billie Elish ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • darkfalconage
    darkfalconage 9 hours ago

    Baymax is so cute!!!!!

  • Z zens channel
    Z zens channel 9 hours ago


  • Arya Mol
    Arya Mol 13 hours ago

    ⓘ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓢⓣⓞⓡⓨ

  • Jeremy 123
    Jeremy 123 18 hours ago

    Frozen 2

  • Arham Ahmed
    Arham Ahmed 22 hours ago

    *Big Hero 6 - Hiro Best Moments* Re-title : *Big Hero 6 - Hiro Screams A Lot*

  • Edward Zhao
    Edward Zhao Day ago

    Alinity be like 4:42

  • Has4
    Has4 Day ago

    oh no

  • あじぽん
    あじぽん Day ago

    I want see her beautiful golden hair again

  • Emmalee Nordland

    too bad they just skip around...........but i just love da movie!!!!

  • Arianna Pop
    Arianna Pop Day ago

    The first movie I cried to... I was only 7yrs old

  • Shawnns Hug
    Shawnns Hug Day ago

    Weird but it's still cool.

  • Kayen Mayrain
    Kayen Mayrain 2 days ago

    Until now, I still feel bitter on his brother's death. ☹️😒

  • Muh Rifky
    Muh Rifky 2 days ago

    Mana suaranya orang makassar atau sopoeng

  • Mimi The Ghost
    Mimi The Ghost 2 days ago


  • Naeco Yurii's world

    Hahahahahahahahahaha sksksksksks and i ooop

  • Pizza Lord
    Pizza Lord 2 days ago

    No offense but I don’t think this is how u do a best moments vid

  • Cute Fluffy stuffy
    Cute Fluffy stuffy 2 days ago

    I remeber this movie :(

  • Matt Teeter
    Matt Teeter 2 days ago

    Is it just me or did Hilo have EVE by his computer

  • Fantastik Christian

    Hello i am Baymax 😂

  • dexiii
    dexiii 3 days ago

    *i miss thiss loll might as well watch it again* *p.s i haven't deleted the movie idk why, and im glad i didn't*

  • Leah curtiss
    Leah curtiss 3 days ago

    “wE jUmPeD oUt A wInDoW.....!?”

  • Stephanie Jegszenties

    I hate it how *everyone* in this movie is like: "oh no I wasn't *really* dead here I am again" just hiros brother don't came back... Makes me sad every time I see this... But besides that: great movie :3

  • Hunter
    Hunter 3 days ago

    furries are gaymax -Baymax Never

  • Top 5 gaming channel

    :me at school- when are u gonna use that big brain in your head

  • KirkLand Subscribe to me pls

    Im dying from the terrible editing

  • Discontinued channel

    Hiro: we were at school all day ok? Bay ax: we jumped out of window

  • Maneplix YT
    Maneplix YT 4 days ago

    Why do they look like Overwatch charecters

  • Ketchum Ash
    Ketchum Ash 4 days ago

    I love the movie it was f***’n great

  • Ceir P.
    Ceir P. 4 days ago

    During that montage when he is upgrading Baymax, that is an actual karate stunt that he is doing towards the end of that scene..after he breaks the wooden board. I do kenpo karate and it looks very similar to a form that we do. Disney really did their research!

  • Snober Rana
    Snober Rana 4 days ago

    So cute baby Moana

  • Jakegamingplays minecraft

    Baymax:first bump* balalalala

  • Sans Livendy
    Sans Livendy 4 days ago

    We all need a sequel for this

  • Majora
    Majora 4 days ago


  • ScRt_Wyvern
    ScRt_Wyvern 4 days ago

    He put a death on a best of list

  • Gamer Arshan
    Gamer Arshan 4 days ago

    No offence I hate big hero 6

  • Jayden Phillips
    Jayden Phillips 4 days ago

    Tbh it’s that thot that killed tadashi.

  • Pablo Marin
    Pablo Marin 5 days ago

    2:45 ya the best moments

  • howz udoingYT
    howz udoingYT 5 days ago

    When u were just thinking about this movie after like 4 years and all a sudden it in your recommendation

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell 5 days ago

    I remember I was crying sm when bay max died

  • Gabriella Fsn
    Gabriella Fsn 5 days ago

    1:33 is my favourite part

  • Mariam V
    Mariam V 5 days ago

    I just love this movie so much

  • depressed man
    depressed man 5 days ago

    i like how it's just a bunch of clips scrambled together

  • [ Unicorn ]
    [ Unicorn ] 5 days ago

    My favourite part is 1:53 and 2:11 🤣💕

  • dhruv rana
    dhruv rana 5 days ago

    bhai its hero not hiro

  • crazyGames HD
    crazyGames HD 5 days ago


  • Thao Trinh
    Thao Trinh 5 days ago


  • THE ribbity molester

    Hiro : we were at school allday OKAY??? Baymax : *we jumped Out A window*

  • lorenzo zanelli
    lorenzo zanelli 5 days ago

    But did he manage to get back his minibot?

  • See Thiradon
    See Thiradon 5 days ago


  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 5 days ago

    Not gonna lie that friend group is super unlikely to happen

    • Diego Lopez
      Diego Lopez 3 days ago

      @Pablo Silva although this is college. This class is the only thing they have in common; however, notice what they are building(except for fred) they clearly all have different inventing ideals. Not only that look at their personalities it is clear that Wassabi has major OCD,Honey lemon has ADHD, GOGO clearly has a symptom known as IDGAF which is shown when 1. In the car chase 2. When she steals one of wassabi's organized tools. Its a mixture of personalities and ways of thinking that you know or could tell that this friendship in fact wouldn't work in the real world

    • Pablo Silva
      Pablo Silva 3 days ago


  • Jah Enc
    Jah Enc 6 days ago

    Oh no hes FAT Bay:i am not fat

  • Jonesey Default
    Jonesey Default 6 days ago

    ‘We were at school all day. Got it?’ *W E J U M P E D O U T A W I N D O W*

  • Nathan Roberts
    Nathan Roberts 6 days ago


  • Ainak Basu
    Ainak Basu 6 days ago

    Just realized his name is Hiro as in Hiroshima

  • nana ny
    nana ny 6 days ago


  • Takseel Juli
    Takseel Juli 6 days ago

    Rapunzel BACKGROUND INFORMATION FEATURE FILMS Tangled Frozen (cameo) Tangled: Before Ever After Ralph Breaks the Internet SHORT FILMS Tangled Ever After TELEVISION PROGRAMS A Poem Is... Once Upon a Time Sofia the First Tangled: The Series VIDEO GAMES Tangled Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks Disney Universe Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Disney INFINITY series Hidden Worlds Disney Magical World 2 Disney Crossy Road Disney Tsum Tsum Disney Enchanted Tales Disney Emoji Blitz Disney Magic Kingdoms Disney Magical Dice Kingdom Hearts III PARK ATTRACTIONS Mickey's Soundsational Parade World of Color Disney Dreams! Celebrate the Magic Remember... Dreams Come True The Golden Mickeys Mickey and the Magical Map Princess Fairytale Hall Festival of Fantasy Parade Paint the Night Parade Fantasmic! 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  • Edran Rowland
    Edran Rowland 6 days ago

    U missed the part when baymax was order to kill the professor, that was a beast moment

  • Aheadgeekup fout
    Aheadgeekup fout 6 days ago

    8:12 to prove him right 😡

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 6 days ago


  • Jupuxafrud Benjamin

    Why is no one talking about how sharp that pencil is?!?! John Wick could take out Aliens with that shit

  • Joshua Frederick
    Joshua Frederick 7 days ago

    9:56 "I have a daughter, and that makes me okay to break the law!!!"

  • Trần Quỳnh Anh Võ

    Gà ngu

  • Joseph Buonomo
    Joseph Buonomo 7 days ago

    Why are one of the parts of him dying

  • Sasi kala
    Sasi kala 7 days ago

    Super scenes

  • Susanne Najmeddine
    Susanne Najmeddine 7 days ago


  • thuong dinh thi
    thuong dinh thi 7 days ago


  • THE Ronaldo
    THE Ronaldo 7 days ago

    That’s ass

  • Nini The Writer Anime Girl

    Hiro: Baymax Use Plan Heel Strike! Me: HiRo a LoW kEy PoKeMoN TrAiNeR?!

  • Marvin Poon
    Marvin Poon 8 days ago

    1:42 *_Hands, lightning on my hands_*

  • Mamdouh Moustafa Megahed

    Beautiful film

  • Shing Hin Ng
    Shing Hin Ng 9 days ago

    why some part o the movie is gone if u dont replace in i am ganna call 999

  • klea hasa
    klea hasa 10 days ago

    I love moana 😍😍😘

  • Tamura Mi
    Tamura Mi 10 days ago

    Tadashiii😭 my heart💔

  • Matias Pereira
    Matias Pereira 11 days ago

    Elastigirl is my favorite superhero of all time

  • Ariel Ferrufino
    Ariel Ferrufino 12 days ago

    0 Zsz#

  • Dracula YT
    Dracula YT 13 days ago

    So violet actually has one more power what we can call that Nose canon

  • B Lid
    B Lid 13 days ago

    I wish they would have made a sequel

  • MJ Y
    MJ Y 14 days ago

    The marry me elastigirl is already married

  • SuperComicX360 SansXFrisk

    2:07 the look not the lizards face is like uh your not going anywhere Me: i think the lizard looks mad lmao XD

  • Existential Mama
    Existential Mama 15 days ago

    Damn how does she keep her hair so good if she doesn’t use like 15 bottles of shampoo every wash

    • MooMovies
      MooMovies 14 days ago

      Well, it comes with the healing power of course :D

  • Doston Suyunov
    Doston Suyunov 15 days ago


  • deepika p
    deepika p 15 days ago

    love you 🤗🤗

  • Pynk Robinson Smith
    Pynk Robinson Smith 16 days ago

    Rapunzel is pastel’s mom she was like, “I like it in here and so do you”. She didn’t even give him a chance to say yes or no

  • mint suga
    mint suga 16 days ago

    underrated disney movie but still my favorite

  • FairyGardens TV
    FairyGardens TV 16 days ago

    You came for 3:54.

  • Isabella merli mundo da isabella

    Eu amo este besenho😱

  • Arpita Moitra
    Arpita Moitra 17 days ago

    Baby Rapunzel is so cute

    PRO YAGA 17 days ago

    This is how marvel should used fantastic four elastic man....

  • Endless Twist
    Endless Twist 18 days ago

    I have a crush on Hiro

  • QVS _Yamada
    QVS _Yamada 20 days ago


  • Game Boy
    Game Boy 21 day ago

    These weren’t funny and the cuts were terrible

  • Gacha time
    Gacha time 21 day ago

    Baymax would be my best friend

  • Ros Nani
    Ros Nani 21 day ago


  • HavingHope5
    HavingHope5 22 days ago

    Vanellope's face at 2:34 ❤😍

  • Rajivgandhi Subrayan


  • Sridhar Nayak
    Sridhar Nayak 22 days ago

    What a creation

  • Julio Pramana
    Julio Pramana 22 days ago


  • Алекс Чернобайкин

    Такс ячёта падписак невижу

  • Алекс Чернобайкин

    Оу клас супер